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Why Are You Writing A Non-Fiction Book Or Ebook?

     Every book writer probably has his or her own reasons for writing a book. While it certainly is not necessary to justify your reasons, knowing them could help you set the tone for the entire writing process. It's not possible to list all the reasons why someone would want to write a book because there are probably as many reasons as there are writers. A few reasons are fairly common including writing for the sheer joy of it and the potential for making money either doesn't enter into the thinking or isn't an important consideration.

Money or not, I'm certain that most writing projects are started because the writer has something to say or something he or she would like to teach others. Some write because they wish to entertain others with good stories. Others are simply interested in telling everyone about their life or that of family members. There really are no wrong reasons to write. Wanting to write should be enough reason for anyone.

Profit is certainly a good motive for writing a book and writing is a great way to make a living if you can manage to get well paid for your efforts. Profit may not be your motivation. If writing a book is your dream, then that is exactly what you should do regardless of the reasons. For me writing has always been about making money. I've always enjoyed the writing, especially writing to teach other how to do things. But every project I've started has been motivated by the potential for profit. Since I have always used my skills for profit, it makes sense to write how-to books about making money with your skills. That's the reason I write about my knowledge and experiences and over the years I've my books have taught others various topics including how to start and operate a woodworking business, a handyman business, and how to self publish books and ebooks. In spite of the joy I get from writing, all of those books were started with a profit motivation. But that's just me and you may be completely different. That doesn't make your book any less valuable and you may have your own idea for a book from which you could profit.

Perhaps you have a skill that others wish to learn and your book about it could help them. It may be a hobby that others would enjoy or a small business idea. If you have some basic knowledge that seems popular, what you know could make a good book. It could be a book about a specific niche, which is best, or a general topic. Personal experience can be shared much easier and facilitates a personal viewpoint that many readers like. Some writers use their first-hand experiences to write valuable and informative books that help readers do many things. It's quite possible that you have a wealth of valuable knowledge that others would like to read about and comprise great topics for books.

Niche books can also be written based on thorough research. Just go out and learn a topic in depth and then write about it. Many writers do exactly that sometimes spending months, even years learning about a topic in great depth and then writing a book on the topic. This can be the basis for excellent books but simply isn't the way I work. I have always preferred to write from personal experience. Only you can decide what method to use.

If you have limited knowledge on a topic you might even consider associating with someone who has extensive marketable skills on the subject to write a book about those skills and how others can learn them and perhaps even make money from following the instructions in the book. Any combination of these methods also work. It's not unusual to see a book with more than one author. In these books both writers bring something to the project and together they create an interesting, cohesive, and valuable book. Some even hire ghost writers to write the book for them because they have all the knowledge necessary but simply lack the skills to write it down in an organized and comprehensive manner. A ghost writer can use the information to write the book and the individual takes the credit.

Once you have written your book, regardless of the method used, you must determine how to publish it so everyone can read about your skills or knowledge.

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Bill Benitez has published over 15 books for himself and many others. His latest book, Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others is recognized as an amazing publishing guide for anyone wanting to do it all him or herself. Check out his book and get your copy now at Self Publishing Workbook . Detailed instructions plus 140 screenshots.

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