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When Steve Jobs Left Apple

     Apple's success can not save a person's life. Death is the end of everyone. When Jobs left this world, or to leave Apple, Apple will face?

The many external Comments that represents Apple, Steve Jobs is Apple's biggest media appeal, lost Steve Jobs will lead to the loss of a market appeal. May be justified, but a recent analysis that Jobs' departure, and not too much of a negative impact on Apple's products, as well as recent developments in.

In fact, the real problem is not that Apple's team will not be able to leave after Jobs introduced sweeping the world, nor is that Jobs' departure will bring a decline in the quality of Apple products, or the tireless efforts of the pursuit of product quality.

The key question is if Jobs left Apple as a listed company will face pressure from shareholders, these mercenary shareholders will Apple into the gutter.

Apple's history of the past, once launched many failed products, including commodity when the PDA "Newton" Mac II and so on. It is these failures cause Apple to the brink of collapse. When Jobs returned to Apple, Apple has a second-rate company. It is on this premise, the Jobs to adhere to its fine line. If Apple is not under such a difficult, still the profit-driven marketing strategy, Apple today can not emerge. In fact, Microsoft is facing today is also the case in the eyes of the shareholders, this is just a money-making machine capable of doing.

The company needs a kind of spirit, but sometimes listed companies will gradually under shareholder pressure to compromise, to become a monopoly market-constantly ossified system. Because from the point of view of financial risk control is very critical. The new products can not be without risk.

Steve Jobs returned to Apple after the success, just shut up and let those investors. If there is no such a strong position in Jobs, others very difficult game and shareholders. Apple is not the lack of technical elite, the management elite, operators elite. However, development on the lack of the strongman of the game and the shareholders.

Jobs in Apple shares rarely, Apple did not particularly dominant shareholders, Jobs left, will inevitably bring confusion. Apple has now IT's most valuable company, and also to maintain a very high profit margins. This is the height, so that shareholders can not accept a normal development, any company can not always be smooth sailing.

A company's ability to develop long-term, is not what it used to how brilliant and how to deal with, but when facing difficulties, how to maintain an inner fortitude.

Jobs left Apple consequences that Apple no longer has the ability to game and shareholders. This is even worse than Gates left Microsoft. One possibility is that the the shareholders believe Apple's own ability in the short term, but once the successor secondary alternating or market shrinking, as we know that Apple capital murder.

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