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  • Five Essential Web Writing Guidelines  By : Scott Smith
    Words power the Internet - no matter what technological change comes next. This brief overview will help you to 'keep it simple' for your site visitors and clarify what comes next for all of us.
  • How a Benefit-Rich Headline Can Build Your Web Business  By : Scott Smith
    Want to make more sales from your Web site? If you
    rewrite the headlines on each page of your site, you'll get a big boost in the right direction.
  • Who Invented Internet Commerce  By : James Lowe
    Fascinating history of the beginnings and development of internet commerce
  • Building an Effective Website  By : Mike Lane
    There is no question that these days you cannot successfully run an Internet business, or in most cases any type of business, without an effective website. Find out more.
  • Make Money Online By Making A Website  By : Joshua Spaulding
    We have all seen thousands of websites on the Internet. Some are full of useless information and others provide valuable information. So what does it take to make a website and start to make money online?
  • Do You Have An Authoritative Website?  By : Joe Rispoli
    What does an authoritative site provide? In one sentence, an incredible amount of original material and a memorable visitor experience.
  • E-commerce Website Design Guide for Small Business Owners  By : Julia Ramyalg
    When a small business owners starts thinking of having his own e-commerce web site he starts looking for reliable, handful and affordable e-commerce solution. Learn what features are needed to run the e-commerce business successfully.
  • Create An Expert Showcase Website The Media Will Love  By : Annie Jennings PR
    National Publicity Firm Annie Jennings PR offers powerful book marketing, book promotion, branding to authors and experts and recommends that each author and expert have a special media site so the media can learn all about them. What's in a media site? What are the MUST HAVE pages? What are the mistakes to avoid? Find out in Annie's article on "How To Create An Expert Showcase Website The Media Will Love!
  • The Evolution of Macromedia DreamWeaver  By : Rich Talbot
    DreamWeaver, a popular web development tool from Macromedia, is currently in version 8. The software package has evolved from a simple What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to a fully integrated tool, implementing CSS, Javascript, database information and much more.
  • Finding a quality & professional content site web writer  By : Darren Dunner
    Normally, webmasters write the content for their sites on their own. However, it is not advisable to do so. The main reason for this is that the web masters normally are not professional content site web writers.
  • Web Content Management To Enhance Your Business Online  By : Susan Jan
    For anyone thinking of running an e-business, you have to give considerable thought and planning to the content management of your website. The web content management for your website involves a number of defined measures and schemes to optimize your site and your business.
  • Open Source Code behind PoloMercantil  By : Roberto Sedycias
    This article describes a real life experience in picking and using the linux operating system, as well as libraries with Open Source Code licences, during the development of the brazilian electronic auction PoloMercantil.
    It is truly a testimony of successful use of Open Source Code softwares.
  • Web Design And Development Tips To Maximize Your Site  By : Adrian Adams
    Web design is a very important part of operating your online business. Since there is not an actual store for people to walk into, the set up of your website will determine if they stay long enough to make a purchase or if they will got to another website. With so much competition in the e-commerce world, the consumer has the upper hand.
  • Article Directory Scripts that Pay Off Big Time  By : Joshua Spaulding
    We all know how important articles are for the promotion of our web sites. Knowing this, it should not be hard to realize how profitable it could be to own an article directory.
  • Issues With Formmail  By : Jim Pretin
    Things to consider when using Formmail and why small hosting companies are not equipped for it
  • What Is Javascript Used For?  By : Jim Pretin
    Using Javascript will bring your web pages to life
  • Seven Website Design Tips to Make Your Site More Attractive  By : virka
    How can I attract thousands of visitors to my site?”, many people ask me this question. Well, driving high traffic to Website is very important, but what's even more important, is designing a website in that way which makes them stays longer.

