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Why Are The CHI Flat Irons The Most Popular?

     Why Are The CHI Flat Irons The Most Popular?

If you've already read some reviews of flat iron in magazines or online, you'll have seen that CHI flat irons obtain very high evaluation. They've also received endorsements from many top designers. To understand why, you must understand the technical innovations have gone into making these hair straighteners.

The brand is a latest comer for hair care products in the world, as it wasn't until 2004 that it Suddenly appeared. It was obvious that the company took hair care products seriously. And it was also the very first one to make a tourmaline flat iron.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gem that naturally sends out 6 times more negative ions than does ceramic. Tourmaline is crushed and infused onto ceramic plates in straighteners and hair dryers. Negative ions have been believed for years to help promote health and youth,
of course, not all just hype, negative ions have been shown to decomposed large water droplets into micro-droplets, which are absorbed into hair follicles. It means that when you straighten hair, water is 'forced' into your hair, which not only makes it silky and shiny, but also helps prevent it from heat damage.

The T3 Tourmaline flat iron has been the most popular since it advents. There are two models to choose: 1" and 1 3/8" plates. They have variable heat control with a maximum temperature of 410F (210C).

It's not surprising that the wet to dry flat irons are becoming more popular, which saves time and reduces heat damage to hair. The plates of 1 3/8" come with special channels and vents that allow excessive moisture to be drained and evaporated away. As all T3 flat irons the plates are tourmaline.

Although the wet to dry model has released for a period of time without any re-design, it's
still a good hair styler. Other brands are now making newer models that many ways are superior, such as the CHI wet to dry hair straightener. It not only comes with a digital monitor that allows you to set and monitor the temperature, but also comes with automatic shut off and ionic technology to help smooth and straighten hair.

The CHI wet to dry is a better equipment than the T3. However, the CHI retails for around $175, whereas the T3 only $145.

No matter which model of T3 flat iron you choose, you'll get a very good product, which has received glowing reviews over the past few years. Stylists like Luke O'Connor from Lukaro Salon, Beverly Hills, uses one and says: 'I use it on the set of Will and Grace in the salon, I really love it. It's amazing and I use it on all my celebrity clients.'

The T3 may soon be seen as outdated that is my only concern. Many new models like the Corioliss and CHI Nano Ceramic Digital flat iron use something that is known as Nan Silver Technology. This newest innovation kills 99% of bacteria found on the plates and helps to keep hair cleaner, shinier and straighter. I only hope that we'll see a new model of T3 flat iron quickly, which provides us some innovations and excites us, that is, like its original hair straighteners did.

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