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  • Paradigm Shifts and Science  By : Dr. David Breslow
    Most revolutions in science have come from people who taught themselves outside the academic system and were not constrained by the fallacies and fashions of the day.
  • Tool-Using Octopus  By : Aubrey Moulton
    Maybe we could dub it the Coconut Octopus. Okay, so it is not really called that. It is the Indonesian Veined Octopus. And only this week scientists in Australia noticed a very exceptional behavior demonstrated by this particular member of the Cephalopod class. It has long been a matter of record that octopuses are the most intelligent of the inver
  • What about Flying Saucers  By : Bud
    Are flying saucers real and if you had proof would you believe?
  • How Does a Magnet Work?  By : Robert Thomson
    By definition, a magnet is an object that produces a magnetic field. You cannot physically see the magnetic field -rather it is characterized by a force that attracts other ferromagnetic materials or objects. For example, a...
  • The End of the World – Will it Happen in 2012?  By : Jesse Whitehead
    There has been a lot of talk about the date December 21, 2012 lately, all centering on the possible end of the world as we know it. With all the commotion, perhaps we should examine this prediction as well. Is there any validity to this claim, or is it just another doomsday scenario that will come and go with barely a whisper?
  • A Revolution in Chart Recorders - Advantages of the ThermaViewer™  By : Joshep Tobin
    The ThermaViewer™ (A Paperless Chart Recorder) combines the best features of chart recorders and data loggers and is becoming the preferred choice in the majority of new and retrofit temperature recording applications.
  • 8 Things You Never Knew about Magnets  By : Robert Thomson
    Magnets do far more than hold photos and notes to the fridge -they are found in a tremendous number of everyday applications including...
  • 2012 Doomsday - The Solar Conjecture - Is It Really The End?  By : gary thomas
    “It was about a hundred million times more lively than the sun's usual solar flare, releasing energy equivalent to about 50 million trillion atomic bombs.” Were a comparable occasion to occur on the sun, it would result in a mass extinction due to the outpouring of lethal X-rays.
  • The Newest Science Fair Projects are all Yours for the Asking  By : Morton Barish
    Over 100 new science fair projects including some new wrinkles on some old favorites are now available on line.
  • Transfection  By : Mackenzie Alvarez
    Transfection is transfer of a gene by infection of a cell with nucleic acid followed by viral replication in the transfected cell. Earlier, transfection was the introduction of foreign DNA by non-viral means into cultured eukaryotic cells. But now it is not just restricted to DNA transfection but applies to the introduction of any naked nucleic acid molecule.
  • Cell Transformation  By : Mackenzie Alvarez
    Transfection is the method of introducing nucleic acids into cells by non-viral methods. The meaning of transfection has changed over time. Earlier transfection meant introducing DNA or RNA into cells with the help of viruses which are capable of inf
  • Fun Astronomy Facts  By : Rachael Stone
    Fun trivia about astronomy and the solar system.
  • List of Star Names  By : Robert Thomson
    Stars which glows at night often appears in white color but actually stars appear in different color that depends in its temperature. The energy it produce is equal to the one it emits.
  • How to Build a Robot  By : Robert Thomson
    Robots aren’t just cool science-fiction anymore. It is actually possible to build a real functioning robot right in one’s own home.
  • Asteroids and Its Mysteries  By : Simon Ma
    There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the stars above us that make astronomy so much fun. The truth is the universe is a constantly changing, moving, some would say “living” thing because you just never know what you are going to see on any given night of stargazing.
  • A Closer Look at Some of the valuable Aspects of Forensic Science  By : Robert Thomson
    Forensic science deals with the process of spotting, identifying and translating physical proof. Mainly, this extremely important multi-disciplinary science involves physics, chemistry and biology. Just as significantly, it is a highly crucial aspect in the realization of civil law and criminal administration.
