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When It Comes To IT Software Sales Are You Using An Outdated Sales Model?

     IT software sales isn't for the fainthearted salesman or woman; unless of course you have some level of knowledge or experience in dealing with complex sales. Customers are changing and at an alarming rate. Pre Google salespeople were considered the font of all knowledge when it came to; the product, service, or software they were selling. Unfortunately by the click of a mouse our 'prospects' can uncover endless amounts of information about; us, our company or what we want them to buy from us.

Here is some interesting data for you from Gartner the Connecticut based information technology and research advisory firm; 90% of people research a potential purchase online before they commit. Imagine the impact of that on the knowledge level that your 'prospect' can have on what you are selling. Though the traditional 'tell and sell' style of securing an order still goes on in many industries, the truth is today's customers and clients demand a different approach; one based around engagement and trust.

The good news is that engagement significantly impacts how much trust is created in the buyer and purchaser relationship. As trust is established the sales process can then move on at a much faster rate.

Many of the more respected sales models, currently in use, thankfully, embrace this concept. One of the most popular is Neil Rackham's SPIN selling. The S.P.I.N. model is based on extensive research of some of the top salespeople in the world. The model and process was developed from research studies of 35,000 sales calls made by 10,000 sales people in 23 countries.

When SPIN selling appeared in the late 1980's it was controversial and in honesty probably ahead of its time. It presented the fact that all 'selling' was not the same. One of the most controversial elements of the book was the idea that the skills required for success in large sales was fundamentally different from the skills that succeeded in smaller ones.

The concept is that people will only buy a solution to a problem that they have when they can appreciate the consequences of that problem.

The job of the sales person is to uncover the key problems many of which the buyer has not truly appreciated. You can find out more about how the model fits together in the spin selling book. To give you a flavour the model goes something like this:

1.Find out all relevant information related to the individual in other words the situation

2.By questioning uncover what problems the buyer may be having both implied and explicit

3.Uncover the implications of those problems

4.Then relate this to the payoff of getting this problem fixed.

Intelligent questions are the backbone of this process and are the fuel that makes this model so powerful. Questions asked in the right way build rapport engagement and trust. The questioning sequence in the SPIN model taps directly into the psychology of the buying process of today's savvy buyers. Though we may think we buy on logic; we don't. We are all human beings that are driven by emotion who then later justify with logic.

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