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Why Is Laughing Very Important In Life and How Does it Help One to Be Healthy

     Although there are many fun activities that take place throughout the world, most people in the world are really stressed out. This is a fact that cannot be denied because, everybody in this world face some kind of problem or the other in their life. Out of many people, we can say only a few of them know how to manage their stress patterns and they know exactly what to do when they are stressed out. However, most people really require activities to control their stress. Today, we have a lot of activities to do to control stress. Start from exercises, yoga, meditation or going with your family and friends for an outing, excursions or a dinner party and so on. All these processes help to keep you out of stress. However, one of the methods that can really remove you out of stress is humor.
Now coming to the humorous aspects in life, this can be found everywhere. People do not have to go in search of something that can make you laugh. Right from children to an elderly person, everyone has humor in them. However, for people who are filled with stress, there are chances that they temporarily forget the humorous aspect residing in them and tend to get more serious for every small thing in life. This could some time turn down their health in many ways. For people who live this way, they tend to get high blood pressure, sugar levels going high and many other problems. That's one of the reasons why doctors advise a person to laugh out loud for some time. This is very unique and important concept because it is said the number of nerves that are involved while laughing is comparatively lesser to the number of nerves being strained while you are serious. If we look into any of the stress burning concepts you will find the exact numbers in them. It is because of this reason why we are required to have a smile on our face.
Today, there are enough programs that you can watch all day long laughing about in your living room. Also, with the help of Alarm systems like the ADT Alarm System you always have the facility to sit in a closed room to laugh out loud. Hence, you are be aware, when somebody is entering your room or at your room. This does not mean you have stay alone when you laugh. It is always good to have people around you. You can always share the humor, for them to laugh along. A lot of programs featuring on our television project entertainment shows, which can make people laugh. You could always watch comedy shows. These shows contain a lot of humor. My neighbor, who lives next door, watches a lot of humor. Many a times, I have heard his laughter and wondered why this person keeps laughing all day long sitting behind his doors. One day I really thought of asking him this question. Its then he explained me the importance of laughing. He also told me about laughing therapy.
For most reasons, I know by now that laughing therapy is not a new concept for most people today. However, we see a lot of people follow this concept at a large. I was passing by a garden near my house the other day. There I found about ten old people forming a circle. To my strangest eyes, I found all the ten people laughing for no reason. I almost sat there for about fifteen minutes and the laughing continued and looking at them I also started laughing. After sometime, I went near them to enquire; one of them said they were doing Laughing Therapy. Hence what I would like convey here is that laughing is an important aspect in life. Even if we don't get a chance to laugh, we can always laugh for no reason, to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

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Stuart is a Freelance writer who loves to watch people laughing. He also likes the concept of using alarm system like the ADT Alarm System installed in our homes. Talking to his neighbor the other day about laughing, wants to share some of his ideas on this aspect.

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