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  • The Successful Transmission Of Speech Over The Telephone And The People Behind It  By : Chuckyegg
    This article discusses the work carried out in order to successfully transmit ineligible speech over a distance using wires and electricity. It starts with the first ever idea, and finishes with the first fully working telephone. This article also mentions the people involved in this advancement in communication technology.
  • Micro Scooters: An Entertaining Scooter Product Everyone Can Enjoy  By : mark cadavos
    Micro Scooters are amazing little devices that can be used by kids and adults for entertainment purposes and for transportation needs. Whether you need a great way to transport yourself over short distances, or you need a great way to relax after a long stressful day, there are few activities that can be more enjoyable than riding a Micro Scooter.
  • High-density PCIe Telephony Cards from Telesoft Technologies  By : Groshan Fabiola
    With well over two decades of experience in the networking and media fields, Telesoft Technologies is the leading provider of highly professional solutions for a wide range of networks including 2G, 3G, IP and wireless networks
  • IVR Servers from Telesoft Technologies  By : Groshan Fabiola
    The interactive voice response server (IVR Server) solution is perhaps one of the most important recent advances made in communication technology
  • ARNE IVR Makes Communications Easy  By : Groshan Fabiola
    The VAS/Enterprise market in India has long needed a truly capable VAS platform that would be able to address all the expectations and requirements of companies operating in this country
  • HiFi Guides – How to Connect Your PC to a Stereo HiFi Sound System  By : Groshan Fabiola
    The latest, state-of-the-art computer sound cards deliver a quality very similar to that of hifi sound systems, while also offering great compatibility with a variety of sound formats
  • What Does It Take To Run A Cell Phone Look Up?  By : Groshan Fabiola
    Well, a cell phone look up is a pretty straight forward process and it is about putting a name and an address to a phone number that is already available to you
  • Interested In a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?  By : Groshan Fabiola
    Technology helps us with many aspects of our lives and this basically leads to a better time management and of course an increased overall efficiency
  • Conferencing Solutions Service & Its Advantage  By : Hope Dever
    Now, every small to large scale business houses can take the help of a professional conferencing call solutions provider to help them set up their own event conference call.
  • Dellstreakhacks - A One Stop Shop For Info On Newly-Launched Dell Streak2010  By : Walker Wild
    Dellstreakhacks is a website that provides an excellent source of information for those who are desperate to know more about the newly launched Dell Streak.
  • Rise and Fall of the Commodore 64  By : Paul Wise
    In the annals of computer technology, the case of Commodore International, Incorporated is a most curious case.
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Data Logger  By : Adriana Noton
    There are many times when certain physical parameters need to be both measured and they recorded. Because of this, we will discuss everything you need to know about the data logger. We will not only define what such a system is but discuss how it works as well as what industries have been known to appreciate it's use. Read on and this system will no longer be a mystery to you.
  • The Asterisk Phone System, Has The Potential To Revitalize Any Business  By : Adriana Noton
    The Asterisk phone system has contributed a lot to the Internet revolution. This technology has the potential to make traditional land line phones a thing of the past, within business settings. The use of digital technology, is able to deliver high quality calls to computers, mobile phones and land line phones.
  • Some Basic Tips On Buying Cheap Computer Parts  By : Adriana Noton
    If your computer is beginning to become slow and is always crashing on a frequent basis it may be time for you to replace certain parts. Computer parts do tend to be relatively expensive, however you will have options that will help you to save money if your budget is limited.
  • HDPE Liner for Strengthened Liner Pipes  By : Tanisha Jones
    Installation of a HDPE liner can help you solve varied kind of pipeline problems & give you assurance on the long durability and minimum maintenance for your pipelines.
  • Watching the Improvement of Solar Power  By : Terry Daniels
    Solar power has a lot of potential. The research on it will improve it to the point that it will be used in everyday life.
  • Four Types of Emergency Signs - Do You Have Any Idea Which Type Will Work For You?  By : George Mitchell Sr.
    Shall I spell it out? For emergency egress signage, there are 4 varieties to give consideration to: Incandescent, LED, Tritium and Photoluminescent. These 4 types are approved and also UL924 certified for installation & operation inside public buildings.
  • Laptop Reviews  By : Charlie Macwer
    Just how reliable are laptop reviews? I'd say VERY reliable. For starters, this is obviously the very first thing you need to do before you give your favorite computer store a visit to canvass for your next laptop. Shopping for your laptop is not like shopping for peanut butter or toiletries -it demands more time and effort on your part.
