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Find Your Personal Fashion Style

     How would you describe your personal fashion style? Classic, romantic, sporty, bohemian? Or a cross between one or two of those categories with your unique spin? In this digital age, there is plenty of fashion inspiration to help you put together your look.

When I was sixteen, I used to wait impatiently for my monthly edition of Seventeen to arrive (a month out of date by the time I received it by sea-mail). My friends and I used to drool over the clothes, dog earring the pages to replicate cool outfits. Fast forward a few years and I’m proud to realise I’ve changed and maybe grown up a bit. I don’t buy fashion magazines anymore (just when I can write them off as work expenses) because high fashion just doesn’t jive with my practical, busy lifestyle. I can’t connect with those perfect models who’ve spent hours in makeup and hair only to emerge like plastic mannequins wearing stilettos on the beach. I can’t connect with them because while they look chic and well put together, their clothes are devoid of any of their personality.

What rocks my fashion boat now is blogs. I love getting inspired by street fashion photos and by blogs written by women all around the world who love expressing themselves through their clothes. That’s what I connect with. Not the idealistic perfection and professional styling, but with the personality, energy, spontaneity and sense of fun that comes through what they wear as they go about their lives. Even though I work as a professional personal stylist, I remind myself and some of my clients that it’s wonderful to be able to show off your personality and creativity through clothes; at the end of the day however, we’re here to enjoy life not to obsess how to dress for it.

And that’s why I chose this beautiful photo from for this blog. I don’t know LuLu at all, but came across her photo in pinterest and it struck a cord with me. She looks so content, relaxed and carefree. I noticed that in her first, before her outfit (which by the way is simple and amazingly chic). And that’s what clothes should do for: they communicate and enhance what we have inside, outside.

Coach Me Beautiful is different to other personal fashion stylist or image consultant websites you may have visited. You will not find a list of rules about what constitutes good taste. You will not be told how you should dress. Coach Me Beautiful aims to help you enjoy an exhilarating style journey, so you can honour what is authentic to you.

Our personal styling process
Coach Me Beautiful offers a personal style transformational program that teaches women how to project their personality through amazing outfits and a distinctive style. Many of my clients end up falling in love with the beautiful women they rediscover after a personal styling session with me. They also get renewed energy and zest for life and go on to do remarkable things.

Yes, I’ll provide you with all the typical services any personal fashion stylist would. I’ll edit your wardrobe, do your colours and take you shopping. However, I know from firsthand experience these three activities alone will not make you feel more confident or comfortable in your clothes.

I believe that if you want 100 percent certainty every morning that what you are wearing truly expresses who you are and makes you look fabulous, then you must travel beyond what you see in the mirror, to a place deep inside. You need to start your personal style journey by understanding who you are, what drives you and how you want to be seen by others. I write about this in my book Authentic Style: A practical guide to loving how you look every day.

The key step to reinventing your personal style is to define what that style is. Wardrobe consultants often miss this step and that’s why I created my unique FLAIR program. You must know who you are before this can be translated into full-proof “recipes” for choosing flattering outfits that make you feel feminine and radiant.

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Sharon Billingham, Leading Sydney Australia personal stylist and fashion consultant offering Personal Fashion Styling, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Rejuvenation, Group Styling Party, Personal Shopping, Personal Style Coach, Style Makeover for Women, Personal Styling Consultation. Wardrobe edit, take you personal shopping and teach you how to dress your body shape. But we only do that after thoroughly understanding you- your personality and your passions.

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