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What Part Does the Law Play Today? Are We Held Liable To God If We Don't Obey It?

     The church is often focused on Christian responsibility. This is part of the problem with the church. It has largely become just another humanistic religion focused on all that we should do, and shouldn't do to be good enough, sometimes by divine standards, but usually by human standards.

Today I want to show you a much greater way to live! It is in knowing that you are free from liability, so you can live life being a more responsible person!


Gospel life is not about our ability to live it. Instead, it is about God's process in us. He is planting his good seed that we receive, and allow to grow in us. God's process is automatic, if we will enter into it, and allow it to work in us. This is described in a parable of Jesus in Mark 4:26-29.


The world of religion that is often preached in the church is not automatic. It takes a whole lot of work. If we choose to live a religious, non-gospel life, by definition we must try to live in response to what we hear preached.

"DON'T lie, cuss, cheat, steal, commit adultery, yell at your spouse, kick the cat, or be a brat." - "DO attend church, read your Bible faithfully, pray several times a day, go to small group, work in the church, and give lots of money."

You cannot live in divine liberty imparted by the gospel, and in human religious responsibility at the same time. Liberty and liability are opposites. Liberty and responsibility are not opposites.


Paul says to minister the New Testament only (II Cor 3:6), which to him means the gospel of Christ's finished work on the cross, his resurrection, and his ascension. The gospel we have been given is one of liberty.

Galatians 5:1 says we should stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. Divine liberty is a gift of the finished work of the cross of Jesus. Liberty is the gospel life we have been called to live.


Most instructors present human responsibility without presenting freedom from divine liability. If we live life under instructors in Christ who preach all the DO's and the DONT's, what they are talking about is human responsibility. It is born in a spirit of control and domination from the pulpit to the people (often as manipulation). The message most often is, "Here is the principle for the week -- now you go apply it the best you can."

If we do good and are successful, obedient, and accepted. If we do bad and are unsuccessful, we are not accepted. It is usually focused at ruling over sin on one end, and displaying our self-righteousness on the other end.


Instructors in Christ may be correct in pointing us to the law, because the law is good for us and is God's divine standard. But the reason they point us to it is wrong. They point us to it to hold us liable to it. We should be responsible to the law, in reverence to God, but in the New Covenant we are not liable to it if we fail to abide by it.

Paul says the law is good... but then he quickly adds, "IF one uses it lawfully, knowing this: that the law is NOT made for a righteous person" (I Tim 1:8-9). By the cross of Christ we are made righteous. Therefore, the law is not made for us -- to condemn us and create liability between us and God.

The law is meant to show every unbeliever his sin, and his need for Christ, but it can no longer hold us liable to it - if we live the truth and reality of the gospel of Jesus.

This in no way relieves us of RESPONSIBILITY to the law. The law of God is good. It reflects his divine character. It shows us God's desire for us during our life on earth. I live by all of it I possibly can. I know it is good for me.

But the law in no way declares me guilty, or holds me liable for judgment before God. Paul says the law was against, us contrary to us, and Jesus came to nail the law to his cross (Col 2:14).

Because of this, we are not held LIABLE to the law.

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As The Gospel Life Coach, Roger shows how the gospel is the power of God, enabling us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose. You will begin to find new coaching videos at: Read regular tweets on Twitter: /TheGospelCoach

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