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  • Your Dog's Good Health Starts with Good Nutrition  By : Carol Stack
    Good health starts with good nutrition. It helps dogs fight disease, grow correctly, and age gracefully. Giving your puppy or adult dog the correct diet in the correct amounts makes for a happier, healthier pet. As your dog advances through each stage it’s necessary to check how your dog is doing. If there are any changes in your dog's health you need to discuss it with your vet. It is possible that your dog needs a change in diet.
  • "Dad, Why can't we get a dog as well?"  By : Stephen Morgan
    Steve Morgan describes going through the trials and tribulations that make up the ritual that most, if not all, Parents experience from time to time, which is, acquiring the first family pet.
  • 9 Reasons for Adopting a Senior Cat – and 6 Reasons for Not Adopting a Kitten  By : John Young
    In this “youth oriented culture”, the mature, senior cat is often passed up for adoption in favor of kittens. This article offers several practical reasons for adopting an older cat over a kitten.
  • Top 10 Signs You are a Dog Lover  By : Emma Snow
    There’s something different about you. People sense it the moment you walk in the door. Is it in your smile, or the way wear your hair? Truly, there are countless manifestations of your canine obsession.
  • The Souls of Animals  By : Gary Kurz
    There are no words to describe the grief and pain associated with losing a beloved pet, but there is a source of comfort and hope that answers the questions we all have when we have to bid them farewell. This article gives undeniable evidence from the Bible on God's provision for his creatures.
  • Pet Insurance : What To Look For  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Keeping a pet can work out to be expensive, not least if you need to see a vetinary surgeon. Pet insurance can cushion the cost of injury or illness, but what do you need to know before you choose a policy?
  • Designer Dog clothes, jewelry and gourmet food: Is your dog is spoiled or part of the family?  By : Paul J Easton
    Simple ways we spoil our best friend and the signs he is taking over!
  • How to Cope with Uncaring Friends after Pet Loss  By : Gary Kurz
    Pet loss is one of the most traumatic of life's experiences. It is a time when we look to friends and family for support. How do we cope when we find they do not share or understand our grief, when they seem to be uncaring?
  • Pet Insurance For Pampered Pets  By : Nicholas Hunt
    As our pampered pets live longer and longer lives, the veterinary costs of keeping them healthy can grow rapidly. Find out why pet insurance might be an idea worth considering.
  • Putting Your Pet Out to Pasture  By : Gary Kurz
    Why do our animals eat grass? Are they ill? Should I be worried?
  • Take Five: Five tips to track down your canine soul mate  By : Emma Snow
    There is a right and a wrong way to pick a pooch. The process is a little like dating. The few who find fulfillment in love are those who use their hearts and their heads. There is a special kind of nirvana when a person connects with their canine soul mate. They weren’t fooling when they called dog “man’s best friend.” But such unions don’t happen by mistake. A little careful preparation will go a long way.
  • The HOME PET, Our New "Minor Children'’ in the American Family! The Law, the Implications For Pets  By : Benjamin Anosike
    As a pet lover, with the use of a "pet trust," a relatively new device in the pet animal estate planning, you can make specific provisions for the care of your pets in the event of your disability or death, and provide for a reliable caretaker and funding arrangement, all legally enforceable by the courts, thus effectively assuring that in the event of any such emergency, your pets will not likely wind up in the shelter or the pound.
  • Dog Care - Obedience Training  By : Michelle Johnson
    The importance of dog obedience training. Obedience training is an important part of dog care the information you need about finding a good trainer and how an obident dog will build a long and lasting relationship between the dog owener and the dog.
  • Grooming Is An Important Part Of Dog Care  By : Michelle Johnson
    It is of vital importance that your pet be groomed on a regular basis for his health and well being. Tips on what to look out for while grooming your dog.
