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Four Reasons to Shed QuickBooks

     QuickBooks® is a terrific tool for many small companies just getting started. It is quick and cheap to implement and you likely know somebody that has used it before. But when does QuickBooks® stop being the right choice? Here are four things our clients have told us about when they have made the switch.
Scalability, Speed and Performance
The most often cited reason for growing companies leaving QuickBooks is that the system will ‘bog down’ when the workload builds up. This can be the result of too many people (as few as 5 concurrent users) accessing the system or the number of transactions being processed. If you’re experiencing slowdowns or performance issues, you won’t need us to tell you about it; your staff will do that for us!
You want to use Macintosh®
Yes, QuickBooks® offers a Mac specific option but that version of the software leaves many of the features you want or need behind. And, the file format for the Mac version is not compatible with the Windows version, so sharing data with your accountant is cumbersome at best. These days, finding a cross-platform accounting application – one that can support Mac and PC concurrently – should be a no-brainer.
Your Inventory is a Mess
There’s a reason companies pay thousands of dollars to integrate third party inventory control app with their QuickBooks systems. While QB may be just fine for simple product tracking, if your inventory management needs have any complexity, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Finding an inventory-centric application that incorporates accounting (and sales, and purchasing, and….) rather than 3rd party add-ons make the most sense. This gives you one vendor to deal work with and ensures that the warehouse, back office and sales operations all work seamlessly together.
You Have Unique Needs
QuickBooks is everywhere…and they support millions of users. That’s great if your operations are no different than your competitors. But, if you have ways of doing things that require a different approach, you may want to consider working with a smaller software firm that can provide personalized service. A smaller firm will be more open to making ‘tweaks’ to their applications to serve a unique need whereas QuickBooks will be much slower to adopt new ways of doing things for fear of interrupting a gigantic user base. This does not necessarily mean you need ‘custom’ software; many smaller firms will actively solicit their users for ideas and will incorporate those ideas into their own R&D;, meaning you get the features you want while staying on a standard version of the application.
Changing accounting systems can be a daunting task. At best it is merely disruptive, at worst, a nightmare. It can also be incredibly valuable and add significantly to your efficiency and bottom line. To avoid the nightmare, be sure to thoroughly vet the software options and the particular vendor. Check on their support and R&D; systems; get a feel for how they’ll be to work with. Consider the vendor a partner in your business rather than someone to buy software from. At the end of the process, you’ll want a system that fits your business well rather than something you’ll need to ‘work around.’
Switching From Quickbooks to Acctvantage?
The good news is, our accounting specialists have been migrating customers from Quickbooks since day one. To get started, click here.

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