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  • "Getting in Shape and Staying Safe"  By : Jack Landry
    This article is about self-defense, and how it can be used to build strength, increase balance, and tone your muscles while protecting you.
  • "How to Properly Stretch Your Back and Spine"  By : Ronald Pedactor
    This article is about stretching your back. Doing so will help to relieve back and spine pain.
  • "Kickboxing Your Way to a Great Body, From the Comfort of Your Home!"  By : Tommy Greene
    If you workout at home, you may find that your workouts lack an intensity that they may have at the gym. If you have tried yoga, Pilates, jump rope, and the endless list of others without success, there is a workout that can take your home fitness to the next level: kickboxing!
  • "The Best Ways to Get in Shape"  By : Tom Selwick
    This article is about different ways to get in shape. It suggests different exercises which can be fun, while shedding pounds.
  • "The Shocking Truth About Diet Pills"  By :
    The plain and simple truth is that diet pills are not a long term substitute for exercise and diet in a fast weight loss programme. Sure, diet pills can be a short term answer, but never good for you long term, because of bad side effects that can be deadly! Read more in the article.
  • "Which Gym Should I Join?" A Personal Trainer In Singapore Explains  By : Jonathan Wong
    There are so many choices in gyms these days. Singapore personal trainer Jonathan Wong helps you decide which gym to join by describing things that good gyms do so that you can make an informed choice.
  • #1 Reason Why Fitness Enthusiasts Should Be Cross Training  By : Eddie Lomax
    Over-all fitness improvement can only be achieved by making a compromise between ALL of the physical abilities needed for fitness excellence... and using cross training to improve those abilities.
  • 1 Out of Every 3 Men Have Gynecomastia : Manboobs  By : gregg stephens
    Many men and adolescents have or will have Gynecomastia at some point of their lives. It is a condition that can plague men to the point it alters how they can enjoy their recreation, as well as their intimacy. Now, after decades, there is something men can do to eliminate this horrible condition so they can enjoy the simple things in life again. Sometimes this condition is brought on my drug use, hereditary, diet influenced, or other contributing factors. If you have this condition, read on and see what you can do to eliminate your manboobs!
  • 10 Easy Ways To Become More Active Daily  By : Ava Adams
    You know of all the health benefits of a more active lifestyle, but you dont like the gym? There are many other options to get more active that don't include jogging, weight lifting or other "traditional" ways to work out. Here are a few ideas to get you moving.
  • 10 Point Press Up Exercises Guide  By : Nick Jervis
    A Press Up is a great way to work your upper body. You use your own body weight as resistance to work your Chest, Arms, Shoulders and your Abs, all in one exercise! Which is why I recommend it to all my clients.
  • 10 Reasons To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle Now  By : Arthur W. Weiss
    If you need some reasons to lose weight and start building a muscular, ripped body that you love and everyone adores, then here's some motivation.
  • 10 Rules To Follow To Get A Beach Ready Body Next Month!  By : Steve Hochman
    Ready for beach season? If not try these exercise to get ready fast!
  • 10 Steps to a Better Body Image  By : Sonia Devine
    The way you see yourself has a huge impact on your self esteem and your ability to maintain a healthy weight. Improve your body image in 10 east steps.
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Kettlebells - Part 1  By : Troy Anderson
    Part 1 of a 2 part article series: 10 Things You Need to Know About Kettlebells. Covers the exact value of implementing kettlebells into any results based fitness program
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Kettlebells - Part 2  By : Troy Anderson
    This the 2nd of a two part series detailing the top ten reason kettlebells are relevant implement in any type of fitness or exercise program
  • 10 Tips For Women to Improve Their Fitness Health  By : Taylor Ryan
    Health and Fitnes article addressing issues to women to be the most successful with their workouts and other fitness aspects.
  • 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Health Club Membership  By : Ava Adams
    Joining a new gym can be an exciting and fun experience. Afterall, you are making a change for the better. Here are some tips to get the most out of it for your personal goals.
  • 10 Ways to Help Your Child Lose Weight and Stay Fit  By : Denise M Sanger
    With the number of obese children in this country continually on the rise, it is more important than ever to pay attention to what your child is eating. Children have also become more sedentary as their favorite types of entertainment have switched from active play to video games.
  • 10 Ways To Mix Up Your Workouts  By : Gen Wright
    Working out is essential for a toned and strong body. Daily workouts can get boring from time to time. Try new fitness classes to revamp your routine and add some inspiration to your fitness regimen.
