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Writing For Profit - Becoming a Published Author in 2014 & Beyond Has Never Been Easier

     With the launch of her first book, Writing For Profit, Shashi wants to inspire aspiring writers, and in particular those writers who aim to engage with their readers and wish to get their books published. If you have been dreaming about writing and becoming a published author, then you absolutely need to read this book.

Her vision is to inspire budding writers to get started on their writing projects. Shashi truly believes that writing, and even keeping a writing journal is a wonderful hobby and a great way to get in touch with your inner most feelings and what matters most to you.

If you are stuck and don't know where to start, Shashi hopes that the strategies and the great ideas she shares with her readers in Writing for Profit, will help them achieve their writing goals.

Now is the perfect time to begin your writing journey is that it has never been easier to get your work published. Did you know that Amazon has captured a third of the market for all books sold around the Globe. Not only that, more and more readers are using digital devices to consume good content and the market for good content is set to keep expanding. So if are not selling your books on Amazon or in a Kindle format you are missing out.

In this book Shashi shares the various examples there are for self publishing success and looks in particular at the success of the Harry Potter series of books.

Excerpts from the book include:

"Writing is a journey, to be shared and to savoured every step if the way, and you need to also take care of you and let your writing fit into the right balance between hard work and play time, with those significant others in your lives that you are working so hard for and striving for writing success for. Writing is a way of leaving a legacy that can benefit all of mankind as no accumulation of wealth and power can. These are of things o the material world which we discard as we step into spirit when we transition over to the other side. If we are the lucky few, our words live on and can inspire and uplift our loved ones - even if we struggled in life to get to a point of complete understanding and compassion for each other's unique journey, life experience and contribution. Our greatness cannot help but shine through, through our sharing what is ultimately our common humanness."

"Some of treasures I let inspire me and direct my fingers on the keys of my laptop keyboard are How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin, which I have drawn on extensively in chapters on The Author is Born not Made and Study From the Best Writers and Authors. This gem of a work does into some detail about grammar, sentence creation and everything that Sherwin Cody describes as Aristotle's Rhetoric in his publication, The Art of Writing & Speaking The English Language which I have also drawn on to illustrate the points that he so beautifully makes that the writer gives birth to his work just as nature gives birth to new life, in all its myriad of expression. Such is the vast diversity of life as we know it on our planet, Earth. Use it inspire you and lift up your readers to a depth of knowing an feeling they may never have never reached, except with the writing that you share that was born from deep within you."

"I want to thank all the writers, who have touched my life and help develop in me a deep seated desire to write ad share my life, knowledge and experiences. They opened up a world that inspired to achieve more and to do more. They taught me to look at the road less travelled and to follow my own drum beat, the source of which I have recently discovered lies at eh core of my heart space, behind my physical heart. Follow your heart, is the best advice I can give to any aspiring writer."

"We have all experienced some level of self sabotage because of our mind wanting us to stay in our comfort zone. At those times, follow your heart. Your mind is a good student but let your heart be the light that guides your actions. Manifesting from the level of the fifth dimensional heart will always seek out a solution that will be in the win-win realm of where everything is possible in a Universe of infinite possibilities. Working just from the mind will keep us stuck in ego and in the duality of the third dimension where we can manifest great results but we cannot get away from the sting of the opposite end, the result we least desire of the whiplash. That is duality the good cannot be separated from the bad or vice versa, just like a coin we have the head side and the tail side that is the nature of the coin and that is duality."

"Knowing that you can quickly find the clam centre within yourself when the going gets tough is vital to your success as a writer, particularly as the reviews start coming in. Having a routine that helps you find balance will keep you maintain a clear head and to stay motivated for your success. Writing will help you create ample opportunities for challenging yourself intellectually but do balance this with creating opportunities for your mind to rest and recuperate. Certainly pushing yourself to achieve your writing goals will a key to your success but do not let seeing the bigger picture stop you from enjoying the ride of how you got there."

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On launching her book WRITING FOR PROFIT Shashi Fernandez says that Becoming a Published Author in 2014 & Beyond Has Never Been Easier. This book is based on her experience as a writer, which started as a hobby and is now developing into a passion and a part time businesss. It iher intention that every reader will get inspired to transition from an aspiring writer to a published author.

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