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     To understand just how important a good wholesale UK directory is, consider what happens when the resellers tries to find wholesalers through the usual channels. Theoretically, dropshipping requires no money except overhead, such as Internet, electricity, phone, etc. But, the inexperienced reseller often runs into dropshippers who charge a hefty fee in exchange for allowing him or her to join the dropship program. They promise the moon, but is that reason enough for you to pay a large fee to participate in the program?

First, wholesalers are benefiting through dropshipping as much as resellers are. The reseller is doing the hard work of promoting products and finding customers. In return, the UK wholesalers or suppliers ship the products to those customers without letting on who the actual supplier is. The reseller keeps the difference between the wholesale and retail cost. This is an arrangement that works well for resellers and any wholesale UK merchant. So, there is no logical reason for any supplier to ask for a joining or membership fee.

Usually, the costs you should negotiate with suppliers include shipping and wholesale prices. Some UK wholesalers may also charge a processing fee per order. This is, again, not necessary. You have done more than enough to bring them new customers.

The primary reason a supplier asks for unreasonable fees is that they are aware the reseller has nowhere else to go. Most resellers find it difficult to find reliable suppliers. When they do find UK distributors who want to work with them, they agree to any terms and conditions as long as the supplier agrees to work on a dropship basis. This could be harmful to business.

Another reason you are being asked for a fee is that you are dealing with an agent, not a supplier. An agent brings together suppliers and resellers in return for a commission. Usually, the commission rates are high, and the supplier pays it by increasing the price at which the product is sold to you. This reduces the reseller’s profit.

A reseller often does not know that there is a way to find plenty of suppliers for a particular product category. You do not have to rely on random Internet searches to find a supplier. A wholesale UK directory is a better resource. It lists names of verified traders. The visitor goes through the list, looks at the trader details, and contacts them. The traders listed there are competing for business just like the reseller is. Therefore, they prefer to work with a reseller who would be an asset to their business and help bring in more customers. This implies that most of these traders would not ask for a membership fee when you request to be included in their dropshipping programs.

A wholesale UK directory gives resellers many choices. If a particular wholesaler is driving a hard bargain, you can always look up the next wholesaler. Most directories are free to join. For additional services, you may like to become a paid member.

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A wholesale UK directory helps resellers find the best wholesale deals. They are no longer at the mercy of a few dropshippers who charge outrageously high fees to let resellers join their dropship programs.

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