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What Are Solar Panels?

     Are you thinking about this question "what are solar panels?"

Thanks to more and more people looking for alternative energy sources which can save on electricity bills, technologies involving alternative fuels like solar energy are cropping up all over the place. And that is where solar panels come in. So what are solar panels?

Solar panels are panels on which crystalline silicon or amorphous silicon is placed in such a way that it becomes a very powerful photovoltaic semiconductor.
The idea is to harness all the energy of the sun in a very cost effective manner. This energy is stored away until it is needed.
The sun is capable of serving all the energy needs of our world, thanks to unlimited power supply of helium in the form of heat energy and light energy. These aptly named A-Si photovoltaic cells are made by depositing silicon all over a flat surface in a number of layers. Every single layer is capable of absorbing heat from different parts of the sun's spectrum. That means that there is some energy, which has been captured by the cells.

This energy is extremely powerful and can be used to generate electricity for all the electrical appliances in your home or in your office. It can also be used for heating and lighting purposes. All you have to do is set up these solar panels on a flat surface where they can get an uninterrupted supply of the sun's rays through a major part of the day. Apart from that, if you are interested in what are solar panels made of, they are also made of crystalline silicon. This silicon is cut into very thin discs and spread all over the surface of your solar panel. After that a strong semiconductor is added to the surface, and this grid is covered with a very strong glass sheet. The idea is to protect the semiconductors (photovoltaic cells) while they are harnessing the rays of the sun.

Is not it possible that there is a chance that the solar panels are going to be overheated when they are exposed to so much solar energy? Well, you may ask this question. We have not completely finished the lesson on what are solar panels made of! They are going to have a cooling system which is going to protect these delicate panels from overheating.

The effectiveness of solar panels is going to depend on how old your photovoltaic cells are; the material of which they have been constructed, their quality and the technology which has been used in their manufacture. Naturally, old solar panels are not going to be as efficient as the latest cost-effective solar panels available in the market today. So if you are looking at what are solar panels costs, it is going to depend upon the price of the solar cells. This price can range from anywhere between 6.50 dollars per watt (Alaska, the Klondike.) to less than three dollars per watt (California, Colorado, Nevada) depending on the place and the demand for solar panels in your area.

Naturally, you have noticed something about the price discrepancy here. You are going to get reasonably priced solar panels in places where you are going to get an uninterrupted supply of solar energy throughout the major part of the day. On the other hand, the demand for such panels is going to be less in places which have weather fluctuations and interruptions. So depending on your area, the number of suppliers offering you solar panels, and the demand in the market for this very innovative alternative energy device, you can get a wide-ranging variety of solar cells right now.
So now you know the answer to what are solar panels and how useful they are in saving you lots of money on electricity bills in the long run, is not it time you switched to solar energy power systems?

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One of the first questions you may ask is How much are Solar Panels and then you can work out your budget for those Solar Panel costs.

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