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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! A Positive Parenting Solution for Kids and Teens Who Want Something for Nothing

     Your Option for Children and Teenagers Who Only Want Something for Nothing

When we give our children something for nothing, we are teaching them to live in a reality that does not exist. Imagine this: you go to a job interview and the boss informs you that you are hired to start on this Monday. Then you tell him that you prefer your office over here, a desk over there, and oh yeah, you will only begin work at 10am, not 9am. Then you inform him that you wish your money in advance and you will certainly do the work later. Can you visualize this? Exactly how long will you have that new job for? You know the response. We know the answer! You wouldn't!

Check out Mother Nature: When a little bunny doesn't listen to his or her mamma, he just gets eaten up; the mamma birdie kicks her young out of the nest, ready or not; if you aid a butterfly out from the cocoon, the butterfly is maimed forever, never able to fly on its own. Do the moms and dads of today also understand that by never ever permitting their child to fail, they are destroying their opportunity for success in life? I bet not. Also, if they become aware of this truth, are they going to do anything effective concerning it?

I know for a fact that moms and dads out there are praying for an answer on ways to take care of their youngsters! Although this is a 100% true fact, people have given up and accepted incorrigible actions from their youngsters as a typical situation. It is not! I have seen children who have been diagnosed with behavior disorders totally turn around with a different, brand new, positive option to parenting! When I say positive parenting, I mean parenting with an attitude of yes, rather than no.

I know this is hard to comprehend in the beginning. Exactly how can it be possible to constantly say yes to a kid or teen? To start with, you can easily ask your youngster if they would rather have responsibility for their very own life or if they want you to have responsibility over their life; they will select themselves each time. So, develop an atmosphere that enables them to specify goals, produce plans, and persevere to success by teaching them to earn their privileges. Just what is a privilege? Everything outside of food, shelter and clothes.

Make a complete list of every single thing that your kid or young teen asks for outside of those three things, for example, television, computer online time, desert, motion pictures, computer games, designer clothes, butter on the vegetables etc, etc, etc.... These things are your youngster's motivation to action. Everyone to accomplish anything should initially learn to ask for it or to desire it; that is called a target. When you have asked for it or you have specified an objective, the next required step is to produce a plan, and the final step is to persevere on through the barriers till the objective has been attained.

"Mother, can I have a car?" "Yes, I would certainly adore for you to have a car. That's called a goal. Exactly how much does a car cost?" That is the first step to creating a plan. Educate your child that whatever goal they select, they have the capacity to be, do or have anything they are willing to work for. Now, will your daughter have a car today? No. Will she have a car if she specifies a goal, makes a plan, and then saves cash till she has enough to buy an SUV? Definitely!!! Now we are instructing our youngsters to actually live in a reality which does exist.

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The parenting strategies will help you produce a confident, happy and grateful child or teenager in any child. When you learn to lovingly guide your child's behavior, as opposed to using outdated punishment techniques, that work short-term at best, you will be the hero to your child. Make sure to get our FREE gift to you. The first 2,000 will get it. Act now!

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