  • Your Dog Is Your Greatest Therapist  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Animals are Life Lines To The Divine
  • Would You Like To Design Your Birdhouse?  By : Chairil Maxum
    Some simple tips to have in mind are to make the research; find out what birds surrounds your home or place you’ll set up the houses
  • Finding A Vet For Your New Puppy.  By : Jim McKiel
    This article will assist you with finding a vet for the newest member of your family.
  • Ten Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat  By : Michelle Johnson
    With the lastest news about proper diets for your dog, more and more dog owners are giving there dog's table scraps. There are certain foods a dog must not eat. I have compiled the top ten foods, find out which foods for your dog are not healthy.
  • Obedience Training For Your New Puppy  By : Jim McKiel
    Obedience training for your new puppy should begin the day you bring him/her home. You should make obedience training fun and incorporate the training with play sessions. It is so easy to train a puppy when they are having fun and the puppy has no idea that they are learning valuable lessons.
  • Life Expectancy of Large Breed Dogs  By : Jim McKiel
    Large breed dogs have a shorter life expectancy than smaller breeds which is unfortunate for the owner/guardians of large breed dogs. We love our big dogs even knowing their time with us will be short. We don’t focus on the quantity of time but the quality of time we spend together. Sharing our homes with our big fur balls is like having a small piece of heaven for our own.
  • 7 Strategies to Help Horse Show Parents and Teens Beat the Losing Slump  By : Kathy Keeley
    Horse showing provides an incredible opportunity for learning important life lessons for both teens and their parents. Sportsmanship, competition, and learning to deal with losing can serve as the basis for significant teachable moments for parents. We have a unique role to play in helping our children keep their perspective, and we can provide important emotional support during tough times, as well.
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)  By : Ron Petracek
    Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) can have devastating effects on a breeding farm or pregnant mare, but what exactly is it?
  • How Showing Horses Has Made Me a Better Parent  By : Kathy Keeley
    Horse showing creates many opportunities to parent and raise a healthy teenager. Teachable moments are prevalent throughout a horse show, as well as opportunities to practice communication skills and instill your family values in your teen Below are some real-life examples of how you can transform sports situations found in horse shows into real life lessons.
  • Nutrition For Your Puppy  By : Jim McKiel
    This article focuses on some of the nutritional foundations needed to insure your puppy grows into a healthy adult.
  • Behavioral Training for Your New Puppy  By : Jim McKiel
    It has been shown that obedience training is very important for a puppy and behavioral training is just as important. In some puppy/dog training camps, behavioral training is considered to be training a puppy/dog to be “good” or “well behaved”. In other training camps, behavioral training is considered to be “correcting a puppy/dogs bad behavior”.
  • Grooming Your Puppy or Dog  By : Jim McKiel
    Grooming your pet should begin when they are puppies as this will help them become accustomed to being touched all over their bodies while they are standing still or lying on their stomach or side. If you adopt an older dog you will have to introduce him to grooming gradually unless he is accustomed to being handled and touched all over his body.
  • The Sacred Cat  By : Terry Kubiak
    Important both as a domestic pet and as a symbol of deities such as Bastet and RA the “Great Cat of Heliopolis”. There were two indigenous feline species in ancient Egypt, the jungle cat and the African wild cat, the former being found only in Egypt and southeastern Asia.
  • How We Moved from Local Shows to Circuit Shows  By : Kathy Keeley
    Our family became involved in horse showing when we started out in local farm shows and then moved to local association shows and onto regional and national AAA circuit shows. We gained valuable insight along the way, had to upgrade our horses and our tack, and had to develop a single-minded focus for all involved.
  • Medical Conditions Affecting Large Breed Dogs  By : Jim McKiel
    There are many ailments and conditions that are more prevalent in large breed dogs. Until further medical studies can be conducted and a pattern of inheritance established for these ailments and conditions, dogs that have a risk for these diseases will be said to have breed predisposition.
  • How EasyCat the Pet became EasyCat the Technology  By : Marci Lynn
    A fictional story about a special pet who inspired a special technology.
