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  • The Best of The Famous American Quotes  By : Bei Maniago1
    "The Americans took but little when they emigrated except what they stood up in and what they had in their souls. They came through, they tamed the wilderness, they became a refuge for the oppressed from every land and clime." - Winston Churchill
  • Native American Pow Wow  By : Avicenna
    Pow wow is a fascinating gathering of Native American Indians which may last from days to a week. Pow wow is an important cultural expression of the Native American heritage.
  • Verbal Abuse Signs - The Dynamics and Effects of Verbal Abuse  By : Dr Jeanne King PhD
    Verbal abuse is truly toxic. Learn about the role and impact of verbal abuse in abusive relationships and how to recognize the signs of verbal abuse.
  • All You Need To Know About Traffic Signs  By : Dellwell
    Traffic signs are very important for travelers and drivers alike. Erected at conspicuous places of roads, traffic signs provide useful information to road users. It also helps prevent road accidents and reduce risks in driving.
  • Generation X (1965-1976)  By : Laurie Noepel
    This article is to educate people on generations and why we need to repect those either younger and older than us as we are all in this together.
  • Pope's Recent Condom Comments Could Fuel HIV/AIDS  By : Gen Wright
    The Pope's recent comments on the use of condoms have met with strong opposition from the International Aids Society (IAS).
  • Emigration of Scientists and People with Talents in Other Fields  By : Groshan Fabiola
    To emigrate means to move to another country and start a new life. Emigration is and always has been an ultimate answer to challenges of life. Also, it is the surest way to change a man’s life completely
  • How Can You Benefit by the WorkCover Workers Compensation?  By : Stuart Katson
    If you have been disabled because of an injury or long time sickness caused by your working situation or surroundings then you might be qualified for workers compensation to make the financial burden of not working easier.

    Here we will examine way that the company takes out insurance that can assist
  • Can WorkCover Workers Compensation function best for you?  By : Stuart Katson
    If you have had an incapacitating injury or long term illness which was caused by your environment or working conditions you may be entitled to workers compensation, which would ease the financial strain of long term absence.

    In this article we will investigate the benefits of your company provided
  • Everything You Need to Know About Omnibus Surveys  By : Gareth Schweitzer
    Omnibus surveys are a cost-effective way to get valuable, proprietary information about the citizens of virtually any country in the world. An Omnibus is a shared cost survey, meaning you split the fielding costs with a number of other parties
  • The Days in the Chinese New Year  By : Henry KH Fong
    The Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese celebrations and begins on the first day of the first lunar month and proceeds for fifteen days. The Chinese New Year is not only restricted to China but is celebrated throughout Asia. The Twelve-year animal zodiac and ten year heavenly stems Cycles also coincide with the Chinese New Year.
  • Chinese Inventions Have Been Indispensable to the Western World  By : Henry KH Fong
    It might be difficult for westerners to perceive that Chinese inventions have been responsible for some of the most important innovations to come about, but the fact is that this is completely true. The Chinese have suffered under the stereotypical belief by others that they are not technologically accomplished. Just for started however, and these are not all, the Chinese invented spaghetti, the wheelbarrow, the water powered blast furnace, kits, chopstick, paper, gunpowder the seismograph, the crossbow, a plethora of weapons and armaments including tear gas, paper money, chess, the compass..need I go on?
  • Flirting Tips For Girls Knowledge is Power  By : Mario OReilly
    Being naturally flirtatious doesn't mean you are promiscuous in any way, flirting is just a form of playful social interaction and is a very good for obtaining and maintaining friendships
  • Family Court Violence and Crazy-Making Maneuvers  By : Dr Jeanne King PhD
    If I tell you that you are "crazy" and threaten to punish you in divorce court because of what I have said, a part of you begins to question that maybe what I have alleged is true. Read on to see crazy-making maneuvers of family court violence.
  • Triage Kits and Their use in Your Community  By : Eric Holm
    During a natural disaster or emergency situation first responders, police, fire, and community volunteers all need to know how to set up a triage operation. Triage is defined as the act of prioritizing patient according to the severity of their injuries.
