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Why Don't I Have Faith?

     For as long as I can remember, I had doubts about the faith I was born into. Then, as I grew older and became familiar with the world's other major religions, I came to question the need for faith in any religious movement at all. You see, I have a personal problem. I don't have faith. When I was a boy, I always assumed that my youthful, underdeveloped psyche prohibited me from seeing what the faithful around me saw. But as I grew in years, I came to doubt that youthfulness played any part in my religious reticence. I found myself still unable to understand how stories written centuries ago could cause a person to have such blind faith, no matter how irrational the story's underpinnings were.

My dilemma is not new, nor is it mine alone. The argument of faith versus reason has been ongoing for ages, with reason based on scientific evidence and faith referring to a belief held regardless of the evidence. So I started my journey in search of understanding. I had to know why I lacked the capacity for faith; why I don't see what the majority of the world takes for granted. I read every holy book I could lay my hands on, thinking that perhaps through the act of reading, one of these books would so profoundly affect me as to ignite my faith. I also read many excerpts from each religion as they feverishly attempted to reconcile faith and reason using their own philosophies. For instance, speaking for the Roman Catholic Church, St. Augustine said, "The object of faith is that which is absent from our understanding. We believe that which is absent, but we see that which is present." And according to Jewish philosopher Levi Ben Gerson, "The Torah cannot prevent us from considering to be true that which our reason urges us to believe."

Many religions claim that reasoning is deceptive, and that only through faith can we truly become aware of God. Yet those words, just like so many before, failed to penetrate my soul and give me any great new understanding. My cynicism later intensified after I noticed that as scientific discovery became more prevalent, all religions (without exception) adjusted their reasons for requiring faith in order to comport with science. Why after all the reading and explanations do I find myself still leaning toward reason? Why do I still question? Why don't I simply follow like most other people? Why don't I have faith?

All of a sudden, it hit me one day. I had found my own faith. It finally made sense why I wouldn't follow. I did not, however, have a name for it until I started conversing with the spirits. They called it "evolution." Through them, I learned that I had evolved beyond the contemporary religious experience and that my new faith could be summed up as follows: "I believe in God, but I don't follow or believe others based purely on their words." I'm no longer bound to one particular path. I'm a Pathian, and I walk my own path just as God intended. I see with great clarity that my way is the right way, and I'm good not because of some inflexible religious doctrine, but because I choose to be in order to advance my soul.

I know many of you will read my book, where I claim to have received word from spirits in another dimension, and you'll say, "Just like religion, asking me to believe what you say is based on faith as well." To this, I say, "Not true." The sole purpose of the book, regardless of its origin, was to awaken your inner ability to seek your own truth, your own path; to make you a contributor to the progress of our evolution rather than a follower of some religious movement with no true spiritual value.

I also realize that no matter how many questions the spirits answer, there will always be those who say, "Why should we believe you and not the words of our holy books?" To which I answer, "Do not believe anyone but yourself when it comes to seeking out your own spirituality." I would like you to ask yourself this: Where would our children be if their education did not exceed one book? The answer is simple. They would be highly limited in their intellect, mentally static and unable to develop. They would never improve. Now ask yourself this: Do I want my spirituality limited this way or do I want it capable of improvement? If you answered the latter, why then would you limit your spiritual knowledge to just one particular book?

I have found my faith. It may not be what's common, but it is what's right. By becoming a Pathian, you'll open your mind to the countless paths available to you. I know many of you will claim my arguments to expand the mind are silly, baseless and blasphemous. And I will find myself wondering why, with all the clarity around us, why you still remain faithful to some inherited religious path whose philosophies negate reason at almost every turn.

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Written by Guy D Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for us to continue evolving. Learn more about The Path To purchase the book 111 The Path go to

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