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  • Advantages of Using a Stun Gun  By : Cori N. Baker
    When you walk alone at night in an unfamiliar place or even in familiar place, there is a possibility that you can become a victim of robbery, stealing and the like And if you do not know how to defend yourself, the criminals will surely get what they want and you will also get hurt
  • Advantages of Using a Website Builder to Build Your Own Website  By : A.Afolabi
    One of the best and cheapest ways of promoting your business organisation is to publish a website for it online If you are just beginning a new business, lack funds for any reason, or would prefer to prioritise the use of whatever money you have, then employing a website designer with all the complexities that this involves may not be the ideal way for you to get your business online
  • Advantages Of Using Databases  By : Louis Iyare
    While using a database might seem like rather tiresome and complex work, its advantages are considerable. Without them, you would be hard pressed to find a decent system for keeping and managing all your information. In recent years the flexibility and user-friendliness of databases make these systems a crucial business component.
  • Advantages of Using SharePoint  By : Lesley Knowles
    As a company grows, tasks become more complex and the amount of files to keep track of increases. Managing multiplying documents and keeping them well organized soon becomes a tedious and difficult task. It's a good thing that Microsoft introduced SharePoint, a new business technology that allows valuable business information to be captured into an easy to manage, secured and searchable platform.
  • Advantages of Using VoIP International Calls  By : Kay Norman
    New communication technologies have indeed made the world smaller Today, communication is made more cost efficient with the VoIP
  • Advantages of Video Email  By : Brian O'Connell
    Video email or video in email is quickly gaining ground on HTML text/image based email marketing, mainly due to superior response and view rates

    The trend towards video as a key marketing tool is gathering pace, in order to keep up with this fast paced trend and stay ahead of the competition, many businesses are considering the use of video email and streaming video ads as part of their marketing tactics
  • Advantages of Video Teleconferencing  By : Robert A. Leggio Jr C.T.S
    Video teleconferencing, a significant advance in telecommunications, is one of the newest technologies in today's world and is being used by many businesses, as well as government and military entities This ground-breaking tool is making it possible for users to save both time and money by being able to have face-to-face-communication from the security and comfort of their offices or homes
  • Advantages of VoIP: What You Need to Know About VoIP  By : Kay Norman
    The way people communicate with each other has changed in the passing years and several developments made it much more different and complex compared to the way people talked before Before, the telephone was the only way for people, who are far from each other, to talk
  • Advantages Of Windows 7 Password Resetter  By : Laura Moore
    Today, if you are searching for any password removal tool, then you can be certain that you'll be very strongly advised to choose the Windows password resetter software. This really is because of the fact the password resetter will assure that all those Windows passwords you have forgotten is going to be reset in a safe and convenient way.
  • Advantages That Will Be Seen With Magento Cloud Servers  By : Dirik Hameed
    Magento cloud hosting is merely one of the cloud app solutions that shows how strong cloud servers are
  • Advantages To Desktops And Laptops  By : Penny Lane
    Desktop computers are becoming a thing of the past these days just like cell phones are taking over landlines Even if you have a desktop; laptops are still very useful things to have
  • Advertise Through Mobile Ads  By : Ryan Pauline
    App markets are free in the sense that they are usually pre-loaded on mobile phones and other devices, but there is no such thing as a free app market or an app market that only offers applications which are free There are several app markets, each offering tens of thousands of applications, free and paid ones alike
  • Advice About Power Socket Repair  By : Lee Matthews
    Laptops are convenient, sleek, and functional devices that give their owners the world on the go. They are extremely complicated pieces of machinery that have evolved dramatically over several years. Laptops have always been known for overheating ...
  • Advice Concerning Start-Up Loans for Small Businesses  By : Buddy Mills
    First-time small business owners usually are chary of unsecured start up loans. This is because the time frame for making a profit is not definite whether or not there is
  • Advice For Getting The Most Out Of E-zine Article Marketing  By : Freeman Brock
    1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. Introduce yourself in your article. Haven't you ever read an article and wondered half way through
  • Advice On How To Create A Simple Web Site On A New Dedicated Server  By : Dirik Hameed
    Setting up a web page on a dedicated server
  • Advices in Youtube Promotion  By : Mchel Bond
    Modern business is closely connected with work in the Internet Usually this sphere is used to promote the product and attract attention of customers to your work
  • Adware And Spyware - What You Need To Know  By : Ray Decuecy
    Spyware and adware are two very dangerous things If you are using the internet then you need to understand what both of these things are
  • Adware Installation Stealth Tactics  By : John Pawlett
    When adware can't trick you into installing it, it often resorts to a secretive invasion. Find out how to defend yourself.
  • Adware: How to Beat the Sneakiest Software  By : John Pawlett
    Promoters of adware, software that shows advertising on a user's computer, use some cunning tricks to get you to install their software on your machine.
  • Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Home Based Business Opportunity  By : Jaime Petersen
    How to get started

    Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for home business owners to promote their companies. But at the same time, affiliate marketing is a
  • Affordable Notebook Computers: Portable, Light And A Laptop Luxury No More  By : Tricia Jones
    Do you remember back when mobile telephones first came out and they gradually began to be seen in public more and more as they became popular and affordable? The same is now happening with notebook computers as more people are buying them, but why?
  • Affordable Travel Accessories You Should Keep On Hand  By : Hans Richard
    Some people simply can not afford to invest a lot of money in heavy duty plastic budget travel accessories that separate the various items that they place in their luggage
  • Affordable Voip International Calls  By : Kay Norman
    With the rise in technology, we are now able to communicate with people all over the world with ease at any moment we wish like communicating Long distance calls, once ago were considered prestigious and luxurious since they were rarely made due to inaccessibility of internet and lack of technology
  • Affordable Website Development Services  By : Jones Jenny
    Website development can be very crucial for the success of your business. Whether you intend to market your product/service online or offline, a good website is the best marketing tool. It is the face of your company and helps in creating visibility in the market.
  • Affordable Windshield Replacement at Helotes  By : Todd Nash
    You might own a car for a million-dollar worth, or you may drive your most celebrated sports car with a mighty engine or a most stylish chassis It does not even suit in the matter of condition, if your windshield is not right
  • After You Make a Sale  By : Cary Olson
    Follow Up With Your Customer

    After you go through a sales session with a customer, wether you sell them a product or not, follow up with them. Otherwise, your time was
  • AHIMA Registered Health Information Administrator Certification (RHIA) – Certification Details  By : alankwray
    To become an RHIA and candidate must first graduate student from an approved health information technician system with an associate’s degree and then pass the RHIA documentation exam through AHIMA (American Healthcare Information Management Association).
  • AJAX Professional Programmers  By : Darren Dunner
    The web development, web technologies and the thinking of the web programmers has been developing at a very rapid pace. New technologies and new trends in the development have become very common in this space.
  • Alarm Security Systems Give Property Owners Protection and Safety  By : Adriana J. Noton
    The truth is alarm security systems are fantastic way to secure the home Modern technology in recent advancements in design equals lower prices
  • Alien ware  By : The Alienware Guy The Alienware Guy

    If you are looking for gaming computers you will have to get an Alien ware, because it is out of this world. Only the best is used in the Alien ware, and the best processor for the job is the Intel Core 2 Duo, the Quad and the Extreme. This will obviously alter the price of the desktop you get, where Extreme will be top of the line and more expensive. The simple thing to remember, the better and faster, the more you pay, so if you want best and fast, pay a bit more and sit with less
  • Alienware The Superior Gaming Machine  By : Scottie Wyatt
    Alienware is the go to source for gamers. Wheter it be high end computers for the hardcore gamers, or the lower end for the casual gamer that does not want to deal with any staggering lag. Why do people hold Alienware in such high regards? They listen to everyone! They listen to what their customers want and they deliver for them. What have gamers wanted more and more? A laptop almost as powerful as their desktop counterpart.
    As summer time approaches kids are moving out and en...
  • Align Technology and Its Modern Applications  By : Penny Lane
    When we talk about artificial dental procedures, then Invisalign experts and cosmetic dentistry experts are the first that comes to mind Beside these experts, there are some other surgeons too who had been carrying out research in the Align dental technology
  • All About 1&1 Website Builder  By : Jason Kay
    Building a website can be expensive so many business owners are on the constant lookout for ways to save money and time on website construction One great way to do this is to use a professional website builder
  • All About 4inkjet Printers  By : AZURA C
    4inkjets have been one of the leading retailers online for selling of inkjet cartridges and toners at heavy discounts Because of their efficiency, reliability and great customer assistance, they have bagged multiple awards
  • All About A Mobile Video Converter  By : Gen Wright
    Lots and lots of people are using their mobile phones to do everyday activities and this includes watching videos and movies online and even TV. So all you need is a mobile phone and subscription to a mobile TV service, and that plasma screen you wanted to buy, forget about it!

