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What Is the Evidence for ET's/UFO's? Part-1

     For many years I have studied extensively the different subjects related to my blog messages. However, very occasionally, someone will totally reject me, not due to differences of opinion, but because they consider me too ridiculous, outlandish, or crazy to be true. In other words, they're in a state of denial with the usual accompanying behavioural symptoms such as.

1 Telling me 'this is rubbish' without ever questioning how I arrived at certain findings or conclusions.

2 Having no or very little knowledge about the subject discussed they remain arrogantly content, thinking that anything outside their bubble of existence is either unimportant or not there.

3 These people have become imprisoned by their own limitations without knowing.

-If ever there's a subject too heavy-going for some it's the one in this blog message, the subject of ET's and UFO's.

Evidence for UFO's & ET's

First, just because you have both eyes closed it doesn't mean that UFO's and ET's don't exist: Here's a very, very brief overview of a vast catalogue of evidence suggesting they do.

1 Anomalous Archaeological Finds

Buildings and artefacts from archaeological sites have revealed the existence of superior technology from the ancient past suggesting there had been advanced super-civilizations. Were these monuments created by humans perhaps from a golden age, or was it the work of off-planetary visitors?

For instance, there are the incredible stones of an ancient temple ruin in Baalbek, Lebanon.

Some of these stones weigh some 1500 tons or over! They predate the smaller Roman square stones piled on top by thousands of years. With a construction beyond the ability of modern-day engineering, this raises at least a few questions: In ancient times with 'primitive people' and 'primitive tools' how were the stones.

A. Cut from the matrix rock?

B. Moved an estimated half-mile to the above site?

C. Laid down and stacked with such perfect shape and fitting?

Furthermore, why go through all that trouble, unless the ancients had found a way that made it a lot easier?

The same questions can be asked about many other monuments such as those making up the ancient city of Tiahuanaco in the Bolivian Andes dated 1100 BC. Some 100 ton stones can be seen in the great monoliths. Then there's the 42 meter, 1200 ton unfinished ancient obelisk found at Aswan, Egypt.

By far, the largest obelisk ever found. Its creators began making it directly from the bedrock, but the project was abandoned possibly due to detected flaws; cracks in the granite...

Anomalous Artefacts

Many artefacts have been found worldwide contradicting what official ancient history tells us). Like the stegosaur dinosaur artefact found in a Cambodian monastery, Ta Prohmt at Angkor Wat, 1186 AD. Dinosaurs were not discovered until the 1880's and the above stegosaur, 1901!

...And while we're on the subject.

These small clay dinosaurs were found in 1945 by archaeologist Waldemar Julsrud in Guanajuato, Mexico, with thousands of other artefacts classed and dated as Chupicuaro pre-classic culture from 800 BC to 200 BC, but dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago!

Other findings include artworks of animals not indigenous to the area, such as those discovered on the Marcahuasi Plateau, Lima, Peru, dated around 10,000 years old. For examples, the artworks here include polar bears, penguins and African lions.

The Palpa Mountains

3,000 years old, at the Palpa and Rio Grande Peru area, it has been suggested that the observed flattened mountains may have been a form of ancient airport landing site or a place where the indigenous peoples gathered to please the gods in the skies... Straight lines run, stretching across the valleys and mountains. Again, like other earlier ancient monuments it begs the question how were they made? I chose the Palpa Mountains because it has not received as much attention as believe it should.

The Skulls Enigmas

Out of all the features in this article, for me, this section and the related research was the one that got me most rapt with fascination.

Skulls have been found in Ica Peru and Merida Mexico. Anatomical differences compared to modern humans have been found in the eye sockets (15% larger) and the cranium is quite significantly greater. The cranial capacity has been estimated to be twice the size of human skulls.

The 'Starchild Skull' (later found to be an adult) was discovered in a copper Canyon 100 miles Southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico in1930. It dates back to 1100 AD.

Lloyd Pye, the man who was in possession of the skull can be looked where you will find detailed anatomical references...

Claims have been made to debunk the Starchild skull on account that the abnormal size is due to ailment or deformities like hydrocephalus. However, Lloyd Pie disputes this supported with a study conducted by Dr Ted Robinson (2004)...

There have been disputes over the DNA. However, new evidence, a recovered fragment of the Starchild's FOXP2 gene suggests non-human hybridisation.

125 million human fossilised hand

Found in Bogotá Columbia the bones making up the human hand had been fossilized in rock estimated to be about 125 million years old. This is far from being the only example where millions of year's old fossilized human bones of various sorts and footprints have been found. As usual, mainstream media and academia turn their backs on these findings.

High-tech from prehistoric times

Here's one of many truly amazing examples of high-tech excavated from prehistoric times! Spheroids were found in a silver mine at Western Transvaal, South Africa. Extracted from deep rock, around 1-4 inches in diameter, each spheroid has minute white fibres made of nickel- steel alloy not naturally occurring. The spheroids are estimated to be 2.8 billion years old by geological and radioactive isotope methods of dating. Even stranger, while sealed in a museum glass case, a spheroid is capable of slowly spinning on its axis independent of any outside intervention. If its thin shell is forced open it reveals a mysterious spongy material that turns to dust on exposure to the atmosphere.

The Baghdad Battery

Displayed at the British museum there is an object that has been suggested to be an ancient battery!

This mysterious vase-like object 6 inches high, made of yellow clay, excavated in 1936 in an old village near Baghdad dates back 2,000 years. What makes it intriguing is that it was considered by Wilhelm König the German director of the National Museum of Iraq in 1938 to be a form of battery used in electroplating.

From detailed drawings and Koenig's theory, German rocket scientist Willy Ley Gray in 1940 made a replication of the battery and was able to produce a small electric current using copper sulphate and used it for electroplating. In 1970, another German, an Egyptologist, Arne Eggebrecht, made a replica of the battery and filled it with grape juice, having the idea that this is what the ancients might have done. Around 0.85 volts was generated and he managed to successfully electroplate a silver statuette with gold. Several others like this were been found in the area with the same dating.

-Is this is evidence to suggest that electric batteries were used some 1800 years before the Alessandro Volta's invention in modern day 1799?


-Here ends my very brief overview on Anomalous Archaeological Finds. Have the finds shown us the work of humans from lost advanced civilizations or off-planetary beings or maybe both?

At least some evidence here seriously challenges the official indoctrination: the assumptions held by mainstream media and academia that humankind is around 5,000 years old. As I have mentioned before when it comes to education you're only getting told what the hidden powers that be want you to be told.

To this end I hope that this blog message at least inspires you to keep questioning and enquiring. Have the courage if you feel it necessary to challenge mainstream media and academia and expose their obvious filtering of information.

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For the photographs and illustrations of this article go to: NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more... Hosted by Paul A Philips.

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