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  • Deciding When to Replace Saline Implants With Cohesive Gel Implants
    Since receiving FDA approval, cohesive gel implants have become a popular option for women who are seeking breast augmentation surgery Nicknamed "gummy bear" implants due to their relatively stable shape (similar to the famous candy that retains its form when cut in half), cohesive gel implants can create a more predictable silhouette, and one that remains more stable over time, than their saline counterparts
  • Am I Too Old For Plastic Surgery?
    The aging process commences immediately after birth As time marches on, the changes in one's appearance gradually become more and more apparent
  • Multiple Cosmetic Procedures Performed at Once How Many is Too Many?
    Cosmetic surgery is elective, and therefore a patient's health and well-being are more important than the outcome It is relatively common for plastic surgeons to perform multiple cosmetic procedures during a single operation
  • How to Have Plastic Surgery and Still Look Like Yourself: Tips For Avoiding a
    You could be seeking plastic surgery for any number of reasons Before going under the knife, however, you should first discuss your motivations in depth with a trusted and qualified surgeon
  • Breastfeeding and Cosmetic Breast Surgery: Form and Function
    According to many experts, breastfeeding offers numerous advantages for both a mother and her baby For example, breast milk embodies a perfect mix of antibodies, proteins, vitamins, and fat in an easily digested form, and thus is an ideal source of nutrition for an infant
  • Solutions For Saggy, Aging Knees
    The knee is a truly amazing structure that supports the weight of your entire body and allows you to walk, run, jump, squat, kneel, and generally move about throughout the day However, all of that function comes with a price
  • Mommy Makeover Timing: Should You Wait Until After You Are Finished Having Children?
    Motherhood can be extremely rewarding As a mother, you undoubtedly invest considerable time and effort to ensure the well-being of your children
  • Earlobe Repair Technique It's Not As Simple As You Think
    The earlobe is composed of soft skin and a minimal amount of fatty tissue The strength of this sensitive area can be easily overcome by various forms of trauma, such as the continual wearing of a heavy, pendulous earring in an earlobe piercing, which can lead to a tear or split
  • Facial Fixer-Uppers: When to Use Fillers and When to Go Under the Knife
    Over time, the facial skin undergoes many changes that increase its fragility As a person ages, the cells comprising his or her body begin to divide and renew more slowly, and the supportive middle layer of skin, or dermis, thins as a result
  • When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough: How a Woman Can Reclaim Her Hourglass Figure After 40
    In the years leading up to menopause, a woman may experience a variety of symptoms Oftentimes, though, one of the most difficult changes for a woman to accept is the weight gain that typically goes hand-in-hand with her fluctuating hormone levels
  • Plastic Surgery and Menopause
    The hormonal shifts brought on by menopause can affect different women in different ways One very common experience, though, is fat redistribution and weight gain in the abdomen, lower back, and outer thigh areas
  • Face Lifts For Men: Special Considerations
    In recent years, face lifts for men have grown increasingly popular This may be due, in part, to cultural ideals that emphasize the importance of looking one's best, particularly in the workplace
  • Understanding the Mommy Makeover: Breast Augmentation & Other Procedures
    Many women turn to plastic surgery to address the often dramatic effects that pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, and weight loss have had on their bodies In general, these women want to address the following issues:

    Sagging, deflated breasts
    Stomach bulges
    Stretch marks and excess abdominal skin
    Areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise

    A "mommy makeover" is a group of procedures that can surgically address these issues
  • Liposuction to Treat Male Love Handles and Other Areas of the Body
    Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a surgical contouring procedure used to remove fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise While many women seek liposuction to enhance their feminine silhouettes, the procedure is becoming increasingly popular among men who want to treat areas of the body with stubborn fat accumulation
  • Liposuction What It Can and Can't Do For You
    Liposuction, or lipo, is a body contouring procedure used to remove fat deposits from specific areas of the body There are several types of liposuction procedures, but in general, lipo requires a small incision in the treatment area through which a cannula, or hollow tube, is inserted
  • Breast Augmentation Understanding Breast Implant Profiles
    Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that enhances breast size with the placement of silicone or saline implants There are many important decisions a woman and her surgeon must make prior to starting the procedure, one of which is the implant profile to use
  • Types of Bras to Purchase & Wear Following Breast Augmentation
    As part of the recovery process following breast augmentation, a surgeon may recommend that you wear a compression bra immediately after the procedure and a bra without underwires in the few months after that What is the reason for wearing these different types of bras, and why is it important to wait for your surgeon's approval before purchasing and wearing underwire bras
  • The Effects of Aging, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding on the Anatomical Components of the Breasts & How Breast Augmentation & Other Procedures Can Address Those Issues
    To understand the effects of aging on breasts, it's important to have a basic idea of breast anatomy Breasts consist of fat, connective tissue, lymph nodes, and the mammary glands
  • Resources For Women Considering and Researching Breast Augmentation
    Women who are considering undergoing breast augmentation with implants should take the time to thoroughly research the procedure and the plastic surgeon or surgeons she plans to consult This can seem like a daunting task but is incredibly important, because, like other cosmetic surgeries, a breast enlargement requires an experienced and skillful surgeon to carefully tailor the procedure to the patient's unique body type and lifestyle
  • Candidates For Breast Reconstruction & Augmentation Following Mastectomy
    Breast cancer is an all too common disease that can affect women at almost any age Many patients diagnosed with breast cancer consult a surgeon to discuss their surgical options, and if a mastectomy of one or both breasts is necessary, many women also seek breast reconstruction and augmentation with implants
  • Breast Augmentation: How the Surgery May Affect Patients With Active Lifestyles
    Choosing to undergo breast augmentation is a highly personal decision and patients should carefully consider the procedure's associated post-operative advantages and disadvantages For example, women who are very active runners, yoga enthusiasts, weight lifters, SCUBA divers, etc
  • The Types and Locations of Possible Scarring Following Breast Implant Surgery
    Scarring is an inevitable result of wound healing Women considering breast implant surgery are often concerned with scarring and how it could affect their overall results
  • Exploring the Potential Dangers of Undergoing Breast Augmentation Abroad
    American women seeking breast augmentation are often tempted by overseas cosmetic surgery packages, which promise inexpensive surgical fees and the opportunity to recuperate in a tropical paradise As a result, medical tourism has become a booming business in countries like Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, and India
  • A Brief History of Silicone Breast Implants
    This year (2012) marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first silicone breast implant surgery Since then, the number of breast augmentations performed each year has increased dramatically
  • Creating Cleavage With Breast Implants: Factors to Consider
    When considering breast augmentation, it is important to recognize that each breast only contains two elements: breast skin and breast tissue, which creates volume A good balance between skin and tissue creates a properly proportioned, aesthetically pleasing breast
  • Considering Breast Implant Surgery at Different Ages
    Breast implant surgery can help some women attain the physique and silhouette they desire The majority of breast implant candidates fall between the ages of 18 and 50, although enlargement procedures are sometimes completed on patients both younger and older than these ages
  • Considerations You and Your Surgeon Should Discuss Before Mastectomy & Reconstruction Procedures
    Breast reconstruction after mastectomy, or the removal of one or both breasts, has to be tailored to the individual patient Mastectomies are typically performed to remove breast cancer, but can have the unintended consequence of causing patients to lose self-confidence and feel less feminine
  • Top Myths Surrounding Breast Augmentation
    Since the introduction of breast implants in the 1960s, a number of myths about breast augmentation have circulated among women regarding the procedure The most common myths surrounding breast augmentation include the safety of saline implants versus silicone implants, whether the ability to breastfeed will be compromised, concerns about losing feeling or sensations in the breast, and whether implants cause breast cancer
  • Understanding Possible Complications With Breast Implant Surgery
    As with any surgery, breast augmentation is associated with a variety of risks that a patient must be comfortable with before electing to undergo the procedure In general, complications following breast implant surgery rarely occur, but any patient considering the procedure should be aware of all possibilities, including bleeding, infection, and wound separation, among others