    And that is why you need a good mobile video converter to enable you convert your videos so you can have them in your phone. If you are wondering where a mobile video converter can be found, I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Pizza Hut! But, you can get a free version of a mobile video converter off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • All About Computer Aided Design  By : Jason Kay
    Computer-Aided Design or CAD, as it is also known, is the use of computer software and systems to design and create 2D and 3D virtual models of different types of products and goods These products can then be tested to see if they are likely to be successful should they ever make it past the prototype stage
  • All About Computer And Laptop Repair  By : Adriana Noton
    In the lightning fast world of today, computers and laptops have become the inseparable part in the life of everybody for the success of any business concern. On the other hand, the problems related to the laptops have enlarged due to increased number of users.
  • All About Computer Network Support Technicians and How to Become One  By : Adriana Noton
    The rapid growth of technology has opened a huge industry over the past couple decades An entire generation is finding work in the internet and technology fields
  • All About Data Logger Along With Humidity Sensor  By : Adriana Noton
    Devices like sensors and data logger play significant role in our lives as they are the devices of practical utility which are either used in electronic equipment or homes and offices Sensors like Humidity sensor is specifically used to measure the humidity levels in the room and the device makes it sure that the humidity levels are within safer limits
  • All About Electronics Use In Your Life  By : Tanner Stockerd
    Knowing about Electronics and its relevance to everyday living makes it easier to understand Are these devices essential for modern living
  • All About ERP  By : Stewart Wrighter
    There are lots of way ERP systems can improve your business. Here is why you should consider implementing them.
  • All About How IPad Rentals Allow You to Try Before You Buy  By : Adrianna Notton
    Purchasing an iPad is not exactly a cheap outlay for most people and iPad rentals gives them the opportunity to try it out first For those who have doubts about whether they really need one, or how useful it would be this could be a good way to find out
  • All About Minimising Shopping Cart Abandonment  By : Miquel Travis
    Shopping Cart abandonment is the process of a customer adding things to their shopping cart with intent to purchase then never finalizing the purchase and if you're running an eCommerce
  • All About Modern Warfare 3  By : Anne Shirley
    Everyone wants to learn more things and it is also applicable for games. The people around the world want new games every year.
  • All About PDA  By : Victor Thomas
    PDA or a Personal Digital Assistant as it is otherwise known is a mobile device with internet connectivity It also works as personal information manager
  • All About Quickbooks Training Benefits  By : Adriana J. Noton
    Quickbooks training can be an important thing to study and generally for a wide variety of reasons However, there are several levels for studying the program itself, which may often vary on a person's level of interest or desired goals overall
  • All About Search Engine Optimisation  By : Derek Both
    During the course of the last two decades the Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon.
  • All About the Basics of Search Engine Marketing  By : Wesley Epperson
    Search engine marketing involves an intricate process that uses various tools and techniques Even for those with experience, looking for effective strategies may still be challenging
  • All About the IPod Nano Watch Strap and Shopping For It on the Web  By : Adrianna Noton
    Portable music players these days are getting more and more versatile Other than permitting you to listen to your favorite songs while on the go, they can do some other functions
  • All About the Making of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)  By : Henry Weltyn
    Technology has come a long way from the time when the first printed circuit boards were invented back in the late 1930's by an Austrian engineer Paul Eisler for radio communications Almost everything you electrically operate has a PCB for controls
  • All About the Risk Intelligence Software  By : Adriana Noton
    After one has established that he or she needs it, there are several things to be considered when buying risk intelligence software The pointers listed in this article are there to help one get the best kind of program that money can buy as well as using it to perform the best tasks
  • All Encompassing Functionality Of Computer And Technology  By : Matthew Hohn
    Since the invention of the first personal computer, this technology has been man's partner in almost everything that they do Today, from the most mundane and personal, up to the top-level transactions of social institutions such as the government, computers find its important and seemingly indispensable role that aids if not makes possible certain tasks of the working people
  • All In One Printer Buying Guide  By : Elias Rizos
    Before we had all in one printers we had a big mess. If you wanted to print, you needed a printer. If you wanted to scan documents and photos then you needed a scanner. If you wanted to fax something then you needed a fax machine! All of these devices could fill a small home office, costed quite a bit money, were a pain to maintain and used a lot of power.

