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  • Shopping For Small Dog Beds?  By : Scott Lipe
    Small Dog Beds Welcome to our website, at the website you will be able to find all the best suppliers of small dog beds and accessories. With so many different makes and models in the marketplace. You need to make sure that you are getting a small dog bed that is suitable for your dog. You need to look for a bed which is comfortable and long lasting.
  • Is Pet Insurance Worth It?  By : Scott Lipe
    Is Pet Insurance Worth the money: Getting to know the real deal. You might be wondering for quite some time now about the question--is pet insurance worth it but never really getting into any conclusion that is remotely near the truth. Many pet insurance companies would automatically say that getting your domesticated darling insured is a wise thing to do because it is practically like a savings plan.
  • AKC Pet Insurance Questions Answered  By : Scott Lipe
    AKC pet insurance is insurance that is intended to provide protection to the health of pets on a regular basis or in an emergency. Pet of choice for people to be protected and cared for. Usually a lot of pets are kept of each person, such as dogs and cats. Preserve and care for pets are not only routine feeding, but there are many factors that should be noted.
  • Horse Insurance and What It Covers  By : Scott Lipe
    Do you have your own horses? Are you an equestrian? If you are, have you been planning to compete professionally? Do you want to have a business that greatly involves taking care of a bunch of horses such as horseback riding and the like? Do you like to invest in a horse ranch? If your answers to all of these questions are yes, then you are in for a big treat because you are about to find out the most important thing.
  • Veterinarians and Accounts Receivable Management  By : Michael S Fink
    Like most small businesses, veterinarians have to be competitive and offer a suite of services directly and indirectly related to pet health and safety. And like medical offices, vets offer a variety of methods of payment, including cash, check, credit card, and even insurance. Although insurance is not as prevalent in vet clinics as it is in the other health fields, it has become a factor in attracting customers.
  • How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    If you have been always fond of dogs or cats and have been taking care of one for quite some time now, then it would truly be a great idea if you consider getting them a pet insurance. Yes, insurance policies actually exist for animals particularly cats and dogs and it would be highly advisable that you get one if your domesticated darlings are not yet insured.
  • Does My Dog Need a Memory Foam Bed?  By : Scott Lipe
    Memory foam dog beds provide comfort and a place to relax for dogs of all sizes. Memory foam dog beds also offer proper orthopedic support for your dog because the foam in the bed conforms to your dog's body shape when your dog lies down on it. There are many reasons why you should consider buying your dog a memory foam dog bed.
  • How to Get the Best Pet Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    The best pet insurance is one that will cover all your pet's medical and dental needs but at the same time is still friendly to your budget. Unfortunately, there may be no such thing especially if your pet has pre-existing conditions that cannot be covered or you can only afford to pay a small monthly premium each month for the insurance. But this does not mean you cannot find a pet insurance that works for you and your pet.
  • AKC Pet Insurance Is The Best  By : Scott Lipe
    Today, there are a lot of people who own a dog or a cat in their homes and more often than not, these pet owners truly love their domesticated darlings to the point that these animals have already become a member in their family. Majority of these individuals would do anything just so they can give the best for their puppies and kittens and you cannot really blame them.
  • Cat Insurance Questions Answered  By : Scott Lipe
    Cats are free spirited, independent pets that have a mind of their own. And this independence sometimes leads them into trouble. They get into accidents and catch illnesses from all sorts of sources. Keeping cats indoors does not guarantee keeping them safe from medical issues. For your own peace of mind, you should get your cat insured.
  • Pet Insurance Cost and What It Covers  By : Scott Lipe
    Pet insurance is a necessary expense if you love your pets. You can never tell when your pet will get into an accident or contract an illness. Veterinary fees are expensive. An illness or injury, minor or major, can put a dent into your budget because these are often unexpected. Pet insurance cost can vary from one insurer to another and between policy types.
  • Pet Insurance Comparison  By : Scott Lipe
    Insurance policies are not limited to humans or property only. You can also insure your pets. Health insurance for dogs and cats is readily available. Pet insurance is used to pay for part of the health care services insured pet's need. Veterinary costs are not exactly cheap. If something happens to your pet that needs veterinary attention and long time care.