  • The Phenomenon of Arranged Weddings in India  By : Sudha2 Chandran2
    The concept of an arranged wedding in India is quite popular among all the religions in the country. This is especially so in the case of the Hindu community that forms a religious majority in this populous country. This religion espouses the involvement of the family in all the major decisions that affect the life of the individual members in a family unit. The Hindu religion also gives much importance to the collective wisdom of a community to deal with significant events in a person’s life. Arranged marriage is quite popular because it fits in with the philosophy of involving the family in all the major decisions that one has to take in life.
  • The Importance of Car Donation to Charity and Non-Profit Organizations  By : Dave Everett
    You could be forgiven for thinking that car donations are a major source of income for charities. Such is not always the case, but your car donation can still be of great value to them. This article explains how.
  • Where Is The Best People Finder?  By : Mike Hickmon
    You might be wondering what a best people finder actually is, and what they can be used for. Well remember those private detectives that you saw on all of the old black and white television shows who track down and find people who have disappeared? Well, in a nut shell that is what a people finder service is.
  • Pyrmont Village on NSW Labor and Social Justice  By : Don Anderson
    The Australian Labor Party, specifically its New South Wales branch has lost its way. . NSW Labor seems intent on clawing away at basic human rights such as freedom of speech and association whenever the opportunity arises
  • Tipping In USA - A Guide  By : smith9674a
    Tipping is a confusing and sensitive issue with visitors. Overseas visitors are often not sure whether tipping is expected, and if it is, how much should they tip? In some countries, such as Japan, tipping is frowned upon.
  • Trying to Save the Polar Bears  By : Jessica Vandelay
    Recently the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced he would not rescind a “special rule” created under the Bush administration that limits polar bear protections under the Endangered Species Act. While this ruling doesn’t totally derail the U.S.’s efforts to save the polar bears, it greatly disappointed many animal activists and environmental groups.
  • Here Is One Reason Why Newspapers Have Become Less Relevant to Readers  By : Ed Bagley
    There was an 8-year period of my life when I owned and operated a community publishing company that published a weekly newspaper, and I made it my business to separate news facts from the opinion expressed in our editorials and by our columnists. Most major newspapers today make no distinction between news and opinion, and this is one reason why fewer people today care what major newspapers have to say.
  • Vampire Legends and Myths  By : Gen Wright
    Vampires are ghoulish wretches and appear throughout folklore. Here are four accounts of vampires.
  • Will The Middle Class Implode?  By : Harley Hunter
    The middle class is on the brink of extinction by being over burdened with debt and spending more than they earn to satisfy their immediate gratification desires. The only solution is for them to finally obtain the practical hands on financial education they were never taught in school so they can take control of their finances and become money and investment smart.
  • Chinese Superstitions  By : Michale Song
    Those who are familiar with Western cultures know how many things are treated as taboo. Superstitious people will go to any length to avoid certain things that their culture considers as harbingers of bad luck. It is the same all over the world.
  • Technology is My Best Friend and My Worst Enemy  By : Denise Ryan
    This hilarious article gives the reader tips on how to communicate better with technology. Written by a clear non-techie the tips are solid ones for all of us.
  • Modern Living With Loft Conversions  By : Mark Mayne
    Lofts can be one of the most valuable spaces in a home and in this article we explore how loft insulation can be used to reduce energy costs.
  • 2012: Can We Change It?  By : Jan Bouda
    The year 2012 is a quite controversial topic. The point is that all of us want some good change, an enviromental, political and faith shift for our lives. The positive, creative and faithful imagination
  • The Foundations of Social Work  By : Sarah James
    Social work is defined as the organized work which is intended to improve or advance the social conditions of a society or community. Particularly, it pertains to the improvement of the disadvantaged or the poor, the mentally ill or those otherwise unable to care for one’s self.
  • Housewarming--Now Who Thought of That?  By : Elizabeth GoughMoody
    A housewarming party is such fun and the participation of family, friends and new neighbors truly does warm the atmosphere of your new home. Where did this all start? Who first thought up the idea? You might be surprised.