    Something had to change...
  • All In One Printers Are Affordable  By : Keith George
    With all the fantastic technology offered in laser, color and photo quality printers you can also get the all-in-one printers. All in one printers offer scanning, printing, copy and fax to amazingly low prices.
  • All You Need To Know About Address Management  By : Adrianna Noton
    These the technology has advanced to a higher level because of which all the businesses whether it is a small scale business or a large scale business, they are able to reach their customers in spite of they residing in any part of the globe via a postal code map.
  • All You Need To Know About Flash Video Downloads  By : Gen Wright
    When most people upload a flash video to their websites, they do so in FLV format and when you decide to get flash video downloads they will be in the .flv video file format.

    If your video player supports files in FLV format then flash video downloads will be no problem to you at all and you will watch your movie at ease, however if your video player cannot support the flash video downloads format, all you do is convert the video file to a video file that is recognized by your computer.

    Well, there are a number of ways in which you can go about this, and the most common among people who frequent YouTube is to use the YouTube downloader which is software that assists you in flash video downloads from YouTube and I will tell you that you will not find it at your local Domino's! But, you can get a free version of a Youtube downloader off the web at VideoToVideoConverter.
  • All You Need To Know About Proxy Sites  By : Robert Thomson
    This article illustrates what are proxy sites and their usage. The advantages for using these sites are also discussed in the article.
  • All You Need to Know About the HP Pavilion G7t  By : Dhruv Patel
    If you are looking for a simple and elegant type of a laptop, then you should buy no other than the HP pavilion g7t The HP pavilion g7t is for adults and students and in this article, you will find out why
  • All You Need to Know About Unlocking Phones  By : Nicholas Jarder
    The process of unlocking phones is not that hard People can unlock iPhones with the right software programs and the right tools
  • All You Need to Know About YLOD FIX  By : Blain Josep
    Has it ever occurred to you When you fully immersed into the battle while playing your game, you are pinned down by enemy snipers, focusing hard to point the direction from where the bullets are wheezing through
  • All-In-One Computers – Technology Evolving Right Before Our Eyes  By : Taylor Thomas
    Computers have experienced all sorts of innovation since first being developed and filling up entire rooms to complete simplistic tasks We've seen the advent of personal computers, networking office solutions, the rise of the Internet, user-specific software, and, of course, the portable computers that became known simply as laptops
  • Alternative Ideas When Shopping For The Home Garden Of Your Dreams  By : Marlon Gamble
    There are certain elements of style you can use to achieve the mood you are trying to create in your backyard. When you search for home garden shopping alternatives, remember
  • Always get a Microsoft Certified Technician for your Computer Repair  By : Allen_Jo
    Benefit of a certified professional for your PC Support is that your system gets corrected soon. The resolution time gets decreased in case of certified person. On the other hand, a non professional guy undertakes experimentation with your PC which can prove harmful. A non professional guy tries to fill his pockets by making a mountain of a mole hill. For instance, he can give you substandard devices instead of original ones.
  • Amateur Radio and the Walkie Talkie Bank Job  By : David Thorson
    In these days of cellphone communication its is often difficult to remember that radio communication between two parties isn't private Any radio amateur knows that, but it seems that back in 1971 some bank robbers hadn't quite got the idea, so when Robert Rowland, an amateur radio enthusiast form Central London, settled down with his radio set and a nice cup of tea one Saturday night , he heard a much more interesting conversation than he was expecting
  • Amateur Radio Enthusiasts: Arthur Collins  By : David Thorson
    Radio transmission has played a crucial part in the success of many expeditions and explorations In some cases radio has been used to summon help, in others it has simply been a means of contact, of sending back scientific and other information which might otherwise be lost if the expedition were to fail
  • Amateur Radio: We've Got It Taped.  By : David Thorson
    The thing about radio is that conversations aren't private, and as a result some conversations that should never be heard can reach a wide audience In this case, they were even put on tape
  • Amateur Radio: Why 10 Meter Radio?  By : David Thorson
    If you dream of far away places with strange sounding names, the 10 meter radio may be exactly what you are looking for Ten meters is primarily a day time waveband; in the USA it is often possible to hear Europe in the morning, all of the Americas midday and the Pacific and East Asia in the evening
  • Amazing Mobile Features For Everybody  By : William Thrower
    One of the most effective communicative electronic devices in today's time is the mobile cell phone It plays a vital role in the daily activities of human beings
  • Amazing Science: 3D Modelling Software  By : Adriana Noton
    While the best known of use of 3D modelling software is in movies, many other industries have taken advantage of this technology Models of organs are used in medicine to show and study the effects of many diseases and potential cures
  • Amazon's Kindle  By : Jared D. Irving
    Amazon's Kindle, introduced in 2007, is an electronic book reader It is used to search for and download books, and display pages on its six-inch screen
  • Americans Obsessed With Smartphones Than Security  By : Madhavi Goyal
    As the title suggests, Americans are persistently craving for more techno-gadget feeds with newer and better wireless devices for communication arriving in the global mobile market Recently, I watched a webinar presented by Google
  • An Accurate HP Pavilion All-in-One MS230z Review For Computer Buyers  By : Dhruv Patel
    HP Pavilion All-in-One machines are designed with unique features In this article you will come to know about one of the all-in-one models "HP All-in-One MS230z"
  • An Advanced Computer Services and Repair  By : john haug
    Computer Services and Repair is a term for any of activity related to Computer Service site for the World Wide Web or the intranet. Actually this includes static websites to dynamic website development. Computer Services and Repair includes e-commerce website, web design, web server configuration and web content development.
  • An Affiliate Program Can Be A Profitable Business Opportunity  By : king aseje
    reseller program,reseller programs,affiliate marketer

