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The Savvy Actor: Steps To Ignite Your Acting Career! An Interview With Kevin Urban And Jodie Bentley

     The Savvy Actor was formed when both Jodie and Kevin were struggling with their acting careers. Both of them had a background in marketing and started brainstorming together about how to apply their skills in the business world to the art of acting.

The Savvy Actor was born out of their desire to share with other actors what they had learned, and now they are bi-coastal between New York and Los Angeles and skype with clients all over the World. Their "Weekend MBA Workshops" focus on "The Six Savvy Steps To Achieve Acting Success", and client success stories are numerous.

STEP 1: Being An Entrepreneur

When you decided to follow your dream of becoming an actor, the notion of being an entrepreneur or business owner probably never crossed your mind. Jodie and Kevin talk about your MUST. You MUST be passionate about what it is you do. That passion is your entrepreneurial spirit. Why MUST you have an acting career? It's not doing what you 'should' do it's doing what you MUST do. You MUST connect with your passion.

STEP 2: Being A Project Manager

Most actors try to do it all and spread themselves too thin. Wanting to do it all…TV, film, commercials, musical theatre, dancing, singing…spirals an actor into overwhelm. Actors know what their goals are, but they have no plan of action to achieve them. Jodie and Kevin suggest actors pick a goal and then break that goal down into specific projects and tasks. A goal in itself is not active. Being a project manager includes: defining, planning, mapping and organizing your goals.

STEP 3: Being A Brand Specialist

Actors move to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. and the one thing they think they know, is that they need a headshot and a resume. They spend a lot of time and money on headshots…but they don't yet know what they are selling. In order to market yourself effectively, you must know what you are selling. BRANDING is the foundation of marketing. And you must know what your Brand is before you can market it.

Actors will sometimes resist Branding themselves, because they think as an actor they are tremendously versatile. But, the reality is that you are a product to sell and you have to figure out what product you are selling. Your Brand is your ESSENCE. It's the energy you bring with you when you walk through the audition door. It's understanding your strengths and weaknesses and that sometimes your weaknesses are your strengths.

STEP 4: Being A Marketing Director

You must define your Brand first before you begin marketing. Your marketing materials include: audition material, headshot, resume, cover letters, postcards, reels, websites, targeted mailing list and plan, etc. All your marketing materials must reflect your Brand. So when you walk into the audition room, people know who you are in an instant.

STEP 5: Being A Community Ambassador

A Community Ambassador is a much softer word for Salesman! For many actors "selling" yourself is the hardest part. But, acting is not a go-it-alone business and actors need to find their community, their network…who is on their team. This will include teachers, coaches, hairdressers, doctors, etc. Kevin and Jodie suggest that the collective mind is very powerful, and a support team informs you with different perspectives.

STEP 6: Being A Financial Strategist

Just like any business, actors have to know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out. They have to know what their fixed expenses are…rent, food, electricity…and then decide what percentage of their income they are setting aside to fund their acting expenses. Actors must have a financial plan in place.

If you are stressing about money you can't put your energy into your art. Life informs art and art informs life, but actors are often so focused on their acting that they forget to live their lives. And it's those life experiences that influence what actors bring to the acting world.

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