  • The Living Jewels  By : Joseph Brown
    Often referred to as “swimming flowers,” koi fish are one of the most popular fresh-water ornamental pond fish today. The word “koi” actually comes from the Japanese word koi, which means carp.
  • How to Train Your New Dog  By : Darell McKissick
    Face it, nobody likes a dog that doesn't listen and behave. But everyone loves a dog that sits and stays on command. If you have a barker or a jumper, it can be quite frustrating watching the dog ignore you every time company comes over. It's almost embarassing.
  • 3 Equine Vices  By : Jo Thompson
    Does your horse have a vice? Is it serious enough to affect your horses health? Find out now.
  • Should You Have A Dog House?  By : Charles Dibble
    Many pet owners deliberate the question of whether or not to have a dog house. Regardless of the type or size of your dog or if it is an outside or inside pet there are practical reasons for providing your pet with a dog house.
  • Selecting A Beautiful Flower Horn Fish  By : Flowerfish
    For the bigger, the brighter or more active fish believes to tell directly on the owner's level of abundance. So, how do you select the best fish?
  • Managing Your Flowerhorn Aquarium  By : Flowerfish
    If you're thinking about purchasing a beautiful Flowerhorn fish, you're not alone. The beautiful Flowerhorn fish is one of the more popular additions to your aquarium. However, if you have chosen a Flowerhorn, proper tank management is essential. It is, indeed, more important to practice a good tank management than it is to purchase the suitable type of fish for your tank.
  • Safeguarding Your Dog from Poisons in the Home  By : Jim McKiel
    Along with your veterinarian’s phone number, you should have posted in prominent vicinity by the phone the number to a 24 hour emergency pet hospital and the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline (888-426-4435). Make sure you know where the pet emergency hospital is before the need arises. Having these numbers available before you need them may save your puppy or dog’s life.
  • Don't You Be No Ugly Pet Owner  By : Gary Kurz
    Too many of us who love our pets do not take full advantage of the short time they have with us.. Learn from the mistakes of the author about just how important it is to make good memories before it is too late.
  • Hero Pets  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Fictional tales abound of heroic pets saving their owners from danger. Does this ever really happen in real life?
  • A Mini-Tribute to Pets  By : Gary Kurz
    Pets are amazing creatures. They give and give and give again and expect so little in return. We often focus on the heroics of pets that make the news and celebrate all of them vicariously through the one that becomes a public star, but again, each deserves the spotlight. Here is yet another area of life where animals serve mankind in a very special way.
  • Have your cat come when called  By : Hailey Harris
    Cat secrets tips covering how to teach your cat to come when called, and do any behavior with a verbal trigger.
  • Pets in Peril  By : Gary Kurz
    Over 20 million animals pass or are lost in the United States each year. Many pass as a result of some tragic happenstance that befalls them. Pet people can remove many of the dangers that their pets face if they are willing to be proactive in their responsibilities.
  • How To Trim Your Cat's Nails  By : Hailey Harris
    Step by step guide to trimming your cat's nails. Indoor cats especially need their nails trimmed. Here's how to do it in an easy, fun way.
  • How to keep your cat purring into advanced old age  By : Hailey Harris
    How to keep your cat alive, healthy and happy for as long as possible.
  • How to stop your cat chewing on electrical cords and other objects  By : Mike Ray
    Step by step guide to stopping your cat from chewing on cords such as computer mouse, electrical and other hanging things.
  • A Cat of a Different Color  By : Gary Kurz
    A humorous story for those who love dogs and all the shenanigans they get into. This is a true story good for human interest publications.
  • How to Break Up a Cat Fight  By : Mike Ray
    How to break up a cat fight quickly, easily and safely.
  • Signs of Navicular Disease  By : Ron Petracek
    There are several signs that a horse suffering from navicular will exhibit. See what they are and what other signs the horse will give you.
  • Start your own Pet Apparel Line  By : Robert Jean Louis
    Discover the power and financial freedom achieved by starting your own pet apparel line or selling Pet apparel.