  • Why You Need To Join A Local Astronomy Club  By : Keith Driscoll
    This is a product of the networking function of the society you join - as a group they have the capability to scout a very big area of viable observing areas. If the membership is a nice size,
  • Check Out Neighboring Galaxies Through A High Magnification Telescope  By : Jim Samposzi
    Professionals as well as well as people of recreation think of space as vast and extraordinary. The only way to view all of this astonishing creation is to view it with a telescope.
  • The History Of Microscopes  By : Jim Samposzi
    The development of the microscope is a culmination of several tries at building a device to magnify objects through the use of lenses and light. The microscope is the perfect tool for scientists and biologists to view matter through a lens to magnify it exponentially.
  • Top 5 Uses of Nitrous Oxide  By : James Palin
    Nitrous oxide has top five common uses. It is usually used in the field of medicine, culinary, rocketry, internal engine combustion and recreation.
  • The Ogopogo Sea Creature Of Lake Okanagan, Real Or Myth  By : Robert Thomson
    Do you believe in sea monsters? From myth to photographed images, people have been passing on the stories of water creatures of prehistoric size for years. One of these water monsters...
  • The Feasibility Of Glycerol Of Being An Animal Feed  By : Joalesto
    Biodiesel industry delivers enormous quantities of glycerol which either goes to factories to be utilized in beauty and pharmaceutical products used by humans or to waste controls. The latter path, however, has the larger share. Now that it is growing to be discovered as a potential source of energy in livestock feeds and is in effect commencing to be used as a substitute farm animal feed, a couple of problems might be fixed: one, the problem of waste volume of crude glycerin; and two, the high cost of animal feeds currently used in farms today.
  • Basic terms for Mechanical Engineering  By : Ron Smith2009 is an online exclusive reference and handbook for Mechanical Engineering Industry, this website has technical description in details, question answers on several topics in Mechanical Engineering, from Screw to Jet Engine, additionally you will also find Charts which you can take print out, Formula’s and Calculator Tools Online, Technical Definitions, Videos on advance topics and to test your knowledge we have engineering Quiz and much more.
  • Glycerine: Industrial Relevance and Essentials  By : Joalesto
    Glycerine or glycerol has a chemical formula C3H8O3. It is an industrially useful substance derived from fats primarily through soap-making, which circulates the substance as a by-product. It is used to make nitroglycerin, but has several other uses. It is used in lotions, creams and soaps. It is also an antifreeze product.
  • Ways That Make Glycerine A Handy Product At Home  By : Joalesto
    Glycerine is used in several factories like the pharmaceutical, paper, and textile industries. Nevertheless, the substance also has ordinary applications just like in cleaning your freezer, removing stains, and being an element in producing homemade soaps.
  • Sodium Hydroxide Handling and First Aid Measures  By : Joalesto
    Sodium hydroxide is a valuable but dangerous chemical. Exposure to the alkaline is toxic and gives rise to several health hazards. First-aid measures involve moving the exposed victim to a nontoxic place and decreasing the possible damage by washing the affected part with water. Likewise, getting medical help is essential in order to avoid problems.
  • Your HSC and the Career Ahead  By : Tis Amit
    Looking at the present scenario, factors like job security and economic security are no longer what they were used to be. In fact it has become important to be capable enough to distinguish yourself from others and turn yourself as a well versed professional to beat the competition in every possible manner. However, it is not possible for you to be an expert at everything.
  • NASA History Division  By : Groshan Fabiola
    For everyone who sees space as the final frontier, is a specific voyage that has opened new doors to discovery. NASA, one of the leading space discovery arenas, is one that has helped to provide new insights to those interested in space
  • Choosing a Career After HSC  By : Tis Amit
    During your period of study, a good accredited university and course selection plays a very vital role. Choosing the right university course for yourself is very important as it most likely determines what you will be doing for your entire professional life.
