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  • Repair and Modernize Your Existing Pipeline Liner to Get Better Inflow  By : JDiana
    You must repair and upgrade your existing steel pipeline with HDPE liner to get optimum inflow. You need to go for companies who offer modernized technologies in liner production to get best result.
  • Developing HDPE pipeline liners with Plastic Extrusion  By : JDiana
    To get high quality safe and durable pipeline liner services you must switch from your present pipeline providers to the most upgraded one, offering services with modern plastic extrusion technology. This technology redefines the HDPE liner services assuring your optimum safety with its auto resistant system keeping you and your system away from accidents of any sort.
  • Modernized Pipeline Liner services with Trenchless Technology  By : JDiana
    Before going for a pipeline liner service you need to take a look whether it is implementing modernized techniques like trenchless technology and HDPE fusion. This technologies help to ease the production and servicing process of pipeline liner lowering your expenses in turn.
  • HDPE Pipe Technology and Rehabilitation in Texas  By : JDiana
    HDPE pipe liner technology has built up greatly in West Texas. To get its optimum benefit and utility you need to know the nitty-gritty to avoid hassles of any sort. These high density polythene products can actually give you most advanced and best possible pipeline liner services if utilized properly.
  • The MIL-STD-130m Standard For the Product Designers  By : Id Integration
    The MIL-STD-130m has maneuvered the criteria of UID marking of the items for the product designers and has mandated that the marking should be in accordance to the standard.
  • Acrylic Resin  By : Daniel Owen
    Acrylic Resins are derived from methacrylic acid, acrylic acid or other related compounds, these substances are related to thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic. For textile, lacquer finishes and adhesives Polymethyl Acrylate is used.
  • Acoustic Engineering  By : Daniel Owen
    Engineering has many different branches, the branch of engineering that deals with sound and vibration is Acoustic Engineering or (Acoustical Engineering). Acoustic Engineering is very closely related to Acoustics and is the science of vibrations and sound.
  • Aerosol Spray  By : Daniel Owen
    Aerosol Spray is a dispensing system, the Aerosol Spray creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles. A liquid is contained under pressure in a can or a bottle, ones the spray applicator on top is pressed, the pressure opens the containers valve, the pressure then forces the liquid out through a small hole in which a mist or aerosol is formed and released.
  • Fruit Machines Vs Slot Machines  By : Gen Wright
    What's the difference between a fruit machine and a slot machine? The first slot machine was designed by the American Charles Fey, who started inventing and manufacturing them from his workshop in San Francisco in 1894.
  • How Broadcast Audio has Grown  By : Gen Wright
    Shoutcast was introduced in 1999. Since then it has captured the market and has proved to be an alternative for the traditional radio stations. This article discusses how audio broadcasting has increased in popularity over the past few years.
  • Live Satellite Feed Network - How It Works And Compares To Computer TV Software And Hardware!  By : Philip Sumpter
    When it comes to watching television online via computer choosing which gateway to use has a lot to do with ones budget, time, and amount of risk taking. With that comes ease of use, safe and legal access, and reliability when meeting some of the other goals.
  • The Fundamentals Of Acoustics  By : Daniel Owen
    Acoustics is believed to be an artform in Western Society; this has been believed for thousands of years. Western musicologists have written many websites and books about musical theory, Pythagoras is mentioned as the first person to be studying consonance in relation to string lengths.
  • Direct Part Marking of Products - Laser Marking  By : gavin
    Marking Systems-Laser Engraver-Since 1954 Marking Methods has specialized in providing quality marking equipment and services.
  • IPTV Technology in Hotels and Hospitality  By : JJK
    IPTV network technology can be individually custom-made to fulfill the particular needs of the hospitality and hotel market. Whether it's a humble boutique guest house, luxurious 5 star hotel or a sports stadium, IPTV companies can provide the range of tools you need to offer a complete IPTV hospital
  • ABS Injection Moulding And The Properties Of ABS  By : Daniel Owen
    A strange one you would not think of is ABS Plastic Ground to a diameter of less than 1 micrometer is commonly used in the inks for tattooists, it acts as a colorant and tattoo inks that do use ABS are extremely vivid.
