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Your PI Business Needs an Answering Service

     Private investigating is a service business. Part of your success depends on meeting the client's needs. This might require a lot of conversation. To best serve the needs of your clientele, your PI business needs an answering service. In addition, if you are paying for advertising, but don't answer the phone, you are literally, throwing money down the drain.

Customer Service

Much of repeat business within the service industry is due to customer service. When customers feel that they are valued, they will stay loyal to the brand. In reality, it is the customer that grows any business, one at a time. When businesses don't treat their customers with the level of respect that they deserve, your good product or service could be overshadowed by a reputation for poor care of your clients. That is not a recipe for repeat business.

In the arena of private detection, missing a call from a client could damage the investigation. Any information that the client can tell you adds to your chance of success. As for new business, missing calls when you are out of the office could mean a loss of profitable potential clients. If you are not the only PI in the area, your prospect will just move on to the next person on their list.

Advantages of an Answering Service for Private Investigators

How long does it take you to get back to a missed caller? If you are working all night, you might not get to them for a day. In that time, they may have moved on. That is not the way to handle your business.

Answering services have several advantages over an automated answering machine. Most people ignore automated messages now and simply hang up if they can't speak to an actual person.

There is an actual person on the other end of the line - Talking to an actual person means that your specific need will be addressed. When you have to push "1" or "2" you may not get an answer that satisfies you. According to the parameters of the business, answering service personnel can direct your call to the correct person.

Clients can leave messages - You can check in with your answering service at any time to see what messages have been left. Important client communications are not lost.

After hours service - Even after office hours, a client can speak to an actual person to get the information that they need.

Technical support - There are several answering services out there. Find one that knows how to field calls for private investigators. Their expertise can provide your callers with answers to more specific technical questions.

Variety of services - These professionals don't just answer phones. They can take appointments, direct emergency calls, provide multilingual services and operate 24 hours a day.

Choose an answering service for your PI business and never miss a lead again.

As a post script to this article, I have been interviewing very successful Private Investigators and one of the most important pieces of advice they have offered is for PI's to anwer their phones.

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Paul Beauchemin is the President of PI Profits, a Private Investigator focused marketing firm that is results-oriented for PI marketing, sales and customer service.To sign up for great marketing tips via email visit or call 1- (888) 344-0434 to schedule a complimentary best practice marketing investigation briefing.

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