  • Sony Ericsson Jalou Review  By : Colin Simmonds
    The name of this handset originates from French the word mean "jealousy". Apparently, creators of Jalou believe it will attract many jealous looks by those who are around you.
  • HTC Legend Review  By : Colin Simmonds
    The HTC Legend comes with an AMOLED display, CPU at 600MHz, aluminum body and RAM 384MB. The Legend operates on Android version 2.1 that features an updated HTC Sense interface.
  • Surge Protector For The Workplace  By : Eddie Scott
    Because electrical power is incredibly vital to us at the moment, we must always keep it in mind that not all devices are perfect and you could experience concern and accidents with low quality devices. All the more explanation for power surge protection.
  • Nokia Nuron 5230 Review  By : Colin Simmonds
    Nokia Nuron 5230 is following in the tradition like those handsets in their design. Set in a silver and white color scheme, Nokia Nuron made from a plastic feel exterior does not display a high quality of design, which would impress anybody that holds it for a first time. However, it is extremely lightweight in comparison to additional similar phones;
  • Registry Easy Review - The nr.1 Software To Use  By : aconstantin01
    What is the perfect registry that is good for your system? Or which is the perfect one that you can lay your hands of? Registry easy is the best and perfect one for you. Have you ever used any registry in the past and you are still having problems with your PC, registry easy is the best and perfect one to lay your hand on.
  • Motorola CLIQ XT Review  By : Colin Simmonds
    We have witnessed Motorola always come back hard and strong in US with its streak of QWERTY pack Android cell phones, although they have been quiet in the touch screen only section.
  • Reverse Phone Detective - Is it a Top Service Or Yet Another Fraud in Reverse Phone Searches?  By : aconstantin01
    Reverse Phone Detective services offer to provide all details about any phone number you are looking up. Their promise is that just a few clicks on your key board can yield you a report on the instant investigation of the phone number, such as the owner of the number's full name, the location of residence, the service provider currently used and
  • Virtuemart Developer for Robust Ecommerce Development  By : cisankur
    Virtuemart is an open source Ecommerce development solution, which is designed as an extension to the other open source web development applications like Mambo, Joomla content management system, etc. Written in PHP, Virtuemart, for the Ecommerce development requires the base of MySQL database environment for storage. The other features that can be advancedly developed by the Virtuemart developer for the robust ecommerce development like the highly interactive features of the ecommerce website, content managing systems, etc.
  • Sony Ericsson Elm review: A Simple Phone with Advanced Features  By : M.Bailey
    It’s really great to hear companies doing their share in creating a cleaner and greener environment. Sony Ericsson is one such company and is right now introducing their Greenheart line of phones. The Greenheart line are phones made of 100% recycled plastic and is guaranteed to be free from hazardous materials.
  • Combining Internet with Television –Way to Watch TV Online  By : Mike Sigmore
    People now can easily watch TV over the internet with television software, which are extremely popular these days.
  • Seniors and Technology  By : Betty Locke
    Computers were not a part of everyday living in the early part of the 1990s. Therefore, the culture can be strange to those who grew up in the post war years and some have difficulty adapting. Seniors should be encouraged to try. They need to know that it doesn't require an Einstein to participate. They have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain.
  • Pipe Suppliers – Bringing Us Safe & Durable HDPE Pipeline  By : Tanisha Jones
    The high density polyethylene pipelines are adored a lot for their characteristic properties such as lightweight, flexibility, toughness, durability, chemical & weather resistance.
  • Address Resolution Protocol For IP Networking  By : Sadie Hurst
    ARP is a very necessary constituent of IP networking. ARP is essentially used to link OSI Layer 3, Network, to OSI Layer 2, Data-Link. In more simplistic terms, that means that ARP is used to connect our IP address to our Ethernet address or MAC Addressing. To enable communication with any device on your network, there must be an Ethernet MAC address for that device.
  • Desktop Video Conference Solutions – Giving a Lift to Global Economy  By : Hope Dever
    The desktop video conference is one such invaluable communication technology that has played like a catalyst in increasing the market share of every business type.
  • DTH India: Latest Trends and offers  By : Pratik Gosalia
    India will be soon in 1st position in the market of DTH compare to the United States due to strong growth of DTH market, Currently United States are the market leader in DTH (Direct to Home) service, will be second to India soon. By this year-end, India will leave the US behind, which has got a 32 million subscribers base, making India the largest DTH country.