  • Japan and The Shrinking Middle Class: Single Mothers in Poverty  By : Tom Aaron
    Up through the 1990s, you could meet hundreds of Japanese people and they would all be middle class. Then came the recession of the 1990s, the recession that has been continuing on and off and since then, but mostly on. Japanese today no longer all say they belong to the middle class. The Japanese underclass is growing as the recession continues and single mother families increase.
  • Paying It Forward From Pittsburgh to Chicago  By : Roy Porter
    The concept of “paying it forward” — doing a good deed while asking only that the person helped would in turn help someone else — provided the motivation for a Good Samaritan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to pay it all the way forward to Chicago, Illinois.
  • When Will Taxpayers Say  By : Rebecca Regan
    We've heard many stories about "pork barrel" spending and that our government isn't necessarily judicious with the purse strings.
  • Getting Married: Want to Or Have To?  By : DerBingle49
    Konkatsu may not be a national craze in your neck of the woods or any place else for that matter. But no doubt you can probably relate.
  • Animal Testing - Support Brands Not Tested on Animals  By : Gen Wright
    This article encourages people to think about the world and their relationship with other animals. It urges compassion for the nonhuman world and offers guidance on how we can help laboratory animals by being conscious consumers.
  • Organizing an Office Carpool  By : Mohammed Abigail
    If rising gas prices are making you feel pressured at the pump or the environment’s got you concerned, why not save money and the environment by starting a carpool at your work?
  • An Interview with Roots & Wings Volunteers  By : Killeen M. Gonzalez
    I recently had the privilege of sitting down with two of Roots and Wings International’s hard-working volunteers, Tammy Chiang and Anna Heatherly.

    Tammy Chiang, an online marketing consultant, is fluent in three languages, has a B.A from the University of Singapore and a MBA from Santa Clara University of California.

    Anna Heatherly has a BA degree from Bowling Green University and works as a Digital Strategist for Virilion, a full-service interactive agency in Washington, D.C.

    Roots and Wings International is a multi-national non-profit that seeks to provide educational opportunities and community development for the indigenous people of Guatemala.
  • Have You taken a Disturbing Telephone Call?  By : Steve West
    We have all had a upsetting phone call at one point or another. Most of the time, we either gigle a bit and shake our heads, and occasionally we get peeved but let it go. What if the irritating cell phone call was something that truly disturbed you though? Maybe it was a threat or something else that is really irritating you? You may fear about whether you are in danger or whether your family members are threatened. possibly you are curious if the caller was just playing a sick prank or if they were very real. This kind of thing can keep you up at night and can make you fear to the point of not being able to work or even think properly. Thankfully, there are some actions you can do to relieve that anxiety.

    If you don't have caller ID, or you do and the call was from a phone number with no name, you can still find out who made the bothering telephone call. You simply visit one of the reverse cell phone sites that are active on the internet and type in the phone number. After standing by a few seconds, you will be provided with beneficial information on the caller. Your report may include many things, such as the name of the caller, the home phone number associated with the caller, the address of the caller and you can even find out if the caller has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. Yes, just by typing in the telephone number of the character who made the agitating telephone call you can get access to their local and national court records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and more.

    You can simply elect to call the menace back and ask what their intentions were for the telephone call, or you can call your local law enforcement. In cases of individuals who have received several agitating calls and have contacted the police, these resources would help immensely. Unfortunately, sometimes law enforcement agencies just don't have the time or the manpower to try and hunt down a irritating caller unless there is more violent action taken. However, should you find out that your perplexing caller has been convicted of a crime or more than one crime; you can motivate your police department into taking further action. Maybe a teenager who is prank calling you isn't all that dangerous, there are criminals who call as well. If the police can catch a criminal who is harassing someone, they will almost always go for it most of the time.

    You do not have to live debilitated and you can protect yourself and find out who has called and why they are calling. This website People Finders can be an absolute lifesaver - in the literal sense. Take the time to check out what is going on and don't assume it's just a silly distressing caller. Hope that it is, but approach the situation as though someone criminal has called. Stopping this kind of thing can be simple if you follow the suggestions above.
  • Background Checks and Your Privacy  By : Kit Fremin
    Are employment background checks an invasion of your privacy? Learn how to protect yourself if you are required to undergo a check by a new employer.
