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Andrew Toth's Articles

  • The Disease Process - Can Mangosteen Help?
    Disease is a Process and that process can take many years. In other words the onset of a major disease is not actually the "onset". The actual onset began many, many years prior to that. This disease process has now been mapped out and with this knowledge we are in a better position than ever to prevent the "onset" of serious disease. This article discusses the disease process and what we can do about it.
  • I Love Smoking
    The Anti-Smoking Movement is heavy with Propaganda.
    Meaning they are wielding a lot of half-truths.
    It's about time someone cleared the air
    and told it the way it is!
  • The Perfect Punch - Perfecting The Form
    Martial Arts forms are more than just pretty dances. And they are more than just a series of punches, kicks and blocks. But just what exactly are they? That is what we discuss in this article.
  • The Hero's Journey - The Way Of The Cross
    The underlying mythic theme in our society is The Hero's Journey. This theme is passed on from generation to generation in our stories, in our plays, our books, in our movies and perhaps the greatest of all Hero's Journeys was The Way of the Cross. In this article we take a new look at the Way of the Cross from the perspective of the Hero's Journey.
  • The Perfect Punch - Perfecting Form
    A martial arts FORM is more than just a series of strikes, kicks and blocks.
    But just exactly what is it?
    That is what we discuss in this article.
  • The Salesman And The Art Of Misdirection
    There are a LOT of books on sales and there are a LOT of salespeople who are struggling because our sales teachers do not tell us the truth. In this article we take a cold look at sales people and the Art of Misdirection.
  • Mangosteen - Nutritional Supplement
    The mangosteen is a revolutionary new food/supplement only recently introduced into West, but one that has been used for hundreds of years in Asia not only for its health promoting qualities, but also for its incredible curative powers. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and the list goes on...The source of these amazing benefits are the "xanthones" found only in the mangosteen...
  • The Hero's Journey At The Movies
    Where do religion and myth meet?
    At the Movies!
    Clint Eastwood is the quintessential Hero, the Man with No Name, who rides in from Nowhere, brandishing a Bible.
    And all hell followed with him.
    This is Pure Myth
    It is Pure Hero Journey
  • Drugs and Mangosteen
    I have no objection to medicinal drugs. Drugs saved my life. But I find people don't know how to use (medicinal) drugs properly. They tend to use them as a first resort, whereas they should only be used as a last resort. This article tells you why.
  • Doctors And Mangosteen - Part Two
    Doctors have every right to pursue a narrow field of endeavor (drugs and surgery) if they so wish. But it is not so simple. The stark, naked basic fact is that the only medical help most people get is their general practitioner and the specialists he or she may recommend. I argue that this severely limits the healing options open to most people and doctors are remiss in their duties in not offering a wider range of healing options.
  • The Perfect Punch - Part 2 - Perfecting Technique
    Blindly following your teacher will not serve you.
    A teacher can show you a punch, but perfection of the punch will only occur when you make that punch your own.
  • Interview With An Exhibitionist - Part Two
    This is part two of the interview with Andrew Toth, a self-confessed exhibitionist.
    This interview is probably a FIRST.
    Exhibitionists don't as a rule allow themselves to be interviewed.
    Andrew Toth has allowed himself to be interviewed because there is a great deal of misunderstanding on the subject and the "answers" we have for the problem are not working.
    Legal sanctions do not work.
    Treatments do not work.
    The subject needs a re-think.
  • The Perfect Punch - Part One - Breaking Through Limits
    To some degree the martial is as much about un-learning, as it is about learning. By the time most Westerners come to the arts, they already have a lifetime of incorrect usage of their bodies behind them. These habits interfere with their technique. That's part one. Part two is that we don't even know what these habits are. In this article we discuss a way to streamline technique, so that these old habits drop away.
  • How To Find The Right Teacher In Martial Arts
    How do you find the right teacher when there are so many teachers, and so many styles? That actually is the wrong question. The correct question is, how do you RECOGNIZE the right teacher when you do find him? Not all teachers fit the Hollywood mold. Not all teachers are kindly old men with our best interests at heart. We have to learn to think outside the box if we wish to recognize the right teacher when our paths cross.
  • Interview With An Exhibitionist
    In 1995 I was charged with the crime of exhibitionism and shortly afterwards I wrote the award-winning book, "The Exhibitionist", the ONLY book on the subject. I am often asked questions about this subject, such as why I do it, for example. In this interview I attempt to answer some of those questions. The interview took place shortly after the book was published.
  • The Perfect Punch - Breaking Through Limits
    When we first enter a dojo we enter heavily laden. We carry with us a lifetime of learned habits and these habits do not always serve us well. More often than not these habits hold us back and, more often than not, we are unaware of them. This article explores how we can break through these self-imposed limitations.
  • Exhibitionism - An Enigma
    Exhibitionism if far more complex than most people think. Says Ismond Rosen, author of Sexual Deviation: "The phenomenology of the exhibitionistic act is a complex and fascinating one, the full understanding of which would give the clue to many processes hitherto unexplained". In this article we look at some of the enigmatic features of the act.
  • Exhibitionism - an Ambivalent Crime
    Attitudes towards, and laws governing, exhibitionism are a mess. No one can quite make up their mind what to do about this prevalent problem that is far and away the most prevalent sex offence in the Western world. In this article the author tenders a reason why our attitude toward exhibitionism is so confused.
  • How to Punch Hard and Fast - Part Two
    If you want to hit HARD, practice SOFT! Doesn't make sense, does it? This article explains why softer is harder!
  • Exhibitionism Is a Public Offence - But What Does the Word Public Mean?
    The law pertaining to exhibitionism are old, out-dated and draconian. They need updating if they are to be relevant to society today.
  • Selling and Self Image
    Andrew Toth is NOT a consultant. He is NOT an advisor. He is NOT a distributor. He is NOT an agent. He is a SALESMAN and proud of it! And he has been a salesman for more than forty years and that means out-on-the-road selling. He has written a book, "Sales - the Guide to Successful Selling". It is one of a kind. Read it!
  • The Hero's Journey - Part Two
    The Greatest Salesman is the story of a salesman who finds the Greatest of Secrets because of the Hero's Journey he is forced to undertake. Like all good stories, the book is about something more important than the story itself: it's about being the best we can be! Just as importantly, it's an easy and enjoyable read. Check it out:
  • How to Punch Hard and Fast: Martial Arts Lessons
    My teacher was a Master of Shaolin Temple Boxing. I always took notes after class to help me remember the instructions, but I did not tell my teacher because he was very secretive about the Arts and I was sure he would not allow it. And so I sat on the notes for fifteen years. Now, however, I have decided to publish the instructions, because I feel the material is too important to bury. The result is the book, "Shaolin Temple Kung Fu".
  • The Hero's Journey
    The Greatest Salesman is about a salesman who finds the Greatest of Secrets because of the Hero's Journey he is forced to undertake. Like all good stories, this book is about something more important than the story itself: it's not just about being the best salesman; it's about being the best we can be.
    Just as importantly, it's an easy and enjoyable read.

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