    If you are creating an affiliate program to improve the performance of your company in the Internet, you have to make sure that you're offering your future
  • An Analysis Of Different Business Strategies  By : Daren Hopkins
    Many people talk about business strategy but have a great failure to realise exactly what this is - is it surprising that a great deal of business people have a
  • An Analysis Of New Career Progression Tips for Home-Study Online Computer Training  By : Katie Anne Harriss
    Seeking A Vocational Shift But Really Need Some Retraining? Present estimates advise that thirty three per cent of adults in The UK right now are at the very best tolerating their working-life, & at worst they are exhausted with the worry of handling the requirements placed upon them.
  • An Analysis Of Online Home-Study Certification Courses In CompTIA Networking Tech Support  By : Katie Anne Harriss
    Currently in the UK, commercial institutions would be severely hampered without the help of support workers mending PC's and networks, while advising users on a day to day basis. The desire for such qualified and commercially astute individuals is constantly growing, as everywhere we work becomes vastly more reliant on computers.
  • An Analysis Of Professional Multimedia Computer Qualification Courses For Career Change After 40  By : Katie Anne Harriss
    Need A Job Move? Retrain Now! Approximately one third of all UK adults at work right now evidently feel they are entirely de-tached from the work they're doing (at the very best), and some have such a difficult time their employment is a considerable threat to their wellbeing.
  • An Analysis Of The Level Of Service Provided In A Business Class Website HostingOption  By : Dirik Hameed
    We examine a business class colocation webhosting environment
  • An Asterisk Phone System and What You Should Know About It  By : Adriana J. Noton
    The use of a computer as a communications server is made possible through an asterisk phone system software Those businesses that utilize this kind of technology range from the ones that are large international companies to small local area commercial concerns
  • An Easy Way To Copy PS3 Games Revealed!  By : Grant Dougan
    If you're a gaming fan, then today's write-up ought to be intriguing. We are about to illustrate how you could copy the games you adore by using your computer. This is often literally a surprisingly easy thing to do, irrespective of what most people assume.
  • An Economical Choice  By : Jessica Moorhill
    The current trend in the modern consumerist society is the pursuit of acquisition for lower cost. The prevailing mindset among consumers in most economies is to pay less than what was previously spent for the same product or service. This has become a more critical concern given the current economic down turn for many economies, including ones, which were thought to be at the forefront of development. The ripple effect of that financial catastrophe has made individuals, and groups reconsider the amount of money they channel for the acquisition of certain goods. This has to be balanced with the concern of being able to get quality despite the reduction in cost.
  • An Essential Part of Sustainable Computing has to be  By : Zach Hope
    Imagine if all the items on eBay were being given away completely free. Sounds too good to be true? Well you can stop dreaming because this is actually a reality. The only catch is that you normally have to go and collect the item, but apart from that it is a fantastic way of getting your hands on second hand bits and bobs.
  • An Examination Of Metro Ethernet Versus Broadband Service  By : Dirik Hameed
    So what are the contrasts between metro networks and broadband services?
  • An Examination Of The Competition-Drive Edge To Be Received With Cloud Hosting  By : Dirik Hameed
    Cloud hosting reviews demonstrate over and over reasons it is a sought after and growing choice for hosting
  • An Experienced Designer May Boost Your Profitability  By : Dominic Moore
    In today's marketplace, both on the web and off line, you need to develop a website No matter whether your style of business in fact demands an online site or not, you should keep one
  • An Experiment in Making a Viral Twitter Application  By : Jawad Shuaib
    "Without a specific reason for the consumer to behave, without a reward or benefit, the overwhelmed user will refuse" - Seth Godin

