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  • " Sacred Triage" As Practiced By Pope Francis  By : Michael A Massa, JD
    Sacred Triage, A Commentary on how Pope Fancis is methodically and surgically healing the Catholic Church,
    using the analogy of a medical surgeon's skills
  • "Learn The Meditation Secrets Of The Masters Of Zen Buddhism"  By : Mark Syme
    Who else wants to find out the secrets to meditation and Zen Buddhism? Read this article and find out what it all means
  • "The Secret" And The Balance of Good And Evil  By : Rob Marshall
    The Law of Attraction has become a very popular subject these days, as well as a target for criticism. Some people are starting to ask questions like: How does the Law of Attraction explain events like 9/11? When we view the world from a Christian perspective, we know why there is evil and what can be done about it.
  • "The Secret" May Have Some Problems  By : Rob Marshall
    "The Secret" is a best-selling movie and book about something called the Law of Attraction. From a Christian perspective, the movie has a couple problems.
  • 1 Does the New Testament Gospel Really Teach Us To Continually Confess Our Sins to God?  By : Roger Himes
    Probably one of the most regularly teachings in the church is on confession of sin. I've heard it preached since the year I became a Christian. And it's all based off one lone, single passage: I John 1:9. In all of his writings (and he wrote over half the New Testament), Paul was the great theologian. He never mentions it one single time. We've gotten in a "sin-loop" that keeps us from seeing and understanding the gospel truth of God.
  • 10 Bible Character Riddles for Your Preschoolers  By : The Scripture Lady
    Have you ever told your preschooler a riddle? Why not start today with these fun Bible riddles…
  • 10 Days, 10 Ways to Return to Your Best Self: A T'shuvah Guide for the High Holidays  By : Nina Amir
    The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called the High Holidays or the Days of Awe. They are a time for Jews--or anyone--to go inward and consider how to "do t'shuvah," to turn back to God and to their best self. Here are 10-days of exercises for this introspective process and to give structure to the Days of Awe. This allows readers to consider their sins and how to rectify them and how to achieve their full human potential.
  • 10 Ways To Access The Power Source  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Learn To Live From Your Greatest Strength By Accessing Your Power Source
  • 11 Ways Nurses Can Become Mystics  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    Nurses Are Healers, But They May Not Always Know This. Nurses Are Mystics, Too--But They Definitely Do Not Know It.
  • 12 Kwanzaa Quotes to Celebrate This Magical Time of Year  By : Noel Jameson
    Do you really understand Kwanzaa? Not its history or how it was started, but the meaning of the holiday at its core? If you think you know Kwanzaa (or even if you don't) these 7 Kwanzaa quotes can help you understand the true meaning of the celebration.
  • 12 Volt Christmas Lights Save You Money  By : Dominik Hussl
    Not only are they beautiful, many 12 volt Christmas lights and Christmas light decorations are also a great way to save money during the winter holiday season Thanks to new technology, they are low voltage, and therefore more cost friendly compared to high voltage lights
  • 2012 - The Year of Project Enoch  By : Reece Woodstock
    The 2012 controversy has taken on a new meaning with the the debate over the meaning of Poject Enoch. Is there a plan to combine secret super science with the supernatural to produce significant fabricated events that will cause great confusion amongst some of the major world religions?
  • 2012 End of World Prophecy  By : Dana Goldberg
    Several very bad disasters happened on planet Earth in the past years. Massive earthquakes, super typhoons, global warming, floods, and even other severe crisis and disasters have been shaking up people's view about the state of our beloved planet. There are people out there that claim these disasters are signs that all point to the final Apocalypse 2012.
  • 2012: The Theories, The Prophecies, The Aftermath  By : Dr. Rita Louise
    The thought of the year 2012 brings to the minds of many images of death and destruction, gloom and doom, and the potential reemergence of mankind from its ashes. In the last few years there have been countless books, movies and television specials discussing what the authors believe will come to pass on December 21, 2012. After investigating all of the existing evidence, I have come to my own conclusion as to what will transpire on that exceedingly anticipated date.