  • Fire  By : Robert Thomson
    Fire is the oxidation of combustible materials to release light, heat as well as different reaction products like water and carbon dioxide. If it becomes hot enough, gases are ionized, producing plasma
  • xMAP® Technology- Pioneering Platform for Nucleic Acid Detection  By : Neil Watson
    xMAP® is commonly called as “Bead Array Technology”.xMAP® or the suspension array technology involves the use of polystyrene microspheres or beads. It is a novel concept developed to eliminate the limitations of planar microarrays during array preparation.
  • Spaceships Have Landed!  By : Zander Smith
    I went to a conference with 500 people one day and the moderator asked for anyone in the room who had ever had seriously considered killing themselves to stand up. A whopping 65% of the room stood up. What could have created this schism inside us that causes so much suffering here on earth? Is this over polluted, overly violent world a natural product of man's nature? I thought not.
  • Translating Alien Transmission – Phantom Blog Update # 2  By : kieron mcfadden
    Your response to my request to stop emailing me loads of questions about my translation of the Arcturian transmissions was to email me loads of questions about my translation of alien transmissions. Fine. I can take a hint. To be honest I'm kind of glad you ignored me - I'd have missed your communications had they stopped coming.....
  • Earth Anthropological Survey, Translation 2:– Economic Subjugation.  By : kieron mcfadden
    This is the second in my series of “Arcturian” translations. Here follows a translation as best I could manage of the next brief series of transmissions from an orbiting Arcturian survey ship to its “Mission Ops” on Arcturus IX and the replies received thereto.
  • What Is The Use Of Triethanolamine?  By : ajcones
    Triethanolamine is a highly acidic synthetic emulsifier which is found in some 40% of cosmetics. It is used as a PH balancer or a PH due to its basic content. It is said to also be used an ingredient to add fragrances.
  • What Are Stratocumulus Clouds?  By : ajcones
    A cloud is a visible mass of droplets or frozen crystals floating in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth or another planetary body. A cloud is also a visible mass attracted by gravity (clouds can also occur as masses of material in interstellar space, where they are called interstellar clouds and nebulae.) The branch of meteorology in which clouds are studied is nephology or cloud physics.
  • Understanding How Shadows are Formed  By : Robert Thomson
    Everything around you casts shadows but not everyone understands how they appear. Gain insights into how shadows are formed and increase your knowledge about the world around you.
  • Pointing North  By : Pointing North
    In this article, you will learn the some facts about the North and South Pole. It also explains the Earth's magnetism. It also explains that all the things in the universe moves with a balance. A little experiment shows the movement of earth in one direction.
  • Noble Gas Xenon in Researches, Medicine and Industry  By : Vasilko Bykov
    Rare heavy noble gas xenon (Xe) despite its inertness have a lot of modern applications in our technique. Rare heavy noble gas xenon is widely used all aspects of science: in anaesthesiology, in protein crystallography and in x-ray studies. Also xenon gas is very important in manufactures where very intensive orthochromatic light is unavoidable. These applications became available only due to last scientific investigations in noble gas xenon physics.
  • Technically Sweet  By : Neil Watson
    Ever wondered how the sugar that you consume everyday serves many a important functions in your body? Doesn't it sounds technically sweet as well? Read on...
  • An Introduction to qPCR  By : Neil Watson
    Quantitative PCR is a laboratory technique based on the polymerase chain reaction, which is used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule in a given sample.
  • What's So Complicated About Sieve Testing?  By : Arthur Gatenby
    There has always been confusion about the standards applied to industrial sieves. This is short delineation of the standards set out for the manufacture of test sieves. Maybe it will help with understanding
  • Benginner's Guide to State Space Design  By : Gabe
    A state space representation is a mathematical model of a physical system as a set of input, output and state variables related by first-order differential equations.
  • Aliens: A Never-Ending Mystery  By : Robert Thomson
    In this age where knowledge and technology has urbanized so much that discoveries appear to have no end, it still seems that the reality about aliens wait a mystery. Are they frank?
