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What Is C++?

     C++ is an object oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985. A program is a set of instruction, and for you to use these programs you must use a language called the programming language. So, short programming languages are used in creating software. It implements data abstraction using a concept called classes, along with other features to allow object oriented programming. Parts of the C++ program are easily reusable and extensible; existing codes are easily modified without actually having to change the code. It adds a concept called operator overloading not seen in the other previous OOP languages and it makes the creation of libraries much cleaner.

It maintains the aspect of the C programming language, yet it has features which simplify memory arrangement. Additionally, some of the features of C++ allow low level access to memory but also contain high level features.

C++ could be considered as a superset of C. C programs will run in C++ compliers. C uses object oriented programs and classes which focus on data. C++ enhanced the C programming in several ways for example virtual functions and templates. It also introduced the use of declarations as statements and includes more type check than available in C.

The C++ computer programming language was created for UNIX, providing programmers with the advantage of being able to modify code without changing it. Likewise its incorporation of classes helps programmers organize their codes to avoid mistakes. And if by any chance a mistake is overseen the classes can identify the bugs and correct them. It is one of the most popular programming languages and implemented on a wide range of hardware and operating system platforms. It's an efficient complier to native codes and its application domains include system software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high performance servers, and entertainment software like video games.

Several groups provide both free and proprietary C++ complier software, including the GNU projrct, Microsoft Intel among others. C++ can also be used for hardware design.

Related languages, Java, is based on C++ but optimized for the distribution of program objects in a network such as the internet. Java is somewhat simpler and easier to learn than C++ and has characteristics that give it other advantages over C++. However C++ is one of the most used languages in the world since its introduction. It has helped in understanding many underlying features, behaviors of many other programming languages like PHP and Delphi.

It is considered the best since it gives you a real useful experience and will teach you how things work. itself is not an easy task to learn for a newbie, but still it's one that will reward in the long term. Common consensus seems to be that once you master C++, mastering any other language is extremely easy (with exceptions of functional languages like F), and this is probably one of the most useful reasons to learn C++ for the first time.

The original C++ complier, called Cfront was written in the C++ programming language. Compilations in this language can be said to be effective and fast and its speed can be attributed to its high level features in conjunction with its low level components.

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