  • Variety Of Shot Blasting Applications  By : Daniel Owen
    Shotblasting is usually used to remove something from a surface such as scale but sometimes it can be used to impart a particular surface to the object being Shotblasted for e.g. Rolls used to make a 2D finish.
  • Benefits of home automation  By : anthony kuo
    The word automation is used to refer to a method of using automatic means to control a process so as to lessen the amount of human interference. This technology has become very popular in the manufacturing business where robots with a complicated built are used during the manufacture of laptops, mobiles, cars and many more such products. The use of automation system has made the manufacturing industry more efficient as lesser work force is required in the business.
  • Barcoding4Sage  By : jibran
    Sage Line 50 is the UK’s leading accounts package and is used by many different types of Business for both the normal accounts functions such as Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, but also further more business orientated functions such as Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Stock Control.
  • Strategies for Staying Knowledgable About R-22 HCFC Refrigerant Gas Regulations  By : Daniel Stouffer
    The following article defines refrigerant gases (i.e. the different refrigerant types and the categories of HCFCs, CFCs, PFCs), where they come from, why they are used, and how existing United States and European regulations require detailed monitoring and reporting of refrigerant usage, purchase and destruction, and service tracking.
  • Tesa Tape- The Perfect Packaging Solution  By : Id Integration
    Packaging is one of the significant factors influencing your business that deals with extensive shipments. Apart from analyzing the factors such as materials and transportation methods of the goods and items, the other important factors include packaging.
  • Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) in Tropical Climates  By : Lakisha David
    ICFs, proven to perform well in seasonal climates, also perform well in tropical climates. ICF concrete homes would be surrounded in expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. EPS is used in cold storage facilities, mobile refrigerated containers, and commercial grade coolers.
  • Reverse Cell Lookup - How To Discover Who's Calling  By : David L Whittle
    How to find legitimate,up-to-date reverse cell phone lookup websites that can easily provide you with the information you are seeking.
  • Cubits - Old Measuring Units  By : ajcones
    The cubit is one of the oldest units of measure, employed as early as the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations. Derived from the Latin word cubitus, this measure pertains to the lower arm, or to be more precise, the distance between the elbow and the tip of the outstretched middle finger. The exact measurement varies, though, since different types of cubits were used in Ancient Greece and Rome and throughout the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern Period.
  • What Is 3G And How Does It Work?  By : John Bertone
    This Article is about explaining What Is 3G Technology... It also porvides details how it can benefits mobile and cell phone users.
  • What You Need To Know About Steel Buildings  By : Fred Thompson
    There are many different examples of steel buildings to be found nowadays, encompassing a wide range of different styles and applications. In previous years, the most common applications of steel buildings were as industrial structures. Recent advanc
  • Castors – An Introduction  By : Groshan Fabiola
    Casters are used and form an important part in an integrated material handling system. Castors are actually an un-driven - single, double, or compound wheel that is mounted on the chosen object to enable smoother and easier movement
  • Who Is Using Call Capture And Why?  By : Ed Opperman
    Have you heard of call capture before? Many people haven't, but it is becoming more popular every day. It is basically what it sounds like, with a call capture trap line you will be able to learn the personal information about anyone that calls you. Find out who is using it and why now.
  • Use of Aluminium and Aluminum Molds in 3D Engineering Sectors  By : Robert Thomson
    3D engineering sectors are growing these days due to its high demand. 3D engineering helps in many ways and almost all the streams of engineering have adopted 3D engineering. On the other hand aluminum molds are very useful and the industries are gaining from the use of it. Aluminum molds are also within the budget.
  • Diameter IMS And You!  By : Tegan Dawn
    You can address your Next Generations Networks (NGN) Control Plane and IMS Diameter needs and requirements with Traffix’s full range of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Diameter products. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that Traffix's expansive portfolio of IMS Diameter solutions is where efficiency and cost effectiveness meet.