  • Types Of Breast Augmentation Incisions
    One of the decisions you and your surgeon will make before your breast augmentation is the type of incision to be used during the procedure The incision will serve as the entry point for your breast implant and will likely leave a scar, so it's important that you discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the different incisions with your surgeon
  • Breast Implants Vs. Natural Breast Augmentation Which is the Best Option?
    Breast augmentation whether with implants or natural tissue is a procedure that adds volume to the breast Women typically seek augmentation to address certain concerns, such as disproportionate breasts with respect to the chest wall (the breast "footprint") and to the figure overall; asymmetries; and loss of volume and fullness
  • Understanding the Difference Between Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift Procedures
    Breasts undergo changes related to age, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other factors Many women concerned with the appearance of their breasts turn to cosmetic surgeons to help restore youthful contouring and proportions
  • Preparing For Breast Augmentation: Preoperative Suggestions From Your Surgeon
    Your decision to undergo breast augmentation can affect many aspects of your life for several months following the procedure For this reason, it's important to strictly follow your surgeon's guidelines prior to surgery to ensure proper postoperative healing and an optimum end result
  • Breast Implant Surgery: Important Psychological Considerations
    Although mental health professionals have conducted many studies, little is known regarding the psychological condition of most breast implant patients or how the surgery can affect them In fact, conflicting results have made pinpointing specific preoperative and postoperative psychological characteristics of breast implant patients difficult
  • Nonsurgical Alternatives to Breast Implant Surgery Are They Effective?
    Some women who want to increase the size of their breasts are wary of breast implant surgery These patients tend to seek out alternative, nonsurgical methods of breast enhancement
  • Common Reasons For Breast Augmentation Revision Procedures
    Breast augmentation procedures are highly complex surgeries, requiring superior surgical technique and extreme attention to detail Additionally, no two patients are the same, so a surgeon must take special care to tailor the procedure specifically to a woman's unique anatomy
  • Combining A Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures
    Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery performed today The procedure can improve the volume, fullness, and size of a woman's breasts with the use of silicone or saline implants
  • Planning A Breast Augmentation Consultation: Important Questions To Ask A Plastic Surgeon
    As with any surgical procedure, the choice to undergo a breast augmentation is a serious decision Additionally, the plastic surgeon you choose to perform the procedure can have a significant effect on the outcome
  • Addressing Common Concerns About Breast Implants
    Most women have specific concerns regarding breast implants, from the appearance and feel of augmented breasts to whether breastfeeding is possible with implants in place A plastic surgeon can help answer these questions and explain how the type, size, and texture of implants you choose, along with the type of incision and implant placement used are all factors that contribute to the overall results
  • Breast Implant Placement: What You Should Know
    Breast implant placement is among the many decisions you'll make before undergoing an augmentation procedure Implants can be placed in three different ways in relation to the pectoralis major muscles in the chest
  • Choose Your Breast Implant Size Understanding Cubic Centimeters
    It can be difficult to imagine your new bust line prior to breast implant surgery Most women understand breast sizes by the cup size of bras, but this has nothing to do with breast implant sizing
  • Breast Augmentation and the Recovery Process
    A successful recovery process is an essential part of a breast augmentation procedure For this reason, it's important that you strictly follow your surgeon's postoperative guidelines
  • Choosing Your Breast Implant Shape: Round Vs. Contoured
    Choosing a breast implant shape is one of the decisions you'll have to make prior to undergoing breast augmentation surgery Along with size, the shape of your breast implant either round or contoured (teardrop) can help you achieve the look you desire
  • Choosing Your Breast Implant Size: What To Consider
    Choosing a breast implant size is a highly personal and subjective process Every woman has her own idea of what she'd like her augmentation to accomplish, whether it's to increase her breast size, restore fullness after bearing children or losing weight, or to improve symmetry, but it's important to have a thorough understanding of what factors should be considered before choosing your implant size
  • The Advantages Of Cohesive Gel Breast Implant Over Older Silicone Implant Options
    Learning about your breast implant options is an important part of preparing for a breast augmentation procedure There are two types of implants: silicone and saline
  • Understanding Your Breast Augmentation Consultation
    The Evaluation

    A breast augmentation consultation is your opportunity to learn about the procedure, its recovery period, implant sizing, surgical risks, and more, directly from a plastic surgeon Evaluating the current size and shape of your breasts is also a large part of the consultation
  • Planning A Breast Augmentation: Find The Right Plastic Surgeon
    Confirm Board Certification

    Deciding to undergo a breast augmentation is a serious choice to make While it may seem like a simple surgery, it is actually a complex, highly variable procedure

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