  • 21st Century Media and Scriptural Tools  By : Adoni Zedek
    As a Christian in today's society it is EXTREMELY important to continually be seeking to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of scripture. The Church today has some very puzzling characteristics about it. One thing in particular is that we are probably less informed about the scriptures than at ANY point in the Christian church. Sure we know John 3:16 and a few others by heart, but what percentage of church members to you think could tell you the story of Barak? Can you? How about even naming the ten commandments? Naming the twelve disciples?
  • 3 Most Famous Locations Where Voo Doo Is Practiced  By : Michael Dierson
    Thousands of years ago, voodoo began as a religion used in certain regions in Africa. These days, there are numerous places where voodoo is practiced. It might be intriguing for you to know exactly where this religion continues to be observed. Different areas in different continents of the world have their own type of voodoo. Different gods and certain rituals are usually employed.
  • 3 Prayer Keys  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    In these troubled and uneasy days of economic uncertainty, there are many people who need help. More people are praying and asking God to help them more than ever before. That is often the case when there is a crisis. Here are three simple prayer keys.
  • 3 Reasons Why Email Psychic Reading is The Best Way to Seek a Psychic’s Advice  By : KeliyahArt
    Visiting a psychic every time you seek help can be difficult and inefficient due to several reasons. During past couple of decades things have changed dramatically in all sorts of domains, and a major change has been seen in the mediums of informatio
  • 3 Things You Need To Make Spiritual Progress  By : Mark Z.
    There are 3 things you need to make spiritual progress in this world...
  • 3 Ways To Stop Limiting God In Your Life  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    This article can change your prayer life. It will show you three ways that people limit God in their lives. You can stop limiting God in your life and start receiving His favor and blessings.
  • 5 Tremendous Arguments Why It Really Is A Great Good Thing To Be You  By : Steve Evans
    Possibly like myself you are having a hard go of it finding self-acceptance. The Lord once said to me: "I want you to trust that it is a great good thing to be you-- simply because you have Me for your God!" Then He detailed why. This brought tons of emotional healing! These five factors are true for you as well. Put your faith in them and receive greater joy from your life in Christ.
  • 5 Amazing Gifts to Celebrate at Christmas  By : Todd Rutherford
    There are amazing gifts that are available to the believer in Jesus Christ.
  • 5 Bible Verses About Healing the Human Spirit  By : Pete Stockton
    The human spirit has been through tough times It's seen the Black Plague, it's overcome the Great Fire of London, it has lived through two World Wars, it has witnessed that fateful day of 9/11, etc
  • 5 Cost-Effective Giveaways to Encourage Fellowship and Church Participation  By : Caryn Smith
    With so many things competing for your church members’ time & attention these days you need a little imagination to help them gain more from their church experience and give back to the community.
  • 5 Field Tested Motivations For Releasing Forgiveness--Counting The Ones The Lord Puts To Use  By : Steve Evans
    Forgiveness is difficult work! Our angry thoughts frequently attach to us just like cement. It hurts to keep focusing on previous wrongs. It takes time and effort to become free. We find ourself asking, "Why should I forgive?" Let all of these five powerful God-given motivations come to your rescue!
  • 5 Hanukkah Quotes to Celebrate an Amazing Religious Holiday  By : Noel Jameson
    Ready for some Hanukkah quotes? The 8-day celebration is upon us and in full swing. Let these 5 Hanukkah quotes remind us of what and why we celebrate this time of year.
  • 5 Step to a Smooth and Memorable Christening Ceremony  By : Jill Fox
    Steps to planning a christening cermeony that will go smoothly and be memorable.
  • 5 Ways to Find a Good Jewish Wedding Photographer  By : Mark Etinger
    The article is about how to find a good Jewish wedding photographer.