  • 10,000 Steps to Good Wellness  By : David Blackburn
    Everyone wants their health to be good but not everyone has enough time to get in proper work outs and make sure that this is possible. This is the reason that health experts are motivating people to adopt the ten thousand step method. The ten thousand step method is based on the idea that walking ten thousand steps every day can help you get healthy-that it helps cut down on the amount of time you need to spend at the gym. Walking is really a amazing and low impacting exercise. How often have you over heard a doctor say "just a single walk around the block helps your health"?
  • 12 DVDs of P90X Plus Workout Routines  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    Get those bulky muscles on your arms, legs, chest, back, and abs in just 90 days. Here's a complete workout routine that you can do right at the comfort of your own home. You don't have to enroll on a month long program that only focuses on a certain muscle group.

    A DVD player and 12 DVD videos
  • 12 Reasons You Should Lift Weights  By : Laura Moore
    Just since you're not vying for 20-inch biceps or thunderously sturdy upper legs like the muscle heads in the physical fitness center doesn't indicate you need to shun the weight room. Lifting weights offers you an edge over belly fat, worry, cardiovascular disease, and also cancer-- and it's additionally the solitary most efficient means to look scorching in a swimsuit. However in some way girls are still uncertain: Simply concerning a fifth of females toughness train 2 or more times a week.
  • 13 Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated And Workout Effectively  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Rejuvinate your fitness routine with these 13 tips. Find out how to stay motivated, interested, and effective.
  • 2 Exotic Fruits for an Final Weight reduction  By : Richie McOnebamoi
    You will find thousands of fruits and veggies available out there. They have different style that fulfill your taste buds. Giving much more color to your meals can even be much better to get much more motivation of having a healthy consuming behavior and match body.
  • 2 Fat Burning Resistance Band Exercises  By : E.L. Forestal
    Circuit training with resistance bands is time effecient and highly effective when you're looking for a quick calorie burning workout. 15 minutes is all you'll need to get a great fat burning workout with resistance band circuit training.
  • 2 Kids Walk Coast to Coast Across the United States of America for Cancer  By : Rob Bonora
    For the duration of the Summer of 2010, best pals Anthony Greco and Rob Bonora of Nutley, NJ trekked unassisted around the country. Beginning in San Diego, California and closing in their neighborhood, this three thousand mile journey was made through the hottest summer in history. Their endeavour raised more than $75,000 for charities.
  • 24 Fitness Guide >> How to Achieve ‘Anytime Fitness’  By : Amelia Budiman
    Modern life demands that all individuals should stay fit in order to maintain the wild pace. Fitness refers to a person’s capacity to adapt favorably and take stress brought about by changing conditions. In this type of situation, if you’re physically fit, then your mind or body are not disturbed in any way. As you can tell, 24 fitness is not only about physical strength but of mental stability as well.
  • 24 Hours Fitness Center Releasing You From The Stress Introduced By Time  By : Sabrina Reynolds
    You can be sporty although you aren't a bona fide sportsman.
  • 24Hr Fitness Made Possible  By : Sabrina Reynolds
    These days, a great number of people are vastly emphasizing the growing need of feeling good, looking good, and living longer.
  • 25 Free Diet Tips For Losing Weight Quickly  By :
    Following these diet tips are a good first step on the way to creating your body's own fat burning furnace. Be sure to practise a healthy lifestyle and introduce consistency into your diet & fitness program to lose weight quickly and to make the fat loss permanent. Just follow these weight loss diet tips that you can use daily, with ease.
  • 3 Ab Workouts That Actually Work  By : John Cahill
    Everyone, it seems, wants a pair of ripped abs for the summer months. Here's a good primer on how to begin on your quest to getting abs.
  • 3 Aspects of Current Lifestyle Which May Cause Asthma  By : Darcie Alleshouse
    It is in fact a great paradox that even though we are familiar with almost all the things there is always to know about asthma, it can be slowly to the rise everywhere. Allow us take a look at many factors of current daily life which may result in asthma.
  • 3 Essential Practices For Effectively Dropping Fat by Running  By : Mahrek Wahlburg
    Did you know that a person on the finest and proven techniques for shedding weight and keeping it off to get a lifetime is so simple that practically anybody can do it and it costs absolutely nothing?
  • 3 Fitness Sins and How to Reduce Their Consequences  By : Kadence Buchanan
    If you were to describe yourself today, you would say that you are a mature adult, who watches his diet, does not abuse his body, lives healthy and tries to stay fit.
