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Why Women Cheat: Reasons Why the Unthinkable Happens

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New loves, new relationships, new marriages: all over the world, nothing could be more complete. A good relationship is celebrated as the greatest form of happiness, a principle which drives the motivations of singles from just about everywhere to find that special someone.

But despite how picture perfect everything seems to be at first, things can go wrong - and in an instant, that relationship can be shattered forever by the ultimate betrayal: being unfaithful. Today we're focusing on why women, usually stereotyped for being the more loyal sex, choose to cheat, and a few pointers on how to improve a relationship and reduce the risks of going astray.

Unhappy Relationship

There can be any number of reasons that women cheat, and one of them is being stuck in an unhappy relationship. This can range from being in an abusive relationship, a stagnant home/work life, or a situation where a woman feels that her needs are not being met by her partner. Mental and emotional connection is key - and without being on a similar wavelength or having an understanding with one another, then partners are less likely to effectively communicate and resolve their issues. A woman may find solace in the company of another partner, male or female, in order to feel that connection and feel that they are "understood" and that their emotional needs, as well as physical, are being met.

Sexual/Physical Relationship is Not What It Used to Be

Relationships, especially long-term, go through various stages - dry spells, passionate spells, settled spells, and several other variations which are applicable to the specific couple. But for some women, especially those with a high sex drive, meeting sexual demands can be challenging. This is true in both same-sex and heterosexual relationships, where sometimes one partner's sexual appetite does not meet the other. Once again, communication is essential, because as well as wanting to satiate their sexual needs, women may experience loss of self-esteem and even question their partner's fidelity if that partner shows little interest towards them in the bedroom.

Counselling is a good option here, and there is a wide range of sexual enhancement products available that can improve sexual stamina for both partners. For a healthy sex life, don't be afraid to diversify things a little - role-playing, trying new techniques, and investing in sex toys - which both males and females can enjoy - will help to satisfy sexual hunger. Naturally, even tried and tested methods of satisfaction can go bland after a while, so don't let routine stagnate your sex life - spice it up with a bit of variety! And always keep things intimate and affectionate - sometimes, a gentle touch of the shoulder is all that is needed to remind a woman that she is loved and treasured.


With the exception of religions and cultures where men are accustomed to having several wives, polygamy is definitely not encouraged by many societies, let alone for women. Yet every individual is different, and while monogamy may work for some, it won't necessarily for others - which is why some women resort to cheating. Having different partners can be fulfilling emotionally, physically, and sexually, so it's better to be honest up front about what your needs are. Though it has its problems, in both same-sex and heterosexual relationships, a polygamous relationship can be just as rewarding as a monogamous one.

Looking for Excitement, and Someone Shows a Bit of Extra Attention

Just like the need for physical and sexual attention from their partner to feel loved, some women like to feel a bit of variety and excitement in their lives. Sometimes, sadly, this comes from knowing that what they are doing is wrong. While some women cheat and regret their act immediately, branding it as a slip of judgment, others thrive on living on the edge.

These are women who could be in perfectly happy, loving, and even rewarding relationships - but all it can take is someone to show them a bit of extra attention and things can get heated. The key to thwarting this potential danger? Communication, and an open-mind. Spice things up by being spontaneous, indulging in sex toys, and setting aside time to spend exclusively with one another, despite busy schedules. Let your woman know that you can perform sexually as well as mentally and physically.

Sex isn't everything in life, but it's definitely a lot. And while women may have any number of reasons for cheating which shouldn't be condoned under any circumstances, inspiring a healthy sex life is part of the investment you've got to make in order to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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Lucian Alvin is a product reviewer for Be Better Lover, the site dedicated to your sexual happiness. Have you got some questions about becoming a better lover? Log onto our site and talk to our experts about all the products and even some love making tips and secrets at =>

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