  • 7 Benefits to Developing a Personal Worship Time  By : Jean Welles
    We were made to worship a Holy God. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits, but adding worship takes the benefits to a whole new level.
  • 7 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree Makes Memories  By : Eliz Guide
    A 7 foot artificial Christmas tree can be seen in millions of households during the winter holiday It has become a very popular choice, and that is saying a lot considering they come in many different sizes
  • 7 Tips For Spirituality, Making A Connection  By : Bill Urell
    The question is often asked, what can I do to improve my spirituality? Here are 7 concrete action steps.
  • 9 Important Things You Should Know About The Scientology Religion  By : frikky
    Scientology is a religion or a religious cult that espouses three fundamental truths: that man is essentially spiritual, that he has limitless capabilities and that he is proficient at reaching higher states of spiritual freedom. Its beliefs maintain that while it is difficult for man to can go back to his original godlike form as a Thetan, there are solutions and methodologies that could guide him to that perfect state.
  • A Basis For the Declaration of Morality  By : Jared B. Hobbs
    Found in the philosophy of morality of Immanuel Kant and introduced in his work Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals are the concepts of categorical and hypothetical imperatives.
  • A Boring Sermon and the Bible  By : Robin Calamaio
    Have you ever endured a boring sermon? Have you ever wondered what God Himself may think about such thing? Does He even have an opinion?
  • A Brief Introduction to Christianity  By : Barney Garcia
    Although Christianity can be recognized as one of the most common religions around the world, many people are virtually unaware of what Christianity really is. The following article is intended as an introduction to Christianity for non-Christians. It is a brief overview of the major beliefs that are involved in Christianity.
  • A Christmas Holiday Message from Archangels Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Uriel and Raphael  By : Glenn Harrison
    Archangels Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Uriel and Raphael deliver a Christmas message to wake us up about the senseless atrocities and prejudices we are allowing globally. It is time to stop following blindly, laws and writings that are not of your time. It is time to learn from your enemies. Yes you're different, but you are also one and the same. You all share the same air and planet. You all possess the ability to love and care.
  • A Christmas Quiz  By : Gary Kurz
    Everyone has their own idea about Christmas. But few know the "facts" as given by the Bible. Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge. I think you will be surprised at how much you know (or don't know).
  • A Community of Jewish Teenagers Grows in the US  By : Shana Attar and Chana Rusanov
    "If you are ready, put your hands in the air," the Rabbi bellowed over a megaphone as the Queen Victoria yacht, with some 250 teens, their Rabbis and advisers, departed New York City's Pier 78.
  • A Complete Human Being  By : Shirlee Hall
    It is time to be balanced and bring understanding and order into humanities consciousness. Everyone has within them the aspects of the feminine and the masculine principles. Why not balance them and become a complete human being?
  • A Confusing Stance on Religion by the United States Government  By : Jim Ford
    No wonder the people in America are confused when it comes to religion and religious freedom. Maybe the government is confused too.
  • A Course In Miracles Could Transform You Into the Person You Truly Are  By : Chris Cade
    If you are an individual who feels strongly about their spiritual health and outlook of life you should learn more about A Course In Miracles. Increase the value of your perspective on life and grow spiritually.
  • A Deeper Look at the Ten Commandments  By : Andrew Cort
    At Mt Sinai, God addressed humanity directly, giving us the gift of the Ten Commandments -- the necessary moral and spiritual preparation which must be achieved before one can safely cross the threshold between Earth and Heaven.
  • A Difference Of Opinion: Jehovah's Witnesses Vs. Christianity  By : Alex Best
    It is absolutely fascinating to examine the beliefs of certain branches of Christianity in relation to each other, especially when two are so different that you wonder how they were ever related to each other.
  • A Discussion Of Buddhist Vegetarians  By : Gen Wright
    Contrary to common perception, Buddhists are not absolute vegetarians. To set the facts straight, some Buddhists are practicing vegetarians while others are not. The stand on vegetarianism differs from sect to sect and from one Buddhist to another. When you are wondering if there is a necessity to observe vegetarianism when one wants to become a Buddhist, you will most likely get a conditional answer.