  • 3 Great Abdominal Exercises For Obese People  By : Anne Caldwell
    If you are heavy you need to take special care when doing abdominal exercises. This article will give you tips on how to avoid injury
  • 3 Key Elements to Enjoy Exercise  By : Sarah Labdar
    There are three key elements to any exercise program that should be considered before starting your physical fitness. These elements are safety, effectiveness, and enjoyment. Nine times out of ten people will quit an exercise routine because they do not enjoy what they are doing.
  • 3 Movements to Blast Your Chest  By : Tony Schwartz
    Weak pecs begone! 3 forgotten chest exercises revealed!
  • 3 Muscles In Your Legs To Consider Along Your Body Building Workout  By : Milka Todoroski
    When putting together a body building workout, it is essential you workout your legs and upper body. There are three supreme muscles you want to focus on with your legs; your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. By working out these muscles, you will form strong and durable legs.
  • 3 Pleasurable Exercising Video games For Little ones  By : Ollie Greene
    Practically, and figuratively.

    It is no magic formula that it is essential for young children to get a lot of physical exercise just about every day.? Some authorities say that youngsters will need to be getting a minimum of at least 1 hour of vigorous play per day.? I would concur that must be a minimal range.? I can recall the days when I would go exterior and play all day- (8 hours or much more.)? Today is diverse nevertheless and it is more and more challenging to get our children...
  • 3 Powerful Weight Loss Guidelines  By : Kristin Edwards
    Many people wish to drop their weight easily and quickly. Keeping this in your mind, this informative article specializes in 3 of the greatest weight loss tips to lose all that excess fat and also to own a dream body permanently. Sounds as easy this may be, it's not easy in real-time.
  • 3 Principles For Overcoming Fitness Obstacles  By : Jennifer Berman
    If you're like me, the quest to be in shape and manage weight feels overwhelming. And, as if the quest to be fit isn't hard enough, there's often other obstacles to overcome: health issues, time management, mustering up courage or energy. Even
  • 3 Solid Tips for Natural Bodybuilding  By : Jeff Olsonn
    For some years now, there has been a growing trend toward natural bodybuilding. One of the main drivers for this is the fallout over steroid usage.
  • 3 Strategies For Successfully Developing Your Ab Muscles Into a Six-pack  By : canderson burnetti
    Have you been performing sit-ups every day for a month but really feel like you are not acquiring any closer to your dream of having six pack abs? In this post we'll explain why it's not just about crunches and sit-ups to obtain six pack abs. It task 3 lifestyle modifications to optimize all that abdominal exercise you are performing. By the finish of reading this post you will know what you need to do.
  • 3 Things That Will Help You Get Perfect Abs Fast  By : Fred Martimes
    If you want to get perfect abs fast, then you should follow the same way I managed to do it. I'll admit that it does require some work, but if your truly committed to getting a six pack, then that should be no problem...
  • 3 Tips To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle  By : Gen Wright
    Creating a new healthy lifestyle can seem like a big task. With these three tips, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with some minor changes to your current healthy regimen.
  • 3 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Immediately  By : Calvin Tan
    Lose belly fat for six pack abs the right way - No overhyped supplements, long boring cardio, or bogus ab gadgets. The honest answers to abdominal exercises and stomach fat loss. Full body workout programs flat abs diet secrets.
  • 3 Top Methods for Fitness Motivation  By : edwin messersmidt
    Super easy strategies that you can use for motivation when it comes to fitness and working out!
  • 3 Types of Men's Fitness Routines For a Balanced Workout  By : John Powers
    Exercise is synonymous with fitness; there is no getting away from it. To become fit you need to exercise, but the type of exercises you should do, depend on your end goal. There is no such thing as one size fits all, when it comes to exercise and men's fitness routines.
  • 3 Ways In Which You Can Optimize The Use Of Bodyweight Exercise  By : Eddie Lomax
    Bodyweight exercise is the best place to begin when starting a physical fitness training program, should be added to programs that otherwise neglect bodyweight exercise and should be diversified with resistance training for programs that use bodyweight exercise exclusively.
  • 3 Ways To Mix Up Your Treadmill Workout  By : Gen Wright
    Walking and running on the treadmill can be easy but if you're looking for a challenge, try these three new exercises to mix up your treadmill workout!
  • 30 Minute Swimming Pool Exercise  By : Roy Burden
    Since even 30 minutes of reasonable pool train can burn up to 300 energy, it's straightforward to see how a fast half hour, simply thrice a week, can have long-lasting well being benefits. The point is, have fun along with your routine, be creative in your effort, and make it straightforward to repeat once more and again.