  • Hassle-Free Pet Relocation: Rules For Specific Pets  By : Rina Davis
    Why leave them behind when you can get the help of professional pet movers and let your pets come along?
  • How to Compare Pet Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    If you are fond of pets and have been taking care of a bunch of domesticated animals for quite some time now, then you might want to consider getting them insured. Yes, you read that right. Pets have insurance as well just like humans and if you truly want to give the best of everything to your loving animals that have truly become a part of your life without having to worry about spending more than you can afford.
  • How to Get Dog Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    If you consider your dog as a member of your family, then your dog deserves insurance, too. Having your dog insured ensures that when an injury or illness occurs, you will not be heavily burdened by the financial costs of having your dog treated. To help you get dog insurance for your beloved pet, here are the steps you will need to take.
  • Looking For Pitbull Puppies For Sale?  By : Scott Lipe
    Realize What Your Desires Usually Are When Choosing A Pitbull Puppy For Sale By A Specialist Kennel: If you are searching to buy an extraordinary pitbull puppy, consider a look the pitbull kennels in your neighborhood. A net search could certainly quickly lead you to pitbull puppies. A pitbull kennels will supply a canine that's AKC registered and certified from any feasible well being aliments that could be typical to the breed.
  • Pet Relocator Issues Calming Tips For Your Furry Family Member During A Move  By : Rina Davis
    Make you and your pet's travel stress-free.
  • Pet Boarding : Temporary Separation Can Be Fun Indulgence For Your Beloved Canine  By : Lisa Jane Foreman
    Pet boarding from Dubai Kennels & Cattery can provide pet owners and pets utmost satisfaction.
  • Dog Joint Pain - Are Natural Options Superior to Conventional Treatments?  By : Danielle Pinter
    The heartbreaking truth for all dog owners is that, sooner or later, your four-legged friend will suffer some degree of
    dog joint pain. There are numerous determining factors that contribute to the onset of this tragic condition. Of the most
    common causes of dog joint pain is arthritis. And of course, older dogs have a greater likleyhood of getting this disease.
    Great natural treatments are very effective in treating this painful condition.
  • Is Crate Training Right For Me?  By : Scott Lipe
    Did you just purchase a new puppy and now your thinking about crate training him or her? One of the best things about dog crates is that they provide dogs with a place to call their own. Once you have trained your dog to spend time in a crate they will feel safe and comfortable when inside. It appeals to their instinct to create a den. For an excitable dog there are few things that you can do that is as kind as crate training them.
  • Best Reasons To Buy Dog Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    Are you looking for reasons to purchase pet insurance? For instance, German shepherd dogs are unfortunately more likely to develop hip dysphasia and many toy dog breeds are often diagnosed with heart disorders. The problem most people have is they do no have access to large amount of money at short notice.
  • Pet Relocation Services - Boxing Up Your Pets For Safer And Secure Travel  By : Rina Davis
    Want a hassle-free relocation for you and your pet? Box up your pets!
  • How Do I Purchase Dog Insurance?  By : Scott Lipe
    Unfortunately there are times when something unfortunate happens to our pets and we need to make hard decisions. You can save a lot of money packaging the cost into one simple form instead of buying for a number of companies. Pet insurance works in a similar manner to any other type of insurance but there is a lot a small print which it is essential you understand and read prior to taking out a pet insurance policy.
  • American Alsatian Dog Breed Information  By : Scott Lipe
    The American Alsatian, formerly the Alsatian Shepalute is a dog originating in the United States of America, raised to the appearance of the bones of the Dire Wolf and the structure of the organization. It was developed to purebred Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, English Mastiff, pastor of Anatolia and great Pyrenees, through selective breeding lines.
  • What Are The Different Types Of Specialty Dog Beds?  By : Scott Lipe
    Specialty Dog Beds: If you have a new dog, you might be wondering which dog bed are best for you. From the simplest perspective, the bed upon which your dog will sleep is the best bed for them, but some types are more appropriate from specific dogs. Here are some suggestions for the place to start your search.
  • Malamute Dog Breed Information  By : Scott Lipe
    Coat is dense dog Nordic, a bit harsh double coat that of the smaller Siberian Husky. The usual colors are various shades of grey and white, sand and white, black and white, red and white or white solid. Blue and white is also seen in the race. Almond-shaped eyes and should be different shades of Brown; Blue eyed Malamute will be disqualified in conformation shows, it would not be a purebred dog, but mixed with perhaps a Siberian Husky.
