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Demands of Fathers Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection

     Our nation's family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be made.

Only by Rebellion can fathers starve this tyranny of its profits, make known its malicious workings, and force the reestablishment of freedom for all. Fulfilling three demands will bring back the constitutional guarantees of our forefathers to secure our unalienable rights for fathers, family and freedom.

To preserve of our Constitution for all, to hold the operation of our laws to common law maxims and constitutional due process, and to rid the land of the unconstitutional machinations and perpetrators by which this tyranny against fathers, families, and freedom has grown and prospered, we fathers must carry out three demands fully and immediately.

DEMAND 1: Rights of Fathers to their children will be fully restored and equal to that of mothers and consistent with the liberty and nongovernmental interference guarantees of the Constitution.

We must restore the constitution to fathers by eliminating a) the status of non-custodial parents for fit parents and b) the child extortion payments that unconstitutionally deprive fit parents of their own determination of how to use their property and income. It is these extortion payments that have been the engine feeding and growing this tyranny.

Equal treatment under the law means equal treatment with all constitutional rights in place: A father will have shared (or alternating) legal and physical custody of all of his children from conception which is when the child becomes a distinct human being. This will be the default order dependent only on parental 'fitness' - unless, of course, parents themselves agree otherwise.

DEMAND 2: Our Judicial system will be made fully accountable to the public with all laws and processes consistent with Common Law Maxims and the Constitution.

We reclaim the judicial system from the legal aristocracy which has perverted the integrity of America's judicial system by putting itself effectively above accountability to the public at all levels of judicial process - a circumstance inconsistent with common law maxims and our constitutions, both state and federal.

We must restore a 'just' and 'fair' judicial system by:

* throwing out the self-serving positions of our present judicial elites by eliminating their 'lockout' rules that restrict 'practicing' law to only judicial system lackeys that are bar-approved;

* making the judicial process itself accountable to the public by participation of fully informed juries in all trials where fundamental rights are at issue; and lastly,

* making all judges and officers of the court directly accountable to the public through elections, law suits by litigants who have been unconstitutionally damaged by judges, and impeachable for whatever reason the majority of the legislature deems.

DEMAND 3: Family court judges and officers of the court (lawyers) who have grossly violated constitutional due process against fathers will be prosecuted.

This tyranny has been a 'War on Fathers and Fatherhood'. Family court judges, the lynchpin upon which this tyranny turns, who can be shown to have violated fundamental due process and constitutional rights when denying fathers custody of their children, ordering extortion payments that financially destroyed fathers, or incarcerated them, will be tried by their peers - i.e. fathers and other men.. They will be considered war criminals in their War on Fathers and will be charged with treason. All others of the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) against whom clear cases of perjury, fraud, and denial of rights can be made will also be prosecuted. Justice and a future of freedom demand it.

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