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  • CEDAW's Imposition on Member States Is Part of the Feminist Fraud  By : Shane Flait
    CEDAW, the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, is a human rights treaty for women adopted by the United Nations. It espouses equality and non-discrimination based on sex and requires UN member states to adjust their laws to abide by it. The fraud is that whatever laws discriminates against men but favors women is OK with them. Here's a typical example...
  • What Do We Know From 9/11?  By : Skip Conover
    It seems to me that what 9/11 tells us emphatically is that human kind must gradually fuse into one unity—perhaps not a perfect one, but one with respect for one another's differences. The American Founding Fathers knew that viscerally, adopting the Latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum" as our national motto. It means "From Many, One."
  • The Purpose of the Military Chain of Command  By : mrnashia
    Every military organization has a chain of command. The chain of command is the leadership structure of the organization and when it is used it effectively forces the organization to operate in an efficient manner.
  • Concerns Caused by Chinese Expansion  By : mrnashia
    The Chinese are making no bones and no real pretenses about what they want to do. This will be a future problem in the world community if nothing is done to keep it under control. Some type of action whether political or military will have to be taken in the future.
  • Will al-Qaeda use Weapons of Mass Destruction  By : mrnashia
    There is no doubt in my mind that al-Qaeda would not hesitate to use these weapons if they had them. Their new leader has long studied using these weapons and is per determined to do so.
  • All About The First Chinese Aircraft Carrier  By : James Marinero
    China has begun sea trials of her first aircraft carrier of the modern era. 'Shi Lang' is an ex-Russian carrier which has been completely refitted. Other countries in the region have disputes with China over the Spratley and Senkaku Islands. What's the story behind the new carrier? Is this new carrier a threat to them, and how is China's strategic stance changing?
  • Is the Drug War our next Frontier  By : mrnashia
    The war on drugs is increasing in severity and complexity. We will have to devote more time and resources into fighting this war if we want to take control of our borders from the drug realers.
  • Two Events That Changed The Course Of World War Two  By : Peter Bruce
    In the second world war, two events were to have a important effect on the final outcome - the Battle of Britain and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Navy SEAL Training  By : mrnashia
    Navy SEAL training is some of the toughest training in the world. SEALs are required to have many different warfighting skills which means that they have to endure many months of brutal specialized training.
  • The Role of the Poppy in the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    The drug trade in Afghanistan has played a large part in financing the efforts of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. This trade has been going on for many thousands of years so it is too entrenched in the operations of that country to stop. As long as there are willing customers there will be a drug trade.
  • Chinese Internet Attacks  By : James Marinero
    Chinese cyberwarfare organisation and the Golden Shield program; ten thousand intelligence agents worldwide are used for humint, but the posture of China in web warfare is aggressive and powerful. This article is a overview of the strategic posture and Chinese plans to project power virtually through the internet.
  • Effects of the Famine in Somalia  By : mrnashia
    The famine in Somalia has created some conditions which are favorable to international action to help the Somali government regain control of some of its territory and fight terrorists. Any action should be quick and limited in thers of time because they have a history og going bad.
  • Fighting the Drug Cartels  By : mrnashia
    The drug wars in the border towns of our Southern border with Mexico are threatening to spill over into this country. We need to quickly get a handle on this problem and contain it to Mexico. We need to do this by any and all means necessary.
  • The Drug Wars Rage On  By : mrnashia
    The drug wars in the border towns of our Southern border with Mexico are threatening to spill over into this country. We need to quickly get a handle on this problem and contain it to Mexico. We need to do this by any and all means necessary.
  • Sweet Land of Liberty  By : Skip Conover
    This year's 4th of July was a most memorable one for me. My wife and I had the honor of attending the Citizenship Ceremony for new Americans at the William Paca [pronounced PayKa] House & Gardens in Annapolis, Maryland. What struck me most about the event was that these 38 new Americans understand better than many native born Americans what being an American really means.
  • What are the Reasons for Terrorism  By : mrnashia
    There are many reasons for terrorism. Terrorists will use them to justify their actions but try as I might I just can't find a way to justify their violence.