  • Female Dog Names - Starting With The Letter A  By : Scott Lipe
    Pick from hundreds of female dog names; we are 100% sure you will find that perfect name for your princess. We know she is special and deserve a name you will both love. Aaliyah - Aaliyah Haughton was an American R&B; recording artist, actress and model - She is the dog that is determined to finish what she has started.
  • The Importance Of Training Your Puppy  By : Scott Lipe
    Owning a new puppy can be a blessing for the whole family but proper training is required to have a well trained dog. They are fun and full of energy but come with many responsibilities that need to be addressed. Without proper training, they will not learn the proper place to do their business, chew up your valuables, greet and interact with other dogs and visitors to your home, commands to follow or food to eat.
  • Is Naming Your Dog Really Important?  By : Scott Lipe
    Is there a need to name your dog? This is the question which many people put. Answering this question is quite important so as to make them realize how important and beneficial naming your dog is? It is always easy to think keeping dog as pet but it is never an easy ground to play on. I am not discouraging you but I am rather informing you that pet keeping is not just a hobby.
  • Artois Hound Dog Breed Information  By : Scott Lipe
    The Hound Artois is an energetic dog that is courageous and loyal. Even though a lot of resistance, is calm and balanced. It is a dog of moderate size with the best features of the scenthounds. It has a powerful sense of smell and is fast and independent. These dogs are high for hunting rabbits, and are accustomed to this task. These dogs must be trained by owners that are compatible.
  • How To Prepare For Your New Puppy's Arrival  By : Scott Lipe
    When parents-to-be are awaiting the arrival of their bundle of joy they busily prepare the room, the home and themselves for the new baby. In all of their efforts to get themselves prepared for the baby's arrival, some parents-to-be forget to prepare the four-legged members of the family. Adding a baby to the family unit is an adjustment for the entire family, including the dog.
  • History of The Akita Dog Breed  By : Scott Lipe
    The Akita, is a dog of great spitz from the mountainous regions in the North of the Japan. There are now two different types, the type of American and Japanese text. Known in different parts of the world respectively such as Akita, American Akita or Akita inu Japanese Akita.The style American come in all colors of the dog, however Japanese-style come only, color selected with all the other colors considered atypical career
  • Should I Buy a Ramp For My Dog?  By : Scott Lipe
    If you have ever had to lift a resisting 100 pounds of fur clad dog into a car, you understand the usefulness of a dog ramp. We Americans spoil our dogs in ways no other culture can imagine, and as a result, they live longer. Just like humans, dogs deal with things like bursitis, arthritis, and other age related conditions. For them, ramps make life worth while.
  • American Water Spaniel Dog Breed Information  By : Scott Lipe
    Developed in the United States, the American water Spaniel originated in areas along the Fox River and its tributary Wolf River during the 19th century. The hunters needed a dog that could work on the land and water for a variety of game without ceasing to be sufficiently compact to be transported in a small boat with oars and able to do the temperatures cool native
  • Should I Purchase Dog Steps For My Dog?  By : Scott Lipe
    As dogs age they suffer from many of the same issues people do. For a dog dealing with arthritis or other joint disorders, dog steps are the perfect solution. Useful in so many ways, dog steps allow your pet to climb onto higher surfaces without discomfort.
    With the improvements in pet medicine animals are living longer, and much like their human companions they are dealing with age related traumas.
  • Ultimate Dog Training Tips for All Dog Lovers  By : Scott Lipe
    If you are a dog lover and just got a new pet at home, you must be interested in some great dog training tips. The very first step towards getting dog training tips is to know where to start. You must know the requirements of your dog and how you can fulfill it. Some people think that dogs are much smarter and learn everything themselves.
  • Should I Purchase a Orthodepic Dog Bed?  By : Scott Lipe
    Orthopedic dog beds can make a major difference for your dog's comfort if they are getting up in years or have joint or weight problems. Our old dog, Micah, had arthritis and could barely get around. We made many trips to the vet to make sure she was comfortable and we weren't neglecting her needs. I can't stand to see a helpless animal in pain. I'll bet you're the same way!