    In this article, you're going to learn 7 important website design tips to make your site more attractive. So not only your website will attract many people, but it will also motivate them to stay for a long time.
  • Learn How To Use Formmail  By : Jim Pretin
    There is more to Formmail than meets the eye - here is what you should know before you use Formmail to process your HTML Forms
  • XML is Transforming the Internet  By : Jim Pretin
    XML is changing the internet landscape by enabling websites to be displayed across multiple platforms
  • Learn to Create an Online Form  By : Jim Pretin
    Creating an Online Form is not as hard as you might think
  • Your First HTML Email Form  By : Jim Pretin
    Creating your first HTML email form is not so simple, here is what you need to know
  • Learn to Create a Web Form  By : Jim Pretin
    Here is what you need to know if you are creating your first web form
  • Tips For Starting A Discussion Forum  By : Adrian Adams
    A discussion forum serves as a fun hobby for some, while others utilize its presence to drive traffic to a website.
  • Time To Give Your Website A Stress Test  By : Robert Regnerus
    You've heard of a medical stress test, but have you heard of a website stress test? If you intend to provide your website visitors quality information, you better go to the proper lengths to make sure they can get it. Every website can work just fine without traffic, but can your website handle a surge of visitors? Find out how stress testing solves that problem.
  • Choosing A Content Management System For Your Website  By : Kelvin Ho
    If you are planning to launch a website, you need to choose the correct Content Management System. Without the right tool, you are likely to waste much time setting up and maintaining your site.
  • Partial Page Rendering Using Hidden IFrame  By : Madhu
    Partial-page rendering removes the need for the whole web page to be refreshed as the result of a postback. Instead, only individual regions of the page that have changed are updated. As a result, users do not see the whole page reload with every postback, which makes user interaction with the Web page more seamless.
  • Web Development Company  By : Ganesh patil
    Benchmark IT Solutions Specializing in best-in-class web development, website design, software development, custom software development, application development and Flash multimedia
  • Programming Styles Used In Web Development  By : Jim Brown
    When people access an Internet web page they are probably not aware of all of the work that went into developing that page for public and private viewing.
  • How to Build a Database Driven Web Site  By : Shawn Hickman
    If you ever want to create a state directory, article directory, dating site or link directory, you need to know about creating database driven web sites.
  • Leading Vancouver Web Design Company Advises on How To Choose A Web Developer  By : Penny P
    Do you realize your choice of web developer plays a major role in determining the success of your online business? An award-winning Vancouver web design and development company offers you benchmark guidance on choosing the right web developer, so you can avoid fatal mistakes that could cost you your online business.
  • Web Site Audit: How it can get you started on generating staggering profits!  By : Penny P
    If your web site is failing to deliver results for your business, then here’s your chance to do one simple thing that can turn your business around, right now!
  • Belong To The Exchange Club For Website Links  By : Jason Cox
    When used sensibly, website link exchanges can draw an exceptional amount of website traffic and greatly increase your search engine outcome. Nevertheless, remember that too many link exchanges can be harmful. You do not want your website clogged with other website links.
  • 7 Important Rules in Small Business Website Development  By : Alexa Peters
    When it comes to your website, you should pay
    attention to every minute detail. You want to
    make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose.
  • How To Create A Business Website  By : Obinna Heche
    When you have a business, no matter what you are selling or offering, a website is an absolute must. Most of the world is online in some way or another now and if you truly want to compete in the world market
  • Web development – pave your way to success  By : Bluelightlabs