  • Feminist 'PC' Media Covers-up Family Court's Tyranny against Fathers  By : Shane Flait
    The unconstitutional denials of fundamental rights that fit fathers face in family court are outrageous. Fathers, their children, and, of course, freedom are being destroyed daily. The feminist-instigated politically correct (PC) media doesn't want you to know about that. It's not part of 'the agenda'. So any such news is obscured, slanted or more generally ignored to enforce the PC view of how you should perceive what's happening.
  • Cheapest Car Rental Malaga  By : Sonny Garrison
    The delightful area of Malaga is fantastically located on the South Coast of Spain, aka the glorious Costa Del Sol, which of course translates to the 'Sunshine Coast' and if in fact it is sun that you're searching for your trip or perhaps a mini break away look no further for Malaga is blessed with plenty of sun anually. In fact it was recently delared one of the sunniest places in the whole of Europe and if you are a beach lover you can pretty much count on the fact that you will be r...
  • The US will Block a Palestinian bid for UN Recognition  By : mrnashia
    The Palestinians request for UN recognition won't fly in the face of US opposition. The only way to achieve peace will be through honest, open negotiation.
  • Methods Of Deception - The Radicals Of The Left And The Radicals Of Islam  By : Howard Jacobs
    Radicals on the left have become sympathizers with radical Islamists. People on the left are quick to condemn the US and Israel for the slightest perceived wrong but are always ready to accept wild conspiracy theories or to excuse radical acts of violence done in the name of Islam. Both the radical left and radical Islamists seem to have a hatred of the west. They also use similar methods to try to achieve their goals.
  • Revolutionary Reality In Yemen - The Consequences For The West  By : Phil Marks
    The Yemen is a crucial strategic partner for the West, but recent revolutionary events and Al Quaeda have thrown doubt on this partnership. With a crucial oil and trade conduit within 20 miles of its shores, it also has effective control of the Suez Canal. So, how critical is the Yemen to the West?
  • The Philosophies of the Bush and Obama Administrations on Terror  By : mrnashia
    The initial philosophy that we used to fight the war on terror was good but it did not really apply to that war. A new philosophy had to be determined which changed our tactics to fit the war.
  • What Will Be the After Effects of the Death of Ahmed Wali Karzai  By : mrnashia
    If his replacement is not able to get rolling quickly the death of Mr Karzai will have serious implications on his countrymen and NATO operations in Afghanistan.
  • The Office of Secretary of State  By : mrnashia
    The office of Secretary of State is very crucial and sensitive. The person who holds this office must be a seasoned politician who has intimate knowledge of the mindset and objectives of presidential foreign policy.
  • How To Understand Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid  By : Marilyn Katz
    The future of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are being discussed right now. Many Americans do not really understand these large programs though. Please take five minutes to learn the basics so you can understand these important US programs that millions of Americans rely on.
  • The US Unveils a new Plan to Fight al-Qaeda  By : mrnashia
    The war on terror has changed since its inception. The change in tactics requires a change in the way that we will fight the war.
  • What Minnesota Politicians Can Learn From New York Negotiators  By : Kathy Gillen
    Right now Minnesota is shut down. There has been a bitter battle between the two factions, and their games are costing us millions of dollars of wasted money and energy each day. We are in a Lose-Lose situation.

    Lack of negotiation effectiveness is costing Minnesota millions of dollars. Discover the four steps that New York Negotiators effectively used to pass legislation.
  • A Fast Analysis of the War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    There are many pros and cons that go along with the current war on terror. The question at the end of the day remains and probably can't be answered. Was it worth it all?
  • Creating a Custom Military Ring for the Field Artillery Officer  By : mrnashia
    There are many different possibilities for the young field artillery officer to choose from whenever he chooses to create a military ring.
  • Information On Shop Vac Parts  By : binker posse
    With all the Shop Vac, absolutely no wreck will be uncontrollable! These kinds of heavy-duty cleaning appliances are usually thus ingenious you should utilize these in a different space for nearly every cleansing problem.
  • Terrorism Studies Programs Incorporate Terrorism Theory and Fundamentals of Counter-Terrorism  By : Dan Sommer
    This essay provides an overview of terrorism studies programs, an explanation of counter-terrorism, and then explains why terrorism studies programs must incorporate both counter-terrorism strategy as well as the theoretical underpinnings of terrorism.
  • New Leadership for al-Qaeda  By : mrnashia
    Battlefield logistics is a much different animal than the logistics required to run a large company or organization. Battlefield logistics has a dynamic which no other type of operation can match.