  • Airplanes Don't Stall, Pilots Stall Them: The Myth of Stall Speed  By : Doug Daniel
    Often misunderstood, airplane stalls are simple and straightforward. They can easily be explained without terms like 'critical angle of attack' or 'viscous flow.' Yet stall-spin accidents remain one of the major causes of fatal accidents in aviation. Some of the myths about stalls and their causes need to be exposed before pilots can reach the level of understanding needed to safely avoid stall situations.
  • Emerging Trend: Large LCD Monitors for Surveillance and Security  By : Shaikh Mohammed Meraj
    Increasingly video-based surveillance and security systems are being widely adopted by both corporations and consumers primarily due to increasing need for surveillance in these turbulent times but also due to affordability of security systems, ease with which surveillance systems can be installed and value-add features such remote monitoring that address special surveillance needs. As a result video-based surveillance systems are increasingly appearing in public areas such as airport lounges, s
  • Tips on Using a Board Camera  By : Phil Washington
    What are board cameras? These tiny but very useful cameras may just be your key to designing and building your very own home or office surveillance system. They're very affordable and easy to mount. There are also several models with nifty features to choose from, which helps expand their usability. If the possibility of working on an easy but practical project appeals to your tinkering soul, here are some usage tips regarding the board camera.
  • Learn How to Repair Discs  By : NathanMoore
    More often than not we throw away our damaged discs, assuming that the damage is irreversible and in the process loose valuable data.
    Learn more about your discs,how they get damaged and the fact that there are ways to get your valuable data by repairing your damaged discs.
  • Advantages of Laser Marking  By : Id Integration
    Laser marking is a type of Direct Part marking of products. This highly advanced marking method is used as a dynamic, highly adaptable process for high-speed character, graphic, logo, bar code and 2D Data Matrix marking.
  • How to Purchase Semiconductors Fast  By : John Sern
    Learn how to purchase the right semiconductors and electronic components fast to get your project off the ground and ready to roll.
  • IC Sourcing the Easy Way  By : John Sern
    Learn more about making IC sourcing an easy and painless activity to get your projects working with the most efficient set of electronic components.
  • Best Site for Data Sheets  By : John Sern
    IC and electronic component datasheets are crucial to cross-reference and determine which parts are needed in order to get your project off the ground, learn more about their characteristics and uses.
  • Watch that Clock!  By : Mike Bond
    This is an extremely brief look at some of the great clockmakers of the 18th. and 19th. centuries, and how the Americans finally cornered the market with cheap, yet reliable clocks in the latter part of the 19th. century.
  • The Day Big Ben Exploded  By : Mike Bond
    This explains how a basic clock works, and tells how Big Ben 'exploded' in August 1976. I'm indebted to Wikipedia for some of the details.
  • Security Threat? Refer to SecureUSA  By : Brandon4 Morgan4
    More about SecureUSA

    There are only a few security companies which offer some of the most innovative solutions for protecting your home from terrorist attacks and unauthorized traffic. When you want to protect your home, you need only the best in the industry. SecureUSA is known for their production of security bollards and vehicle barriers—both of which can be used to protect any kind of facility.
  • The benefit of The Original Gator Hook  By : Todd Saunders
    Finally a quick and easy system for improving workplace safety, reducing Loss Time Incidents (LTI) due to trip hazards and enhancing lead and cable protection, enabling workers to focus on profit generating tasks.
  • Cancer Free Cigarette - The Latest in Health and Technology  By : Rod Gray
    Electronic cigarettes are a new form of cigarette with none of the known harmful cancer forming chemicals. In this article, we will describe the basic parts of an electronic cigarette and all its smoking health benefits.
  • How to Unblock Web Sites Around the World  By : Danny Williams
    Traveling the world on business, my tips on how to unblock web sites and IP phones around the world.
