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Why We Must Simplify Our Spiritual Ways?

     There are so many books today that approach the subject of spirituality; so many spiritual people who claim to have some secret knowledge of God; so many religions that claim to know the one true path to spiritual enlightenment. I can't deny that many of them hold merits. (In fact, some of them are incredibly beautiful if only they were true.) So why should we simplify spirituality at all? Why should we keep on looking?

There are two answers to these enigmas. The first one is you. Because regardless of how many books you read or people you follow, you're still searching for that one spiritual way that will make sense for you. You are looking for an easy way, one that will illuminate all that's been missing from your existence, and perhaps shine a light on your path. The second reason is that you're reluctant to stop searching thanks to the complexity of most spiritual ways, and therefore find yourself in a never-ending exploration for the truth.

Why are many of these spiritual ways so complicated and in total contradiction to our true nature? How did it all become so complicated and, more importantly, how do we simplify it? Things have a tendency to grow complicated over time if we do not adhere to a formula that demands simplicity. Take the United States. How did it become so great? Compared to other countries, it's still in a fairly early stage of development; but given time, it will invariably go down a path of deterioration until it is no more unique or relevant than many of the world's "lesser" nations. (Some believe we are already experiencing this deterioration.)

The modern nation of Israel is even younger than the United States. Having flourished right from the start, it grew too rapidly and found itself backtracking, unable to continue the pace of development. Why this stumbling block? Where did it come from? Unfortunately, they've passed the threshold of simplicity. Their system was flawed right from the beginning; it was designed to become complicated. They will eventually fail because they have too many rules.

Let's look at the United States again, which rose to prominence through the hard work of immigrants. These people traveled from all different regions of the world with a simple, unifying desire - to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They sought to detach themselves from the morass of oppressive, totalitarian rules that dictated every aspect of their lives. And by doing so, they were able to start over with a clean slate. They perpetuated a return to simplicity that propelled them to greatness. Israel flourished in much the same way. There were always people living in that region, but the country became great only when it was started anew by those willing to shed the long-standing, heavy-handed rules of the past.

Both countries are now making a prominent mistake, just as others before them. They did not remain simple. Just like the systems in place at their origin, lawmakers continue to pile good rules and regulations upon bad, further hardening the lives of the citizens they're elected to serve. The system does not allow the people to reset the rules, and so they find themselves trapped in an unrelenting spiral of meaningless complexity.

Spirituality has followed the same sad path. Through the ages, we've taken a beautiful, simple way of connecting with the energy above and complicated it to a point where we're no longer comfortable with it. We've lost that sense of connection. Meditation and its benefits have been written about extensively, but you may be surprised to learn that we were never meant to meditate, even as a way to achieve this connection. Indeed, we can prosper without it. You may also be surprised to hear that the path to spirituality is always before you, and there is not much you need other than a simple guideline.

Imagine if the United States stopped enacting new laws. What if, instead, we discarded some of them? How bad would that be? It would mean only one thing: improvement. We can see it right here in my backyard, where California ranks among the highest states most hostile to businesses, while Texas is attracting entrepreneurs like moths to a flame. Why? Because the latter has far fewer of those stifling rules and regulations. People are migrating from complexity to simplicity, from oppression to prosperity.

So why do we need to simplify our spiritual way? Because it's the only way we can prosper. By shedding the complication that has mired our spiritual enlightenment (especially the stuff that doesn't make sense), we will once again achieve that connection with the energy above. It's time to accept the fact that our spiritual path has been always in the same place, right there in front of us, and it's simple as simple can be.
Written by Guy D. Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more at To read the Book go to

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Written by Guy D Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more at To read the book go to

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