  • 31 Exercises You Can Do at Home  By : craig ballantyne
    You don't need a fancy gym membership when you can do these 31 dumbell and bodyweight exercises at home.
  • 3500 Calories: A Pound of Fat or Six Pounds Of Muscle?  By : Tom Venuto
    Most fitness conscious people know that there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so if you create a deficit of 3500 calories in a week, you lose a pound of weight. Right? Well, not so fast. Dr. Kevin Hall, an investigator at the National Institute of Health in recently published a new paper in the International Journal of Obesity that throws a wrench in works of the “3500 calories to lose a pound” idea.
  • 4 Essential Strategies for Lean Body Development! Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition  By : Bryan Kavanagh
    OKAY, so you want to get LEAN, but you're confused about what you need to do in order to develop a LEAN body. Well here's an acronym I like to use for the word 'LEAN' that you'll find very useful and easy to remember.
  • 4 Exercises To Build A Sexy Chest  By : Dr. David Breslow
    It's 100% absolutely true; you can build a sexy chest without surgery. I'm going to tell you how you can build a beautiful and sexy chest by simple weight training tactics that can be implemented just once a week in less than 15 minutes.
  • 4 Fitness Goal Setting Tips That Actually Work  By : Lesley Knowles
    Goal setting is the first step towards achieving your dreams no matter how big they are. However, even when you have the best of intentions and the determination to get what you want in life, without a plan and a realistic goal, you may stumble and fail to succeed. The same is true with fitness goal setting.
  • 4 Fitness Tips for the Hottest Legs on the Planet  By : Gen Wright
    To get your legs and butt into fantastic shape you need to apply the same principals to your exercise and nutrition program that you would use to get your entire body into top shape.
  • 4 Guides to the P90X Home Workouts - Get Ripped with P90X  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    The P90X is the latest and most intensive workout program for those who are serious with their bodybuilding or weight loss plans. This program is composed of rigid workout routines that are intended to give results in 90 days of regular or daily workout. The different workouts are compiled in 12 DVDs
  • 4 Most Common Mistakes That Affect A Successful Workout  By : John Powers
    It takes very little to dent your confidence when you first start-out a men's fitness regime, and there are four common mistakes that many make, which stop them in their tracks before they even get out of the blocks.
  • 4 Practical Creative Visualization Exercises That Work  By : Harry Warman
    Like any practice, or skill, the art of creative visualization can be better developed through regular, active exercise. The following exercises will help you fine-tune your creative skills of creative visualization.
  • 4 Reasons To Have A Glass Of Wine While Trying To Lose Weight  By : Gen Wright
    Normally, I recommend staying away from alcohol while trying to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that if you can keep it under control and keep it down to one glass here and there, one glass of wine can benefit you tremendously.
  • 4 Reasons Why to Take the 10-Minute Trainer Upgrade“Medium Resistance  By : Xtreme Body Fitness
    Busy people do no usually have enough time to deal with their fitness or workout routines. They just spend their whole time on their works. They tend to eat more while sitting a lot of times in their offices. Their muscles are not even exercised and the metabolism could not burn all their fats and ch
  • 4 Secret Tricks For Boxing Fitness  By : Rahim Jiwani
    You have no doubt on your journey to unparalleled conditioning and strength seen various exercises, workouts, and routines. Many boxing fitness trainers suggest a boxing aerobic routine. While there is no doubt that such an aerobic routine will make you sweat, will these standardized boxing fitness workouts work!? Today, I'm going to share with you 4 secret steps for success in boxing fitness...
  • 4 Things That Always Come Before A 6 Pack Abs  By : David Grisaffi
    This article addresses issues with abdominal exercise
  • 4 Things To Remember When It Comes To Men's Fitness Routines  By : John Powers
    Do not workout harder, workout smarter!

    However, becoming fitter, ripped and having that much-coveted six-pack, does not require gruesome fitness routines and exercise programs. It still requires work effort, commitment and motivation, but mostly it requires a fitness routine that shows how to work out in the right way.
  • 4 Tips before Starting any Lose Weight Diet  By : Donna D
    Never Stop Eating - Do not diet by staying hungry. Your body will go into what's known as fat storage mode. Your body will attempt to conserve energy by slowing down its metabolic rate and it will store more fat for energy. If you can't resist not eating, always try to stay at a 1200 calorie minimum.
  • 4 Ways To Control Portion Sizes For Weight Loss  By : Gen Wright
    Can you lose weight without counting calories? Yes, you can! There are ways to control your portion sizes so that you keep your calories in check. Find the four best ways to measure portions in this article.
