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What is a Domain Name Server?

     Computers do not understand English or any other commonly used language. They need a method by which they would understand the domain name of your website. In other words, when a visitor types the computer or the internet server does not understand it. For them to understand your request, domain names should be translated into a string of numbers called IP addresses. A typical IP address looks like this-- On the other hand it is not possible for humans to memorize such combinations of numbers for all the websites they visit. That is why we have domain names that are easy to remember. Each name has a corresponding IP address that computers understand and this is where the “Domain Name Server” kicks in.

A domain name server is a server that converts a domain name like into an IP address so that the connection between a visitor’s computer and your web server is established. It is a directory that maintains a list of domain names and the corresponding IP addresses of servers the names point to. Domain Name Servers are also called “Name Servers”, “Domain Name System Servers” or “DNS Servers”.

How do Domain Name Servers work?

Information from all the domain name servers around the world is stored in the central registry. It takes between 8 and 48 hours for information to be updated in the central registry when a new domain is registered anywhere in the world. When the central registry is updated with the information of your new domain, domain name servers around the world gain access to this information. DNS or domain name servers then translate the name requested and understand the IP address that corresponds to it.

Typically, a domain name requires two domain name servers when it is first registered. These are usually written in the form of and In these addresses “nameservername” is the actual name of the server where your website resides.

The two domain name servers are also called as Primary and Secondary servers. Secondary server acts as an emergency server that comes into play only when the first server fails to respond for some reason.

How to register a Domain Name Server?

To register a domain name server, you need to follow a few steps. These steps vary marginally between domain registrars and also vary with the type of domain name you choose. However, the basic steps are indicated below:

• On registering a domain name, you get an account with the domain registration company. You can then use the login details provided to log into your account.

• After you log into your account, you find an option to manage your domain names

• You can select the domain name for which you would like to register a domain name server. After doing so, you will be navigated to a page for managing the domain

• Here select “add name server” under the domain name server details section

• Enter the name and IP address of the new name server followed by “Add”

• On completing these steps you will receive a confirmation message indicating the new name server you have added

As soon as this is done, you can start using the new server name

When you set up a business site, it is important that your server names are registered immediately so that you can start using your site as soon as possible. That is why it is important to work with a domain registration company that hosts your site as soon as you sign up for the hosting package and configures your name servers for you to start working on it immediately.

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