  • The Dynamics of Battlefield Logistics  By : mrnashia
    Battlefield logistics is a much different animal than the logistics required to run a large company or organization. Battlefield logistics has a dynamic which no other type of operation can match.
  • The Man To Beat in 2012  By : Howard Jacobs
    Is Barack Obama unbeatable in the 2012 presidential election? Many pundits believe so. Given the many groups of people that Obama has insulted in his first term and the current state of the country, can it be true that he will be difficult to defeat?
  • Common Sense And So Called Gay Marriage During Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Month  By : Howard Jacobs
    I walked into my office recently and saw this sign in the building lobby: "[XYZ] Company is proud to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender month." Other than the "XYX" that is the actual sign. I wondered why we were celebrating this, especially the Transgender part (no pun there). I think we have completely lost our collective minds.
  • Election Issues for 2014  By : Richard Albright
    America's up and coming presidential field is faced with many problems. America's housing market, its real estate slump, and the stalled job market all remain a problem. What will the political field look like as potential candidates vie for the White House, and who is willing to back them?
  • What Is The Future of The War on Terror  By : mrnashia
    The war on terror is poised to make a dramatic change. The new technology which was developed and rushed into the field has made the difference for our military. The question now is how will the terror organizations that we fight adapt to our new strategies and how will we adapt to their changers?
  • Driving Rights for Saudi Women  By : Daniel Gaijin
    The Harley-Davidson clubs of Saudi Arabia could provide an invaluable service while highlighting the right of women to drive anywhere in the Kingdom. Once that is accomplished, the government can simply begin to issue Saudi driver's licenses to women. After a few more weeks of controversy, life would go on, and the CPVPV would have to find something else to whine and wet about—and they will.
  • Gulag America And The Doctrine Of Inherent Goodness  By : Stan Moody
    As our prisons overflow and our rockets blast holes in real estate thousands of miles away, gated communities shape our values as a nation...
  • The Role of the Executive Officer  By : mrnashia
    The executive officer is directly responsible for insuring that the policies of the commander are instituted in the unit.
  • What Is The Future Of The US Army  By : mrnashia
    The nation which hopes to be victorious in warfare is the nation which learns to prepare for contingencies and adapt to situations as they occur.
  • Paul Chehade for US President 2012 - Election 2012 - PRESS KIT  By : Lizabeth Karleen
    Paul Chehade - Independent for US President 2012. It is time for all proud Americans to return to our values, to the foundation of our nation. We have had enough of politics and partisan privileges. I am not a politician, not a millionaire. I am just a simple person like most of us that loves and cares for our country. Paul Chehade.
  • Sacrifice, Guilt And Giving Back - The Three Stooges Of Leftist Politics  By : Howard Jacobs
    Barack Obama recently said that if the lower and middle classes are asked to do without, then the rich should also be asked to sacrifice. Obama's statement presupposes that money going from individuals to government is a good thing. Are lower and middle classes really sacrificing when government programs are scaled back or is it a benefit to everyone, rich and poor alike, to scale back programs that don't work?
  • The Gulag Supremacy: Judgment In The Hands Of The Christian Right  By : Stan Moody
    Winning or Losing; in power or out of power, the Christian Right advances its agenda of domestic and international dominion through its surrogate, the Republican Party...Neither fair play nor truth will stand in its way...The secret is the moral objectivity of a Creator God imparted to the faithful, the Sermon on the Mount notwithstanding...
  • Win a Green Card,Enter the Green Card Lottery,USA Green Card Lottery  By : Timothy Alvarez
    The USA Green Card Lottery is an official method of the United States Authorities to matter legal U.S. green cards each 12 months via a lottery program. If you would like to take part in the Green Card Lottery Method, you ought to make certain that you fulfill all the stipulated qualifying requirements. If you are qualified, you can go forward and use for the U.S. Green Card Lottery. The yearly Diversity Immigrant Visa Method has as an digital registration program to guarantee safety. ...
  • Youth Unemployment Concerns  By : Stephanie Staszko
    Government plans for investment to reduce youth unemployment rates.
