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     Looking for expert search engine marketing advice and SEO tips? Here we have unraveled the search engine optimization secrets and put together techniques that work. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to climb up the rankings.
but knowing that you have a problem is a good start.
Setup Google Webmaster Tools
Put simply, Google Webmaster Tools are tools that Google provides to tell you things that they already know about your website. In addition, Google will use Webmaster Tools to send you messages, if they decide to penalize your site, and in some cases, if they are even thinking about penalizing your site. This is information you should want as soon as possible.
Setup Analytics on Your Site
Don't know where to start? Consider Google Analytics. It's free, and provides great data. The key is to learn to look and see what organic (non-paid) search traffic your site is getting. To see this, follow these steps:
• Login to Google Analytics
• Click "Traffic Sources" on the left menu
• Click "Sources" on the left menu
• Under "Search Traffic", click "Source"
Over on the right, you will see the search engines listed, and how many visits you received from each. This is your "Organic Search Traffic"
This tells you how much search traffic you are getting and you can use this to measure the progress of your SEO efforts. If you are doing the right things, this number should go up. Just be patient, as this will probably take some time (probably months).
Get Links
Links remain the currency of the SEO world. Learn how to get people to link to your site. Don't pay them, either in cash, or in trade, because Google does not like to do that. At the heart of any long-term SEO strategy is creating great content that people will want to link to.
Check Your Indexing Status
As outlined in my Search Engine Watch post, seeing how many pages Google sees in the index is incredibly important. In particular, you can use the Google Webmaster Tools to see if Google thinks you actually have the number of pages you think you have. Sometimes, how you've set up your web pages doesn't actually communicate with search engines, so it's as if the page doesn't exist at all. You may want help at this point to fix such problems, Social Media Basics
Social media can be your friend. You can use it to communicate with customers, and to build your reputation online. It makes sense to be active in at least one social media channel. Pick the one that most of your customers use. Discussing this could be a series of articles on its own, but here are two key tips:
• Go ahead and claim your social profile (one specific to your name) on all the social sites. Smart thing to do so that someone else does not grab it and start putting it to use before you do.
• It is better to excel on one social media site, than to dabble with mediocrity on many. If you can excel at more than one, great! But, if like most people you only really have time for one, do that one really well.Find Your Keywords and Setup Your Title Tags
As outlined in the Search Engine Watch post, setup solid title tags for the pages of your web site. This tag carries a lot of weight in SEO. It also tells users what a page is about. No two pages should have the same title tag. If you can't think of a different title tag for a given web page, then why does it exist?

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