  • Your Card Is Secure When You Buy Jewellery Online  By : Mark Woodcock
    Find out how you can buy jewellery online and still feel confident that your payment is secure.
  • International Union Of Painters & Allied Trades Iupat Ontario Is Working For Its Members  By : Toan Dinh
    As we enter the second half of 2009 there are numerous issues that affect the IUPAT membership in Ontario, Canada. IUPAT Ontario will offer supports for workers and looks out for their best interest.
  • Avoiding Accidents at Assisted Living Facilities  By : Toni Graham
    Senior citizens can easily avoid traumatic falls and other related injuries by taking a few precautions which we have compiled and presented in this article in an easy-to-understand list which you can start following today.
  • Does Traditional Media Still Matter? Why Radio Matters! Part 2  By : Annie Jennings
    As social media roars forward, many people may wonder about the role of traditional media in their publicity, promotion, branding and marketing strategy. This article discusses why radio is a cornerstone of comprehensive publicity outreach.
  • American Society Of Criminology  By : Simon Ma
    The American Society of Criminology is one of the best references and sources of information regardless of where an individual lives and what country is maintained as their place of residence. Contrary to the implication in the name of the organization, the American Society of Criminology is actually an international organization that is open to many people.
  • British Journal of Criminology  By : Simon Ma
    There are a number of studies and journals that are involved in the discussion of criminology. One of the most widely read and well reputed journals that study and examine criminology would be the British Journal of Criminology.
  • Parallels between Victimology and Criminology  By : Simon Ma
    All too often, society is inclined to allow criminals to receive leniency for their crimes as a result of the environment in which a person may have existed. Even if the criminal was not influenced by their environment to commit the crime, the criminal is liable to adopt the persona of the victim in order to gain sympathy.
  • Life Liberty and the Snake  By : Eddie Hill
    The American Flag clearly epitomizes the symbol of sovereignty, however a few feel their liberty, their freedom is being challenged today.
  • You Are Confused and Hurt, But You Can Get Your Ex Back Fast!  By : William Onedge
    Have you and your ex parted ways unexpectedly? You know you want your ex back, but feel like it is not a possibility right now. You are confused and hurt, but you can get your ex back fast with a little help.
  • Want to be Your Idol Detective? Enroll in a Private Investigation School in Michigan  By : Robert Thomson
    As early as childhood years, people in Michigan are already exposed to the world of private investigation. This is because they read about them in books and see them on television. The kind of work private investigators are portrayed as something exc
  • Get Money For Medical Care Even If You Don't Have Any  By : Sophie Maddox
    Do you remember when you were a kid not having to worry about paying to go see the doctor? Your biggest concern was dreading going to the doctor. Well now you're all grown up and not only is your concern going to the doctor and what they'll tell you, but you also have to worry about the medical bills. I'd say not to worry, but that isn't always feasible. That just might feel like the impossible. But what I will tell you is that after reading this article you'll feel confident that you have options for getting medical care even without money.
  • Weary Fitness Professional Tosses Out Net To Catch Online Health And Fitness Vendors  By : Gen Wright
    Fitness expert and ex-bodybuilding champion Carolyn Hansen is looking for health and fitness professionals to join her health and fitness joint venture member database.
  • The Policing Of Years Gone By  By : Tobay Dytham Swifft
    Man being a social animal, the first ever need for an external force to curb violence must have definitely come with the first ever tryst with the social handicap.
  • Census Data Show Recession-Driven Changes In Marriage, Home Ownership, Immigration & More  By : Individual Health Insurance
    A smaller share of Americans married, drove to work alone, owned their own home or moved to a new residence last year than the year before.
  • The Continued Use Of The Fountain Pen  By : Mark Bartley
    Fountain pains are high maintenance compared to biros – you have to replenish the ink by hand, there's a pretty high risk of a spillage situation and they're an absolute nightmare to write with if you're left-handed. So taking all of that into account, does anyone still bother to use a fountain pen today?
  • A Sturdy Broom and Dustpan from Stanley Home Products  By : Vincent s Platania
    Most brooms will lose straw after just a short period of time and dustpans never maintain an edge that can collect all of the sweepings. This pair will remain sturdy and reliable long after others have been shown to the garbage can.