  • Value Chain Producer Model a Better ASIC Design and Delivery Process  By : Milan Leeham
    In recent years the use of industry-proven Intellectual Property (IP) blocks and subsystems in System-on-Chip (SoC) designs has increased due to the decreasing length of product cycles.
  • Megapixel Security Cameras  By : Robert Thomson
    Analog Cameras, IP Cameras and now Megapixel cameras, if you wonder what megapixel security cameras are, to begin with, it is well worth to have a look into what megapixels are.
  • What is the Submission Process to IUID Registry?  By : Id Integration
    Unique Identification is a system devised and put in place by the Department of Defense (DoD) to distinguish one object from another throughout their life cycle process. The Item Unique Identification (IUID) helps the DoD capture the value of items it buys, control these items during their use, and track counterfeiting of parts over periods of time.
  • A Brief Overview of IUID Registry Process  By : Id Integration
    The Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry is commonly known as the vital repository of IUID information. It has a critical role in the identification and classification of items that are at the disposal of the Department of Defense (DoD). Likewise, it also assists the DoD to find out the preliminary value of items during their acquisition, acquisition time, rightful custody and the marking process.
  • The Advantage Of Using Your Phone Line For Satellite Internet Access  By : Stephen Long
    While living in the country does not give us the ability to enjoy DSL or cable Internet, satellite Internet access can deliver the high speed that you are looking for. But, be careful, not all satellite Internet solutions are the same. Learn what best suits your needs.
  • All About Burrs  By : Beau Beadel
    Carbide Tools for Industry, Inc. (CTI) circa 1955 features a wide variety of the finest quality Carbide Burrs made of premium micro grain carbide and carefully ground on state of the art 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) tool grinders. Carbide burrs and rotary files are used in various applications for deburring, cylinder head porting and etc.
  • Manufacturing IT Solutions  By : Subhash
    Rapidly changing market dynamics is pushing all businesses belonging to different industry verticals, especially manufacturing, to come up with innovative ways to streamline the ‘3 D’s of product lifecycle i.e., design, development and deployment, to deliver marketable and reliable products.
  • A New Way Of Watching Whatever You Want On Your Computer  By : Robert Thomson
    TV streaming lets viewers watch their favorite programming in a matter of minutes on their computer. The programs are channel as a continuous stream on the internet. TV streaming is becoming the wave of the future of the internet.
  • How TV Streaming Has Changed How Viewers Watch Their Favorite Programs  By : Robert Thomson
    TV streaming lets viewers watch their favorite programming in a matter of minutes on their computer. The programs are channel as a continuous stream on the internet. TV streaming is becoming the wave of the future of the internet.
  • The Increasing Prominence of RFID Sensors  By : Samuel Circton
    The impact of RFID sensors has continued to increase every day. The use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) sensors has increased and is continuing to do so. RFID is an automatic identification method that has grown more and more valuable. RFID is a means of automatically identifying something.
  • Underfloor heating – The importance of having the right base  By : Steve Crompton
    Andy Nevitt, a screed flooring expert from CEMEX UK, the leading building materials provider, talks about what architects, developers and self builders need to know when choosing screeds to use over underfloor heating systems.
  • Item Unique Identification - Definition and Benefits  By : sohi
    IUID is a Department of Defense program that will enable easy access to information about DoD possessions that will make acquisition, repair, and deployment of items faster and more efficient.
  • Computer Forensics is Modifying the Way We Combat Crime.  By : DigitalMan
    Crime fighting has moved to a new and different playing field in recent years. There has been a vast push to arrive at new and clever methods of fighting crime in order to combat the new areas which crimes are covering. The top tool in the fight on crime in the digital age is digital forensics.
  • Packet Sniffing  By : Robert Thomson
    Packet Sniffing can best be described as the process of using a software application for audio monitoring of one’s network device. The goal of sniffing is to locate interesting packets. The application monitors the device until it encounters a pack that meets certain conditions, at which point it saves it in a file. Most of the time, potentially interesting packets are those in which terms such as ‘login’ or ‘password’ are found. Sniffing requires one to purchase or encode a software application
  • What is UMTS?  By : Robert Thomson
    As one of the most practical mobile phone innovations to date, Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) are part of the latest generation of technology that has broadened the scope of mobile phone use. The following details include some basics about UMTS and the types of applications this technology enables.
