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What’s Hot In 2013

      In 2013 everyone has new hopes and aspirations to be acknowledged. But keeping up with the latest trends becomes a challenge because where the changing drifts of technology give you a lead; they also craft some points to ponder upon. Any web designer values that their salt should be nimble to be ahead of the game. Although these new tendencies signify advantageous ideas in web designing, designers have their own preferences to take these thoughts with a bit of salt. In the speedy, patrolled and fast shifting web world, it is all the time convenient for web designers to stream line their stratagem to accommodate for the predominant internet necessities as well as shield incipient and future ones.
Therefore some of the hottest and groundbreaking web site design features pronounced here will be beneficial, chiefly in case of business web design.

1. Visibility Matters:

It’s the need of the modern day that everyone has to have their own identity and recognition. Today all businesses desire to make their own brand distinctive and noticeable. They want it to be done in seconds, and therefore majority of them have taken their business online. For this purpose they need the best website to represent them and their brand in the finest way. 2013 is about to pay auxiliary attention on brand designing instead of merely instigating website designing related to recent trends. Designers are accountable to choose features that can enhance desirability and tenacity of the company logo or complement the brand. So being the owner of your business, you ought to get your webpage designed and fashioned in a presentable manner.

2. Responsive Web Design:

By glancing back into 2012, we deduce that the predictions are becoming a reality. The use of latest handheld devices with big screen and high definition has spread like wildfire.
Therefore, a responsive web design is being introduced in 2013; this has also abolished screen resolution issues as in present days, internet world has multiple platforms to access internet. The prevailing trend is standardized web design. This simply means that internet users can have the same experience on a website without regard to the platform that they use. For example, a good user experience should be exercised by a user on a Personal Computer, a smart phone or MacBook. Responsive web design is no doubt the personification of true multimedia and tops the list of the top 10 web designing drifts of 2013. This trend will provide expediency to web site title-holder, graphic designers and the users.

3. Mobile Friendly Websites:

Mobile phones are ruling the internet world. Many people are browsing internet on their phones and this has become a practice now. This has also cut down the use of traditional Desktops and Laptops. Therefore, in this year designers are more prone to design websites that are mobile user friendly because experts know the significance of stepping into gorilla market and design web pages that are handy and can easily be browsed on Windows 8 phone, iphone and other Smartphones. This is slightly different from a responsive site, in that, the website is exclusively designed for mobile users.

4. The Infinite Scrolling:

When browsing for images on Google for instance, infinite scrolling proffers what the name proposes, the user can scroll considerably divergent to the conventional page 1, 2, 3 and so on. This is an innovative design that can be seen mostly on social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. Giant size Photos:

Besides the “shabby” flashy banner ads, the crowned 10 web designing drifts integrate huge background photographs instead. Content is gargantuan as well now, but pertinent and straight to the point rather than the traditional space filling and frequently extraneous content.

6. The Less-Flash Design:

CSS, HTML 5 and JavaScript have all outshined the out-dated and more inflexible flash design. These new-fangled designs offer enhanced litheness and user experience principally for mobile users, and are more SEO friendly. It will not come up as a bolt from the blue when the flash design is rendered outmoded in the future years.

7. The Minimalistic Loom:

The time has changed; there was a time when websites were cluttered, messy and stuffed with the completely unrelated content. The inclination now necessitates leaving adequate vacant space, hence being more minimalistic in the web design notion. These websites are highly well-designed and aesthetically pleasing.

8. Transparent Design:

Furthermore, amid the pinnacle of 10 web designing trends is the transparent design explicitly brought into play of CSS3. There is no longer requirement of the meaningless and multifarious Photoshop design that has transparency, but rather diverse areas of the webpage dig up by setting the preferred lucidity or opacity.

9. Header Design is predetermined:

A fixed header design is a distinguished trend in 2013; all the rage is hyped more than ever by social media networking sites. The CSS positioning is placed, the result being a stationary header pane that is both functional and aesthetically gratifying.

10. Social Media Buttons:

Social media is gigantic! Any website value visiting must have social media buttons together with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter among others. These must be integrated to any website seeming to carry on visitors coming back and attracting new ones.

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