    Everything on the internet has the potential to be infective
  • An Expert's View: Managed Print Services In Europe  By : Carro Ford Weston
    Small business and multinational corporations benefit from managed print services (MPS.) The benefits include cost savings, great productivity and best-in-breed technology. The MPS market has quickly become an international phenomenom. Carro Ford interviews leading MPS expert Ed Crowley to explore the state of MPS in Europe, one of the largest MPS markets.
  • An Explanation Why A Dedicated Server Must Be Houses In A Modern Data Center  By : Dirik Hameed
    We detail precisely why you need a datacentre for server hosting.
  • An Honest Satellite Direct Review  By : Chris Carson
    There are so many individuals that pay one hundred dollars or more each month for about two hundred channels What would you say if we told you that we could help you save money and you would still get to watch television
  • An HP All-in-One 200xt Review - The New Trend  By : Dhruv Patel
    The following HP All-in-one 200xt Review will reveal the truth that why the desktop PC is necessary for every home It is true that there is great demand for laptops and mini laptops as it is portable and easy to carry anywhere
  • An HP Pavilion Elite HPE-310T Review For Ambitious Buyers  By : Dhruv Patel
    HP Pavilion Elite HPE-310T is a multipurpose desktop PC that can be used for both official and home use This high performing PC belongs to the popular "Elite Series" of HP computers
  • An In-Depth Look at Computer Viruses  By : William Wallace
    If you wonder how did computer viruses come alive you should read this article. Find out interesting facts about computer viruses.
  • An Insight into Cheap Ink Cartridges Australia  By : jessica thomson1
    The laser printers are a necessity nowadays and especially for those who needs printing on a day to day basis. It could be required at your home, school, university or even the offices. Printers have made our jobs much easier.
  • An Insight Into Professional Flying Schools Using Flight Simulators  By : Terrence Winters

    Technology is growing by leaps and bounds Ingenious computer programmers spend hundreds of hours trying to come up with some of the best virtual reality software suites
  • An Intro To Aluminum Loading Ramps  By : Domingo Powers
    One of the key responsibilities for any business owner is to ensure that all staff in the workplace enjoy the best protection from accidental injury. By providing the proper safety
  • An Intro To Leap Experiences  By : Morgan Cooley
    The term leap experience was first coined back in the early 1990s to describe the rapid learning curve that can be achieved by placing a high talent individual into a
  • An Introduction The The World Of Voip Telephony  By : Pasquale Bright
    The world has shrunk, thanks to an invention called the Internet. Communication is now made easier. Barely two decades ago, a person in Thailand has to wait for weeks for
  • An Introduction to Asterisk Phone Systems  By : Adrianna Noton
    Asterisk phone systems is a software that uses a computer and turns it into a server for communications A lot of multinational companies as well as small business utilize Asterisk such as call centers, government agencies, telecommunications carriers and even small businesses

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