    The introduction of the Internet has brought about a great change in the everyday lives of people around the globe. It has made a great contribution in globalization by bringing together people from the world over and has given a new edge to commerce and human relations as well
  • Web-Development  By : stephen hamilton
    This article is about web development. How web development help people to grow their business effectively.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Increase The Visibility Of Your Website  By : Bluelightlabs
    Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a tool that is used by article directories and search engines to rank the available results in the order of preference in accordance with the keyword submitted by the user.
  • How To Keep Internet Ecommerce Operations Organized  By : Abe Cherian
    Internet ecommerce habits can be simplified through various organizational methods. Learn what valuable source is recommended.
  • Setting up your own web server  By : Sam George
    When you run the processing Seo London web designed page site on a server maintained by someone else then you may have to face a lot of restrictions in terms of space, scripts and even content in some cases.
  • The Benefits of Using a Content Management System  By : Terry Fitzroy
    CMS can be used for large and small websites.
  • Site Builder Issues - Why Shoeless Joe Was Wrong  By : Jennifer Horowitz
    Unfortunately, many people are living a perfect example of if you build it, they won't come. Building your site with a standard site builder that doesn't allow for HTML, FTP access, root directory access and easy addition of new pages to grow your site content, is setting yourself up for failure.
  • Make-Your-Own-Web-Page  By : J.O. Moen
    The most important thing in making-your-own-web-pages is to start. Recognize that it does take time to make-your-own-web-page, especially your first time out.
  • An 0pen Standard for Structuring Data  By : SamGeorge
    With the Extensible Markup Language [XML], the W3Chas a chance to start from scratch in defining a standard markup language, instead of playing catch-up as it had to do with HTML..
  • Tips To Make Your Website Load Faster  By : Kenneth Scott
    Your web pages have great content, a nice design. So why are people not clicking through to other parts of the site? In many cases, the problem is the load time.
  • Developer  By : Jhon Albert
    In IT sector developers are divided into many sectors some of them are like Web Designers, Web Programmers, Program Developers, and Site Developers. In IT sector one work is done called web designing in designing a web developers are required.
  • UDP - User Datagram Protocol  By : Robert Thomson
    UDP is a simpler data based connectionless protocol compared to the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Provider  By : Robert Melkonyan
    Microsoft is a very successful corporation which has integrated their systems and applications in basic computers, servers, frameworks and several other types of infrastructure
  • Microsoft Partner San Diego  By : Robert Melkonyan
    Based on the fact that all businesses are not the same it is safe to say that as a business operator you will not find an industry-standard software platform that can be easily integrated...
  • Microsoft Partner Information  By : Robert Melkonyan
    What can technology do for your business? Is a question many business owners often ask themselves but since they are not IT professionals they might not have a clear idea about...
  • San Diego Outsourcing Solutions & IT Outsourcing  By : Robert Melkonyan
    Today's business world is ever changing according to global demands, laws and regulations that govern a specific industry, this means the technology used to run a business 10 to 20 years ago ...
  • Analayzing Your Website  By : James Schramko
    Website building software packages are not alike. The best ones are packed with usable and versatile tools and features that will truly add value to websites.
  • The Macromedia Flash man looks to LEGO for a System  By : jesse S.somer
    Jonathan Gay’s found a system of evolving ideas that works. This is the system he used to develop both Flash recently and LEGO when he was a little younger.
  • Success Brings Success and by Asking “What If?” The Energy Needed to Propel Success is Created.  By : Alena Smith
    The Website What If?