  • 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Tummy Fat  By : Gen Wright
    The belly area is a fat storage "pocket" area for fat. This extra layer has proven to be very stubborn when trying to get rid of it from your body. These four tips may help you banish belly fat forever!
  • 5 Ab Exercises that are Better Than Crunches  By : John Barban
    Crunches are an overused and under productive exercise. They present a considerable risk to the health of your lower back and spine and only work a limited range of your core muscles. They never have and never will burn fat off of our 'stomach' or midsection and if you do enough of them will simply cause you to grow bigger and stronger abs muscles without working your lower back and oblique muscles.
  • 5 Best Fat Burning Tips  By : craig ballantyne
    The top 5 belly fat burners are not supplements. In fact, diet supplements are a useless way to lose weight and shed body fat. They just don't work. On the other hand, the right workout routine and nutrition programs will help burn fat fast and get the body you want...
  • 5 Common Overtraining Symptoms – Which Do You Want To Overcome?  By : Carmelle Smith
    The body badly needs the rest and recovery after such an intensive and hard-driven training. Your muscles need some time to repair and get back into shape. The longer the period for overtraining the longer also is the need for rest.
  • 5 Critical Leg Squat Steps  By : Keith Crovatt
    Absolutely the simplest and most efficient exercise to build up the body, without expensive workout gear, is the leg squat. Considerable muscle increases will occur later using weights across your shoulders and hands, but start with the bodybuilding squat first.
  • 5 Easy And Healthy Snacks To Take To Work  By : Gen Wright
    If you're on the track to weight loss, you'll need to think about having healthy snacks around. The ability of having healthy snacks at your disposal during the work day is based on being prepared and bringing your snacks with you.
  • 5 Easy Steps To A Boxing Fitness Plan  By : Rahim Jiwani
    So you want a boxing fitness plan? Well, you've come to the right place. In some places, it can be hard to find a fitness boxing gym. Today, I'm going to give you the straight dope on developing a boxing fitness plan for yourself that will suit your training needs. This way, you won't have to depend on a boxing fitness class or gym to get unparalleled fitness results. Read on to plan your plan.
  • 5 Excellent New Exercises For Problem Areas  By : Scott Mosher
    There are many muscle groups that for,various reasons, always seem hard to get a good workout on. They are hard to strengthen and get good definition. below I am looking at 5 areas and a different take on how to exercise them efficiently. These are from different trainers and I have tried them all personally and they are easy and work well. Here they are.
  • 5 Exercise Tools to Bring When Traveling  By : Gerald Fitz
    Anyone serious about fitness must dread traveling for business or pleasure. While many hotels have gyms; you never know if their gym hours will match your availability or if the equipment is what you want.
  • 5 Fitness Myths  By : Steven E
    Many people are misinformed and are also misled by the weight loss industry’s promises. Everywhere you look, you see or hear of people promising “Dramatic Weight Loss.”
  • 5 Foods That Burn Fat and Promote Fast Weight Loss  By :
    Each one of the following foods is clinically proven to promote weight loss. These incredible foods can suppress your appetite for junk food and keep your body running smoothly with clean fuel and efficient energy.
  • 5 Good Reasons Why Every Woman Should Improve Her Pelvic Floor Fitness  By : Linda McClelland
    Pelvic floor fitness is an essential to lifelong physical, sexual and emotional heath. Find out why strong pelvic muscles are so important to all women, and why they should never be neglected.
  • 5 Great Boot Camp Coaching Ideas  By : Patricia Strasser
    Is this your first time managing a boot camp, or are you not having enough fresh stategies to implement in your future boot camp? You could think about warm ups, hurdle runs, hiking, team-building games, as well as a bonfire night.
  • 5 Inspiring Workout Spaces  By : Gen Wright
    The gym, while functional, can get boring at times. Day in and day out, people flock to gyms all over the United States to take part in their daily workouts. From time to time, many people find the gym dull which can lead to not working out and a lack of fun in fitness. A change of scenery may be just what you need! Try these 5 inspiring workout spaces.
  • 5 Keys To Fitness For Musicians  By : Johnny Ryan
    Every musician knows that practicing your instrument is a crucial part of any professional career. But most musicians have no clue about what it takes to prepare their bodies for a tour or a performance on stage.
    You can have all the ability in the world with your instrument but if you’ve got no stamina physically to perform each and every night, no one will ever know how talented you are.