    Few people collect to have seen an alien. These claims faced a lot of questions, and eventually discrimination.
  • Towards a Gnostic Science  By : Dr. Edi Bilimoria
    The book falls into three major parts: an exposition of Western science, and especially its findings on cosmology, consciousness, sound and light. The second part treats the different methodological approaches of Western science and occult science, while the third part is a detailed exposition of the tenets of occult science and the ways in which it can underpin and extend the understanding of modern physical science.
  • Project Twinkle forms evidence for Project Blue Book  By : Ronald Pearce
    In 1954 scores of people reported sightings of fireballs lighting up the sky. The US military became concerned as the green lights appeared in the night sky. An investigation to find out what these green fireballs were, commenced - were they meteorites, shooting stars or UFOs? This article details the events experienced by the former head of US Air Force when the first green fireball was reported.
  • High Tech meets High-end Cuisine  By : Crystal Campbell
    There’s a new movement heating up the culinary scene: high tech cooking, also called molecular gastronomy. For many decades California Cuisine has thrived, with its focus on fresh, local, organic ingredients. Now chefs are focusing on a need for attention to preparation as well, and they are using scientific techniques, tools and exactitude. High-tech is now enabling greater results in high-end cooking.
  • Solar Clothing - Organic Photovoltaics  By : Anna Williams
    Have you ever heard of organic photovoltaics? Can you imagine if you could wear a solar-powered T-Shirt, jacket, or hat?
  • How May The Research Of Amino Acids Assist The Humankind  By : Mathew Petrenko
    More than 750 amino acids have been discovered in Nature. Lots of amino acids can exist separately, but others may be met just as a component of some complicated systems as molecules. For example, peptides and proteins have some amino acids included. In live organisms peptide has quite considerable function. They take part in the action of protein synthesis and they are also utilized as a substance that helps to attach separate peptides and proteins into some special blocks.
  • The Mythos of the Large Hadron Collider  By : MaAnna Stephenson
    Billions of years from now, a father and his young daughter may be enjoying the twinkling beauty of a clear summer night when she asks, “Dad, how did all those stars get there?” To which he will reply, “It all started with a big bang.” Today, as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ramps up to speed, speculations abound as to whether science is on the verge of the biggest breakthrough in history or on the event horizon of creating a black hole.
  • Nanotechnology - Revolution in the Field of Medicine  By : Jenny Henin
    How science has learned to use Nanotechnology for bettering the process of Drug development.
  • Nanotechnology - Development in Water-Based Technology  By : Jenny Henin
    What is Nanotechnology and how does it applies in the science world - In this article, we will review some of the uses of Nanotechnology and its connection to the solubilization process.
  • FDA Approving Drugs  By : Jenny Henin
    About the process of Drug approval by the FDA - What are the steps and requirements for getting a drug approved and out in the market.
  • Biotech Development  By : Jenny Henin
    The development of Biotechnology and the affect it has in detecting Toxicity levels in the Human body.
  • Scientific Studies Into Subliminal Messages  By : Michael McGrath
    Do subliminal messages really work? Can your brain even record messages that you are consciously unaware of? This is a debate that has been raging since the 1950s and recently we have some scientific evidence to give us the answer!
  • UFO Evidence 1951  By : Ronald Pearce
    This article is from Project Blue Book - the renowned book that contains evidence of UFO sightings that the US Air Force tried to hide from the public.
  • Near Infrared Analysis (NIR)  By : Hamilton Sunstrand
    As a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool, the NIR (Near Infrared) analyser is the next generation technology for analysing solid and liquid chemical and pharmaceutical formulations. The patented design of NIR offers superior analytical performance with increased sensitivity and precise instrument matching to enhance method development, minimize implementation time and ensure seamless method transferability.
  • The Classification of Animals  By : Andrew Tomkinson
    Andrew Tomkinson is a writer of Articles on health, animals and business opportunities.