  • A Divided Anointing  By : YesuMob
    The pharisaical priests carried a priestly anointing, but were devoid of God's power This produced a religious life based on outward appearance of holiness without an inward change of heart
  • A Gospel Tip from The Gospel Coach: BEWARE!! Don't Live Life in AD With BC Thinking  By : Roger Himes
    Would you use an old typewriter to try to access the internet -- the World Wide Web? Of course not. I like to say, "I may be dumb about some things, but I'm not stupid!" But too many Christians try to live a BC life in the Old Covenant, instead of a power-filled, abundant life in the New Covenant. The difference is like light and dark -- which is one of the contrasts the Apostle Paul himself uses.
  • A Guide To Interpreting Tarot Cards  By : Lisa Ray
    This article discusses the two primary methods used to interpret tarot cards. It is suitable for beginners or those interested in learning how to get started.
  • A History of Christmas Carols - Their Origins and Significance  By : Robert Hinchliffe
    The history of Christmas Carols goes back as far as the 13th century. The word carol is an old word for a verse song with a refrain, so Christmas Carol simply means a song on a Christmas theme. This very seasonal form of worship music has a long tradition in most countries of Western Europe, a tradition which has spread throughout the whole of the Christian world. In France they are called "Noels"; in Germany they have the "Weihnachtslieder".
  • A History of Padre Pio  By : Robert Thomson
    Like St. Paul before him, Padre Pio da Pietrelcina had the Cross of the Lord at the center of his...
  • A Legend About Our Angels All Over the Place  By : Grahame Peters
    Many people believe we have at least 1 Angel and/or Spirit Guide by our side. Many of us believe we've got a lot more than that. But what if you don’t believe?
  • A Lifeline In These Troubled Times  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Like many people in these troubled times, a number of things in my life have changed too. My wife Kathy and I have had to make lots of adjustments. But there is one thing that we will never ever consider letting go of; it is our lifeline.
  • A Look At How You Can Spot Legitimate Pyschics  By : anne
    When it comes to picking the best among so many different pyschics, it is important to know how to make the right choices. The fact of the matter is that each of these professionals is different and they are in fact not created equal. As with any kind of endeavor, so with psychics; each is suited according to their nature and also their temperament. Some like the lure of money while others are attracted to this profession because of the glory that they hope to get and a small minority are those that wish to simple let others in on information that they have received.
  • A Look At The History Of Taoism And What Is Is  By : Gregg Hall
    Tao which is actually pronounced as "dow" is translated to mean the way or path in English. Tao in reality is not so easily definable. Tao is the power of the universe that encompasses and moves through all things, both living and non living.
  • A Look At The Many Different Kinds Of Psychic Readings  By : anne
    There are different kinds of psychic readings each of which will also work in different works. Each different type will work to address different situations that are important to a person. Palm readings are one type of reading that you will want to check out if you are interested in finding out more about what your fate has in store for you.
  • A Love Letter from God  By : Gary Kurz
    A sailor makes a comparrision of love letters received from his wife to the Word of God.
  • A Modern Napoleon Hill Philosophy  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    The Napoleon Hill principles Are Helpful In All Walks Of Life. Here Is An Example Of HOW
  • A More In-depth Bible Study Experience  By : Patrick Boswell
    The Bible is an amazing book, full of history and stories of faith There's more to the Bible than just learning the concept that "Jesus loves me" or discovering heroes like David who conquered Goliath or Sampson who fought off a lion with a donkey's jawbone
  • A Mother's Words From Beyond!  By : Cherokee Billie
    I would like to share an experience that I had with a client while working as a Psychic Medium Cindy contacted me and asked for me to channel her mother two days after her passing into spirit
  • A Mystic Prayer  By : newagephilosopher
    About Philosophy, the Science of the Absolute
  • A New Tradition of Wicca: Draconian  By : Jeff Bronson
    I am quite familiar with Wicca, but recently in my studies, I’ve come across an unfamiliar branch (at least to me) called Draconian Wicca. Draconian Wicca is like other Pagan faiths in numerous ways as it is based on duality (male and female, good and bad) and balance, however rather than worshipping gods and godesses, the tradition honors dragons. The difference between Dragons to those who follow The Dragon Path and other Pagans is that not only do Draconian Wiccans beleive the creatures represent wisdom and balance, but also that it is All-That-Is and holds diety eminence when incorporated in ceremonial magick.
