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Peter Anderson, Senior VP M&A;, Deep Blue Group, Set to Attend High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 in New York City

     Peter Anderson, Senior Vice-President, Mergers and Acquisitions, Deep Blue Group, is slated to attend the High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 to be held in New York City on July 30, 2013. The theme of the forum this year is "Strategic and Tactical Insights for Investors, Speed Traders, Brokers and Exchanges", which hopes to provide investors and speed traders with the latest overview of where this dynamic industry stands today through the stimulating keynote speeches and challenging panel discussions featuring many leaders in the field.

The forum aims to bring brilliant insights for investors and speed traders who find the need to safeguard and fine-tune their competitive edge in a world characterized by algorithmic and high-frequency trading. Renowned practitioners, regulators, strategists and experts will once more assemble at the High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 to share information and discuss ideas with participants within an open, impartial atmosphere which fosters the most effective networking.

Interesting and exciting subjects to be discussed at the High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum will include the movement toward promising markets and multi-asset trading in pursuit of alpha, how new technologies are radically changing the game and a close view of the forthcoming regulatory changes in America, Asia and Europe.

As a company that provides a wide range of services focused on mergers and acquisition, sale or valuation of private companies, Deep Blue Group stands to benefit as well as contribute to this Leaders Forum as a major participant in the industry. With the companyís high level of resources and expertise made available to its clients, from small to large companies, Deep Blue Group is proud of its long years of sale experience in various industries, an advantage to clients particularly in line with representing them in negotiations. The networking opportunity opened to the company during the forum will help expand Deep Blue Groupís position as a trusted and competent company.

Furthermore, the opportunities to be gained from the latest regulatory provisions in the major continents of the globe and new technologies and strategies will help assure clients of their potential to maximize their business' value with the Groupís exceptional representation of clientsí financial and operational facets. Deep Blue Group's wide-ranging network in the professional and business sectors will have a chance to expand even more, along with its research expertise, to enable it to provide accurate and quick introductions to target acquirers (from financial to strategic buyers and equity firms).

As its clientís representative, Deep Blue Group implements a business-acquisition scheme to approach many potential sellers. The Group will introduce its clients to sellers who have the intention of seeking a firm in their particular industry. This proven approach always generates the most productive activity and leads to eventual successful closing of a transaction. Deep Blue Group has the track record and expertise to show that the means implemented by the company are proven to work.

The theme of this yearís Leaders Forum fits snugly into Deep Blue Groupís main objectives as an expert in structuring strategies, evaluating a company's true value and promoting its clients to effectively maximize returns. The present economic realities require every player to remain in step with the latest rules, opportunities as well as with the limitations of the playing field.
Deep Blue Group, with Senior Vice-President Peter Anderson representing the firm at the High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013, hopes to continue gaining and exchanging new ideas and fresh insights in this industry where only the best and the bravest survive.

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Deep Blue Group is set apart from other M&A; companies for its level of resources and expertise that can be made available to its clients -- from small to large companies. In addition, our long years of sale experience in various industries will prove to be an advantage to clients, especially in representing them in negotiations.

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