  • Moving With Your Pet - From Big House To Little Apartment  By : Scott Lipe
    Moving from a house to an apartment is a big difference. With the economy we are in now its not uncommon for some families to be downsizing. It can be hard on the whole family including your dog. Your dog is very used to the smells and space he had in the house rather than the apartment. Follow the steps below as It is important to prepare yourself and your dog to transfer from something like a house into an apartment.
  • How To Deal With The Loss Of Your Pet  By : Scott Lipe
    Every family goes through the death of a pet but not every pet goes through the death of another pet. Over the time you had both your dogs, they have created a bond as if they were brother and sister or good friends. It is very normal for you to see a change in your dog's behavior and habits.
  • Super Health Supplement Helps Dogs Too  By : Soldiering on with an Immunity Boost and Positive Lifestyle Choices
    Deer antlers velvet Velvet is relatively new to the western world and more and more people are learning the great benefits it has to offer both humans and pets.
  • How To Buy Pet Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    Unfortunately there are times when something unfortunate happens to our pets and we need to make hard decisions. You can save a lot of money packaging the cost into one simple form instead of buying for a number of companies. Pet insurance works in a similar manner to any other type of insurance but there is a lot a small print which it is essential you understand and read prior to taking out a pet insurance policy.
  • A Reason Why You Should Buy Dog Insurance  By : Scott Lipe
    Are you looking for reasons to purchase pet insurance? For instance, German shepherd dogs are unfortunately more likely to develop hip dysphasia and many toy dog breeds are often diagnosed with heart disorders. The problem most people have is they do no have access to large amount of money at short notice.
  • Acclimating Your Rescue Dog  By : Maria Elena
    Opening your home to a rescue dog is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a dog. Whether itís a puppy or a senior dog, providing a home for them is not only great for them, but it has an awesome effect on the owners.
  • Information As To Exercise With Your Dog  By : Ralph Summers
    Those of you who enjoy working out, and even those who do not, may benefit from exercise with your dog. This is an activity for bonding with a pet and getting in shape.
  • Should I Crate Train My New Puppy?  By : Scott Lipe
    Did you just purchase a new puppy and now your thinking about crate training him or her? One of the best things about dog crates is that they provide dogs with a place to call their own. Once you have trained your dog to spend time in a crate they will feel safe and comfortable when inside. It appeals to their instinct to create a den. For an excitable dog there are few things that you can do that is as kind as crate training them.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Warm Winter Party  By : Maria Elena
    I popped out this afternoon to see what was going on. My friends came over earlier, so weíve been busy playing a game of tag inside. But the situation for our companions has been a little different. In and out theyíve been moving. I once even caught a whiff of something yummy, but it went out the back door as well. And thatís what had my attention.
  • Reunited Ė How to Ease Back into Routine  By : Maria Elena
    Many dog owners feel comfortable leaving the pup at home while away at work. And while you're away, your pup might find occasion to romp around the house or play with their toys (squeaking that squeaker while you're away). Some might simply laze around, simply eager to get you back home so you can play with them.
  • Essential Details You Should Know In Regards To The Golden Retriever  By : Brent A. McCoy
    The Golden Retriever (also known as the Goldie or Golden) is a sporting breed of dog. This article describes just a few things you should know in regards to them...
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Lost My Ball  By : Maria Elena
    You know what makes me mad? Losing my ball. Itís one of my favorite toys, but it always seems to disappear. Most of the time, Iíll put it back in my basket where I keep my other toys, but on occasion it seems to find its way under the couch.
  • Items That You Need to Keep Away  By : Maria Elena
    Dogs are astoundingly curious, just like small children. When they see something new, then itís time to investigate. When you bring groceries home, they have to inspect them (probably just looking for a new toy you brought home for them). But for the most part, dogs love to get into things- even when they know theyíre not supposed to.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Doggy in A Blanket  By : Maria Elena
    Iím the kind of pup that likes the outdoors. A romp through the grass, perhaps a few bird chases, or maybe even an attempt to get a hold of my tail (it suddenly dawned on me that it had been following me all day) make going out so much fun. But, when the yard is sticky and wet and soggy and cold, things arenít that fun.