  • 10 Fun Projects With Magnets  By : Erwin Metius
    Summer, fall, winter or spring, if you have young children with time on their hands you need to have some activities planned.
  • Doomsday Rescheduled:Launch of the Large Hadron Collider Postponed Again. More lawsuits are possible  By : PlushMediaGroup
    The launch of the Large Hadron Collider which was supposed to take place Friday, August 8th, was postponed until the end of October. The most complex scientific project of today, construction of which took almost 14 years and over $8 billion of investments in hardware and brain power, continues to raise public fears and cause lawsuits against European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
  • Isn't it Time for the Metric System to Stop Going Around in Circles?  By : Philip Yaffe
    The metric system has taken over the world. Meters, grams, liters, etc., are everywhere; the number of countries that don't use the metric system can be counted on the fingers of single hand. Now that it is so firmly established, it would seem appropriate to update it by adding a few more important measurements that still rely on cumbersome, old-fashioned non-metric units -- the hours of the day and the degrees of a circle.
  • Remedy Discovery Facilities  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Drug discovery and development nowadays has a great number of perspectives but in the same time it is very expensive process. The usual total cost per medication research varies from 897 million of US dollars to 1.9 billion of US dollars. Usually the whole procedure lasts from ten to fifteen years. R&D; of a new medication needs the identification of a target (e.g. protein) and the disclosure of some proper medication candidates that can block or activate the target.
  • Tissue Culture Microscopes  By : Janice Dipon
    Microscopes are important tools in the world of science, technology, biology, chemistry, and physics, and almost every branch of science that requires the expertise of a microscope. Among the necessity that requires the need of a microscope is the fact that certain minute organisms are never visible in the eye of a human, thus, the need for microscope is very much high. In this case, the place of microscope in the heart of everyone is very much indispensable and no wonder, no other instrument w
  • Top Ten Facts About: Time  By : richard n williams
    This article explains ten fascinating facts about time
  • Einstein and His Famous Equation  By : MaAnna Stephenson
    When most people hear the name Einstein, the next thought is usually his famous equation, E=mc2. Believe it or not, Einstein’s Nobel Prize was not awarded for this revolutionary discovery, but for another he made that same year. A good deal of the confusion about Relativity Theory is that most folks think it is one theory. It's actually three ideas submitted in three different papers. And then there's that "light speed squared" business. What's that all about?
  • What Does Term Quasi-conductor Mean and How Does It Operate  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Quasi-conductors are believed to be a special class of chemical elements. This class was discovered in early 1980’s but there were no needed technologies to carry on the further researches. The analysis of semiconductors was continued just in the 1920’s. Russian physicists carried out lots of researches. The results demonstrated that semiconductors can help to generate the fluctuations and maintain them. There was no possibility to create some unique devices as diodes.
  • Sieve Testing: Standards, Certification & Calibration  By : Art Gatenby
    Sieving in its most elemental definition is the separation of fine material from coarse material by means of a meshed or perforated surface. The technique was used as far back as the early Egyptian days as a way to size grains. These early sieves were made of woven reeds and grasses. Today the sieve test is the technique used most often for analyzing particle-size distribution.
  • What Is Gel Electrophoresis?  By : Kevin Camilleri
    One of the many DNA tests that it is important to comprehend to get a better understanding of laboratory DNA testing is gel electrophoresis. This test is one used by anyone that is doing DNA testing because of its ability to differentiate between the different fragments of the DNA, thus it is suitable for most comparisons and family relationship testing processed.
  • The Basics of Forensic DNA Testing and the Ethics Behind It  By : Kevin Camilleri
    Although DNA testing is something that is used primarily by scientists who can use and interpret DNA and the results of testing processes, DNA in recent years has become a fantastic tool for use in forensic science.