  • A Modest Proposal To Heal The Earth  By : Howard Jacobs
    There is a theory accepted by many people, including Barack Obama Science Czar Cass Sunstein, that overpopulation is among the biggest problems facing the earth. We here at our organization The Bastion of Urban Renewal and Progress (BURP) share this view and would like to offer our proposal for how to resolve this growing problem.
  • Electoral College Pros And Cons  By : Benjamin Rivera
    Everything has its pros and cons, likewise, there are Electoral College pros and cons. The Electoral college has been into existence for the past 200 years although, there have been some amendments, which have been made to the law regarding
  • The Life of a Military Spouse  By : mrnashia
    We all know that the life of a service member is a hard life. What most don't realize however is that the military spouse lives a life which is just as difficult. The spouse fights a different type of war than the service member who may be sent to serve in harms way.
  • The US and Pakistan will Partner on Future High Value Targets  By : mrnashia
    This new agreement seems to be designed to allow the Pakistanis to save face in the event of future terrorist strikes by the US. The US has to be able to strike into Pakistan if they find other high value terror targets there.
  • Maine Wants A Piece Of Arizona's Immigration Law  By : Stan Moody
    The private prison industry has its sights set on the exploding illegal immigration market...A bill in Maine would back door Arizona's dream law and move detainees to the inaccessible town of Milo, ME in exchange for shipping Maine prisoners out-of-state...The winner, of course, would be Corrections Corporation of America...The losers would be family members of non-violent Maine prisoners...
  • New Texas Legislative Energy Bills and Their Impact to the Industry  By : ShopTexasEnergyHouston
    The 2011 Texas Legislative Session was well underway for quite some time now and there were various bills proposed and voted upon. Among these, three particular bills emerged that generated a significant stir among the players and concerned sectors in the Texas electricity and energy industry.
  • Lower Taxes Do Not Create Jobs  By : Skip Conover
    Republican dogma is that lower taxes create jobs. Wrong! Job creation statistics do not support their claim.
  • Death Of Bin Laden: Doomsday Or Renewal?  By : Stan Moody
    Is the death of bin Laden the end of America as we know it or the end of our national nightmare? Stan Moody compares the despair reflected in the writings of Pulitzer Prize winner, Chris Hedges, with the hope embodied in the President's words announcing the execution...
  • Are You Ready to Give Up Social Security?  By : Skip Conover
    The Conservative mantra is "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. We must protect our Freedom." What Republicans mean by that is their Freedom to take advantage of most of us. As Bill Moyers once said, "A free market for the wolves means a slaughter for the lambs."
  • The United States Clandestine War Against Iran  By : mrnashia
    The United States and Israel have to employ every possible technique in their arsenal in order to prevent the Iranians from acquiring nuclear weapons.
  • How are Hosni Mubarak and Atahualpa Alike?  By : Skip Conover
    Environments change! Recent events suggest that several environmental factors within society, developments of the 20th Century, will change human societies forever over the next millennium. These developments are computer networks, nonviolent protest, and persistence of the human spirit.
  • War And Prison: Instruments Of Christian Darwinism  By : Stan Moody
    Too often, we dismiss the Christian Right as an anomaly in American politics...In fact, the agenda remains the same whether in the majority or minority - Dominionism...It is an encroaching heresy that is masks itself in the concept of limited government, an objective to limit access to civil rights...America's flirtation with this ideology is moving it steadily right...
  • The Big Government Virus  By : Howard Jacobs
    Democrats seem to always push for tax increases. They market these increases as being "moral", or as they are fond of saying "Paying your fair share". They talk of paying more taxes as being patriotic. The reality of tax increases, however, is not patriotic and certainly not moral. Tax increases set a series of events in motion that are virus-like in the horrific chain reaction they set in motion in the economy.
  • The Operation Against Osama Bin Laden  By : mrnashia
    When you look at the operation to remove Osama bin Laden you will see a lot of details that might escape the attention of the person who is not familiar with these types of military operations.
  • Missing at the Royal Wedding 2  By : GARETH FRASER
    Britain’s royal wedding, watched by billions, is significant not so much for the royal pomp surrounding it, but for one key missing element. This was the first time that a famous block of sandstone, once resident under King Edward’s chair in Westminster Abbey, was missing from that place in the continuum of a line of royal weddings since King Edward took the stone forcefully from the Scots in a.d. 1296.

    Queen Elizabeth, in concert with the British Parliament, permitted the stone of Sc...