  • A New View of a 12-Step Process  By : Don McAvinchey
    I recently sat down and looked at each of the 12 Steps of AA and tried to feel the essence of what each step is saying and calling for. There is an underlying theme for each step that I've felt inspired by whenever I read them, or talk about the steps with a client. Something about them has always struck me deeply, and did again when I was meditating on them. Here's how I've re-written the 12 steps:
  • A New Year's Resolution: To Live In Great Faith - Amazing Faith - The Faith of Jesus!  By : Roger Himes, Esq.
    Does God ever see us as having great faith - amazing faith? It isn't when it is generated from self, because the Bible describes this as 'flesh.' Man's faith in God is important and you can't enter God's Kingdom without it. But once in God's Kingdom, we are meant to live by the faith of Christ - the faith of Jesus himself. When we do, then God sees our faith as great - even amazing.
  • A New Year’s Fantasy by Prof. Gerald August  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. In the mid-to late 1950s, every New Year’s Eve was celebrated the same way. I would go over to my cousin’s house with my brother and three other cousins. We ranged in ages from 13 to 8. This was a big night, because we were allowed to stay up till midnight. We partied by watching television and eating hors d’oeuvr
  • A Path To Spiritual Awakening  By : Andy Towers
    It's often known as a state of enlightenment. The state of accurate spiritual awakening is really a state that most mankind would like to acquire. You'll find suggestions and actions that it is possible to consider in the direction of the path to spiritual awakening.|It seems that everyone's objective, on this day and age, is how to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  • A Personal Relationship With God  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    There are lots of things in everyone's lives that fall into the category of important. What is the most important thing to you in your life? Is it your spouse or your children? Some might say it is their job. Some would admit that God is most important in their life.
  • A Promotion and a Raise  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    With so many people going to work each day with fear in their hearts, how far from their minds is a scenario like this? It happened here in the USA, in February of 2009.
  • A Quest for Understanding and Connection - Part 3  By : Jan Engels Smith
    This is the final in a 3-part series excerpting my own story of my spiritual journey and how it has changed how I view my self and what I bring into my life.
  • A Recipe for Healthy Finances and a Healthy Church  By : Sandra Hughes
    God's way of financing His kingdom on the earth is through tithing - the giving of the first tenth of your increase and income. This ten percent is to be given to the Storehouse - the place where you are fed spiritually.
  • A Recipe For Memorable Holidays  By : Sandra Hughes
    Holiday recipes-everyone is looking for just the right mix to make this season memorable. The best ones are the ones received from friends or passed down in the family-ones that stand the test of time.
  • A Sailor's Craft  By : Gary Kurz
    A true to life story. Ride along with a sailor who allows his pride to put himself and passengers at risk. Good applications for faith and trust.
  • A Simple definition of Spirituality  By : Ronald Sedgewick
    Spirituality is our conscious aspiration to seek God. Through spirituality we learn God is not a remote figure high in the heavens. By practising spirituality we can begin to feel the presence of God in our own heart.
  • A Tale of 3 Gardens  By : Everest John Alexander
    An interesting tale of lust, love, sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption told from the perspective of three different experiences in three different Gardens, occuring at three different times in history.