  • First Date Essentials to Impress a Woman  By : Richard D Earl
    If you like the woman you are going on a date with and want to get to know her better then the ultimate goal in the first date will be to gain a second date.
  • LADIES: Check Your Boyfriends Past - Quick, Easy, & Anonymously  By : Dr. Bryan Stoker
    Ladies, what do you really know about your boyfriends past? Drugs, robbery, sex offenses, worse? This could happen to you; stop it now, before what happened to Teresa becomes your story. Why live with fear and doubt? Check his background now. It is quick, easy, and 100% anonymous.
  • Healing Trauma  By : Dr. Jennifer Howard
    by Dr. Jennifer Howard


    The unified shock of what we experienced a few short years ago on 9/11 is beyond what most of us Americans have witnessed in our lifetime. We still can't help but feel helpless, angry, sad, as well as many other hard-to-define feel
  • The Awesome Advantage Of Free People Finder Online  By : James McNeill
    There is no debating how the cyberspace has changed the way people live their lives today. All kinds of information are available on the cyberspace, however the accuracy depends on how one searches for them. There is obviously extreme competition among search engine businesses today, and these search engines are working harder each day to make sure their codes are being better optimized.
  • Tips About Filling Out Your Police Application Form  By : Tobay Dytham Swifft
    To fill out your police application you will need some of your basic information and credentials. The police departments all have some different criteria for the application to their police academies but they all have a minimum age requirement.
  • The Land of MRE's and Honey  By : Jeff Davis
    In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong. No one would ever get hurt. Everyone would have everything they need and want and would all get along. Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in. There is fighting over resources, greed, and just plain evil. In addition to that, there are na
  • Who Uses Government Records?  By : Alec Tritton
    Who uses government records? The name itself seems to draw up pictures of grandiose governmental buildings and secretive national security agencies. It isn't quite which way. Government records are not exclusive to the zones of public policy and security, after all they're mostly most precious to every day people. Whether you're checking a potential employee's criminal record, browsing for the phone range of a long lost friend, or searching for information on a spouse or partner, government records may create your search time quick plus effective, and provides you access to info that is otherwise behind closed doors. Therefore, who uses government records? Easy, everyone.
  • Life Stories: Celebrating American Indian Heritage Month in Your Classroom this November  By : RaceBridges for Schools
    Although American Indian Heritage Month hasn’t always been officially recognized, most American children learned something about “Indians” in elementary school. At that age, many of us were taught about teepees, wigwams and headdresses; few of us lea
  • Nobel Laureates of 2007  By : Jameson Parker
    The Nobel Foundation started in 1900 based on the will and testament of Alfred Nobel written on 27th November 1895.
  • How To Find Classmates  By :
    The entire point of a class reunion is to reunite, and you cannot do that without your classmates. To guarantee you find as many folks as practical before the class reunion, start locating classmates early, maybe even a year before the event, and follow these tips to help you succeed.
  • Agriculture as Way to End Poverty  By : Timothy Spencer
    This article discusses new options in agriculture for small-scale farmers to aid in their plight against poverty. These farmers discussed in this research are from Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America and South Asia.
  • IUPAT DC 46 - Ontario Painters Union Give Back To Community In Back To School Program  By : Toan Dinh
    IUPAT District Council 46 has represented workers in their Union for decades and participate as active members of the community through various outreach programs.
  • The 8 People who Deserve a Prank Call  By : Mark Etinger
    How many people do you encounter each day that deserve a prank call?
  • The Brutal Beauties: a.k.a. Mean Girls  By : C S Lewis
    In a world where young girls are pressured to be the best in every aspect, some take their stresses out by bullying others around them. Bullying may come in the form of gossip or mockery or cyber bullying; regardless, bullying is harsh and should be recognized and put to an end.