  • How To Maintain Your Dogs Health  By : Mark Stubbington
    Many families have pets at home with cats and dogs being the preferred choices of many, though people do have other animals as well.
  • Your Checklist For Training The West Highland Terrier  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Obedience training with your West Highland Terrier can be a fun activity for you both. This article lists a checklist of things to remember when training your West Highland Terrier.
  • 10 Of The Most Important Facts You Should Know About Worms In Dogs  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Worms in dogs are a variety of parasite that mostly live in the intestine of a dog. This article describes the top 10 facts you need to know about keeping your dog safe from worms.
  • The Best Ten Small Non Shedding Dogs  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Are you looking to buy a small non shedding dog? The good news is you don't have to look hard because by their very nature most dogs that are low or no-shedding are small. Here are the best 10 small non shedding dogs.
  • The Most Important Ten Facts To Know About Parvovirus In Dogs  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Parvo in dogs is a kind of virus that mainly effects a dog's immune system. The following are the top 10 facts you should know about parvo in dogs to keep your puppy safe.
  • Can Dogs Suffer Strokes?  By : Maria Elena
    Human beings can relate to strokes. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain gets disrupted and shuts off the much needed oxygen supply to the tissue. The result can be deadly if not treated properly. Because of its rarity and inclination to happen mostly to humans, many a pet owner have wondered whether the same can happen to their animals.
  • Top 5 Non-Shedding Dogs To Choose From  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Are you interested to find out about non shedding dogs? Below are the five most popular dog breeds that are suitable for people with dog allergies.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Squeaky Time  By : Maria Elena
    While the weather outside is too nippy for my paws, the fire keeps us warm indoors as Iím busy playing with my new toys. Some fluff here, a few leftover pieces piled over there, and that awesome squeaking thingy is still stuck somewhere in here.
  • Managing Pet Allergies---How To Reduce 4 Common Pet Allergens  By : Debbie Davis
    It is estimated that almost 70 million households in the United States have at least one warm-blooded pet. But for those who suffer with allergies, this can mean the air is bombarded with allergens that can cause chronic symptoms and more serious flare-ups. Here are suggestions for managing 4 popular household pets.
  • Essential Facts To Know When It Comes To The Pekingese  By : Brent A. McCoy
    The Pekingese, also known as the "Peke" or "Lion Dog", is a member of the toy breed category. This article describes just a few facts you need to know when it comes to them...
  • Fire Safety and Your Four-Legged Family Member  By : Maria Elena
    There are many household hazards that every dog faces at some point in their life. Whether itís that extra piece of candy dropped on the ground or a slippery tile floor, there are always dangers to be faced.
  • My Dog Likes Getting Plastered, Or Is Your Doggie A Picanese!  By : Viola Maria Miller
    A short story.
    Dealing with a dog with Pica disorder
  • Halloween Costume Safety for Your Pooch  By : Maria Elena
    Halloween is a time for dressing up to be pretty or scary, taking a moment to play into our imagination and even get into a favorite characterís costume. Itís a fun chance to change things up, stray away from the ordinary world and envelop ourselves in fantasy.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Tricky Feet!  By : Maria Elena
    The old man dressed up strangely today, perhaps just to make sure he fits in with the rest of us. Debbie brought us some pup-kin pies to fill our bellies later (I insisted on right now, but you canít argue with her).
  • We Love Being Dog Owners  By : Maria Elena
    Dogs are naturally inclined to support their companion. They care about you, even if they canít say it. They always have time for you, though it has to be said that they may not want to take a bath when you want them to. But, for the most part, having a pet dog is possibly one of the best things that ever happened to its owner.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė A Pupís Christmas Wish  By : Maria Elena
    Once the goods have satisfied my bellyís desire

    I squeak my toy and rush around as the old man warms by the fire

    His comfy seat is a favored spot where he observes

    The fun filled expressions of his guests as they munch on hors díoeuvres

    After an excited romp about the room, over boxes and through debris
  • Enjoy A Healthier Bond With Dog Training  By : Carl Hoshstetler
    Canines have always been around as man's best friend. In order to have a healthier bond, providing them with an access to the right dog training can certainly do wonders to your pets.
