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Am I, The Parent, Causing The Problem Here? I Think It's Them And They Think Probably It's Me

     Many Parenting Styles Used Today Are Causing Our Children and Our Teenagers to be Lazy, Unproductive and Demanding! Is There a Positive Parenting Solution?

This is the first generation in the history of parenting when parents' usual primary concern is to make certain their kids feel they are adored. It is even expected by today's culture that you to spend cash on them, drive them almost everywhere, and usually overcompensate for your children. There seems to be a competition to purchase the finest houses, obtain the best automobiles, and take the best holidays.

Have you ever heard of the term "competing with the Joneses"? Parenting strategieshave actually taken on a competition of their very own. Even low income households purchase their kids cell phones, pcs and a hundred and some stations on satellite television. It's as if today's children are born with technology rights! They are not!

It is time for us as a culture, and for you as the reader reading this parenting short article, to take control as a parent. You do this when you "Know Your Role as a Parent." Have you ever taken a minute to really write out what your task description as a parent is? We do that all the time with our job or career: "I'm a dentist; I drill and fill. I have a secretary. She answers the phones, schedules consultations and keeps my files in order."

About nine or so times out of 10, when we enter a scenario where things are not working correctly as a parent, it's simple to come up with all sorts of ideas of exactly what's not taking place. When asked the concern, "What is Your Role as a Parent?" a lot of parents have very superficial responses: "Ummm ... I want the best for my kids?" "Ummm ... I desire them to be really happy?" If this was your first answer, tell me ... how's that working for you?

Where did you find out to parent your kids? Of course. You found out to parent from your moms and dads! That's it! And your moms and dads found out to parent from their parents. It's time to actually dig deep, comprehend, and maybe even for the very first time give yourself consent to in fact "Know Your Role as a Parent." As soon as you start to execute the actions with this subject, a lot of things will fall right into place for you and your family. Let's consider this additionally ... exactly what is your task or duty as a mom and/or dad? Exactly what is it you are taking control of? What are you taking ownership of?
Much like an effective business will have a strategy, a successful family will have a plan.

This favorable parenting options article and the whole favorable parenting idea is for you to establish your role as a parent, to take ownership of your job as a mom and/or dad, and to create your job description as a good parent. If you would like to have your kids have more things, simply be only happy, and things like that, well, you're done. Congratulations!

I even had one woman inform me that she would love to have her name or her genes passed on. Okay, when the kid's born, you've satisfied that primary directive. "What would you like now?" Blank. It was almost like you could possibly hear "ribbit, ribbit" as if there was a frog in the background ... it got truly silent.

We want more than that in our families. Don't we?

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