  • What Would Jesus Do With A 9mm Glock?  By : Stan Moody
    Whatever it is about right wing politicians that drives them to develop lists of their enemies, a Maine State legislator has taken lists to an art form...Following on the heels of a bill to create a registry for animal abusers, Rep. Richard Cebra seeks to create a list of OUI offenders...Along with a bill to permit concealed weapons within the State House and a bill to nullify Federal laws, Cebra has distinguished himself...
  • Judicial Protection Against Elimination From Trade And Industry Groups  By : William H Tobolsky
    An article written by Cherry Hill Lawyers William H. Tobolsky. Discover the article by Lawyers Cherry Hill William H. Tobolsky
  • Scotland Goes To The Polls - Politics With A Tartan Twist  By : Anna Murray
    As Scotland looks set to be the focus of attention on the 5th of May as they vote for AV and for the Scottish Parliament, this article looks at the tartans that would complement each of the major players.
  • Prison Requiem: Thomas Joseph Hart  By : Stan Moody
    Tom Hart - just another mentally ill prisoner or a human being worthy of some degree of respect? He died as he had lived - abuser, abused, homeless and out of sync with his surroundings...
  • Republican Senators Break The Eleventh Commandment And Blast Gov. Paul LePage  By : Stan Moody
    8 Maine Republican Senators, swept into office on the coattails of Gov. Paul LePage, now applaud his politics while condemning his style...After his apology to them, and while he was on vacation, they ran an Op Ed piece in the major dailies in Maine distancing themselves from him in view of the next election...
  • Strategic Planning for Economic Development-Making Blueprints  By : Mohammed Tanko
    Economic development is the catalyst for sustained progress and prosperity form the individual level to organisations and naation states.To achieve resounding success that lasts,a lot of practical education and planning is esssential.Governments and Institutions are in the forefront of ensuring that for progressive GDP and gradually onto per capita advancement.Individulas also get motivated and marsharl the private sector for overall achievement
  • Government Power and Money Assures More Tyranny under Feminist Greater Good Excuses  By : Shane Flait
    The divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) doesn't create real product. It's a parasite industry funded by taxpayers and extortion of fathers. It wholly depends on unconstitutional court orders that rob fathers of their children and create abusers under phony laws. Its guaranteed state power and its feminist push for 'safety of women' and 'the best interest of the child' excuses assures more tyranny. Here's how.
  • What List Are You On?  By : Stan Moody
    In the interest of one group or another, government has slowly but surely categorized us by list in order to predict our actions. The sex offender list being the most virulent of lists, a bill in Maine will create a list for animal abusers. Lists detach us from the need to make face-to-face judgments.
  • Is Libya Turning Into Another Iraq War?  By : JD Hoopes
    This question is being asked by ordinary citizens throughout many
    countries around the world, none the least by Americans, French and
    British, the three principal countries currently involved in bombing
    Colonel Muammar Gadaffi's Headquarters, and other military
    installations in that country.
  • Defanging the Royal Navy 41  By : Ben Fox
    If it were possible, Nelson would have rolled over groaning in his grave at the latest debacle involving the once invincible Royal Navy.

    In an incident publicized Tuesday via both press and television in Britain, a British naval vessel captured a group of pirates off the coast of Somalia, took them aboard, fed them, gave them cigarettes and promptly sent them on their merry way to continue repeating their dastardly crimes on the high seas.

    A couple of recent trips to Britain convince...
  • EP Women's Rights Committee Demand Women's Privileges and Benefits - Naturally  By : Shane Flait
    Women representatives of the European Parliament (EP) naturally spend their time demanding privileges and benefits for single women and their children. Women's rights have nothing to do with equal opportunity for women. They're all about demanding benefits for irresponsible and selfish women usually at the expense of men and their fundamental rights and their children. Here's what's going on the EP.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East  By : Gabrielsawma
    As the United States and its allies struggle to get to grips with its new challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, pundits, scholars and journalists have combed every inch of the Muslim Brotherhood’s history for clues to what might happen in the event the movement takes control over the region.