  • Juan is Wounded Again! (Sugatan na Naman si Juan!)  By : Mariaclara de Filipina
    The Philippines is a third world country, ( you know that right?) mainly 70% of its population is poor. It is said, that if you belong in this group you are fortunate enough to have at least one decent meal a day. A country that has been in recession for decades now. This archipelago is also an inviting destination for only 13 typhoons a year and
  • How the United States Capitol Cupola became a Symbol of Democracy  By : Elda Titus
    As the United States grew it is clear that state governments saw the dome of the United States Capitol building as the American architectural icon of choice. Many states chose to emulate the structure to varying degrees in the construction of their own state capitols by incorporating a central dome or cupola in their designs.
  • Recognising Hemorrhoids, Their Symptoms and Treatments  By : Ray Caffrey
    Learn not just what hemorrhoids are, with their symptoms and how to recognize them, but also how to save a fortune in useless creams and treatments. Lucky there is a natural healthy and permanent fix for both external and internal hemorrhoids.
  • Try A People Finder Look for If You Are Trying To Locate A Person  By : George Magillicutty
    Most of us, at one time or another, would love to locate someone we have lost touch with. Perhaps it might be an old friend you haven't heard from in a long time....
  • On The Forefront Of Energy Management  By : Gen Wright
    The world population has been growing at a phenomenal rate. With more people on this planet, there is increased energy consumption. Experts predict that with the current rate of population growth, CO2 emissions would have increased by 55% in 20 years time.
  • Surveillance Products Are Not Just For Private Investigators  By : Arthur Plotkin
    When people think of surveillance products, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is private investigators and their equipment. There are many other uses for surveillance products, for both individuals and businesses.
  • How Tobacco Spread Throughout The World  By : Jafree Gurner
    The hardy tobacco plant has many mysteries behind its origins. Today, Tobacco is cultivated on every continent except Antarctica. But who were the first to cultivate and smoke the broad leaves of the plant? And where was it first cultivated and why? These are questions that no one has definite answers to. But through speculation and accounts of Spanish conquistadors and soldiers we can theorize the origin of tobacco, and how it spread throughout the world.
  • Two Powerful Law of Attraction Tips  By : sunshine wellness
    There are entire books written which give you tons of great law of attraction tips. But if you start applying the two listed here on a regular basis, you will definitely start attracting the things you truly desire!
  • Affair? 3 Essential Tips To Get Your Ex Back  By : Raymond Bork
    Discover 3 killer tips to save your relationship covers the 3 major steps required to get your ex back into your life - giving each of you the necessary breathing space; how to handle the initial contact; and the importance of genuine, heartfelt forgiveness.
  • United States Marine Corps  By : Brian Gosur
    For 234 years the United States Marine Corps has been putting their lives on the line sacrificing, fighting, and dieing for the freedom of all people in America and all around the world.
  • Work Gloves - Get A Grip And Stop Compromising  By : William Penworthy
    Buying work gloves can sometimes feel as though you're having to pick between needs, ending up with a compromise. Instead of compromising, it may be that nitrile rubber gloves that have a nylon lining may prove to be work gloves that don't force you to compromise either dexterity or safety.
  • The Ontario Council Of Painters Of The IUPAT Is Working For You In Ontario  By : Toan Dinh
    The Ontario Council Representatives are busy working for you throughout Ontario beginning with support to significant pieces of legislation brought forward at Queens Park.
  • Giving Hope Not Just Money  By : Emily Salisbury
    What do you do when you see a beggar in the street. You know what the "right" thing to do is, but how often do you, and me, all of us, just walk right by? Did you know that someone, almost one thousand years ago, created a list of the best ways to give charity, or help someone, in order of each different act's worthiness?
  • Plan Canada's Because I'm A Girl Campaign Promoted by an Eleven Year Old Girl  By : Toan Dinh
    After our documentary team visited Nova Scotia, Michaela Lalande became a die-hard fan of Because I Am A Girl.
  • That Could Never Happen to Me. Unfortunately it Can and it Might  By : Ashley Ford
    Unfortunately most people take their health for granted. Often times we never realize that we ourselves may not be as healthy as we think. The number one killer in both men and women in the United States alone is heart disease and it is far more common than you think.
  • On Classifying Cities  By : renecutts31
    How do you define a city? Unfortunately, there is no agreement on what a common definition should be.
  • Red Cross Is There To Help Community Year Round  By : Individual Health Insurance
    For volunteers with the American Red Cross’ Adams County chapter, giving back to their fellow man doesn’t just happen at Christmas — it’s a 365-day-long endeavor.
