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Clifton Jenkins's Articles

  • A/B Testing – Facilitating Higher Conversion Rates
    Regularly testing your SEO and PPC strategies is an effective way to ensure online success. This article discusses simple strategies through which you can facilitate higher conversion rates through your PPC initiatives.
  • Building Strategies For Written Website Content
    Digital writing has become the next wave of careers for many freelancers. If you aren’t so good with words you may consider bulking up your confidence in writing and layout technique. These tips should garner a bit of attention from writers and web copy designers alike.
  • Recovering Lost Money From Clients
    At the end of the day, a sale is only completed when the customer receives his purchase, is sent an invoice for payment and he finally makes that payment.
  • Tax Accounting Keeps Business Booming
    Companies often suffer tremendous losses from incorrect tax documents. Some business owners give the responsibility of taxation filing to in-house employees, or even try to get the job done themselves.
  • Increasing Gains With ‘Gearing’
    Gearing is a financial process whereby an investment company (or even individual) takes money to reinvest it into the stock market in order to get maximum returns. The company can also use the money to increase what is known as stock exposure.
  • Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Skin
    The fact that it is a natural substance means you do not have to worry about any ingredient that causes undesirable side effects. However, people with an allergy to nuts should speak to a dermatologist before using almond oil or better still, use some other oil for massage.
  • Search Trends – What 2013 Has In Store
    Above mentioned opinions are simply predictions and opinions which are based on the current situation. Any new surprise in between can change the whole scenario and effect Global search land. Hence it is so fascinating.
  • Google News Meta Tags – Is the Effort Worthwhile?
    About three months ago, Google introduced the news Meta tags which aimed at further organizing their new page ranking systems. This article gives publishers insights into how best to leverage this tool for effective new SEO.
  • Maintaining Boiler Safety
    Because sufficient water level is critical, modern boilers are equipped with automatic low-water trip switches. Some older boilers may not have these relatively inexpensive devices. The boiler is often the largest, most expensive, and potentially most dangerous piece of equipment, if not operated and maintained properly.
  • Tips to Avoid Slips and Falls in the Elderly in Winter
    The winter season proves to be a challenge for several reasons and of these, the one that is potentially the most dangerous is the possibility of a slip and fall.
  • How to Prevent Sports Injury in Teenagers
    According to Statistics Canada, 66 percent of the injuries in Canadian adolescents are related to participation in sports activities. Sports accidents are quite common in contact sports such as football, hockey and soccer as well as in individual sports such as cycling or skateboarding.
  • Tips to Pursue Online Dating Safely
    Online dating should not be a result of stress or lack of a companion. One should try and such lot of other alternatives like going for walks reading, getting close to family members or considering a hobby. Online dating should not lead you to psychiatrist's couch.
  • Various Applications of Clamping
    Clamping is suitable for high speed machining, heavy-duty milling, internal grinding, boring and chamfering, reaming and tool grinding. These tool holders are closed units that operate free of dirt, coolants, lubricants and chips to ensure low maintenance and high operating lifetime.
  • Caring for a Disabled Child
    It is possibly one of the most challenging jobs in the world that can wear you out, and yet, most people will never opt out of it.
  • Keeping Tabs on Household Expenses
    In order to deal with this situation, it is vital that households must look at ways to keep tabs on their debt levels. Here are a few ways that you can adopt to help keep your expenses low.
  • Role of Customer Service in Increasing Profits
    The best Vancouver accounting firm to help you ensure you save on tax and avoid fraud within the company and yet, this alone cannot be the guarantee of a profit.

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