  • Air Pressure? Feel the Weight on your Shoulders.  By : Mark Boardman
    The air is composed of billions of tiny particles that are constantly moving in all directions, bouncing off whatever they encounter. These collisions constitute what is known as air pressure. The more collisions occurring within a certain area then the greater the air pressure will be.
  • All the helpful information about peptides  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Peptide bond is a phenomenon that implies attaching and adhering amino acids by usage of polymers which are named peptides. Polypeptide molecule is a result of connecting of many peptides. When peptides are examined, researches look at the amino acid that is included and at its ratio. There is a ordinary rule which peptide rows of restricted length that permits people to perform peptide synthesis from amino acids are not named proteins but rather peptides.
  • The Meaning of Aga Khan  By : Ibrahim
    As is universally acknowledged, the conferment of a title is a mark of distinction recognizing performance, achievement, eminence and excellence. A title, be it civil or military, temporal or ecclesiastical, denotes a designation of class, stature and dignity. By the same token, all titles do have basic meanings and background in their conferment.

    We, the Ismailis associate ourselves deeply with the name or rather the title "Aga Khan" and we are so much used to being addressed by our beloved Imam as ‘Yours affectionately’ - ‘Aapke Pyare’ - ‘Shafqat ke Saath’ - ‘Tamaro Mamtarru’ Aga Khan that we seldom pause to think of how the title of ‘Aga Khan’ to our last four Imams came to be, or what it really means.
  • Battery Charging Instructions for Extending Battery Life  By : Bobby George
    Instruction on the best charging practices for new and replacement batteries.
  • Understanding the Brinell Hardness Scale  By : Billy Kite
    The Brinell hardness test is used to check the hardness of various materials in the steel industry. It assists in quality control in the production of many materials.
  • Cytoskeleton-the cellular scaffold  By : Stephen Jones
    The cytoskeleton is a network of fibers throughout the cell's cytoplasm that helps the cell maintain its shape and gives support to the cell. It is a cellular scaffolding or skeleton contained within the cytoplasm, present in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
  • Upcoming Breakthroughs in Battery Technology  By : Bobby George
    Article discussing some exciting advancements in battery technology and some of the application we could see very soon.
  • UFO Researcher  By : Christopher93 Laub93
    The term UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and is used for any object in the sky that is ‘out of place’ or whose origin cannot be determined. UFOs have been reported all over the world and people from all parts of the world have reported seeing unexplained lights in the sky (and other bizarre objects). Unfortunately, due to lack of any concrete evidence sceptics often ridicule people that believe in UFOs, and it is believed many UFO sightings are never reported for fear of social persecu
  • 46 Fascinating Facts About Ultra Violet Light and Radiation  By : Anthony Carter
    A whole array of facts and figures in relation to ultra violet light and radiation.
  • How Powerful Are Brainwaves - And What Exactly Are They?  By : Kevin Sinclair
    Throughout every single minute of your life, your brain is constantly on the go and producing a series of electrical impulses. The speed of the current generated can be measured in Hertz (HZ) with an electroencephalogram, known in short, as an EEG.
  • Transcriptional Factors And Regulators  By : Stephen Jones
    All the cellular processes in living cells such as growth, development, morphogenesis and cellular differentiation are a product of gene expression programs involving complicated transcriptional regulation of several genes. This process of transcriptional regulation is tightly controlled and coordinated by proteins called transcriptional regulators.
