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What Are Limited Edition Prints

     There are various reasons to purchase limited edition prints, and some of those reasons include accommodating one's fine art desires in obtaining authentic replicas. Limited edition prints pertain to an art piece that has a predetermined count of authentic copies released or printed with no additional copies to be made after the first release.

Sometimes, other art related terminology is used when referring to this method, such as special, collectors, and deluxe editions. What matters most is that you receive an authentic piece of art work and remember that there are techniques to use to see whether or not you own or have purchased an authentic art work creation.

The limited edition prints are usually hand signed by the artist, and they are also numbered (usually in pencil) by the original artist in fraction form for example: 17/100. This means that this art production is the 17th impression out of the 100 that were produced.

When the second number is smaller, it typically has far more value. They may also have the abbreviations of AP, EP, or HC.

AP stands for the "artist's proof" and these are imitations meant for the artist.

EP is a French term "epreuve d'artiste" and it means the same thing as AP

HC is an abbreviation for "hors de commerce" which means the piece is not for sale.

Limited edition prints almost always have the artists signature, with the signature being located somewhere along the right bottom corner that is outside of the impression. If there is no signature, it would be worth your while to research that replica to find out whether or not it is an authentic impression.

If art impressions were considered by lovers of art as being solely beautiful and decorative objects then limited edition prints would not exist at all. These rare editions are meant to make an art impression virtually precious because they promise that only a certain amount of copies are produced. This, in fact, raises abundant hope among art collectors that their "rare purchase" may someday turn into a profitable investment!

Before the beginning of the 20th century, art impressions were published as open editions. This means that as many replicas that could be produced were produced and sold.

After the 20th century, this changed in the art world, making art impressions more rare and precious and causing them to be almost as popular as the original artwork pieces, as well as being much more affordable. This has continued through to today's art market.

Art collectors, investors and enthusiasts are always longing to find and locate affordable reserved impressions in the market place. In the case of paintings, they will discover if the art work is authentic, original or a duplicate imitation.

In the long run, it can be a prospective for a great investment. This process also entails a lot of time and patience along with dedicated commitment, since it can take quite some time to locate genuine art impressions that have also maintained their high-quality shape.

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Betz Gallery is an expert in Giclee ,"> limited edition prints and reproductions.

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