    TI Web Development is the “What if?” Company that creates the magic that creates your success. If you have asked yourself “what if” I had an Internet presence, then we are the people who will make that “what if” into “I did”.
  • What a Website Can Do For Your Business  By : Alena Smith
    With many businesses and entrepreneurs launching their own websites online, believing that it would enhance their profits, this just might be a great time for you to take your business to the next level. If you have been wondering if it would be worth your time and money, it is probably because you are unaware of the numerous benefits that come with having your business showcased online.
  • Revealin Web Development  By : Alena Smith
    Most people have a vague idea of what web development means. They often can only come up with a fuzzy description of how they perceive web development. The many exhaustive and complex processes that are involved in creating a website is as comprehensible to them as Greek is to an ape.
  • Web Designing vs. Web Deveploment  By : Alena Smith
    Take any product you have bought recently and look at it closely. Setting aside its primary purpose, what actually convinced you to buy it? Is it the appearance or its effectiveness? If this is the first time you have bought the product, you probably have picked it up assuming it would do what its manufacturer claims it does. If the product did not have the label or the package it presently has, would it make a difference to the way you perceive it? What if
  • Tips For Web Design And Development Experts  By : Markus Fernandez
    Even though web development services have varied dimensions, the tips and tricks of the trade have always been a unique set, set aside by web development experts down the years. Whether you hire on-site employees or hire offshore staff, the set of tips for custom web development remains the same.
  • How to Securely Transfer Files with SSH File Transfer (SFTP)  By : Alicia Hilton
    SFTP is a protocol for transferring files using SSH to secure the commands and data that are being transferred between the client and the server. When using FTP, the data that is being transferred is not encrypted, exposing this data to eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. With SFTP, the data that is transferred between the client and the server is encrypted, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your data.
  • Website Development Services: First step towards successful online business  By : Steve Irron
    Website development services can benefit you in some way, with the help of these services you can develop your website and it can help you to increase your online visibility and traffic. It will ultimately increase your sales.
  • Let's Get Started...  By : Andy Xhignesse
    Considering your web presence is a far too often overlooked element of business planning and this short article is meant to give a brief example of why it should be an important component of your overall plan.
  • Open Source Web Development Solutions: Complete cover for all your web development needs  By : Smit
    Open source web development solutions have the ability to help web development companies provide complete web solution. Open source application software has eased the hassles of complicated programming and debugging.
  • Website Application Development: Facilitating Smooth Functioning of Businesses  By : Smit
    Website application development companies enhance business prospects by offering a wide range of software and web application to its clients.
  • Five Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Custom Website and How to Avoid Them  By : Ben Friday
    When you find a developer that offers you a website that’s so cheap it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are five things that can go wrong if you choose the wrong website developer.
  • Drupal Rocks  By : Andrew.Day
    Drupal is an open source content management system that is changing the way businesses, individuals, and organizations present themselves online. Open source means its code is available to use and modify free of charge. This, along with its advanced functionality, translates to a powerful, innovative social publishing solution that is very cost effective.
  • DPCI Digital Asset Management Systems simplify Content Management  By : Dan Manson !
    The company I work for could no longer get away with tracking the location of key files using a spreadsheet and a shared drive. I was chosen to head up the team tasked with formalizing our digital asset management strategy.
  • Hot or Not? Developing applications with Java programming  By : Steve Irron
    Today web application environment is flooded with number of programming languages like C+, Java, VB, etc to develop a business solution. This makes project manager extremely confused in choosing right language to develop effective web applications in stipulated time and cost. This article clearly explains why you use Java programming language which comes with a number of handy features making it well suited for use on the World Wide Web.
  • What is Web Development?  By : Gen Wright
    An important thing about any web site is web development. It is the heart of the web site's body and means that it is something that visitors see and communicate.
  • The Details of Image Crawls 1  By : Dustin Schwerman
    This series of articles discusses a basic coding function - the image crawl - with a focus on the usage and avoiding some of the common first-time problems rather than creating the code itself.
  • The Details of Image Crawls 2  By : Dustin Schwerman
    This series of articles discusses a basic coding function - the image crawl - with a focus on the usage and avoiding some of the common first-time problems rather than creating the code itself.
  • Is Web Development Expensive?  By : Justin Frost
    There are many aspects that contribute to how much a web development project will cost. Some websites cost $300, some websites cost $3,000,000, it depends on the number of features the website has and the overall complexity of the web development project.
  • The Details of Image Crawls 3  By : Dustin Schwerman
    This series of articles discusses a basic coding function - the image crawl - with a focus on the usage and avoiding some of the common first-time problems rather than creating the code itself.
  • Selecting The Perfect Content Management Software  By : Richard Adams
    Building and managing a website is easier than ever these days - but if you are to get the best results possible from your site then you need to make sure you are using the best software for the job.
  • Using Site Builders to Start Your Website  By : Elorado Walls
    Details on the features and advantages of free online website building tools, which allow websites to be created without programming or using software.
  • What is Drupal?  By : Peter Nisbet
    Drupal is a content management system that allows you to design your own websites, forums, blogs and so on. Many find the software difficult to use, but it is easy to learn using a Drupal video tutorial course.
  • Managing Your Website by Popular Free CMS Solution  By : Scott123
    For building and managing customized CMS website, we can choose one from the two types of Content Management System – open source content management system which we can get free of cost and other one that is paid CMS.