  • A Comparative look on DTH and its Issues in India  By : Pratik Gosalia
    The article takes the reader through the ultimate choice of choosing between a cable or a Direct to home Ststem as well as the common issues faced buy users of DTH in india
  • Guide to Fundamental Computer Components  By : John Maze
    Human activities more and more facilitated by the presence of computer. Computers can remedy many problems and has turn into a primary tool in human life.
  • Television Closed Captions - Opening Doors for the Hearing Disabled Community  By : Charlie Kinkead
    Hearing loss is felt by almost 25 million people in America, which makes it a good thing that the federal government just forced closed captioning decoders to be installed on all new televisions. Before you think, 'So what? I'm not hearing impaired,' think again. The advantages of closed captioning are not just for those whose hearing is compromised.
  • How to Hire an iPhone Developer for iPhone Development  By : cisankur
    iPhone, needless to say, is one of the most advanced and expensive smart phones, that needs many applications to be developed so as to make it more advanced in all its features. There are many companies that generate different iPhone applications for different purposes, but it is very important to know which source is trustworthy and which not for
  • Features To Look For In Bi Tools  By : Gen Wright
    The world of business is one that has advanced quite a bit in the last twenty years. Advancements in technology have made it possible to increase productivity and accomplish more than was ever thought possible before the age of the Internet.
  • Thermal Engineering in Space  By : Sharp
    Thermal engineering systems are necessary to cool the thousands of satellites that orbit the Earth. These devices are not easily protected, but many companies have designed electronics cooling systems to remove the threat that intense heat can cause.
  • Keithley Instruments: IEEE 1588 and LXI in Your Next T&M; System Design  By : Paul Franklin
    Timing is crucial in a test and measurement (T&M;) application, which makes the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol’s ease of use and high performance especially attractive to T&M; system designers. However, translating these advantages into useful features for test engineers can be challenging. This article explains the use of IEEE 1588 and the related LXI (LAN-based eXtensions for Instrumentation) Standard in T&M; system design.
  • License Plate Camera Applications  By : Israa Sabha
    What is a license plate camera? What are the advantages of having a license plate camera? Is it important to have such one? In addition, what are the main applications of such cameras? All these questions would be answered these questions and more…
  • The best entry level HD camcorders  By : Colin Simmonds
    Digital still camera and a video recorder in one single unit, it is a device which is called camcorders. It is a portable electronic device for recording videos and capturing images. The first ever camcorder was launched in 1983.
  • HD Radio For Your Computer  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Radio has been improved with HD radio that offers new music and more programming than ever before and now you can enjoy it on your personal computer.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)  By : Kelvin Martin
    The Electricity at Work regs. (1989) requires "All electrical systems will be maintained so as to inhibit, as far as is reasonably practicable, any hazard". This is interpreted as covering the fixed electrical installation including portable and transportable apparatus connected to it.
  • HTC Desire review - the Superphone  By : mike luang
    The HTC Need will live as much as its hype for many. As a substitute for the iPhone, you'll find it gives plenty of power, a superb looking expertise and plenty of customisation opportunities. The Android Market is rising in its providing and already has an enormous number of free applications. It doesn’t yet have the depth and breadth that the Apple App Store does, but with extra manufacturers adopting Android units, it is just set to grow.
  • Unveiling some important coil tubing tools in the market  By : Davis Gukafre
    The coil tubing industry is all packed with different types of tools and equipment to serve various purposes.
  • Make Smart Business Decisions Using Address Database Management Solutions  By : Adriana Noton
    In today's highly technological fast paced world, businesses have to make the most out of advanced technologies in an effort to maintain competitiveness. Because businesses now have more opportunities to reach customers regionally as well as globally, they need to use smart technology to make better business decisions.
  • Canada’s Financial Services Firms Prepare for E-mail Archiving Mandate  By : Kieron
    Will multi-million dollar fines, criminal indictments, and exorbitant e-discovery costs play a role in Canada’s financial services future? Possibly, if Canadian securities dealers, portfolio managers, and other financial services firms violate the pending legislation proposed by the Canadian Securities Administrators.
  • E-mail archiving demands overwhelm backup alternative  By : Kieron
    One look at the numbers makes it clear that e-mail archiving is still in its early stages. While most large enterprises have deployed first-generation solutions, the mid-market has yet to answer the call to e-mail archiving even though all organizations are subject to the same regulatory pressures and IT demands.
