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Recruitment Consultant Tips- Are You Using Social Media To Land More Candidates and Clients

     The other day a message arrived into my mail that mentioned how beneficial social media is to 'sell more'.

You might say; "tell me anything new"; although following a discussion I had later that particular day I'm wondering if you might?

I will make an assumption that your fellow recruiters are especially embracing social media to make their 'desk' the highest biller; however the truth might surprise you.

As a rec to rec company we usually go and meet recruiters who're searching for a new role or they come into our Soho offices. The same day I had a conversation with somebody that was in a recruitment agency that had a linkedIn account and didn't do anything with it. It was the same circumstance with Twitter. Such a lost opportunity let me explain why by going back to that email.

This is a figure for you personally; a recent study reported that 72.6% of 'sales people' who use social media outperform their associates who aren't. That is us by the way; as a recruiter we are born sales representatives. Here is how it really works; the economy is different and engagement and relationships are key; mainly in the arena of recruitment. The hard 'commodity style' sales doesn't work in recruitment anymore instead it's about standing out from the crowd, which few recruiters take the time to do. This is where social media can really help. Here are three essential areas it can make a huge difference to with a little thought, planning and action:

1. Building credibility

Before a sale takes place you need to have been in contact with someone a few times. Everyone knows that. None of us, I'd suspect, buys something from a complete stranger. The standard guideline is seven contacts as a minimum. This is because trust is an important factor in buying decisions. The way it works is that each interaction builds on the last. Imagine you're on social network sharing useful contact getting together with people.

Do you believe your credibility would increase? The correct answer is yes and you might be surprised how that person will now take your call.

2. Pre call planning

Google is perfect for research you can find an awful lot out about people; both clients and candidates. The good news is you will find out even more on key social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. Peoples profiles give a great insight into what might be important to them. Picture the scenario of finding out that you have more in common than you realised or that the role you have really will be a dream job for them. Do you think that they might be more interested when they realise you have taken the time to work out what is important to them?

3. Prospecting

Prospecting is a word I sometimes shy away from. I prefer to think of it more like match making. For us in rec to rec that is; recruitment client to recruitment candidate. For you that will be; awesome dream role with your favourite stellar candidate.
These people are hanging out on social media and you can connect with them.

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Cheryl Wing is the M.D. of GSR2R and has over 12 years' experience running her own award winning Rec to Rec company that helps recruiters get the best roles in the industry. If you want best recruitment agencies London that delivers contact Cheryl at

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