  • What Makes a Voting System Fair?  By : monica geller
    Most will agree that “fairness” of the vote is the most important criteria for a voting system whether paper voting or online voting. The choice between an online voting system, paper voting system or hybrid voting system can affect all these aspects of the vote fairness.
  • Challenges Facing Hispanic Immigrants and Citizens  By : Aubrey Moulton
    If Hispanics are U.S. born they are less likely to drop out of school and more likely to live in poverty than Hispanic immigrants. However, they must deal with elevated levels of exposure to gangs and violence. The Pew Hispanic Center established that a greater number of Hispanics are educated and being promoted in their jobs but are still facing social problems. The study found that 17 percent of 16-24 year olds dropped out. This is three times greater than Caucasians and twice as high as Blacks in the same age group.
  • KG Gas Pricing: An Insight  By : Mike Smith
    In view of this, it becomes pertinent to investigate where the gas price of $4.2 per mmbtu stands in Indian and global market. KG D-6 gas price is for long-term and does not get impacted significantly due to market forces.
  • University Flag  By : Joshep Stafford
    Although, the university flag is a more recent phenomenon, people have used flags for over 4,000 years. Authentic flag design of ancient peoples includes a metal flag from Iran, ca. 3000 BC, and reconstructions of vexilloids shown on ancient Greek coins, Egyptian tomb carvings, etc.
  • 10 Years of Change!  By : chuck
    In A Decade, Here's Some Things That Have Changed People's Lives

    You didn't always have to take your shoes off
  • A True Life Experience with a Homeless Angel on the Streets of Washington, DC  By : ronkublawi
    One should never judge homeless people and stereotype them as unfit to society. They are real people with vibrant hearts and yearning souls like the rest of us. Even though, many sacrifice their pride to remind society of its indignity, some better yet, are invisible spirits and guides on our shoulders protecting us. That is why, I believe we can f
  • 12 Frightening Facts About Identity Theft  By : Elaine Currie
    Identity theft facts and figures grow more frightening by the year. The news broke in 2008 that in excess of ten million people in America alone become victims of identity thieves each year, and that number is on the increase. Identity theft is in fact the fastest growing crime ever since recorded history began.
  • A Knock at the Door  By : Steve Zabilski
    I was asked during a meeting recently if I would tell a story about one of my experiences from the past 13 years as the executive director for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix. “One you’ve never told before,” my guest asked. “Don’t hold back with any concern of appearing too proud. You certainly have a gem you’ve never shared.”
  • A Letter to Money  By : Veronica Hay
    Dear Money I woke up this morning thinking about you. That is not unusual for me. Over the years I have awakened many mornings thinking about you but this morning it was different. Sweet Money, I have always loved you or thought I loved you. As a small child I became fascinated with you. I was told that you were dirty and evil and that you didn't grow on trees, but somehow deep in my heart I knew none of that was true.
  • The Perils of Driving on Today's Roadways  By : N. Messe
    Cars are not toys and the people that own cars shouldn't treat them as such. It is the responsibility of the person who owns a car to ensure that whoever drives their car does so in the safest possible way.
  • African American Ladies  By : Wadzanai Nenzou
    Welcome to my famous African American women list. These women are from different backgrounds and occupations. They each have done something amazing in their lives whether it's in the arts, activism, authors and business.
  • Save Millions While Fighting Crime  By : Gen Wright
    Dr. Byron Elsey's controversial new book, Angels from Hell, dispels the myths surrounding criminals and their families while providing communities with crime prevention knowledge and tools.
  • Finding Someone From Your Past  By : Jamie Lyons
    Many amongst us have had flashbacks to figures from our past that we've long lost touch with which induce us try and find out what they're doing now. Here's how it can be done.
  • Digital Angst in a Technological World (part 2)  By : Suzanne Wells
    A smart, side splitting article about angst in the digital world. The author is articulate and hilarious as she describes the process of buying and adopting a new digital watch. Subtle, clever language and imagery abound. This read will have you suspiciously eying the digital gadgets in your life for signs of alien life!

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