  • Adopting an Older Dog  By : Jim McKiel
    Making the decision to share your home with a canine is one step towards a rewarding experience. Why not take the next big step and adopt an older large breed dog. There are many beautiful large breed older dogs that are just waiting for someone to invite them into their home. They will repay you many times over with love and devotion.
  • Riding Down Hills  By : Ron Petracek
    Why zigzagging isn't a good idea! - And other riding tips that you will find quite useful.
  • Tick, Tick, Tick...Time for Ticks  By : Gary Kurz
    Tick season is on us again. Every pet owner needs to be aware of the easy preventive measures that could save them a lot of heartache and money. Your pets are depending on you to watch for them. Don't let them down.
  • How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight  By : Emma Snow
    Obesity is on the rise for canines. The reasons for this influx are similar to those that humans experience, too much food and too little exercise. The results of obesity are similar for your canine friends too. Studies reveal that 25% of overweight dogs experience severe joint problems.
  • How Healthy Is Your Cat's Colon?  By : The Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center
    Has your cat become constipated recently? It's more common then you may think. Learn about cat constipation, feline colon disorders and methods for maintaining healthy colons in cats.
  • Are Your Pets Part Of Your Family?  By : Jim McKiel
    Our household consists of two sons with furry coats and four legs each. Is this unusual? Not in a majority of homes that have pets. Pets are considered family members and are treated as such. Not only do we provide the basic necessities for our beloved dogs, we also lavish love, attention and gifts upon our furry family members.
  • Jumping Finesse: Don't Get Shaken Loose!  By : Ron Petracek
    It's no fun when you lose your balance going over a jump. Learn how to keep your position even on horses who go really big!
  • Footings - Train And Compete Injury Free  By : Ron Petracek
    The ideal footing for your horse will depend on what type of event, climate, natural ground type and location of where you work, exercise and train your horse.
  • How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Garden  By : Mike Ray
    Step by step tips to stop your dog digging
  • Why Your Puppy Nips - And 5 Ways To Get Him To Stop  By : Mike Ray
    Guide to stopping your puppy nipping and what is the real cause of the behavior.
  • The 7 Stages of Puppy Development  By : Mike Ray
    In order to understand why your puppy doesn’t listen to you at times, you need to understand each stage of development a puppy goes through as it matures. These 7 stages of puppy development will help you understand your dog and ensure it's puppyhood is a wonderful time for you and your dog
  • 5 Ways Your Dog Senses The World Differently From You  By : Mike Ray
    Do dogs sense things differently than humans do? Well, yes and no. Dogs share the same basic senses with us: they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. But the level of their senses is different – an important distinction when you’re trying to figure out just what your dog is doing.
  • Caring For Dogs With Disabilities  By : Jim McKiel
    A dog’s disability may occur from an illness, injury or physical handicap. The degree of disability may be slight or may be incapacitating. Whatever reason for your dogs suffering will have a great effect on you as your pet’s guardian.
  • Loving My Old Dog Friends  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Dogs Are Our Greatest Therapists. Old Dogs Teach Us How To Let Go (Let God). For The Love of Dog Go I.
  • How To Find A Good Dog Groomer  By : Nancy Dean
    Selecting a good, professional and friendly groomer is an important part of caring for your dog. Since a groomer will usually be alone with your favorite pet it is important to make sure that they treat your animal well, notify you of any problems, as well as understand how to care for an clip your particular breed of dog.
  • Want a Safe, Healthy Dog Food You Can Trust  By : john
    Want a Safe, Healthy Dog Food You Can Trust
  • Getting Your Dog Ready for a Newborn  By : john
    Getting Your Dog Ready for a Newborn
  • What's A Girl's Best Friend, Horses or Diamonds?  By : Linda Shute
    The author compares her love of horses to that of diamonds. Growing up and caring for animals taught her responsibility, freedom and independance.