  • What is RJ-11?  By : Robert Thomson
    This connector device, an abbreviation for ’Registered Jack’, is the standard for the two-pair, or four-wire engineering design for telephone wiring. This type of physical connector interface is the one used most often when wiring telephone terminals. Despite the fact that this connection device features six positions, only two or four of these are usually used. Two standard varieties of RJ-11 connector wiring are available. These include the Unshielded Twisted Pair, or UTP, and the untwisted wi
  • Cheapest International Prepaid Calling Cards  By : Robert Thomson
    Telephones are the greatest way of remaining in touch with each other. For this manner of communication different phones are in use. Like the landline phones, the mobile phones and the IP (internet protocol) phones. For the billing of these phones a strong and a fool proof logic has to be in place. It is expected that the billing system be easy for the customer to use, and at the same time it should be fool proof.
  • Thermal Spray, Metal Spray  By : sangita
    Find the exclusive information on Thermal Spray and Metal Spray
  • Telecoms in Canada  By : Caroline Telford
    When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, who would have ever thought that the way people communicate would reach the heights that it has today?
  • A Detail Analysis of Unique Identification Nameplates  By : Id Integration
    The Department of Defense (DoD) has initiated the Item Unique Identification Program (IUID) in order to improve the asset management program through uniquely identifying property, equipment, supplies and other operating materials. Unique identification nameplates are a part of this framework.
  • Mil Specs and Standardization Norms  By : Id Integration
    The Department of Defense has introduced many Defense Standards also known as Mil-SPECs. These standards are used to standardize the products and services produced and used by the U.S. military.
  • Why Cross Control?  By : Doug Daniel
    Over 50% of all weather related aviation accidents are caused by crosswinds and gusts. The secrets to safe crosswind landings are also the secrets to knowing when not to try a crosswind landing. Read this article to gain a clear understanding of both how to land in a crosswind and when not to try.
  • Machine Vision Applications in Plastics Injection Molding  By :
    The application of machine vision techniques that can be applied to automatically detect incorrectly placed labels in a manually loaded injection molding process.
  • Pulfrich 3D Glases - How do the effects of 3D Pulfrich function?  By : Joe Healy
    The Pulfrich effect is a psycho-optical phenomenon wherein lateral motion by an object in the field of view is interpreted by the brain as having a depth component, due to differences in processing speed between images from the two eyes. The effect is generally created by covering one eye with a real
  • Sony Reader Digital Book Review - The Next Must Have Business Technology  By : Dave Talbot
    If you need to read a lot of PDF or word documents as part of your day to day business role, then this latest technology is quite simply a must have for you. The digital book has come of age!
  • Understanding Desalters  By : Robert Thomson
    Description of the role of desalters in the oil and gas refinery.
  • Why carbide gravers win over steel gravers everytime  By : Rosemary Brookes
    Over the past few years there has been a lot of controversy over whether to use a carbide graver over a steel graver. Often the incorrect grade of tungsten carbide is used when manufacturing carbide gravers and therefore their quality is undermined. Should the correct grade of carbide be chosen there is no reason you should ever have to use a steel graver again.
  • Xenon Gas and its Ability to Create Light  By : Robert Thomson
    Xenon gas is a gas that is commonly found in a popular lighting technology today called as the HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting. This lighting technology is commonly used in cars, although it has also been in wide use in the lighting of large areas.
  • Top Uses Of Inert Greases  By : Tr Stephanie Larkin
    Inert greases have a number of different uses, both industrial and in the chemical field. These greases have a number of useful properties which make them ideal in a number of situations, in some cases making them vastly superior to existing alternatives. What follows is an overview of exactly what inert greases are as well as some of the varied uses for them in industry and chemistry.
