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Where Can We Find The Truth?

     Finding the truth about just about everything is difficult now a day. The alleged news reporters and just about every means of entertainment and communications continually push, and promote political and social agendas rather than the truth. With the exception of very few reporters and means of communications, finding unbiased and non-politically motivated articles is quickly becoming an impossible task. I firmly believe that people are hungry for the truth and are fed up with all the political and social behavior indoctrination that is being conducted, and unfortunately readily accepted by the youth all over the world. The problem is that this indoctrination is slowly destroying core family values and principles, now a day being politically correct is more important than being correct period.

If you bother to pay attention to details, you'll easily discover that just about all television programs, and Hollywood productions, including children's movies and TV shows, promote promiscuity, the homosexual acceptance agenda, violence and so many other immoral behaviors that would never have been socially acceptable only a few years ago. The worst part about all of this is that the minute you attempt to speak up, you are condemned, convicted and sentenced to death by the different special interest groups that promote and have instituted agendas that would never have been acceptable to our grandparents, and that should definitively not be accepted by us and the upcoming generation. It would appear that "Freedom of Speech" is no longer the right of all. Where can people speak their mind without fear of being crucified?

I firmly believe that the only place where people can speak their mind without fear of reprisals is the Internet. The Internet is the only place that governments still do not fully control, and I want you to note that I said fully control. The reason I say this is because governments around the globe do have the resources to completely shut down all Internet communications, and this is something that all of us have seen happen again and again in other nations. Fortunately, this is not something that has occurred here in the U.S. yet, but we are slowly but surely moving in that direction. I say this because political activists and politicians are attempting to muffle the majority's voice. This is why we have seen how laws that have been elected by the majority vote have been overturned by panels of liberal judges.

A prime example of this would be what occurred in California. In this case, the Supreme Court of California, despite the opposition of the majority vote, the court overturned the same sex marriage ban that the State had voted into place. This is something that all of us will continue to see and will snowball throughout the nation.

In conclusion, freedom of speech has always been as much a part of this great country's heritage and it has been passed down from generation to generation just like your great, great, great grandmothers recipe for apple pie. What has happened? Where did we go wrong? Where did this turn in the wrong direction take place? This country was founded by people that fled tyranny and oppression. The freedom we now have is not free we obtained it at a very high cost. The Articles that were placed in our original Constitution are there for a reason and for a purpose. Let's not forget how and why this country was formed. If you want a reminder just take a look around the globe.

Look at places like Cuba, China, North Korea, the Middle East just to mention a few, where there is no freedom of speech or of much else other then what the government tells you. Where having an opinion is frowned upon and depending on what you are dealing with, it can cause you to be imprisoned or worse yet, it can cost you your life. So do you really just want to roll over and play dead? Do you want to be told what you can now say or think? Because this just about changes on a daily basis. I don't know about you, but I fled a communist country a long time ago and I will not go "quietly into the night" when I can see the same things beginning to mushroom (yes I said mushroom- A FUNGUS) in my beloved country.

Wake up people, voice your opinions, do not be led around like cattle to a slaughter house. Think for yourself, open your eyes, do not go with the flow if it is not what you believe in. We live in a great country, let's keep it that way!

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The alleged news reporters and just about every means of entertainment and communications continually push, and promote political and social agendas rather than the truth. Speak your mind about everything and anything,

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