  • Simple Steps to Compliance: Archiving Electronic Messages for Competitive Advantage  By : Kieron
    The way people communicate with each other in both personal and business contexts has changed dramatically in a few short decades. In today’s virtual, paperless world, massive quantities of information can be transmitted in seconds from one location to another, anywhere in the world.
  • White House Lawsuit Highlights E-mail Archiving Challenge  By : Kieron
    When it comes to e-mail archiving, even the White House can’t seem to get it right. The Washington Post recently reported that the Bush administration is being sued for failing to preserve millions of e-mails, a violation of the Federal Records Act.
  • Pipeline Liner - Get Rid of Frequent Pipeline repairs & Maintenance  By : Tanisha Jones
    The introduction of HDPE Pipeline liner comes as effective & affordable solution pipeline maintenance and lining issues.
  • A Few Words About Chillers And Central Air Conditioning System  By : TravisOl
    Read about types of chillers and get to know how, why and where central air conditioning system can operate.
  • 3 Reasons to Hire Personal Virtual Assistant  By : Riya Pillai
    Everybody wants to save time, money, resources, or any such part of investment through any means in their business. Out of the different ways in which this can be achieved is to hire virtual assistant, who is an employee of other organization, but works more than what an in-house employee would do.
  • Different Aspects of Online Conferencing  By : Hope Dever
    Onlne conferencing has taken communication to new heights. Now small to large scale business professionals are using web conferencing company services to interact lively with their clients and colleagues across world.
  • PHP Development by Offshore PHP Developer Programmer India  By : cisankur
    There are certain benefits, positive points that one can get on hiring services of PHP development by offshore developer programmer India. The possibilities of profitable deals that you can have once you hire PHP development services by offshore developer programmer India for your business are very high. You can hire them at very low cost that compels the organization to opt for low cost offshore PHP developer programmer India as compared to very expensive solutions for your website development services.
  • Melodyne DNA - great piece of kit but WHY?  By : Dave Garnish
    This is an article on Melodyne DNA. As impressive as the technology is, he can't think of a single use for it. Acapellas are unusable; I don't want or need to 'lift' other people musical elements; I will always know how the chords are going to go very early on and certainly before I hire any session musicians.
  • Adobe Flash Designer Available for Offshore Flash Designing at Affordable Price  By : cisankur
    A good website without any flash designs is practically not into the scene nowadays, as any website to look very impressive and attractive the flash designs are almost a must. An efficient and expert Flash designer can design the best Flash designs for your website which would enable the website to load as faster as possible without wasting any time, alluring the visitors in much a higher quality as well as quality to give you more business.
  • Types of Air-Cooled And Water-Cooled Chillers  By : TravisOl
    Here in the article there is a clear description of commonly used types of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers for Three Critical Types of Semiconductor Measurement – Part III  By : Lee Stauffer
    Thoroughly characterizing semiconductor materials and devices requires three different types of measurement. In this, Part III, the focus is on cabling requirements for these measurements, and how that affects signal integrity and test system throughput.
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers for Three Critical Types of Semiconductor Measurement – Part II  By : Lee Stauffer
    Thoroughly characterizing semiconductor materials and devices requires three different types of measurements. This is Part II of a 3-part article explaining those requirements and how semiconductor parameter analyzers have evolved to make these measurements easier and more precise.
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers for Three Critical Types of Semiconductor Measurement-Part I  By : Lee Stauffer
    Thoroughly characterizing semiconductor materials and devices requires three different types of measurements. Part I describes the three types of measurements that are required for semiconductor device characterization.
  • A New Way to Enjoy News  By : Marie Huitt
    The internet is changing how we do things, and this is only be hurried along by convergence in mobile technology that results in hand held devices that can do everything (yes, that means the iPhone), and by ever improving software and community websites. For example many people are now describing Twitter as the 'pulse of the planet' allowing you to see what 'people' are talking about from your phone and to contribute to the global conversation from you iPhone.
  • Digital Imaging: Helping Society Grow In Leaps and Bounds  By : Adriana Noton
    Today, advancements in technology have allowed humans to view images in ways that they never imagined to be possible. The technology known as 'digital imaging' has given people the ability to drastically progress in such areas as communication, science, technology, medicine and much more. Advanced digital imaging has had a tremendous positive impact on the daily lives of people all over the world.
  • How do Digital Temperature controllers work?  By : Tony Mac
    The purpose of this paragraph is to educate you on the control of temperature and the best strategies to use.
  • 3 Techniques for Predicting Severe Weather  By : Rory Groves
    Learn the basics of thunderstorm science to better predict when and where threatening weather will strike.