  • Loss Of Your Pet---4 Ways To Allow Healing To Begin  By : Debbie Davis
    Regardless of how wonderful the quality of life is that we offer a pet, at some point death will separate us from them. It doesn't seem to matter whether the parting is swift, or takes them over time, the parting is excruciating. Here are 4 things you can do to help you cope with the loss.
  • Stress in Dogs  By : Robbie Nashed
    Like humans, even dogs become stressed when faced with hard situations. Stress may be the reason behind some health complications in dogs. If not noticed early enough, it may cause severe psychological impacts to the dog. It may cause erratic and ...
  • 7 Crucial Points For Accessorizing Your Stylish Dog  By : Brent A. McCoy
    This article details a few of the more beneficial facts you need to understand in regards to accessorizing your stylish puppy...
  • 7 Vital Ideas For Taking Great Photos Of Your Dog  By : Brent A. McCoy
    This article deals with some of the more beneficial details you need to know in relation to taking great photos of your dog...
  • 7 Crucial Points For Treating Your Dog  By : Brent A. McCoy
    This article deals with a few beneficial facts you need to understand in relation to treating your dog...
  • Understanding Visits To Your Vet  By : Gen Wright
    It is important to establish a trusting bond with your veterinarian, as it is important to bring your dog in for routine visits. From vaccinations to spaying and neutering, your veterinarian will establish a proper health care plan for your dog. Continue reading to learn more.
  • 7 Critical Points For Entertaining Your Dog  By : Brent A. McCoy
    This page details a few of the more beneficial pieces of information you ought to consider when it comes to entertaining your dog...
  • Keeping A Beloved Dog Safe With Personalized Dog Tags  By : David Sheath
    Dogs are wonderful companions for families who have children and for those who live alone. They are always there for the owners through bad and good days, providing comfort and fun. They never turn their backs on people who care for them. ...
  • What Should You Give Your Doggie for Flu or a Bug?  By : Viola Maria Miller
    About keeping your Doggie safe, warm and happy when your beloved dog is down with a Bug!
  • Fifty Per Cent Chance That Your Child Will Be Bitten By A Dog  By : Bill Casserley
    Dog bites can be very painful and in the most serious cases can prove fatal. Blood loss is always the first priority, whereby urgent first aid skills are often called upon. Careful treatment is often required as there can be secondary complications from any bite, whether it is human, dog or wild animal. It is estimated that at least half of all children will be bitten by a dog at some point in their life, usually from the family pet or a friends.
  • Finding The Perfect Park For Your Dogs  By : Lucy Punch
    Finding a park for your dogs to run off some steam at the end of a long day can be a challenge. Many dog parks exist, but you have to wonder how much fun your dog would really have at them, or how safe they would really be for your pet. For your comfort, and your dog's safety, you need to find just the right place to relax at the end of the day.
  • 7 Crucial Points To Feeding Your Dog Correctly  By : Brent A. McCoy
    This page covers some of the more advantageous details you need to consider regarding feeding your dog correctly...
  • Air Purifiers And Dogs---5 Safe And Effective Features  By : Debbie Davis
    If you love your dog but the hair, dander, and odor not so much, putting the right air cleaner to work in your home is an effective solution. Here are 5 features that a safe and effective cleaner should have.
  • When Time Runs Out : Caring For A Fatally Ill Pet  By : Sachin Kumar Airan
    When deadly illnesses strike down a pet, either at the end of its life or even in its prime, it's a devastating event that can be difficult to deal with. Owners might feel many different emotions: anger over the illness, guilt that they may have been able to do more to protect their pet, and of course, the grief that comes with knowing they have to face their pet's death, perhaps much sooner than expected.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Have Adequate Rations for Your Dog  By : Maria Elena
    Itís important that every pet owner keep their dog safe, especially when thereís trouble at hand. While thereís not much you can do until the storm blows over, you can be prepared to keep both you and the dog safe.
  • Planning for New Yearís Ė Fireworks and Your Dog  By : Maria Elena
    As a loving dog owner, it is your task to begin preparing your pup for the upcoming celebrations. Be sure they have a safe place where they can feel secure during the celebration as well. After all, you never know how theyíll react to the experience.
