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You Can't Own It Or Manage It, But You CAN Outsource It. What Is It?

     Business is a box of riddles, isn't it? Challenges seek solutions. Questions beg answers.

Is your biggest challenge in business how you manage yourself? If not, maybe it should be. Have you ever found that you can manage someone else's life better than you can manage your own?

Let's change that and in the process look at how you can make your next 90 days result in:

* Increased cashflow

* More free time

* Meaningful relationships

* Powerful results

It's time to practice what I call "Flipping the Tip"; the tip in this case is the top of the pyramid or triangle used to show business models, the food chain, goals, schemes, etc. The top-valued outcome in that traditional model is squeezed into the little triangle on the top, while the least important gets the broad band at the base of the triangle, leaving some of us to ask, "What's wrong with that picture?"

For one, the triangle needs to be flipped to create a funnel. And the key processes in each band of the funnel need to be switched as well.

Once flipped, the new model looks like this:

* Top Band: high value mindset: networking, product launches, Joint Ventures. . .

* 2nd Band: high revenue generators: sales, marketing . . .

* 3rd Band: lower value: administrative, Bills, Errands, Filing . . .

* 4th Band: kicking back, stuffing yourself with junk food while dreaming about how great it would be to be rich . . .

Once you've flipped the "tip" to create the funnel, put time values on each band. For me, the top band (high value) uses 80% of my business day. The other 20% applies to the second band. I outsource the third band, and number 4 isn't even on my funnel.

I don't dream it. I do it.

Let's talk for a moment about time. Remember the quote: What you are doing on the day must be important, because you are exchanging one day of your life for it?

Well, time is precious. It can't be taken back. It can't be owned. It can't be managed. (Time, as you may have guessed, answers the title's riddle.)

The only thing you can manage is you and your mindset.

Therefore, it's critical to respect yourself, and to respect time. Time is like the tortoise and the hare rolled into one Not fast. Not slow. Just consistent.

Time has been around a lot longer that we have. So, the trick is to make time work for you. How?

Do what the billionaires do: Outsource it.

"Outsourcing" Time:

That very mindset of outsourcing is what the successful business owners do. Those two lower levels on the triangle? Get someone else to handle then. Think you can't afford to? Actually, you can't afford not to. After all, how much is your time worth? $50/hr? $100/hr? Yet, you're at your business 24/7 answering phones, handling customer service, paying bills, putting out fires...

That makes you one of the most expensive employees in your own company.

It's time to change your mindset, and if that means scheduling an appointment with yourself to put together a plan, then do it!

Or outsource it. Schedule an appointment with a business coach and jointly map out a 90-day plan that is customized to meet the needs of both you and your business.

It's time to flip the tip. Funnel new ideas--new fuel into your business. Great input = great output.

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Peter Williamson, Business Coach and Master Licensee. For advice and access to proven systems that will advance your business, visit and

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