  • Training Aggressive Dog - How To Train Your Aggressive Dog  By : john
    Training Aggressive Dog - How To Train Your Aggressive Dog
  • Leash Training Your Dog  By : Michael Copper
    Training your dog to not pull on the leash. One of the most common problems people have with their dogs is pulling on the leash. There are many reasons why this can occur, and quite often it is nothing more than excitement on the dogs part. If this is the case, allowing the dog a few minutes to simmer down before taking it on his/her walk can often stop it.
  • Don't Bring Your Pet to an Ugly Vet  By : Gary Kurz
    How do you choose a good veterinarian? There are so many horror stories about callousness and poor care; how can I be sure my veterinarian is going to give quality care to the animal I love?
  • Overcoming Boredom  By : Michael Copper
    Here's Today's Joke: Why do dogs bury bones? Because they can't hide them in trees. Dogs are a lot like children. They need stimulation or they will get bored and we all know the trouble children can be when they get bored. Bored dogs are generally unhappy dogs and they are also the dogs that are most likely to get into trouble with other animals and humans.
  • Top Pomeranian Dog Health Problem Issue  By : john
    Top Pomeranian Dog Health Problem Issue
  • Stop Puppies Biting  By : Michael Copper
    Dog Quote: To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs. ....Aldous Huxley Puppies love to bite. They do it naturally but it is something that they must be taught not to do. Learn how to stop your puppy from biting. This needs to be addressed while they are young because dog bites can lead to all sorts of problems including legal action.
  • Dogs That Escape  By : Michael Copper
    No owner likes to get a call from the pound telling them that their dog has been picked up for roaming the streets, but even the best trained dog can escape and end up in places where it shouldn't be. In many towns you can find yourself in legal trouble if your dog is found to be wandering the streets. And quite rightly so as a dog on the loose can do quite a lot of damage to other people's property, pets, children and elderly folk.
  • The Most Important Thing to Know About Reptiles  By : Gary Kurz
    A mistake that is repeated over and over again by people wanting to keep reptiles or amphibians is people acquiring an animal that they have no idea how to care for. Impulse buying usually spells disaster for the animal and stress and regret for the owner. With just a little effort, problems and heartache can be avoided.
  • Homemade Pet Food: All Natural, Holistic Pet Food  By : Tracy Hargraves
    A recall of potentially sickening and deadly pet food has made pet owners seriously worried about the safety of pet food. There are unhealthy ingredients and contaminants found in some pet food thereby increasing more problems to all pet owners. For this reason, use of the more nutritious and safer homemade pet food over commercially prepared ones was introduced.
  • Dealing with Pet Euthanasia  By : Tracy Hargraves
    Pet euthanasia is one of life’s most difficult decisions. Although it is a difficult issue for many people pet euthanasia serves as the best resort especially when it is time to let go of a terminally ill pet. Confronting pet euthanasia means confronting fear thus it is important that you are well aware about the many ways how to manage a difficult way of letting go.
  • Why we don't train our dogs: 5 of the best excuses.  By : Justin Davies
    There are almost as many dog-training excuses as there are dog owners. Here are five of my particular favourites - not because they justify not training a dog, but because they show how poorly people understand dog training, and dog training methods.
  • Steps To Become An Efficient Dog Trainer  By : john
    Besides the learning way you choose, keep updated in dog training techniques by reading lot of books and watching several videos.
  • Exploit Your Dog's Personality Wisely  By : john
    Learn about the past of the animal to make your training fruitful.
  • Basic Dog Commands  By : Michael Copper
    There are a few basic commands that need to be mastered and they are all relatively simple. These commands are... Down: this is where you teach your dog to lay down on command, and is one of the main aspects of any successful training program. Heel: this is where you teach your dog walk beside you at the same pace without pulling on the lead. My dog health and care blog is all about caring for your dog.
  • Profile Update: Pit Bull Bans  By : Tracy Hargraves
    Pit bull bans are spreading too fast nowadays. The clamor for pit bull bans has been growing for years. As a result there has been a mixture of people who are all yes to pit bull bans and people who give all-out support to their pit bulls.
