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Your Uniqueness is a Gift

     Every aspect of your appearance and character are your own unique gift. Your complexion, body type and size, facial features, and personality were given to you by God and serve to seperate from everyone else in the world. We make a major mistake when we to compare ourselves to others. In a sense this is not possible because you are you and not another person. There is no good reason to compare your self to other people.

Learn how to take what you have and use it to its fullest. You have been dealt a hand by life and that is the hand that you have to play. Make it work for you. There is no need to want to be another person because you aren’t, attempting to be like another person is a total waste of your time. Be yourself.

Attempting to emulate others is a sure sign of low self esteem. You will never capitalize on the advantages which are unique to you being you if you are trying to be someone else. We are all made differently because we all have a different purpose in life. You have talents that are unique to you and only you can capitalize on.

Everything that God made was good in his sight and so are you. People who only key on one aspect of your looks or personality are one dimensional. So are you if you don’t capitalize on your personal assets. You have to find the path of least resistance and flow through it like water, if you are a good conversationalist use conversation as your trump card. If you are physically strong use your strength. If you are hospitable and love people use your love of people.

When I was in college we would sometimes get together and play cards. Now our aim was to win and one thing that I learned was that if I was dealt a poor hand there were ways to make my bad cards work for me. Sometimes I would bluff or distract the other players, and sometimes they would do the same to me. Sometimes we would just cheat. Now I don’t advise cheating in life but the point is this. Once we picked up our cards we had to find a way to make them work for us. I found that I could sometimes win with a mediocre hand if I played it well. You can do the same.

We are all on a level playing field although many may not agree with me. Some for example would say that the rich kid who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth may have never had the hardships that you have. This is true but that rich kid has also missed out on the character development that you got from being in the hardship. You may have had a tough time in life but those tough times made you tough. You are better off because of what you have been through therefore you have an advantage over the rich kid. His money will never buy what you have. Learn to see the good in the bad. There is something good in each and every situation but we have to discern what it is.

Even racism can be used to your advantage. When you meet a racist you meet a shallow person who has a preconceived notion about you. That person will never change his opinion no matter what you do. Because he or she is so shallow you have the advantage in each encounter that you will ever have with that person. Learn how to manipulate the situation to use that persons own biased convictions against them.

Always remember this. People who judge you on the basis of your outward appearance are not worth your friendship at all because they are looking for something about you that they will benefit from. People who truly love you will love the intangible things that you bring to the table. Riceland Enterprises

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