    Free CMS Website Builder is the popular utility for building and managing CMS website free of cost available in e-market. We can make simple as well as comprehensive CMS website by using this utility. In long run it is very cost effective and time saving solution for creating CMS
  • Online CMS Systems - An Alternative for Building and Managing Interactive Web Content  By : Philippe Bodart
    The unlimited experience of an online website builder and unique webtools that you will only find at WEBRIQ.
  • Goals of an Enterprise Architecture (J2EE)  By : Spec-India
    Enterprise software is important to an organization. Its users expect it to be reliable and bug-free. Hence we must understand and take advantage of those parts of J2EE that can help us build robust solutions and must ensure that we write quality code.
  • Active X Developement  By : Robert Thomson
    Active X is routinely downloaded and operated by the web browser. It is not a programming language, though it provides rules on different applications with information sharing specifications. Active X is enhanced usually with Visual Basic,
  • The SEO Benefits Of Using Joomla (Template)  By : Robert Thomson
    Joomla is a leading content management system (CMS) that has a lot of very loyal followers.
  • Typical Areas of Web Development  By : tylermoon
    Web Development is split into client side coding and server side coding and the best way to know more about web development is to study both separately. The former consists of the web layout and design while the latter consists of functionality and back end system.
  • Using Drupal Content Management System: Open Source Drupal CMS  By : Peter Nisbet
    Drupal is a free open source content management system (CMS). Using Drupal you can design dynamic websites, and also blogs, forums and social networking sites. The best way to learn Drupal is likely by means of a video tutorial that can be used to learn by means of watching and copying what you see on the video.
  • Authority Sites On The Rise  By : Nelson Tan
    The Web 2.0 culture may be sending mini-sites and cookie-cutter article sites to their deaths. This article brings to understanding the new rules for authority site design.
  • The Java Programming Language  By : Andrew E
    Java - an island of Indonesia, a type of coffee, and a programming language. Three very different meanings, each in varying degrees of importance. Most programmers, though, are interested in the Java programming language. In just a few short years (since late 1995), Java has taken the software community by storm. Its phenomenal success has made Java the fastest growing programming language ever. There's plenty of hype about Java, and what it can do. Many programmers, and end-users, are confused
  • Declaring Arrays in C# - Dynamic and Static  By : Robert Pattinson
    Static and Dynamic array declaration in C# .NET - the differences and when each would be appropriate.
  • Why Do I Need Web Development  By : John15 John15
    There are so many tools available in the market today which allow me to build a website from scratch. I don’t need any help with web design and web development services thank you. If that is your initial response to a professional web designing company I can quite understand your attitude.
  • CSS Gallery  By : Elle Wood
    Using a CSS gallery is a must these days. If you are a web designer then you know how important exposure is, especially on the web.
  • Multimedia Websites and Online Marketing  By : Nick Singh
    For years now, Search Engine Marketing experts have been trying to solve one of the mysteries surrounding SEO and flash web page optimisation. They have tried to create work-arounds, such as, slice up parts of flash movie and placing it on different pages whilst adding text to each of these pages.
  • Use Interactive Map to Improve Website Navigation and Search Function  By : Ko Fai Godfrey Ko
    A highly flash interactive map can significantly improve your website's navigation and make online presentation a lot more easier. In the past, webmasters use HTML and Java Scripts to create image maps. With the increasing popularity of Flash, today's webmaster can take advantage of map software to easily create interactive maps, and maximize the usefulness of a clickable image map, with mouseover tooltips, hint boxes and many other features.
  • Dreamweaver: The Choice of Many  By : Steve Weber A
    The most favored and sought-after web editor is Dreamweaver. I build my websites using this tool. Although a lot of beginners use a free tool such as those in free hosting websites, which is basically all right, almost all serious Internet marketers use fine web editor tools such as Dreamweaver.

