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Fix Slow Computer in a Jiffy

     Ever since the advent of computers, human beings have seldom looked back. The computers are being used for everything- right from managing massive companies to using them to book tickets! Computers have made the work of us humans so much easier. But at the same time, these are just machines and sometimes when it is really burdened with a lot of software or too much of everything, it gets hard on them and they become slow. Here are some reasons why a computer becomes slow:

Increased demand of resources when the computer is not built to handle so much
Too many music videos, songs, pictures and movies can eat up a lot of space in the computer and hence make it too slow
Too many programs which are there and you don’t even use them can make a computer slow and sluggish
Temporary and cache files or cookies that are downloaded from the computer can also do it.
So, these are some of the common problems with a computer. In order to Speed up Computer, you can follow these steps:

1. For Windows Computer:

For a computer that runs of the Windows operating system, you can simply download an antivirus program or an app to clear out all the trash that the computer has. There are many hidden viruses and malware which can make the computer extremely slow. Once the program sees it, it will clear them up and automatically your computer will speed up. Always have lightweight but very strong antivirus software and you can easily fix a slow computer.
You can back up all your files and documents at one place and reinstall your operating system. This will make your operating system as good as new and you will also see a world of change in the way your computer will work now.
Your hard drive’s health is the most important thing for a computer and the way it runs will give you an idea of whether the computer is okay or not. The inbuilt Disk Management Utility tool is something which can really fix slow computer hard drive and you can perform a variety of tests on them to clean up your hard drive.
Defragmentation is another option to help clean up unused files and documents. This will ensure that the programs are running at a faster speed and your computer is also not that slow.

2. For MAC OS

Generally the MAC operating system is a lot faster and never encounters such problems, but in case it does, you will need to follow these steps:

Review your startup items. More items during the startup can really slow down the computer. Clear out this queue and you will see that the computer will be running in a much faster way.
Clean up the hard drive. As mentioned, this is the most important part. Once you clean this up. You will see that the computer is running a lot faster and there are hardly any issues with the work after do this you never ask why is my computer so slow.

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