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It Looks Like Tesla Was Right About Free Energy Devices And Every Mainstream Physicist Has It Wrong.

     It looks like Tesla was right about Free Energy Devices and every mainstream Physicist has it wrong.

That's a bold statement I know, but it's based on practical evidence.

Nikola Tesla is by far the best applied physicist of all time: he invented the AC Electric motor, something considered impossible at the time; the AC power transmission system we use today; automatic transmission for cars. Also, he is legally credited with inventing radio transmission (Marconi had used many of Tesla's patented circuits and techniques).
I have a Physics degree and know about Tesla's achievements that have been largely forgotten by the mainstream.

The truth is finally starting to leak out and Tesla's achievements are starting to get to the light of day. Some groups claim to have uncovered part of Tesla's knowledge and secrets: Tesla said energy came from the ether not, for example, a quantum decay: Tesla said free energy was available; any mainstream physicist will tell you free energy is impossible. However, Tesla used to argue with Einstein telling him he was wrong: Tesla could do this because he was the best applied physicist of all time and had already proved the point in practice in his laboratory. I tend to believe Tesla because of his applied physics track record.

Think for a moment, if Tesla is correct (and I believe he was), and energy does indeed come from the ether, the Quantum theory of energy being released as electrons change orbit (drop down a Quantum level) is wrong and whole sections of physics theory are little better than junk science.

As I stated earlier, Tesla invented the AC power transmission system we still use today: the 50Hertz AC power system. Do you know that this was simply Tesla's first attempt at a power transmission system: his second attempt used much higher frequencies with the result being, hardly any transmission losses (the 50Hertz system we use can only have a maximum power transfer of 50%: so over half the power from the power station is lost). In addition, Tesla's second attempt at an AC power transmission system was much safer: you could not get electrocuted. The vested interests did not want Tesla's new system because they had already invested their capital in the old 50Hertz AC power system: so the world missed out.

Tesla then developed a system to transmit power like a radio station, the trouble was the energy was to be free. The vested interests didn't like that at all. Incidentally, I heard that a group of scientists had successfully transmitted power like a radio station in 2007: so the concept has been proven. The only thing is the modern, well equipped, well funded scientists could only manage to transmit minute amounts of power: Tesla was transmitting massive amounts of power nearly eight decades before them.

I've only scratched the surface of Tesla's many achievements, hopefully one day we'll at least re-discover his work and Free Energy Devices,then he will be recognized as the foremost applied physicist, if not the foremost physicist.

One day, we'll find out and appreciate the genius of Nikola Tesla.

If your interested in Free Energy Devices and finding out if Tesla was right. then have a look at my webpage...

If your interested in Free Energy Devices and finding out if Tesla was right. then have a look at my webpage...

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If your interested in Free Energy Devices and finding out if Tesla was right. then have a look at my webpage...

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