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What Is Home Health Care?

     Home health care, in short, is an umbrella term for all the health care and services that can be (and are) performed in the patient's home. Home-care generally involves part-time, skilled nurses providing services such as physical therapy, disease management, or elder care. The services are provided at the patient's living space, whether that be a house they own, an assisted living facility, or any other arrangement.

The major goals of home health care are:

To help the patient regain independence (or maintain independence for as long as possible.)To stave off death by treating illness or injury.To allow the patient's family to participate in their recovery more directly than a hospital would allow. To provide companionship to a patient whose family cannot attend to them.

Nursing services common to home health care include:

-Nursing work

-Medical social work

-Assisting patients with basic activities of life

Nursing work is tasks like setting up IV drips, caring for wounds, administering medicine, and so on. Medical social work includes helping families navigate payment options, educating them on the basics of home care, or arranging for special care options should the victim's family need to be elsewhere for some time. Assisting patients with basic activities of life is much more demanding and exhaustive and includes everything from doing laundry to cleaning up after bathroom accidents. All are provided by licensed nurses who often have further accreditations specific to their jobs.

Patients typically receive a combination of the above services from a single provider (or, in rare cases, a team of providers), but they're billed as "medical and rehabilitation services" and "life assistance services", separately.

Professional home health care providers offer a few benefits to patients and several benefits to their families.

Benefits to the Patients

The primary benefit to the patient is that they get to remain in a comfortable, familiar environment, often surrounded by their loved ones. Studies have shown that being in a familiar environment, particularly one that feels safe, retards the progress of dementia measurably. Patients also benefit because they have a medical professional present to communicate with their PCP, therapists, hospital staff, and other medical professionals to organize care most effectively.

Benefits to the Family

The biggest reason that the family of a loved one who is injured or ill would want to hire home care is that caring for such a person yourself is quite difficult, even if you have the relevant qualifications. Just being emotionally attached to the person needing care can cause undue stress. Over weeks or months, those tiny amounts of stress build up until your entire life is spent either caring for the loved one or bitterly complaining about having to care for them.

Just as importantly, if you're not the person caring for your loved one(s), you don't have to interrupt the rest of your life to do so. You can continue to hold down a job, visit with your children, go out on dates, and otherwise be human without constantly wondering if your loved one is safe at home alone.

At the same time, the family doesn't have to watch one of their number shipped off to a hospital, long-term care facility, or other distant place where they can be cared for. Keeping their loved one close keeps the family closer-knit and often keeps the victim happier and living longer.

The reasons to choose in home care are many and varied; it's quite regularly the obvious choice for everyone involved.

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