  • A Taste of Heaven  By : Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
    Sponsored in Honor of Moshe Chaim's 2nd Birthday
    It was a great building campaign; "All the wise people came and said to Moses, 'The people are bringing more than enough for the work that God has commanded us to perform.
  • A tribute to the TM Guru  By : newagephilosopher
    about Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
  • A Vision of Food Cooked With The Bible Was Shown As Containing Food Cooked in Human Excreta  By : Norma Holt
    The world has been dominated by the lies of 666 for almost 2,000 years. We are at the end of the day now and the daughter of Zion has been sent to change it and reveal the truth.
  • A.e Waite Communicates New Mystical Concepts In The Book- 'the First Truth - A Book Of Metaphysical Theories'  By : Gen Wright
    The law of attraction has received much attention in the past few years. There are many other universal laws in place to make our physical life possible. The mechanics of these laws are largely unknown. A few concepts are presented in this article relating to the operation of the law of attraction.
  • AAA for the Soul - Attitudes, Attitudes, Attitudes  By : Norma Hickox
    Humanity is having a hard time grappling with life through the fog of their emotional responses. They become so emotional that they cannot see situations clearly. Most are living with an illusion as to what reality really is. Picture it this way. Illusion is like seeing things through fine net curtains blowing in the breeze. They keep one from seeing out the window into the world around him.
  • Abortion: Is it Really the Best Choice?  By : Everest John Alexander
    This article looks at the issue of abortion from a totally unique perspective. It considers the spiritual significance of having a physical body and being born of a woman and how this experience translates into the ability to demonstrate spiritual authority in the earth. It shows how human beings can become catalysts for each other's genius and why denying someone the right to exist may have far reaching effects never thought of.
  • About Deity Ganga  By : Dhyan Sanjivani
    In addition to like a sacred river, Ganga can also be worshiped as being a deity in Hinduism and respectfully known as 'Gangaji' or 'Ganga Maiya' (Mother Ganga)...
  • About Shamanism, Meditation and It's Link To Yoga  By : Abbas Abedi
    Some unknown facts about the connections between Shamanism, Meditation and Yoga
  • Abraham  By : Jon Straumfjord
    After receiving some fantastic promises when he was 75, when Abraham was 86 years old, Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian maidservant and Abraham's second wife, gave birth to Ishmael. When Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah 90, they gave birth to Isaac, the child who had been promised 25 years earlier.
  • Abraham's Method as Solution for the Global Crisis  By : Mark Z.
    Anti-Semitism has been threatening Jews for millennia, and it is again worsening today. What do the Jews have that makes them such a hated race? The key is in understanding Abraham's method…
  • Adding Holiday Light Displays to Your Home  By : Kelley Wilson
    Everyone loves special days, and the wintertime brings a lot of special occasions like the family gatherings, the fiestas, the giving and receiving of gifts, the journey of seeing the holiday light displays, which can usually be followed with times of high stress Then, when the New Year arrives, most feel as if they have run a grand race
  • Advaita Philosophy - Metaphysics of Oneness or Monism Towards Spiritual Awakening  By : Alan Zachary
    Advaita may be the philosophy of Oneness, or Monism. Dvaita signifies dualism, so Advaita signifies Non-dualism, or Oneness. It can be one among the 3 universities of Vedanta Philosophy.
  • Advantages of Buying a Faux Christmas Tree  By : Dominik Hussl
    An increasing number of people want to buy a fake or faux Christmas tree for the holidays each year When compared to a real one, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages
  • Advocating Non-Religious Spirituality in Place of Religion  By : Rick McBride
    A call to look at all religions through the lens of profane history, and to consider their true impact on human consciousness, calling into question their continued usefulness in today's world.
  • Affirmations and Mantras  By : Jan Engels Smith
    The spirits never let me off the hook, so they gave me a mantra to practice also. I diligently sat every day repeating my phrase; it took me about an hour each day. To my amazement it had a tremendous impact on me. The practice became rote and, in fact, a part of my being. Because of the repetitions, the mantra became embedded in my psyche like a catchy tune.