  • The Benefits Of Inert Lubricants  By : Tr Stephanie Larkin
    Inert lubricants are widely used in industry because they present a number of benefits which aren’t present with petroleum- and chemical-based lubricants. These lubricants have special properties that make them a much better option for industrial purposes than many other greases and lubricants, allowing lubrication to be put in locations and on materials that would otherwise not be able to be effectively lubricated.
  • Todays Popcorn Vending Machine – The Ultimate in Technology  By : Jameson Levinston
    If you haven't yet had a chance to see the latest technology that is available in popcorn vending machines then you are in for the shock of your life. They are not only festive works of mechanical art to behold in their own right, but they are completely tamper proof as well. The truth be told, a popcorn vending machine in a good location is almost the same thing as owning a machine that prints money, only these machines are perfectly legal.
  • Why Not A Home Theater Popcorn Machine  By : Jameson Levinston
    If you have your own personal theater in your home then it may be missing the one thing that will make for a far more enjoyable experience for you and your guests when they are seated in it. That one thing is a nice hot bag of authentic theater style buttered popcorn. Not just any popcorn machine will do either, because what you need is a genuine, classic style, free standing serve yourself home theater popcorn machine.
  • Snow Cone Machines are a Sure Fire Hit  By : Jameson Levinston
    Who doesn't just love snow cones and this particularly holds true during the warmer summer months of the year. Now, thanks to the advent of a higher level of technology you no longer have to go to the beach, a carnival or the mall to enjoy this tasty treat. This is because, now you can buy modern and easy to use snow cone machines that easily fit right on your kitchen counter.
  • Hot Air Popcorn Poppers – One More Option  By : Jameson Levinston
    While the popularity of popcorn it seems will never change, the methods of preparing this crunchy healthy treat has a few times over the decades. Of course, originally popcorn was prepared in commercial popcorn poppers in a basic pot or kettle with a small amount of oil in it. When microwave ovens appeared on the market, it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to sell popcorn in sealed bags that could be popped in a microwave.
  • Utilization of structural design in structural engineering.  By : Mike Thomas
    Structural design mainly focuses on giving them maximum stability. Now when the structural design gets completed, one will have a feasible solution in the form of a secure and economic designed structure.
  • Atomic Clock - Keeping the World Ticking  By : richard n williams
    This article explores the history and development of the atomic clock
  • Thermowell  By : webmaster12
    Thermowells are used in industrial temperature measurement to provide isolation between a temperature sensor (often a thermocouple) and the environment whose temperature is to be measured.
  • Be Knowledgeable About Servo Motors  By : Samuel Circton
    Servo motors are often used in robotics applications where they are usually smaller in size. The circuitry is typically built into the product you purchase and provides a beneficial amount of power. Usually a smaller engine will have a smaller motor. The torque of this motor is consistent with the overall motor size.
  • Baud Rate  By : Robert Thomson
    Baud Rate can be roughly defined as the speed of transmission of data between two computers. All forms of communication using the Serial Port requires the presence of four parameters: the baud rate of the transmission being the very first parameter, then comes the number of data bits encoding a character, the third in line is the optional parity bit, and last one is the number of stop bits. Each character transmitted using this method uses a character frame that has a single start bit, then data bits, the parity bit which is optional, and lastly the stop bit(s).
  • TTY  By : Robert Thomson
    In the early days of Unix, teletypewriters or ttys were used by users to communicate over a serial line with the mainframe computer. The mainframe had no keyboard or monitor as it has now and so during those early days, all commands were issued through the tty. The output of the commands was typed on the printer that was part of the tty. The tty terminals had no processing power of their own and hence were known as “dumb” terminals.
  • What is DSL?  By : Robert Thomson
    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a telecommunication service that transforms an ordinary phone into a high-speed conduit for data, voice and video.