  • Regulatory T Cells (Treg)  By : Stephen Jones
    Early development and differentiation of nascent T cells inside the thymus is a complex and remarkable mechanism.These types of T-cells require a different strategy to tame their autoimmune potential. One of many immunotolerance mechanisms that immune system has developed to distinguish between self and non-self antigens is regulatory T cells or Tregs. For more details read out the article:
  • Fundamental Immunology, Basic Immunology and Allergy Immunology  By : Stephen Jones
    Immunology is a broad branch of biomedical science that covers the study of all aspects of the immune system in all organisms. The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease. For more details read out the following article:-
  • ATM (Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated) Antibodies from Imgenex  By : Stephen Jones
    ATM, the gene product mutated in the cancer susceptibility syndrome ataxia–telangiectasia, is related to proteins involved in DNA repair and cell-cycle control. In undamaged cells it is present as a dimer or oligomer molecule in which the kinase domain is silent because associated with the FAT region of another ATM monomer. For more information about ATM read out the given article:
  • RNA interference: Imgenex launched the pSuppressorAdeno construction kit for adenovirus mediated gen  By : Stephen Jones
    RNA interference (RNAi) is the process of mRNA degradation that is induced by double-stranded RNA in a sequence-specific manner. RNAi has been observed in all eukaryotes, from yeast to mammals. The RNAi pathway is thought to be an ancient mechanism for protecting the host and its genome against viruses and rogue genetic elements that use double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) in their life cycles. For more details read out the following article:-
  • Flip a Coin - Quantum Style  By :
    There is more to throwing a coin than just flipping.
  • How to Plan A Science Project  By : Jimmy Cox
    Although the best science projects seldom are created according to a recipe, there is an orderly series of steps that is followed pretty universally by successful students and professional scientists.
  • Evolution's Embarrassing Moments  By : William Nugent
    Gives a history of Austin Clark, Richard Goldschmidt and Steven J. Gould's critique of Darwinian evolution and the turmoil it caused.
  • Geometry Formulas Made Easy  By : David Urmann
    If you need introduction to geometry formulas and easy-to-understand geometry learning tips, this article will help you to get a feel of the subject.
  • Spontaneous Healing by Information Transfer  By : Bruce Forciea
    Examines the phenomenon of spontaneous healing in terms of information exchanges.
  • Changing the Information Flow from Your DNA can Change Your Life  By : Bruce Forciea
    Explores the new science of epigenetics and how behaviors can change the information from DNA to help you to be healthy.
  • Harnessing The Suns Energy  By : James Copper
    Learn how to harness solar power
  • Human Growth Hormone  By : Anand
    Understanding how human growth hormones work and the possible medical benefits for using supplemental hormones for a variety of disease is a very important scientific achievement. To learn more about all the possibilities and benefits of human growth hormones you can visit
  • Dinosaur Facts  By : Anand
    Dinosaur facts are very interesting to read about especially to those who are studying the prehistoric times, so for more detailed information, please visit
  • The Magnificent Planet We Call Home  By : Burl Collins
    This article tells us all about the planet Earth
  • The Second Planet from the Sun  By : Burl Collins
    This article provides information about the planet Venus
  • A History of Science Fairs  By : Jimmy Cox
    Back in October, 1828, The American Institute of the City of New York held its first industrial fair.
  • How to Begin A Scientific Career  By : Jimmy Cox
    If your inclination is towards a scientific career, naturally the place to begin building your future is in the place where you are right now.
  • Cold fusion - The Salvage from the Energy Crisis?  By : Knut Holt
    The original reports of cold fusion in an electrolytic cell in 1989 were met with rejection and ridiculing by most mainstream scientists. Since that time cold fusion has been amply confirmed by replicated experiments, and the phenomenon is by now recognized as something real by steadily more scientists. However, in the popular daily media this scientific field seems to be treated as a taboo area to stay away from.
  • Scientific Terminology  By : neil parnham
    This is a way of denoting the absolute structure of an optical isomer. Two conventions are in use. The D-L convention relates the structure of the molecule to some reference molecule in the case of sugars and similar compounds, the dextrorotatory form of glyceraldehydes (HOCH2CH(OH)CHO).
  • Ancient Astronauts from a Religious Perspective  By : Robert Thomson
    Scientists, along with most other humans, may have a mental block against recognizing ancient astronauts for the reason that the existence of extraterrestrial life runs contrary to their religious beliefs.

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