  • Maine Murderer Takes The Fall For Connecticut Priest  By : Stan Moody
    Politicians are so consumed with fear over public backlash for doing something bold that they leave a lot of human suffering in their wake...The judge in the murder trial of Jeff Libby gave him 60 years for murdering his grandfather - 10 more than asked for by the prosecution...The Governor of Maine refused to permit him a clemency hearing until he had served 50% of his sentence, even though we now know he was sexually molested by a priest...
  • It's Not About Jobs  By : Scott F Paradis
    The rancor over unemployment is not about jobs. The seminal issue is prosperity. The dilemma the United States faces is a declining standard of living for the middleclass. Lack of jobs is just one more symptom in a system increasingly dependent on life support. The United States has been concentrating wealth in the hands of a privileged few at an ever increasing and alarming rate.
  • How Do Americans Feel About Saving Libyan Resistance?  By : Skip Conover
    If Muslims want to experience less hate in the United States, they would do well to emphasize the positive aspects of their culture. More Americans will thereby be persuaded of the positive values of Islam. Suppression of Muslims globally is largely executed by other Muslims, not by Americans. This is an undeniable fact.
  • Will Democracy Work for Egypt  By : mrnashia
    I believe that the new Egyptian government will be able to stand in spite of the difficulties which are normally associated with the establishment of any new government.
  • Eurozone and the Spirit of Charlemagne 4  By : Boyd Hammond
    Just as German elites bullied Europe into accepting a single currency, they are achieving, by the same process, a fiscal union on the Continent. The end result is that Berlin will ultimately control currency, interest rates and taxation Europe-wide. At that point, EU members will have lost all sense of national sovereignty. The European Union will have become a singular, imperial political entity, in reality a Fourth Reich—none other than the seventh, and final, resurrection of the Hol...
  • Why Woman Power and Peace Come Hand in Hand?  By : Skip Conover
    Women must take a larger role in Muslim societies. For many patriarchal reasons of culture, location on the planet, and stages of development, women have been disenfranchised in many parts of the Muslim World for millennia. But for the sake of peace in the world, the status of women in Islamic society must change.
  • Maine Prison Advocacy Group Files Federal Complaint On Prisoner Deaths  By : Stan Moody
    A number of recent rsuspicious deaths in or around segregation within the Maine prison system has prompted the Maine Prison Advocacy Coalition to file a formal request for investigation with the US Department of Justice...Among the complaints were callous medical attention, abuse of chronically ill prisoners and cremation of bodies without properly notifying next of kin...
  • Prison Chaplains - The Last Line Of Defense Against Secrecy And Abuse  By : Stan Moody
    Prison officials have tried, with only minimal success, to muzzle chaplains who advocate for human rights...This is the story of two chaplains separated by hundreds of miles but attempting to remain true to their convictions in a culture in which professionals are balancing their own good against a demand for conscience...It is a losing battle, as prisons tighten the leaks to an increasingly informed public...
  • Don't Be Scared of Your Drill Sergeant  By : eric ward
    At basic training you are always being told what to do, how to do it and what way it should be done. Wouldn't it be nice for this to be reversed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could wake up in the morning and tell your Drill Sergeant what you wanted for breakfast? Well I have good news for you Private, now you can...
  • Prison Reform: Is "Joe The Boss" Ready For Prime Time?  By : Stan Moody
    Joe Ponte has been a very successful prison warden but never a commissioner...We suspect that he is feeling a bit of nervous restraint right now by moving into the political realm...Initial indications are unsettling - too much emphasis on retirement and not enough on wrestling that booger to the ground!
  • Democrats Need Obama to Bring the Black Vote  By : nataniell marley
    One of the big reasons that President Obama was able to win in 2008 was his ability to convince the Black vote to the Democratic ticket. And, because he was getting them to come out and vote, Democrats gained many more seats than they might have in the election. However, this year is a midterm election and therefore, it's an election that typically doesn??Tt bring out a lot of of the black vote let alone any of the vote.
  • Jungian Personality Types in Revolution 2.0  By : Skip Conover
    In order to understand the significance of the MBTI to Revolution 2.0, one must first understand its basic context. Upon completion of the test, the subject is placed in one of 16 personality profiles. This is accomplished based on placing their answers on four scales, and an individual can fall anywhere along these scales, including in the middle.