    Purchasing the most in-demand web tool is not inexpensive. It will cost you a lot of money, but be informed that you can acquire them at for a discount; just ask someone you know who is still in school or a school employee to do it for you. The retail version of Dreamweaver is the same with the educational version.

    Dreamweaver is the best web editor tool, and here are some of the reasons why I prefer using it:

    1. It is very easy to use. You can create simple pages with text, tables and images with no hassle. To tell you the truth, simple pages are all you need to begin with your online business.

    2. It has a useful FTP upload feature. Well, I still make use of my handy FTP software, but I choose to use Dreamweaver to transfer those pages, which is very convenient for me.

    3. Dreamweaver can easily change and apply template contents. If you are thinking about pre-made templates, that's not what I'm talking about. It is my favorite feature because it saves a lot of my time, and so I will explain to you how it works. Imagine you have twenty pages in your website, and you need to change your copyright date or add another page. The copyright date is seen an all the pages of the website, so if you are going to change it, you would need to edit each and every page of the website. If you create a page layout as a template, you do not need to do that. All you have to do is open your template file, adjust necessary information you need to change and save the file, then all your twenty pages are edited! It's very easy to use and it's an ultimate time-saver!

    4. It can be used even if you decide to move on with using CSS.

    5. It has a lot of styling options that you can effortlessly add to your pages, such as highlighting certain texts to make it stand out.

    6. Due to the fact that a lot of people use this web editor tool, innumerable tutorials and help files are available and accessible for you. With that, you can save a lot of time and money instead of attending classes or paying for a professional to help you.

    I know Adobe provides a trial version of Dreamweaver. Try it and before long, you'll be promoting it yourself!
  • Designing and Maintaining Retail Websites Is a Breeze with UBERcm  By : beth0101a
    The Internet has swayed most spheres of life by its ubiquitous presence. All industries and businesses world over are using this excellent tool to manage and expand their business operations.
  • Basic Principles of Website Design  By : Bluent
    You spent countless hours designing a website with fantastic colors, attractive images and beautiful layout but it failed to click? Some of the reasons could be lack of planning or inappropriate web design elements. A well thought out site never fails to click.
  • When Is A Proxy Website The Way To Go  By : Amy Armitage
    There is a simple reason that "proxy websites" exist in the first place, and that is because some people really do believe that information access should be done privately, confidentially but still openly.
  • An Overview of Content Management Systems  By : Mircea Goia
    A Content Management System is a web technology that enables you to publish, add, edit and delete the contents of your website without prior knowledge of coding languages like HTML and XHTML.A Content Management System works by maintaining a database
  • A Website is a Must Today  By : Joan Culbert
    A website is not only an effective marketing tool, but it has become essential to keep your business flourishing and reach new client bases.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Design Websites using Joomla  By : Robert Thomson
    This article illustrates five critical steps for anyone to create a simple website using the Joomla Content Management System.
  • How to Create a Flash Website Quickly  By : Gen Wright
    Hopefully by now the prospect of creating a website is not as scary as it used to be in the early days of the Internet. You can usually purchase a domain, hosting, and enough bandwidth to adequately run your site for what amounts to a few bucks per month.
  • Expert Psd Conversions Are For All Professions!  By : Avonlea Gardens
    If you are a professional and you thought expert Psd to html or Xhtml conversions is not one of your business needs, this article is worth a read then. No more are Psd conversions only for the big offices and corporate with bulks to be converted. Today, every business, both small and big, may need help in Psd conversions.
  • The Benefits Of Running Your Web Applications In A Cloud  By : G. Klingsheim
    It wasn’t so long ago that being told you had “your head in a cloud” wasn’t any kind of compliment. For computer and IT folks, it is now. As “cloud computing” becomes the Buzzword Of The Millennium (until the next one) it is going through the usual growing pains—defining itself, redefining how companies use applications, being misunderstood and, sometimes, being adopted too quickly.
  • Basic Requisition of Application Development  By : Bluent
    Application development is the translation of a user need or marketing goal into a software application or a web based application.
  • Essential Elements For Web Development  By : Bluent
    The potential of web graphics are infinite. The perfect blend of animation and sound in a website can touch the senses of a visitor, leaving a long lasting impression.

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