  • Giant Schnauzer Puppies Ontario  By : Shaun Turner
    The finest Giant Schnauzer puppies available, in Ontario, Canada kennels and are distinctive black, with an excellent temperament.
  • Dog Day Care Home Business  By : john
    Dog Day Care business is one of the best small business ventures that you can undertake.
  • 10 helpful tips BEFORE you get a dog  By : Debbie Ray
    There are several points to consider whenever you are choosing a dog for you or your family. You want to match your new pet to you and/or your family and to your overall needs as closely as possible. If you don't take the time to plan a bit ahead of time right now, you may regret it in the future. Your job is to find the right dog breed to fit both your personality and lifestyle.
  • Puppy worms  By : Susan Koranki
    A puppy owners guide to one of the most common canine parasites - worms. Information on the types of worms your puppy is most likely to catch, along with advice on the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of these nasty, little critters.
  • pretty smile  By : Stephen Pappalau
    dental supplies for your pet, pet supplies
  • Kids and Your Pets  By : Tracy Hargraves
    You teach your kids to be ready with the unexpected. Now, it’s time to teach your pets the unpredictable stuff when it comes to interactions with your kids. Kids will learn how to respect animals and other similar creatures. Remain watchful so you’ll see that your kids and your pets are perfect match.
  • Positive Attitude When Training A Dog Produce Positive Outcomes  By : john
    The trainer's positive attitude is the prerequisite to training success.
  • Understanding The Health Of Your Horse  By : Benjamin
    Your horses health can be affected by lack of shelter and clean water. Horses living in fields are subject to hot sun, pouring rain and flies. Horses with no access to water can become dehydrated and die.
  • Dog Insurance  By : OkSmitty
    Today more and more people are taking advantage of dog insurance to make sure that their pet will receive the best medical care available should an sudden illness or emergency arise.
  • Dealing with fleas and ticks  By : Susan Koranki
    An easy to read guide to help you deal with any fleas and ticks your puppy may bring home this summer. Advice, tips and information on how to treat and prevent these nasty parasites from bothering your puppy or dog.
  • Secrets to Healthy Pet Food  By : Susan Thixton
    Learn valuable secrets to finding a safe, healthy pet food.
  • A Well Trained Dog  By : Michael Copper
    Is certainly a lot more fun for you to have an obedient and trained dog. Not only that, but trained dogs, are happier dogs. They are less likely to get into fights with other dogs and will tend to socialize better with dogs that they meet in public. It is particularly important to have a well-trained dog if you have young members of the family or children in the neighborhood.
  • Top Secrets To Owning The Healthiest Pet On The Block!  By : Susan Thixton
    Pet expert Susan Thixton share 6 key secrets to keeping your pet healthy, frisky, and safe.
  • Choosing the right dog breed  By : Susan Koranki
    A helpful guide to choosing the right dog breed for your family, lifestyle or situation. Contains an overview of breed characteristics, size and temperament considerations and what to think about BEFORE you pick out your new puppy.
  • Cockapoo - The facts every owner of this dog breed should know  By : Robert W. Benjamin
    Learn the facts on maintaining good health, grooming needs, living conditions and more when it comes to the Cockapoo
  • Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs  By : Lisa Andrews
    Our dogs bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. Some of our favorite happy dog stories illustrate our fun and goofy our dog can be. We believe the way to pay back our doggies for all the happiness they bring to our lives is to make sure they are happy. We play with our pups often and we take care of their health. We take them to the veterinarian for regular check-ups and feed them the premium in dog food and dog treats.
  • Effective Dog Training For Obedience  By : Davion Wong
    Dog training for obedience is a continuous process. Dog obedience training for obedience is basically a program that requires active involvement of both the owner and the dog. House training your dog is the most effective and quickest way to accelerate the dog training for obedience of your dog.
  • Dog Beds  By : Stephen Pappalau
    Dog beds for your pet

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