  • Against Originality  By : Phillip Ross
    We are taught in our schools, colleges, universities and through the media that being human means being original, that we become most human when we are most original. Indeed, Humanism is the celebration of original thinkers as embodying the best that humanity has to offer. Artists will know what I'm talking about. But the Bible teaches that human beings were created in God's image. We are not originals, but some sort of copies of the Original.
  • Agape Ministry Articles Regarding Christian Love  By : Samantha Frost
    Did you ever feel like you're at the end of your, so called, rope? Yesterday was a memorable day and not a good memorable at that. I should get a piece of wood and write on it August 31 2010, the day that I almost killed the cat. If your mandibles dropped and was sagging a bit, I don't blame you at all. I was mad! -Say This Every time you think you
  • Agape Outlet Your Season Through Alternative Holistic Training Alternatives  By : Nicole K Lanning
    Tenderness outlet our existence is evenly matched in transit to cheerfulness for oodles of inhabitants. You cry out for self-love nevertheless folksyou also desire tenderness arising out of others. On our selves know extending to embrace toward this in numerous means to chance upon sentiment moreover I can lay out wherewith in a sprinkling clear tips. Step into good spirits, infatuation, and success in your cycle today!
  • Air, One of Nature's Four Basic Elements  By : Diana Cooper
    I was inspired to write this article because of a picture I took of a butterfly taken on my land in one of my gardens. I noticed a beautiful blue light trailing the butterfly, was intrigued, and asked a well known author on spiritual matters for her opinion. I was told the blue light was the energy of Dom, the elemental Master of the air spirits. I consider myself a spiritual person but really knew nothing about air spirits so I did a little research and found it to be quite interesting.
  • All About Battery Powered Lights  By : Eliz Guide
    Battery powered lights are the perfect answer for flexibility in all your decorating needs Most of the Christmas luminescence available to the consumer have to be plugged into a wall
  • All About Christmas Light Displays  By : Dominik Hussl
    Christmas light displays often are the brightest part of the holiday season Everyone loves to see a yard completely lit up with magical snowmen and Santa Claus in his sleigh
  • All About Collectible Christmas Ornaments  By : Eliz Guide
    Collectible Christmas ornaments can come in so many forms, from those made by children as they grow up to the highly sought after Hallmark decorations introduced each year The true meaning behind such a tradition depends on each individual and their family
  • All About Psychic Readings And Abilities  By : anne
    Have you ever wondered if psychic skills really do exist? And if they do, why are certain people gifted with them while others are not? In this article, we will answer all these questions and try to inform you as best as we can about these mysterious powers that some people say they possess. Below, we are going to tell you more about psychic readings.
  • All about Spiritual Healing  By : William Austin
    Recognition and acceptance of the truth that God exits is what we call as “spirituality”. It is a well known fact that there is an invisible power that provides a lifetime experience of joy, inspiration, security, peace of mind, success and guidance.
  • All About Tarot Readings  By : Jen Quintarin
    Tarot Cards are Mystical tools and there has been a lot of debate concerning the origins both in years and geographical location of the origins of the Tarot. It's been difficult to trace the beginning of the Tarot cards and one reason for this...
  • All About the Christmas Nativity Scenes  By : Dominik Hussl
    For many families, a Christmas nativity is the most important part of their Holiday decor A Christmas nativity typically consists of the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Mary's husband
  • All God's Children  By : Phillip Ross
    God's purpose is not to destroy the world, but to reboot it. God is not out to destroy the world -- He loves it (John 3:16)!
  • All Success Lies in Your Ability to Live Between a World of Facts and a World of Faith  By : Ryan Letterman
    With the world's economy in the tank, companies bankrupt, ,homes undergoing foreclosure proceedings and millions of people out of work with no end in sight, success becomes an interesting, if abstract, concept Whatever could be out there waiting for you in the form of success

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