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What Not To Do With A Screwdriver

     Kids are sure to do some baffling things. It's why mom and dad so often possess a frazzled look. To demonstrate this point, I present you with the tale of a little girl who got it in her mind to shove a screwdriver into her brain. Why might she do such a thing, you're probably thinking? For no real reason at all, other than that it might have seemed like a good thing to do at the time.

Look what I spy, a screwdriver to put into my little eye!

Being a mature, fully capable grown-up, I imagine an idea like this has never run through your mind. Among all of the things you might think up to do with a screwdriver, shoving it into your brain is probably not among the top 10. But that's probably because you don't possess the mind of a child - regardless of what your loved ones might insinuate at times.

One tenacious little girl, however, decided to do precisely that! She was at home with her mom and was off playing in another room, when she came across a screwdriver. Being a curious child with a curious object in her hand, the 4-year-old started to explore. And the way she started to explore was to sit in front of a mirror and carefully insert the pointy end of the screwdriver into her eye socket. Working it around the eyeball itself, this amateur surgeon punctured her own brain and continued working the object in as far as it would go.

I guess at this point you're thinking: That had to hurt? You might assume this child would have been in excruciation pain, but since there aren't any pain receptors in the brain, she really wouldn't have felt anything. The incredible part is that she was able to weave it around the delicate tissue of her eye without obvious discomfort.

Once she got it in there, however, she had terrible trouble taking it back out. So naturally, she went to her mom seeking assistance. Upon seeing her little girl with a screwdriver lodged in her eye socket, I imagine the mom let out a scream that dogs could hear 4 states away. I imagine the next question she had was: "What on earth happened? Did you fall?" . . . to which the little girl replied, "No, I stuck it in there."

If you think like I do, that means you are wondering how this poor woman must have looked after her daughter made this revelation. I imagine it was priceless. She must have nearly had a meltdown as she struggled to understand what he daughter said to her.

- Does our home contain lead paint chips?

- I have just now realized how much she takes after her dad.

- I didn't realize that I should have told her not to do such a thing.

- Why did I decide to have children?

Eventually this mom must have gathered her senses and jumped into that crisis mode that all mothers have, because she had the presence of mind to leave the object in place and rush her daughter to the hospital.

After arriving at the emergency room, x-rays would confirm mom's worst fears: This preschooler did indeed get the screwdriver to penetrate about 1.5 inches into her brain. Thankfully, the damage was contained to the frontal lobe, an area of the brain which kids mostly use to sass their parents with. It isn't as important in terms of damage causing death or disability. This little girl was also fortunate that she's just a little girl. Children are blessed with a brain that has incredible neuroplasticity, making it possible to rewire connections abound damaged areas without skipping a beat.

That's why this story has a happy ending. Not only did this little girl survive, but she walked out of the hospital apparently no worse for the incident. No word on whether she had a headache afterwards, but I'm fairly certain this ordeal gave her mother persistent migraines.

An important lesson for parents.

Here is the lesson behind this crazy tale: One can never assume that just because things seem obvious to you that it is equally obvious to little kids. This means that children may not always know things like, "it's probably not a good idea to put a screwdriver in your eye and then shove it into your brain. After all, you might need it later on . . . and the brain may be useful someday, too." There is a learning curve when it comes to acquiring wisdom such as this. Whether understanding the laws of gravity, or the deadly power of electricity, or the link between heat and bellowing steam, you must not take for granted that children are able to put two and two together to recognize the danger. Common sense develops with experience.

Until that time, adults must assume that whenever a child comes upon a screwdriver, her initial inclination might be to stick it in all kinds of places it shouldn't' go. Or that whenever a child encounters a strange substance, one of the first things they'll ask themselves is: ?Can I eat this? I wonder how it tastes.? It's for this reason that every parent must be on-guard when it comes to safety concerns.

It isn't that children are stupid, it's merely that they're scientists by nature. Every child's life revolves around a never-ending cycle of self-designed experiments. The typical theme for these experiments is "I wonder what happens when I do this?" We all need to do our part to make sure they have a safe laboratory to work in.

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This story, brought to you by Global Children’s Fund, and is based upon an actual child safety incident.  Visit our website for free information on home safety information, including worksheets and safety activities for kids.  Follow us on Twitter @GCFparents.

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