  • Rocky AdventureĖ The Trouble With Litter-bugs  By : Maria Elena
    Too bad itís a lesson learned the hard way, but I hope that in the future, people wonít consider my yard a disposal site for their trash or treats. Quite frankly, itís just plain irresponsible and rude.
  • What You Need To Know When Travelling With A Cat  By : Lucy Punch
    Travelling with a cat can be an adventurous undertaking for the family that isn't used to holidaying with their feline family member. Taking your cat with you on vacation isn't like taking the dog along. Cats will frequently be left at the apartment while the family is out having fun, rarely do you see a family out and about with their cats on a leash.
  • Should You Fly with Your Dog?  By : Maria Elena
    The holiday season is here, and for many people, travelling is more of their holiday tradition. Going to see family and friends? Good, but will you be taking the dog along for the ride? While there are many ways to travel, flying presents a unique situation for dogs, especially with the tightened security and regulations around airports.
  • Walking Your Dog in the Rain  By : Maria Elena
    Itís that time of day, and your faithful pup is nudging the newspaper out of your hand and handing you its leash. It is a rather clichťd situation, but every dog owner understands the importance of getting out and giving their dog plenty of opportunity to stretch all four of their legs.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Around the Corner  By : Maria Elena
    After our breakfast fun, it was time for our morning walk, which went quite splendidly. The morning air is so much cooler this time of year, and itís a great chance for me to chat with all my friends. Occasionally, Debbie and Izzy join us, but we are alone today.
  • Dog Weight Gain and the Holidays  By : Maria Elena
    Feasting and food are everywhere during the holidays. Snacks for the on-the-go, the kitchen abuzz with commotion and delicious smells, and even family and friends who may not be aware of house rules (or simply ignore them) can leave your dog licking their lips and eager for that tidbit of food to drop.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Shiny Balls and a Tree  By : Maria Elena
    Itís another one of those days. Yep. Iíve got a whole house full of empty. Itís been like this lately. The old man takes off early in the morning. The hat and coat go on, the keys jingle, then he pats me on the head and tells me to be a good boy.
  • Caring For An Old Pet : The Fundamentals  By : Sachin Kumar Airan
    Pets often enrich their owners' lives in so many ways, giving them unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. However, when a pet starts to age, their needs will change, and owners will have to start to watch for the signs that they will need extra care.
  • Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed  By : Scott Lipe
    Information about the Swedish Vallhund dog breed including description, history, size, color and much more.
  • Tips on Stopping the Pull and Tug  By : Maria Elena
    Have you ever taken your dogs to the dog park and found that they are actually taking you to the park? They lead the way by tugging and pulling you. Basically, your dogs are walking you rather than you walking your dogs.
  • Rocky Adventure Ė Cold Feet  By : Maria Elena
    The cold woke me up again. Now usually, Iíd be snuggled up on the couch with the old man, but heís busy wrapping those silly boxes again. So, Iím left here alone, tucked in-between these two cushions.
  • 7 Useful Tips For Creating A Video Of Your Dog  By : Brent A. McCoy
    Here are some of the advantageous pieces of information you need to understand in relation to creating a viral dog video...
  • Dogs On Beaches: How To Prevent Tick Bites  By : Lucy Punch
    Dogs on beaches is a wonderful activity for the family to engage in, but you need to make sure that your dog is safe from the dangers posed by parasitic ticks when you're out. These tips are good advice not only for beaches, but for any outdoor adventures. Remember that ticks carry deadly diseases, and are a serious threat to everyone, pets and people alike.
  • Kennel Air Cleaning System---3 Best Features To Have  By : Debbie Davis
    If you run a kennel, you know how important it is to have it look and smell pristine. It's important to have clean surroundings for the sake of the animals and their owners as well as your staff. Here are 3 features that will insure your kennel air is always fresh.
  • Pet Safety Around Electronics  By : Maria Elena
    Electricity flows through our homes, powering appliances and machinery that help improve the quality of life. Radios, televisions, X-boxes, and even the trimmer or hair straighteners we plug into the wall make life simpler and more entertaining, but they can also be a danger to your dog.
  • October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month  By : Maria Elena
    The fall is here and the cool air makes it wonderful to take walks around the neighborhood, or hang around in the park and watch the leaves fall in the wind. Itís also quite possibly one of the best months to have a manís best friend to enjoy these times with.

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