  • 5 Mistakes New Runners Make  By : John Morris
    Running seems to be one of the easiest exercises available, yet many are not doing it perfectly. No wonder why many people suffer injuries and other problems...
  • 5 Most Important Work Outs to Achieve Your Fitness Goals  By : John Powers
    There are no set rules, when it comes to the type of exercise routines that should be included as part of a workout program. However, the routines that you do choose, should give you maximum value in achieving the desired result.

    Men's workouts normally consist of five areas, and within these areas, there are different exercises, which can combine to build different routines.
  • 5 Reasons Not To Skip Flexibility  By : Gen Wright
    Don't like to stretch? Find out why stretching is so important and how you can benefit from flexibility.
  • 5 Reasons Why Kegel Exercises Are Great For You  By : Jimmy Red
    Ask the average person what a kegel exercise is and they will probably look at you funny. Most people do not seem to have any idea what a kegel exercise even is let alone the amazing benefits they can have. This is so unfortunate, as kegel exercises have been shown to aid several medical problems as well as improve sexual encounters for both men and women.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Everyday  By : Gen Wright
    Gone are the days of taking a "rest" day from exercise. Get that body moving! Find out why exercise can benefit you each and every day.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To A Co-ed Surf Camp With Your Partner Or Spouse  By : Me-Shell Mijangos
    Can you picture yourself waking up every morning on a paradise island, doing yoga, surfing throughout the day, and being fed delicious and healthy meals prepared by a chef? Sounds terrible doesn't it? How could this get any worse? How about if the women's surf camp was a co-ed surf camp?
  • 5 Steps To Creating 20 Minute Workout Routines With 1 Sample 20 Minute Workout  By : Jon Dyer
    Can you really get in a good workout in 20 minutes? You bet you can. Read this article setting out how to design an excellent 20 minute workout. Sample 20 minute workout included.
  • 5 Steps To Setting Your Fitness Schedule  By : Barry Purcell
    If you're like most people, you've probably realized that saying you're going to work out and actually working out are two different things. While working out can help you to lose weight, it is a good idea to develop a fitness schedule so you can focus on staying healthy.
  • 5 Straightforward Steps To Help You Changeover To A Raw Food Diet  By : Samantha Champ
    Shifting to a raw food diet can be difficult; however, it doesn't have to be. Learn five simple steps you can take to ease your body onto a raw food diet.
  • 5 Things You Must Know About Fitness Boxing For Women  By : Rahim Jiwani
    Fitness boxing is becoming increasingly popular, especially among women. Why is this so? What benefits does fitness boxing provide? This article goes over the top 5 FAQs related to fitness boxing for women and sheds light on each one. Read on for the top fitness boxing for women exercise, necessary equipment and insight about fitness boxing and injuries.
  • 5 Tips for Avoiding Workout Burnout  By : William Gabriel
    Sometimes your body will need a little time make its own adjustments. Do your best to be patient, and eventually it is likely that you will experience your breakthrough.
  • 5 Tips For Starting And Sticking To An Exercise Program  By : Adrian Adams
    If you're like most people, you desperately want to control your health and have high goals and aspirations for yourself.
  • 5 Tips to a Strong, Fit Body!  By : Brian Gurneak
    Overview of 5 top tips to get in the absolute best shape of your life that include resistance training, cardio prescription and sound nutritional practices.
  • 5 Tips to Prevent Boredom With Exercise  By : Marci Lall
    Getting board with just doing the same old routine? Discover how to spice up your workouts so you have a smile on your face while doing it.
  • 5 Tips To Stop Working Out The Wrong Way  By : Scott Mosher
    Yes, it is true, you can work out the wrong way! When you do this, it really slows any progress you might be making. There are beneficial ways to workout, and there are dead wrong ways. I am going to let you in on some right ways for certain muscle groups. Working out properly is a continual learning adventure. Embrace it.
  • 5 Training Myths Busted!  By : Steve Hochman
    Ever wonder why your work out is not helping you loose weight? Here are some common myths and truths about exercise and what really works.
  • 5 Unique Strategies For a Flat Stomach  By : Gergana Ganeva
    You can get the sexy stomach you have been dreaming about without even a crunch. Probably you are asking yourself "how could this possibly happen? I must do crunches in order to get a flat stomach." Wrong! There are 5 central strategies that will make your stomach lean and flat.
  • 5 Ways A Bodyweight Workout Can Benefit You  By : Eddie Lomax
    You don't need expensive gym memberships, costly equipment or even a lot of time to perform a highly effective bodyweight workout... and reap the rewards.

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