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Why Google Prefers Responsive Web Design!

     The advent of responsive web design found its original motivation in helping internet locations be just as attractive, informative, and useful on mobile devices as on regular monitors. Through the use of internet architecture that can change according to the viewing device, a website can be more competitive from a useability and an SEO standpoint, which is important. It has been documented how this type of internet architecture has helped maintain incoming traffic thanks to easier viewing and reading. Now it has been confirmed that Google prefers responsive design as well. In other words, websites that are created this way are now gaining more positive attention from Google these days than those that have not incorporated this change.

Responsive Design From Google's Eyes

As the largest search engine that for the most part dictates what internet developers and builders do to keep websites competitive, Google now recommends responsive design for both the benefits of mobile use as well as for the general flexibility gained when viewing from desktops, laptops, tablets, and other screens. In its effort to streamline internet searches, reduce spam, and eliminate unnecessary information, Google has now recognized that the best way to create a website to achieve such goals is in the most all-inclusive way possible, reducing redundant information, which makes responsive design the winner in all cases. This internet creativity involves one set of coding that gives instructions for internet behavior that is dependent upon the viewing device rather than different sets of the same code for each type of viewing device.

Value and Trust

Scoring high with Google and obtaining higher search results is dependent on websites being trustworthy and valuable, both of which can be measured in a number of ways, one of which is incoming traffic. The higher the traffic, the more value that is gained. With the use of responsive design, all traffic is directed to the same location no matter what viewing device is used, whereas without this particular internet development, traffic is split between the different versions of the website which obviously lowers the ranking that must now be divided among each type of code designed for different viewing devices. It also causes slower indexing and ranking as each version must be indexed and ranked separately.

Practical Considerations

Another important aspect that needs to be considered when thinking of whether or not to redesign a website to include responsive design is the greater efficiency and easier maintenance that is offered over the long-term life of a website by this important course of action. When there is only one set of code, all the effort to build and maintain an internet location such as uploading content, building and monitoring of SEO, back-link generation, and all efforts to generate traffic work on all internet versions without having to be duplicated again and again. It really does become a one-size-fits-all solution to the question of how to get the best page ranking with Google because no matter what type of viewing platform is used, only one effort to create and maintain the website is needed while the positive effect of traffic, back-links and SEO are not diluted.

Of course it is a big consideration when looking at reworking a website to go from a conventional design to a responsive version, one that may bring with it a certain amount of apprehension. Well, the good news is that once the work is done, anything is possible no matter what viewing device is used. As responsive design has become better understood and grown in acceptance, there is much more information now available on how to create the best arrangement and have such an efficiently performing website built. There is no longer a valid reason to have a conventional website at all; responsive internet design has gone from sitting in the wings waiting to be recognized to being out on center stage on display as the best option for mobile viewers who want what is viewed on a cell phone or tablet to be relevant and accurate to their needs. This can all be accomplished with responsive web design which is perfect for modern, mobile viewers!

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