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What Is the Evidence for ET's/UFO's? Part-2

     To recap, Part-1, "Anomalous Archaeological Finds" it showed intriguing evidence from artefacts and archaeological sites suggesting the existence of superior technology from the ancient past. Had there been advanced super-civilizations? Were these monuments created by humans perhaps from a golden age, or was it the work of off-planetary visitors, or both?

This article Part-2 follows on with further categories of evidence offering support for the ET/UFO presence.


Multiple mass eyewitnesses to UFO presences have occurred for many years all over the world. An excellent film I highly recommend called 'The Day before Disclosure' available to watch on the website draws upon 3 conclusions.

a. Evidence for UFO visitation is overwhelming. Some are off-planetary visitors.

b. Flying saucers have been known since at least the 1940's but cover-ups have led to a cosmic Watergate.

c. Debunking the debunkers: The main arguments against UFO's collapse under careful scrutiny.

Material evidence

Physical evidence collected from UFO landing sites and UFO crashes has been well documented.

Look up the Roswell Case as an example.

Government documents and whistleblowers

Over the years a large number of government documents have been released and made available to the public at large. There has also been whistleblower eyewitness testimony related to ET's and UFO's. A good example of this is the 'Disclosure Project' created by Dr Steven Greer

-This project allows people to come out and talk openly to the public about the experiences they had in professional operations such as the military, corporate, CIA… revealing their own personal experiences related to ET's and UFO's. Some courageous witnesses have come out and risked facing the consequences of breaking an oath of silence…

Norman Bergrun and the Rings of Saturn

At some time in your life you may well have heard the saying that goes something like 'Incredible claims need to be supported with incredible evidence' Well, how about this.

Former NASA research scientist and whistle blower Norman Bergrun in his fascinating and thoroughly well documented book 'The Ringmakers of Saturn' exposes some amazing cover ups. Photographs taken in 1980 by Voyager 1 revealed what was considered gigantic space ships at Saturn. Some of the largest ships as Bergrun describes in the book were about 22,500 miles long, that's about 3 Earth diameters. The ships had an involvement in the making of the rings by 'spewing out compositional material...'

-Of course, all this has mind-boggling implications.


Frequent arguments in the mass media have been deliberately made to look as if the cases against the existence of alien abductions are strong and there are no such things. The points made against abductions only look strong to a public ignorant or unaware of the full facts which have been deliberately left out of the media source. When really looked into the so called strong points against abductions collapse under careful scrutiny…

The idea behind it is that the mass media have been dictated to by the government's secret campaign to stage disinformation and discredit abductees and their associates. This serves to not let it on to the public that the government has known for years that these abductions have been happening, at least since President Eisenhower's days in the fifties.

-This form of smoke-screen cover-up happens again and again in the media with so many other things, whether it's to do with health matters, science and technology, phoney political discussions, religious debates, money matters, the military, education…you name it. Educate yourself and learn to discern the lies from the real world. Many people are seeing right through the mainstream media, some of these companies are going out of business while alternative media sources are increasing in support.

Here's a little table I have drawn up that can be used to debunk some of the debunkers straw man claims against alien abductions.

Also, conclusive medical evidence has been found to confirm accounts.

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For the expanded version with photographs and illustrations of this article go to: NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more... Hosted by Paul A Philips.

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