  • What is UDP?  By : Robert Thomson
    UDP stands for User Data Protocol, one of the key protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite. The other common protocol is the TCP. Programs on networked computers use UDP to send short messages known as datagrams to one another.
  • What is 802.1p?  By : Robert Thomson
    802.1p refers to an IEEE specification for giving Layer 2 switches the ability to prioritize traffic as well as perform dynamic multicast filtering. Basically, it provides a mechanism for implementing Quality of Service at the MAC (Media Access Level) level.
  • What is Jitter?  By : Robert Thomson
    Jitter is technically defined as a variation of a periodic signal or pulse from its ideal position in time. It is most commonly encountered in telecommunications (also called packet delay variation – PDV - the variation in the time of arrival of packets in a high-speed data transmission) and in electronic systems (the deviation in the amplitude, phase, timing or width of high-frequency digital signals).
  • What is a USB device?  By : Robert Thomson
    A USB device is any peripheral hardware that connects and runs on a computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface - a standardized socket that allows connection and disconnection of devices without having to reboot the computer. USB controls the peripheral devices in a master/slave relationship.
  • What is 802.11g?  By : Robert Thomson
    The 802.11g is one of the standards defined by IEEE Standards Committee for wireless local area networks (WLAN). Commonly known as WiFi, it is a specification that offers wireless transmission over relatively short distances of up to 54 megabits per second (Mbps). It replaced the original WiFi, standard, 802.11b, which only allows speeds up to 11 Mbps.
  • The Importance of Concrete Form Liners to Construction  By : Chris Robertson
    Concrete is an incredibly flexible construction material, but it is concrete form liners that can give its surface any look and pattern desired.
  • Fed Up With the Phone Company? Try Internet Phone Service  By : Chris Robertson
    With conventional phone service expensive and frustrating, more and more people are leaving the phone company behind and switching to Internet phone service.
  • UID Needs Assessment™  By : Id Integration
    Gary Moe – Gary Moe is Executive Vice President of ID Integration and is an authority on direct part marking, reading and verification of 2D bar codes on parts and tools. He has over 25 years of experience in implementing engineered systems in aerospace, military, automotive and microelectronics industries.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells, What are They?  By : Rolf Sayler
    This article explains hydrogen fuel cells, what they are and how they work.
  • What is DNS  By : Robert Thomson
    DNS (Domain Name System), is the service which translates between Internet names and Internet addresses.
  • How Do I Convert MP4 to MP3  By : Robert Thomson
    Converting MP4 to MP3 is extremely simple to do and usually only requires a small application. MP3 is one of the world's most popular digital audio formats, due to its high sound quality and high compression rate that makes these files very small and easy to work with.
  • Introduction to the Sony Ericsson C902 Cybershot  By : Caroline Telford
    When it comes to mobile phones Sony Ericsson is always one step ahead of the rest. The new “C” line of cybershot phones proves once again that the mobile phone giant is on the lookout for new technology that will provide customers with the highest quality mobile phones their money can buy.
  • Accuracy in Timekeeping, Clocks and their Development  By : richard n williams
    This article explores the history and development of clocks thoughout the ages.
  • Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Help Churches Save Money While They Grow  By : Linda Falorio
    In today's economy, we are all looking for the best way to take care of business in the most cost effective way. When faced with the need to spend their congregation's money well, to keep design and construction costs within budget and maintenance costs low, many churches look to pre-engineered steel buildings as an attractive alternative to more conventional stone, brick or wood construction.
  • The Truth about Hydrogen Fuel Systems  By : Austin Perry
    HHO or hybrid hydrogen oxygen is gaining much popularity these days. Perhaps its popularity can be due to the high prices of gas in the world market. A lot of car owners as well as homeowners want to know how hydrogen fuel systems work
  • Using the Term Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car  By : Austin Perry
    Perhaps you?ve already heard about fuel cells or even about hydrogen fuel cell car. Yet, only a few knows how it works and why it is very important in the coming years. Global warming poses a great threat to the Earth and one way to address such problem is to look for an alternative source of energy

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