  • Tough Equipment That Takes Punishment  By : Art Gib
    The military relies on rugged portable computer systems to keep in contact with ground forces and aerial support teams.
  • The Business Benefits of Address Database Management  By : Adriana Noton
    Today, thanks to advancements in technology, businesses no matter how big or small have the ability to reach customers far beyond their local region.
  • Developing Solar Powered Cars  By : Terry Daniels
    Solar powered cars have a lot of potential. However, at the moment they are not very practical.
  • The Many Sound Reasons Complexity Answers Why Use A Computer Professional  By : Adriana Noton
    It is no longer possible to truly function in our world without the use of computers. There is still a few holdouts who prefer not to use the devices, but they are few and far between.
  • Finding the Best Dallas Home Theater Company  By : Jonathan B
    Looking for a Dallas Home Theater Company, selecting the proper equipment, and especially the job of having a system installed can be an overwhelming task.
  • IT Costs of Enterprise Mobility - Survey Results  By : iPass Inc.
    On average companies spend over $120 per month for each mobile employee, manage too many carrier relationships and seldom audit their mobility spending. IT survey gives you data on mobility costs.
  • Stereoscopic for Dummies  By : Rafael Malthus
    Curious as to how James Cameron produced the eye popping imagery seen Avatar? Here's an article that'll make it easy for you to grasp the high tech concept that is Stereoscopic 3D.
  • Introduction to Operational Amplifiers  By : Sam Harnett
    These devices are generally housed in duel in line packages (DIL) although some military specification devices are housed in a metal can rather like a transistor but with more leads. Figure 10a shows a typical op-amp package. Packages are available in 8 way, 14 way, 16 way, up to 40 way, where several devices may be housed in the same package.
  • E-Services - Get More Pay Less  By : Larry Emmott
    Remember when e was just a letter? Well now it stands for “electronic” and anything e like e-mail or e–commerce is electronic mail or electronic commerce. But in practice it usually means a service that is not just electronic but it is online. Often as it becomes an e and goes online the “whatever” migrates from being a product to a service.
  • Location Intelligence: More Than Just Plotting Map Coordinates  By : Adriana Noton
    In this fast paced and ever-changing business environment that now spans the globe, location intelligence solutions allows businesses to turn data from numerous sources into a powerful means of making smart business decisions.
  • Benefits of Digital Cable  By : Suzanne McMahon
    Digital cable is highly sought after and every year a tone of houses join the service. It offers a sharp screen, many channels, interactive program menus and video on demand.
  • 3R And Computer Repair: Its Importance  By : Adriana Noton
    Rapid growth in population has lead to a supply : demand inequilibrium in the human needs and the resources available to meet them. As such, great emphasis is being laid on waste management. The very popular 3 R strategy is considered to be a very important part of waste management. The Three R s are a part of the Waste Hierarchy.
  • What is the New Knowledge from Genetic Research  By : Kinhomchan
    The flood of new knowledge from genetic research is likely to worsen inequalities in health between rich and poor countries unless money, training and technical assistance are provided to help developing countries benefit from new discoveries, according to a report issued yesterday by the World Health Organization.
  • LG Fridge Water Filters - Mini Guide  By : Gursel Batmaz
    These day there are numerous different LG refrigerator water filters on the market that could ensure the provision of secure cold drinking water for your loved ones.
  • Choose Right iPad Application Development Based on Your Needs – Part 2  By : david_aldrich
    iPad has opened new era of application development. In this series we will see the details of various applications found in iTune store and will explore the possibilities of developing more.
  • EMR Software In The Information Era  By : Boyd Norwood
    A look at the evolution of Electronic Medical Records and what role they play in the modern medical practice.
  • Making Sense and Dollars from Screenings  By : Larry Emmott
    Have you seen the CSI-type shows where the crime scene detective puts on some funky goggles and shines an eerie blue light over the scene, looking for clues? They are using an alternative light source to reveal details that are difficult to detect under normal white light.
  • Audio Visual Services for Powerful Communication and Successful Events  By : Kathryn Dawson
    Audio visual services are a vital component of any event where you need to communicate your message clearly and effectively. Here's your guide to how AV services can help with your next event.
  • Enough with your Old Security System! Try the Newest Visitor Management Solution  By : Swaty Shah
    Let's come out from using the older security methods for the premise's protection. Try out visitor management solution for acquiring the best and effective security at your doorstep.