  • Prison Rape Reform Makes For Strange Cell-Fellows  By : Stan Moody
    As we get closer to the 2012 elections, prison reform will be on the agenda due to escalating budgetary and human dignity costs...The problem with prison reform as a political issue, however, is that it cannot be solved with a sound bite...Prison rape is symtomatic of the shroud of secrecy that shields prisons from public view...Evangelicals and social activists, as strange cell-fellows, are working together to address this problem...
  • A Quran Burning Causes Violence in the Middle East  By : mrnashia
    The boneheaded action of one or two people sometimes causes widespread repurcussions.
  • Maine Corrections Commissioner Hits The Ground Running!  By : Stan Moody
    Wiser staff members at Maine State Prison in Warren insisted that the only path to change was new blood from the top down...New Commissioner Ponte is wasting no time chopping heads and restructuring...And he is doing it alone...
  • Prison Reform: Moving Beyond the Scott Sisters  By : Stan Moody
    Prison reform advocates tend to focus on individual human rights cases and leave behind the systemic problems that created and sustain those abuses...Dr. Boyce Watkins suggests that while high profile cases like the Scott Sisters are compelling, we should never lose sight of the big picture...As an example, he suggests that the release of the Scott Sisters took the Georgia Prison Strike off the front page...
  • What is the Future of our Military?  By : mrnashia
    Our military has undergone a major transformation in the last forty years and must continue to adapt to warfare as it changes with time.
  • Wall Street Dupes Middle Class with Social Issues  By : Skip Conover
    Did you ever wonder why Wall Street bankers think they are worth $100 million bonuses? They think they are worth it because they have skewed the concentration of wealth in the United States. They are getting away with ripping off the Middle Class, and few of them have gone to prison for their behavior. Every so often, though, they overstep, and then we all get to see and feel the consequences directly.
  • The Principles of Psychological Warfare  By : mrnashia
    Psychological warfare takes on many shapes and forms.
  • Should we have Targeted Colonel Mohmmar Gadhafi  By : mrnashia
    You have a friend who you may not even know. He has been there for you all along. Don't neglect him.
  • Death Row Organ Banks  By : Stan Moody
    As a logjam of executions builds due to a shortage of lethal injection sedatives, states are wrestling with the ethics of permitting organ donations by death row prisoners seeking one more chance at humanity...
  • Is Revolution 2.0 Leaderless?  By : Skip Conover
    In the course of human events things sometimes get so bad that something must change and everyone knows it. This is what we are seeing play out across the Arab world today. The problem is that a common effort of getting rid of a Mubarak or Gadhafi does not result from the work of a single leader. As we see in Revolution 2.0, social media are strong in spreading a consensus quickly, but they are poor at identifying leadership.
  • Denial Is A River In Gotham City, Maine  By : Stan Moody
    We think of government as being a protector of truth...In reality, government is protector of our denial system forged in disenchantment with our lives and fortunes...The lurch from one political extreme to another is a function of which denial is in vogue...
  • New EU Attack on City of London 4  By : Tony Pierce
    The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted by an overwhelming majority on March 8 to impose a financial transaction tax—a so-called Tobin Tax. The tax, charged on every single trade conducted by European banks, will bring €200 billion annually directly into EU coffers.

    When implemented, the effect of this tax on the UK will be massively disproportionate, given that around 80 percent of all European hedge fund transactions take place in London. One estimate calculated that, without bu...
  • With the 2011 Budget Fast Approaching UK Business Calls for a 'Business Budget'  By : Timothy Frodsham
    The retail industry has been hit hard over the last few years and many
    companies have struggled to survive. Recent Government policy decisions
    have hit the retail industry hard, and now the British Retail
    Consortium (BRC) has urged the Chancellor, George Osborne, to introduce
    measures to support the struggling British economy in this month's
  • One Nation Under Debt  By : Scott F Paradis
    Robert Wright offers two golden nuggets in "One Nation Under Debt: Hamilton, Jefferson, and the History of What We Owe" making the, at times tedious, historical exploration of the establishment of the national debt most telling and fruitful: the debt brought and held the nation together at its most crucial hour; and the "development diamond" is a viable tool to gage past achievements and to leverage for future success.
  • Libya Is a Success for Obama  By : Skip Conover
    President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have done a masterful job of handling the diplomacy necessary for the Libyan crisis, setting the stage for tectonic shifts in world affairs. In one stroke they have reset international expectations about the Middle East, and set the world on a course for a better future.

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