  • The new and easy way to obtain P450-metabolites and N-glucuronides for metabolites in safety testing  By : Dr. Andy Zoellner
    Optaining P450-metabolites and N-glucuronides for metabolites in safety testing (MIST) used to be difficult and time consuming. Thanks to a new method patented by PombioTech GmbH, it is relatively easy to produce human phase I and phase II metabolites.
  • Sewage Treatment - A Must  By : Tracy Hammond
    Nowadays, there is a sharp increase in the number of industrial enterprises.
  • Chess and Technology Combined  By : Susan Kramper
    Anyone who would like to try playing the game of chess must have to master the techniques in winning. But before that, they need to be briefed about the moves of each piece and the terms and codes of the chess game. You can start with buying a chess set to aid in playing the game. There is no other way of playing the game except with the use of the board where the game will be done. The typical chess set is composed of 32 pieces. Sixteen pieces are colored black and another sixteen is colored white. Every piece in one color is countered with an equal in the opposing color. Every piece is laid out in the board that has 64 squares with alternating black and white squares. The set can come in different finishes. The wooden set, which is the more traditional and convenient, and cheap. Others go as far as acquiring glass pieces while there are also plastic sets. It depends on the position and liking of the owner.
  • Xerox Tipped to Become the Next Apple  By : Jennifer Robinson
    Having reinvented itself, Online Connect tip Xerox to be the next big comeback success following Apple's resurgence. The article follows the fall and rise again of Xerox and Apple.
  • All Of the Benefits To Be Had From Closed Captioning  By : James Boswell
    New televisions are now required to include a closed captioning decoder. Over 24 million Americans who have hearing disabilities will certainly benefit from this recently passed law. This law will help people who don?t even have hearing issues.
  • Where Can Farmers find Objective Information About New Low-chem Agricultural Products?  By : Alison Withers
    Environmental campaigning groups and commercial organisations alike have an interest in "selling" their message. Is there anywhere that consumers and farmers can get objective information about the new biopesticides and other low-chem agricultural products we're told will help produce more and healthier foods in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Catch Your Cheating Spouse by Having an Expert Retrieve Deleted Text  By : Ed Opperman
    Every year there are more individuals that would like to catch cheating partners in an affair that has been going on behind their back. You can quickly and easily obtain several types of data when you contact an expert in the field of cell phone forensic investigations. They have the knowledge needed to expertly retrieve deleted text and other forms of data, giving you the evidence needed to confront your mate
  • Cable Grips An Overview  By : Nadine Davis
    Hauling and securing cable is much easier and safer when cable grips are used. In New Zealand, you have many options at your disposal when it comes to using these important tools. First, you should educate yourself about how to use them - and about the various types.
  • Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Subliminal Mp3  By : Greg Frost
    There is a significant number of reports claiming that audio subliminal messages (e.g. subliminal mp3) are effective while some frowns at its deception. Some show proof through client reported results. The scientific community views these client reported result as just anecdotal.
  • The Many Uses of CCTV Cameras  By : Groshan Fabiola
    As you probably already know, close-circuit television, also known as CCTV, is the transmission of a signal to a specific place via video cameras. The most common uses of CCTV cameras can be found in a series of institutions and locations such as military installations, airports, retail areas, banks, casinos and so on
  • A Brief Introduction To History Of Clocks  By : GL ONEAL
    The latest technology in clocks is that of quartz clocks. Quartz is a glass like crystal. When voltage or current is applied to the quartz crystal, it starts vibrating at a constant rate. The oscillation of the quartz crystal then moves the minute hand and the hour hand of the clock. The first quartz clock was invented way back in the year 1920.
    Clocks are very essential and make good gifts especially on birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Biometric Locks Mysteries, What Does Gray Level Mean?  By : Roseli
    Are you shopping for biometric locks? Then you need to read this article explaining Gray level
  • Benefit by Using ID Card Software  By : William Gabriel
    If you are beginning your research to purchase a photo ID card software, you may be overwhelmed by all of the manufacturers and versions available. The software available provides various levels of ID card printing capabilities. The ID card software may design a simple ID card or may be fairly complex and include importing and exporting databases on networked computers.
  • What Wii Fit Accessories Will You Need?  By : Derick Fisher
    Do you have a Wii Fit or are thinking about purchasing one? You will want to make sure that you have all of the accessories that you need to get a great workout.
  • World Has Much More to Offer Us Through the Field of Biometrics!  By : Swaty Agarwal
    If you think that your world is restricted to fingerprint devices then, probably you are wrong. Adopt biometric face recognition system for better premise's security.

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